Simon Williams was the brother of Eric Williams, who was an infamous HYDRA agent known as the Grim Reaper. A businessman and scientist, he claimed that Tony Stark was stealing his company, which led him to become Wonder Man.


By the beginning of 2010, Tony Stark had bought Simon's company, William Innovations, but it was so until Tony revealed that he can save it since it "wasn't going to survive" meaning that Simon's company was going bankrupt. Simon, however, is unaware of this and is angry and frustrated. Feeling powerless, he turns to his brother Eric who brings him to A.I.M., he is confronted by M.O.D.O.K. who has the units turn him into Wonder Man. He ends up fighting Iron Man while Ant-Man tries to reason with him.

When Wonder Man starts to destabilize, Iron Man tries to get him to his buildings Arc Reactor, but it is too late as Wonder Man fully destabilizes and disappears, which makes Tony feel very sad and disappointed when all that he wanted was to work with him. Later that night, Wonder Man is reassembled by Enchantress' magic, as he is approached by her, Executioner, and Baron Zemo with an offer to help them destroy the Avengers by joining their Masters of Evil. With no choice, he agreed. He was with them fighting the Avengers below the Avengers Mansion which ends with their defeat.

When tasked by Zemo to guard the Norn Stone in a graveyard, he was reasoned with by Black Panther about his purpose. Convinced, he left the graveyard as the Dark Elves emerged from the ground. One year later, he is seen being hunted along with the other Masters of Evil. He, Baron Zemo and Abomination appear at the mansion for help. Near the end of the battle, Wonder Man is teleported away when he stops Enchantress from using a Norn stone.

He was saved by Dr. Strange, who promised that Simon could retain his humanity, but they had to stop the alien being known as Annihilus in order to do so. When Annihilus invaded Earth, Wonder Man fought alongside Dr. Strange's Illuminati: Namor, Black Bolt, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic and Clea as well as members of the Avengers. He succeeded, but was ultimately killed in his search for his lost humanity.

Simon's remnants were indirectly disturbed when the Enchantress conjured him for use by Doctor Doom and Baron Zemo. The spell was disrupted, however, and chaotic magic was released that took possession of Wonder Man, effectively re-animating him with unfathomable power. However, little of Simon's original personality was left; instead, he was filled with innate rage and rampaged. He was opposed by Iron Man, Jim Hammond and Ant-Man as well his former Illuminati associates. However, given the nature of the magic, Wonder Man neutralized both Strange's and Hammond's powers. The only way to stop it was Ms. Marvel's energy manipulation, which was a Kree natural power, that contained the properties of which repelled magic. Ultimately, Ms. Marvel reluctantly put Wonder Man to rest one last time.

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