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January 2nd, 20XX

We find ourselves in Japan, specifically in Iga, Mie Prefecture. Miss Mukuro Azusagawa is walking to her workplace, a bar known as Migoto, just in time to see her manager hiring a man with a strange cane.

Manager: Alright, mister...

Man: ...Kazuto. Kazuto said this in a very unsure tone, his eyes narrowed in confusion and/or thought... Fukami Kazuto. I look forward to working with everyone. He bowed in respect before they shook hands.

Manager: Ah, Mukuro! Perfect timing. I need you to teach the new guy about basic bar-tending. I gotta get him a uniform. He ducked away into his office to grab a uniform for Kazuto: a white dress-shirt, black slacks, and some loan dress shoes for the day.

Mukuro: New kid on the block. Kazuto, right? She hung her coat up on the coatrack and motioned for him to follow her behind the bar. He did so, leaving his cane propped up against the coatrack. I imagine you haven't done this before, so I'll start from the very beginning. We have recipes for certain drinks. Follow those recipes exactly as they say by pouring in ingredients. If the drink requires shaking, use these. She held up two stainless steel tumblers, one smaller than the other. This is a Boston Shaker. You fill the smaller one with the ingredients, and the larger one with ice. Pour the ingredients into the ice, clamp down the smaller on the larger, shake for 15 seconds. To separate, strike the palm of your hand against where the two tumblers are connected gently, but with enough force to split them up. Put a strainer over the large tumbler and pour into the proper stemware, which you can get from this refrigerator here. She gestured to a small fridge behind them, opening it to reveal various glasses. We keep clean glasses in here so they chill, since cocktails are usually served as cold as possible. If the drink calls to be stirred, use this. She pulled out a large stirring glass. Add ice first, then the ingredients. Stir for 15 seconds with a bar spoon, holding the glass down at its base to keep the drink as cold as possible. Any questions? She put all the equipment away.

Kazuto: Are the ingredient amounts pre-determined?

Mukuro: Yes they are. Anything else?

Kazuto: Nothing at the moment. Thank you for the lesson, miss. Kazuto bowed to her out of politeness as the manager returned with his uniform.

Manager: Here's your uniform, Kazuto-kun. Unfortunately, these shoes are just loaners. You'll need to buy your own at some point, so I'll include a little extra for your first paycheck. All good, you two?

Mukuro: He's certainly polite. A welcome change from all the other rambunctious co-workers I have... Kazuto snuck into the bathroom to change into uniform as the two of them discussed their first impressions of Kazuto. They had fairly positive reviews of him, so far. The two of them then began prepping for the bar's opening in a few minutes.

Kazuto: Let's see... Kazuto began reading through the book of recipes that the bar had written, studying them carefully before closing the book and returning it to its spot. I think I'm ready.

Mukuro: Let's see how well you do, newbie. And so, the day went on fairly quietly. The sun set, bringing night with it as the two of them began serving more and more customers. Kazuto seemed to be doing well despite his lack of prior experience, keeping up with taking and fulfilling orders as quickly as the situation demanded. It was now midnight, and the manager allowed the two of them to head off, as their shifts had ended. The two walked the streets of Iga in relative silence, Kazuto swinging his cane along as they walked. So... what's with the cane?

Kazuto: A... relic of my past. Kazuto hesitated to answer for a moment as if deciding what words he should use. Listen, this is a very sudden proposition, but may I stay with you for the night?

Mukuro: W-what?! She turned to face him, wide-eyed and blushing. W-what kind of question is that?!

Kazuto: I'll explain when we're not in public. Please?

Mukuro: ...fine. She led him to her apartment, closing the door behind them and locking it before turning to face him. Alright, what's your deal?!

Kazuto: I... technically have no name. I am but two days old.

Mukuro: ...what kind of cryptic bull s-it was that?

Kazuto: Alright, that's enough poetic nonsense. This is going to be a lot of lack of information, so bare with me. Mukuro stared at him in confusion as Kazuto sat down on her couch. I have no memories of my past. Who I am, what I used to be, any parents I may have had. Nothing. No memories of it. I'm not even sure I'm a human being. All I know is that I'm a... warrior, I guess. My cane is a disguise for a sword.

Mukuro: S-stop right there... A warrior, you say? D-do you happen to have a weird belt? Or a book with holographic pages?

Kazuto: You have an Aegis Encyclopedia?! He sprang up and held her, peering at her with a child-like glee.

Mukuro: A-Aegis? Uh... not exactly...

Kazuto: Show me, please! He produced a strange book out of nowhere, opening it to reveal a holographic interface instead of paper pages. Something like this, right?

