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Death Knight

Real Name
Shy'ra Neranami
Current Alias
Death Knight

Deathbird the Second, Spawn of Vulcan



Hell's Circle

Gabriel Summers (Father, deceased), Deathbird (Mother), Scott Summers (Paternal Uncle), Alex Summers (Paternal Uncle), Lorna Dane (Maternal Aunt), Christopher Summers (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Katherine Summers (Paternal Grandmother, deceased), D'Ken Neranami (Maternal Uncle, Deceased), Lilandra Neranami (Maternal Aunt, Deceased), Neranami Family Tree, Summers Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles, California




Brown, Blue streaks

Purple(Hint of blue)

Unusual Features
Feathered wings along her arms, eyes lacking pupils, claws, Purple skin with a hint of blue


Marital Status

Warrior, Adventurer

High-school level; Taught by her mother and Shi'ar warriors

Shi'ar Throwback/Mutant hybrid with Kree genes experimentally added

Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 Beware of death from above! Quote2
-- Shy'ra

Early Life

Much like her Earth-616 counterpart, Shy'ra was born sometime after the War of Kings event and was later experimented upon by the Providian Order. But thanks to Deathbird coming out of her coma, the young child was saved when her mother went on a rampage in the laboratory which allowed them to escape into space. Following this incident, Shy'ra found herself being raised in a nomadic life mainly due to the fact her mother was trying to avoid being captured on Gladiator's orders. Of course, Shy'ra was left in the dark at first until she was about five.

While the two were residing on an unknown planet, the Shi'ar eventually caught up with them. A violent confrontation ensued that has forever been cemented in Shy'ra's mind as she watched the Shi'ar patrol battle her mother and severely wound her. Out of concern for her mother and stressed from the situation, Shy'ra leapt into the fray and used her mutation for the first time by enhancing her fist with energy. The blow was enough to knock the Shi'ar guard back and disorient him and allow Deathbird to recover enough to grab her child and run. But from that moment on Deathbird began training her daughter how to defend herself and fight back.

From the age five to her teen years, Shy'ra quickly began to learn and study the many fighting styles of the Shy'ra empire. Like her mother, she began using aerial maneuvers and became a user of javelins when Deathbird was able to get her hands on one. At the same time, Shy'ra also had to teach herself how to do somethings or learn them on her own time. And during their travels she gradually began learning other languages along the way to use for their benefit. Deathbird also taught her daughter some ways to properly use her mutation when it manifested properly at puberty to which Shy'ra began using in her own combat and a defense for attacking head on at opponents.

At fourteen, Shy'ra decided to abandon her mother rather than continue to run. During the night she slipped away, leaving behind the only family she knew and eventually in a few months fell into a band of rogue travelers. Joining this band of less than savory characters, she made use of her learned manipulation to convince them to bring her to the Shi'ar empire. Though it took another year eventually Shy'ra got back to her home world, making a false identity and doing what she could to remain under the radar.

New Allies

For the next five years Shy'ra watched the Royal Family, observing the Imperial Guard and eventually discovering a new heir was indeed around. Seeing Kal'dara a few times Shy'ra became skeptical that one of little Shi'ar blood should be an heir and began holding similar hostilities towards the new Royal Family as her mother had once done with her own aunt, the late Lilandra. Thus, she began plotting her own attack on Kal'dara, though doing so from the shadows and trying to learn about her competitor for the true heir.

