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Real Name
Jacob Azarola
Current Alias

Jake Zoller, The Oncoming Storm





Base Of Operations
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh (former)/New York City (current)




Unusual Features
Small, permanent scars over 50% of his body, pointed ears

Scottish American (immigrant)

Marital Status

Student, vigilante

Currently in University

Scotland, UK

Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 "His power is greater than he imagines. He may use it for good now... but his mind is fragile. Should he ever go over the edge - the result wuld be unimaginable." Quote2
-- Dr. Wilson Quinn

Early life

Born in 1992, Jacob Azarola was born to a middle-class family in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bullied at school, he repressed his anger more and more until he was 14. His anger then manifested into his mutant powers and in a fit of rage, accidentally destroyed his entire school and killed everyone within a mile radius of him in a large-scale electrical blast.

Life in cotainment

Government officials covered up the incident as a tragic accident and sent Jacob to a special sanitorium and research centre for mutants, in order to study him and help him develop his powers.

In the Medlock Mutant Research Facility, Jacob spent three years developing his powers until he became an extremely powerful individual. Those studying him were overjoyed and also saw that his mental health was nearly back on track after being psychologically damaged by the incident at his school. However, paranoid mutant-hating military officials saw him as a potential threat as his mind is still fragile and now has incredibly powerful abilities. They overthrown the scientists, with a few troops even killing a few right in front of Jacob and planned to assassinate him for 'reasons of national security'.

Jacob retaliated and grew furious at the deaths of the people who had helped him through his trauma. He murdered every soldier with ease and dodged every bullet that was shot at him. He killed the general that ordered the attack by scattering him into atoms after sending a small burst of energy through his chest which exploded until he was vapourised. After Jacob finished, he seen the atrocities around him that he played a part of. Depressed and sickened, he fled the facility.

Depression and Epiphany

Homeless and hopeless, Jacob took to the streets of Edinburgh, killing foxes and eating them for food and stealing money and water to survive. He then went up to the top of Arthur's Seat and was ready to jump off the cliffside to his death. However, before he could, his abilities went into some form of 'primal instinct' and thrown him back with electrical blasts from his hands and shot through the rock into an undiscovered cave. Jacob saw this cave as a potential home and stayed there and began 'borrowing' things to put into it (furniture, modem, wireless connection, computers etc.) The cave's massive size was as large as many houses in the city and he sealed it off with a rock only extremely strong mutants (or heavy equipment) could lift. It was there that he stayed and devoted his life to assisting rather than killing people if they were in need.

As Shockwave

After he had acquired his outfit, he fled to America and posed as a University student named Jake Zoller. The US Military did not know of his background, so did not know who he was and did not try to capture him. He now resides in an apartment in downtown New York City, masquerading as the hero 'Shockwave' whenever in need, even assisting other heroes such as the X-Men and Spider-Man.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electrokinesis: Jacob can create and manipulate electricity and bend it to his will. He can create bolts of electricity for attacks. Power electrical equipment without the use of mains power. And with enough power and concentration, can use multiple, small electrical charges to separate the atoms of an object or living organism, completely obliterating them. His powers are amplified by anger, so the angrier he gets, the more powerful he becomes.
  • Flight: Using his electrical manipulation, Jacob can use static electricty as a mode of levitation and use electric blasts from his hands as thrust to allow him to move to places quickly and easily.
  • Lightning speed: As he can control electricity, Jacob can also move with it, becoming as fast as lightning and giving the impression that he can teleport but he is merely moving too fast to be seen.
  • Powers accelerated by background energy: If Shockwave is near a powerplant, generator or cable pylon, his powers can be amplified by being near them and slowly feeding on the electrical energy from inside. This comes in very useful when needed be.


  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat: With his speed and observational skills, Shockwave can hold his own very well when fighting. He can dispatch enemies with ease and not even break a sweat.
  • Expert martial artist: Jacob attended martial arts classes in his youth and has spent many years developing skill in Karate, Judo and Tai Kwon Do. With these skills, he can defend himself very easily from assailants.
  • Eidetic memory: The electrical impulses in his brain amplified slightly upon the manifestation of his powers. He can now remember anything he reads and can remember the details of anything just by looking at it.
  • Peak-level human intellect: With his photographic memory, Jacob can now read books in mere minutes and has built up enough intellegence and know-how to make him a skilled detective, expert on several scientific practices and even a trained therapist.

Strength level

Shockwaves speed and physical training have given him a strength level far beyond that of a regular human.


Water: Water is a major conductor of electricity. If Shockwave is emersed in water, using his powers could cause great pain and may even kill him as the electricty would react violently to his body because of the water around him.


Equipment: None
Transportation: None
Weapons: None


  • Unknown to Shockwave, but his mother (who he thought died in childbirth) resides in New York and is also one of his most recurring of enemies - Beldam.


  • Azarola is a Hispanic surname, meaning 'like a fox'. Ironically, Jacob ate foxes during his time as a homeless youth before finding his underground home.
  • Shockwave shares some similarities to Electro, specifically Ultimate Electro (accounting to the minor burn scars around Jacob's body). However, Jacob is neither bald nor evil.
  • Jacob bases his 'Shockwave attire' on Morpheus from the film The Matrix, complete with black coat, waistcoat and tie. However, while Morpheus wears Pince-nez sunglasses, Shockwave wears large black biker goggles.

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