Silver Surfer 2099 is the Marvel 2099 version of the Silver Surfer.


Lucas Shin was a young Asian American man who lived in San Francisco. After graduating from high school Lucas got a job as an astronaut and he went to the planet Mars, along with a few other astronauts. He was one of the first humans to ever walk on planet Mars in the year 2099. One day Lucas was observing Mars. He got lost and separated from the other astronauts. He wandered off, and he noticed a strange silver object sticking out of the ground. He tried digging it out with a shovel. It appeared to be a piece of something silver. It was made of metal or magnet. He put it in his hand and the moment he held it a strange blue light circled around his body. His whole body glowed with a blue light. He began floating up in the air and into the sky of Mars. While the astronauts searched for Lucas they saw a strange blue light in the sky, thinking it was an alien! Or a U.F.O. landing on Mars. The blue light appeared to be an object. Then, all of a sudden it exploded in the Mars sky causing a sandstorm on Mars. There was a sandstorm on Mars and strong winds. The strong winds sent the astronauts and rovers backwards violently. It destroyed equipment. Blue energy blasts came from the object that exploded and blasted parts of Mars, nearly tearing up the whole planet. Then everything stopped. The astronauts heard nothing. There was silence. The sandstorm was over. They looked up in the sky and saw what appeared to be a person standing on top of a silver surfboard. A humanoid organism standing on top of a silver surfboard. The being came down to where the astronauts were, curled up into a ball because they were afraid of the being standing in front of them. The being had flesh as silver as a type of metal. He was a silver surfer. "There you are!" said the silver surfer. The astronauts realized that this silver surfer was their friend, Lucas who had been transformed by some mystical power into a silver surfer being. The silver surfer used his powers to take the astronauts back to Earth and he could travel faster than the speed of light!

Crime fighting career

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