Mukuro: Y-yeah! Hold on! She rushed into her room and grabbed a few things before returning to the living room, holding a book much like Kazuto's and a strange belt buckle. I call mine the Crown Encyclopedia. Do you have Angels and Demons in yours too?

Kazuto: No... He showed her what was inside his book... pages about Shinto deities. He flipped around from Kagutsuchi, to Raijin, to Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. What are these Angels and Demons you speak of? Their names, not their concept. I'm aware of what they are.

Mukuro: You sure know a lot for someone with amnesia... She opened her book to reveal two pages, one labeled "Sephiroth" with a tree diagram showing ten spheres, and the other showing a similar tree labeled "Qliphoth" instead. These guys.

Kazuto: Interesting... Do they give you armor as well? Both their books began to glow brightly for a brief second as a "NEW" notification appeared in the corners of their respective books.

Mukuro: Yeah. Through this thing, and some crystals, I get an armor. She held up her belt buckle, a crown-like buckle with a lever that had a rectangular slot on it. You?

Kazuto: I call out a keyword and transform. It uses that cane over there. Its name is the Aegis Driver, technically. And it is supposed to be a sword, but disguises are needed for a sword of its design.

Mukuro: Uh huh. Wait, where did you get those clothes you were wearing before you got hired?

Kazuto: I uh... found a bag of personal effects beside me when I woke up. A change of clothes, this book, some underwear, and uh... what else... He opened his book, bringing up an inventory of items on him. Oh, that's it. My Aegis Driver was right next to me, so... that's all.

Mukuro: How convenient...

Kazuto: Indeed. But, it's for both of our benefits, right? I don't have to approach you in nothing, so it's for the best.

Mukuro: I guess... So... are you going to move in permanently? Because I only have one bed, but if you're willing to help pay rent, I can try to figure something out...

Kazuto: Unfortunately, it seems I'll have to live with you, Mukuro-san. I'm sorry about intruding like this all of a sudden. He bowed to her in apology as Mukuro sighed, then raised his head.

Mukuro: For the time being, you'll stay on the couch, got it?

Kazuto: Yes, ma'am.

Mukuro: Right... I'll figure out sleeping arrangements later... Manager said you're getting an introductory bonus with your first paycheck, right? We put some of that towards getting you a bed, since I do have a spare room here.

Kazuto: Understood. Again, thank you for taking me out of the blue. He bowed briefly once more before the two set about getting their sleeping arrangements taken care of before turning in for the night. While these two slept, others lurked through the night...


It was late in the night in the Iga province and many were asleep. A black figure went hopping on the rooftops and dashing through the trees until he finally did a backflip and landed on the roof of an apartment that was facing a tall building that was owned by the Black clan, a Samurai clan that was exposed recently for faking its leaders death only to find out that they were working with an international crime league called Hydra. 

The Hero known as Wolverine was spotted there but that doesn't the fact that the Black Clan was up to suspicious activity again and the Iga clan was suspicious. But what really nailed it for them to actually send out their Demigod...Arashinami to investigate was the arrival of the Storm God Susano'o the boys' father. He had warned the Iga that dark forces were gathering and the Black Clan were associated with it, Tengu and Oni had been seen entering the building in disguise. Enough to fool Mortals but not enough to fool Susano'o himself who saw through their deceit. 

Now clad in black Shinobi gi and equipped with the Totsuka blade, Arashinami stood ready to infiltrate the building. Making a Tiger hand seal he used his power to conjure up a massive downpour with lightning flashing. 

Smirking at his handiwork he performed three signs, Bird, hare and ram. This allowed him to transform into an ordinary civilian as he jumped off the roof and landed on the floor with no one noticing, he made his way to the building. 

The street lights flickered and the homeless were near a fire inside of a barrel, he pitied them. He continued to move forward and spotted a few guards near the entrance, playing the role of a lost citizen he weakly walked up to them

Arashinami: Excuse me, but can anyone point me in the direction of the nearest homeless shelter. Please, I am lost and this storm seems to be getting worseThe two guards looked at him with stone faces for a moment before giving in to pity, now that their guard was down, Arashi used his skill in aquamancy to make one of them slip and fall as if by accident. Arashi and the other guard went to help and that is where he made his move, using aquamancy again he quickly swapped the guards i.d and access card that he had on his belt and replaced it with a decoy. 

Quickly placing it in his pocket he helped the guard up

Guard: Thank you. Now then, the nearest shelter is down a few blocks to your right.

Arashinami: thank you, sir, He bowed in respect as he moved in that direction and quickly took a quick left turn to circle back to the building, dropping the disguise he came by the back door. Taking out the access card he got from the guard he tapped in and assumed the appearance of that guard to briefly avoid suspicion.