This however didn't go as planned, Shy'ra learning a few days after Kal'dara's departure that she had left. Angered, the young hybrid took off after the princess, eventually coming to Earth where she landed in South America. It seemed by fate though that Zuras approached her after this ship was detected, which happened to be around a year later to the day that Carey attempted to recruit Kal'dara. Being told of what the Hell's Circle was for and what they wanted to accomplish Shy'ra decided to take the offer, seeing it as an off chance to learn more about her father's mutant heritage and having an off chance of coming across her self-proclaimed rival.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength:As one with Shi'ar heritage, Shy'ra is capable of lifting beyond the human limits which combined with the Kree genes she was infused with she can also exceed normal Shi'ar standards. So far, she has demonstrating being able to lift 4 tons without strain but it is unknown if she could possibly lift anymore as she gets older.
  • Superhuman Durability:Due to the Kree genes infused in her DNA, Shy'ra's body is far more durable then the average Shi'ar through denser skin tissue and muscle. She is capable of taking on great impact forces and some superhumanly strong individuals, usually only facing mild discomfort.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Between her Shi'ar and Kree genes, Shy'ra can last far longer then most humans, Kree, or Shi'ar, being able to go several hours or a few days at a time before fatigue toxins impair her.
  • Natural Wing Manifestation:Inherited from her mother through their genetic throwback status, Shy'ra was born and has grown up with wings along her arms like that of Deathbird before her. These wings are blue to purple in color and feathered, granting her the ability to fly at speeds of 70 mph though with 83 mph diving speed. Like her mother she can carry 330-350 pounds max though normally must have her arms free.
    • Enhanced Lung capacity:Due her avian physiology from her throwback genetics, Shy'ra has a greater then normal lung capacity then most shi'ar, being able to take in greater breaths of air. She is able to withstand lower air pressures at higher altitudes for longer periods of time or hold her breath if necessary for far longer then most humans and shi'ar.
    • Enhanced Agility:Due to her physiology and flight capabilities, Shy'ra is considerably more agile in the air, being able to out-maneuver most and is able to perform complicated aerial stunts in flight.
  • Talons:As a result of her genetic throwback status, Shy'ra also has inherited incredibly sharp but durable talons on the tips of her fingers. They are not retractable but are easily capable of tearing through bone and flesh to even metal.
  • Energy Absorption:A seemingly common trait among the Summers family tree, Shy'ra inherited a mutant gene allowing her to absorb cosmic and ambient energies of all kind. Her body acts as a natural living energy cell that slowly gathers all forms of energy into her body, whether it can be seen or not. This allows her body to take in quite a bit of energy at any given time which fuels the remainder of her current abilities that she is aware of and the amount she takes in varies depending on how much energy she uses. Her signature color has been shown to be vibrant orange coloration.
    • Energy Exoskeleton:Upon absorbing energy naturally, Shy'ra is capable of creating a full or partial body exoskeleton made of raw energy. Through mental focus she can control which areas of her body it can cover or the entirety of her form, while also altering it's shape, density, and thickness. Any states of energy have thus far proven unable to penetrate it but physical objects most often tend to break through this seemingly impenetrable barrier. Though it can last for hours Shy'ra has admitted it can be quite draining for longer periods of time.
    • Ergokinetic Combat:By making use of the raw energy her body absorbs, Shy'ra can manipulate this energy to empower her physical conditioning to make her faster, stronger, and more durable then normal. She also uses it to channel energy into her physical blows or towards weapons she may be using at the time to increase her close combat prowess and damage her weapons can inflict.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:Shy'ra was extensively trained by her mother from a young age to know the fighting forms of the Shi'ar, both armed and unarmed. She has even stated she could easily battle one of the Imperial Guard to a draw since the original Guard were trained by her mother.
  • Multilingual:Over the years of traveling, Shy'ra has put forth the initiative to learn several alien languages for the benefit of traveling. Of the languages she knows involves Kree, Shi'ar, English, and some Skrull.
  • Skilled Javelin User:From her mother, Shy'ra has learned to use javelins as both melee and distance weapons, being quite deadly in their use.
  • Cunning/Manipulation:Shy'ra also has shown to be quite cunning, being able to come up with identities, observe her enemies from afar, and go undetected for years. She also has learned to manipulate others to do her bidding, adapting her personality from being kind and caring to seductive to reach her goals.

Strength level

Shy'ra is capable of lifting 4 tons thanks to her Shi'ar heritage infused with Kree genes


  • Though Shy'ra has the plus of absorbing energy naturally, she can only absorb as much as her body will allow and must expend some of her reserves to keep absorbing it.
    • On that note, extensive use of her exoskeleton tends to be draining on these reserves the more prolonged she uses it.
  • Shy'ra also seems to find greater advantage fighting in the air, being far faster and more agile here while on the ground her wings can get in the way.



  • Customized Shi'ar Battle Helmet and Bracers
  • Earwig Communicator

Transportation: Her own wings, Carey's or Zuras' teleportation
Weapons: Javelins


  • Shy'ra is based on the canon child of Vulcan and Deathbird and a What If? idea of them being older.


  • Despite disliking humans and those who are allied with them, Shy'ra has shown to have a respect and admiration towards Asgardians due to their warrior culture. This also inspired part of her current costume.

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