Moving his way inwards, he went towards the elevator and pressed the up button. The elevator pinged and the doors opened, Arashinami went inside and pressed the button to get into the 34th floor, which was where the main offices were. His mission was to gather intel on what the Black Clan was up to, and hence searching the offices may be a good start, the elevator pinged again and the door opened on the 34th floor and Arashi, still disguised as the guard went rummaging around the offices. 

He made his way forward to the main office where the head of the department was only to find it locked. Seeing as he was soaking wet from the rain, he used his aquamancy skills to unlock the door by forming a key that matched the keyhole as he placed his finger on it. Once it was unlocked he went in and started to rummage through the various files that were marked "important" and "Classified". 

The Files showed records of purchases from Hydra along with other shady business deals and meetings with Oni and few notable Tengu. Something was amiss alright, something was going to happen and soon, more recon missions would be required later on. 

Reading through more files he froze as he found a name that was going to prove useful later on. The Snake Demon Yama-no-Orochi. Or as he refers to himself here, Orochimaru. The file specified a meeting time and place which was to occur at a local bar near here for a transaction, what the item is was unstated but if Orochimaru is involved....nothing good can come out of it. Taking the file with him he spotted a computer nearby but it would no doubt be password protected, and not knowing the code he feared to trigger any alarms. 

Nevertheless, after he got what he needed to launch a full blown investigation. Arashinami snuck out of the building, with no one knowing what had happened

January 3rd, 20XX

The next morning, Mukuro and Kazuto woke up and got ready for work, arriving at Migoto at around 10 AM after the bar had opened already. Kazuto had to ask for the loaner dress shoes again, saying he'd get his own pair when he had some free time. Manager decided to give the two a shift that let them off earlier than yesterday so Mukuro could show Kazuto around town and help him personalize his uniform. They thanked the Manager before taking their positions behind the bar, working through a relatively slow day shift while discussing living arrangements and whatnot in their leisure time.

Mukuro: Right, so we're putting half your paycheck towards your room, and the other half is free reign. Correct?

Kazuto: Sounds about right. And we'll be getting the shoes tonight as well.

Mukuro: Yep. Do you want to personalize your uniform at all? Like with mine, I have this bow, waistcoat, and skirt. She pointed to all the aforementioned items in order. You can also do color variations, like... I don't know, turn your shirt red?

Kazuto: Hm... I suppose a red shirt and waistcoat would be nice.

Mukuro: Noted. And so, the day slowly marched on as the two fulfilled orders whenever they came in, knowing that night shifts were the more active parts of the bar but they had some things to take care of for Kazuto's uniform.

Later that day

Yama-no-Orochi, the white 8 headed demon Snake was in his human guise in a business suit with a briefcase surrounded by two guards walked into the bar and sat down at a table awaiting his contacts from the Black Clan to arrive with the money in exchange for a powerful Hebi aftifact. One that would have the power to revive the dead, not only that but the artifact itself acts as a beacon to summon his followers from the netherworld to the Earth Realm in order to get revenge against the Shinto gods, especially against Susano'o.

Yama-No-Orochi, or as he is called in this realm, Orochimaru, sat patiently at one of the bar tables patiently awaiting the arrival of his allies. But first he wanted, as the humans say here- a drink to quench his thirst. He raised his hands to get the attention of one of the waiters.

Kazuto: Welcome to Migoto, what can I get for you, sir? Kazuto approached him with a notepad in hand, ready to take the man's order.

Orochimaru: Yes, i'd like to have just a cup of Sake if you wouldn't mind. If you need my I.d i'll give it to you. If that's a thing here

Kazuto: I'm afraid we do need to see an I.D. If you don't mind, could you please show me your I.D? Kazuto wrote down the order before putting the notepad and pen away.

Orochimaru: Perfectly fine. The Snake demon reached for his wallet and pulled out and ID card, presenting it to the waiter

Kazuto: Date of birth... Kazuto did a quick mental calculation to determine the man's age. Alright, everything checks out. Would you like your Sake hot or cold?

Orochimaru: Hot would do nicely thank you. I'm just waiting for a couple of friends of mine to pop in, they should be here any moment. Outside a black car approached the bar and out came five men in black suits with two armed guards. The men spotted Orochimaru and sat down next to him and placed the case on the table

Black Clan Member: A bit informal isn't it Orochimaru-Sama?

Orochimaru: Well at times one must relax. I understand this is important but then again...who'd think to interrupt us here. 

Black Clan member 2: You've got a point Orochimaru-Sama. Do you have what we requested?

Orochimaru: Why yes i do, but first...would you gentlemen like a drink. The demon gestured to the waiter who was standing there

Black Clan member 1: That's fine. We're good. Orochimaru looked at the waiter and told him that his order for Hot Sake would be all. 

Kazuto: I'll be back shortly. Kazuto bowed before handing the ticket over to Mukuro, who began to warm up a bottle of sake before getting out a drinking glass, placing both on a tray for Kazuto to take to the man. He brought it over, poured some into the cup, and served it to the man on a coaster before bowing and walking away.

Orochimaru smiled as he sipped his Sake and placed it down. The Demon then took out from his coat a statue of sorts with inscriptions etched into its design

Orochimaru: You mortals know what to do with it don't you?

Black clan member 3: Hai Orochimaru-Sama. And as promised, here's a fine sum of ryo so you may invest in whatever you wish for the time being.

Orochimaru: Why thank you. Now then shall we...Orochimaru smirked as he looked out the window and spotted a figure spying on him from a rooftop.

Black Clan member: Orochimaru-Sama?

Orochimaru: It seems we have company....unwanted guests. There on the rooftop As Orochimaru pointed out the location of the spy and seeing as he'd be caught, Arashinami shot arrows at the two guards at the entrance and sniped a Black clan member in the bar with his bow. His orders from the Iga clan were to intercept Yama-No-Orochi and kill him if necessary. Performing a Tiger seal again he used the divine weather manipulation to darken the skies and to make it rain heavily, as lightning flashed he disappeared.

Orochimaru shot out from his seat as he narrowed his eyes dangerously

Orochimaru: This is no ordinary shinobi....the rain? The lightning? That means only one god is behind this....Susano'o

Kazuto: What the hell... He sighed as Mukuro pulled him down under the bar. I suppose we'll have to cancel shopping plans for tonight.

Mukuro: No kidding. Get your cane, and get my coat. My Crown's in the coat.

Kazuto: Got it. Kazuto rolled towards the coatrack after maneuvering away from the bar, grabbing his cane and tossing Mukuro her coat. The two of them then ran into the bathroom and squeezed in together. Well, ladies first.

Mukuro: Really now? Jeez... She put her coat on and reached into some unknown pocket, producing the belt buckle she called her "Crown Driver" before slapping it onto her waist. A belt wrapped around and secured the buckle to her waist as she opened her Encyclopedia, drawing out a crystal from the Seraph side and loading it onto her belt.

Crown Driver (CD): Sephira Crystal! Mukuro then closed the lever and stood up as a purple and gold energy enveloped her Ascend: Sandalphon!

Kazuto: My turn. Hen... He held his cane upside-down, the pointed shaft facing the ceiling and the T-grip facing the ground, before it turned into a silver and red single-edged sword with a circular handguard and a T-shaped pommel. ...shin.

Aegis Driver (AD): Aegis Core: Equip!! Silver and red energy covered Kazuto as the sword's blade split and shuffled around, projecting an energy blade as the two of them equipped their armors.

Mukuro: Let's get to it. A sword appeared on her back.

Kazuto: Shall I take the vanguard? The energy blade retracted as the sword blade returned to its regular position, allowing Kazuto to sheathe it on his back.

Mukuro: Be my guest. She gestured for him to exit first, before he grabbed her and teleported them both outside the bar's entrance to see what was happening. How...

Kazuto: Don't worry about it. Seihai... on stage!

Mukuro: Really...?

Kazuto: No good?

Mukuro: No good.

Arashigami appeared inside the bar and unsheathed his katana, leaving the Totsuka blade for later. He dodged a blow from one of the Black Clan members before he spun and sliced his abdomen, he jumped over a few tables and noticed the floor was wet with rain drops. He performed a few hand signs, those being Monkey, ram and tiger. He used his command over the rain and water to make the droplets into senbon needles as they pierced every enemy in the bar leaving only Yama-No-Orochi

Orochimaur: DAMN YOU! SUSANO'O!

Arashinami: You mistake me for my father demon! You are no man! You are YAMA-NO-OROCHI!

Orochimaru: Clever little brat aren't you...well then. Let's see how you fare against me DEMIGOD! Orochimaru outstretched his hands which turned into serpents that shot right at Arashi who quickly dodged them and withdrew the Totsuka blade, cutting one of the serpents.

Orochimaru: THAT BLADE! Tch your father is persistent! I will KILL YOU! Arashinami and Yama-no-orochi battled in the bar before moving outside, Orochi swung his blade, the prized Kusanagi blade which was parried by the Totsuka Blade. The two combatants distanced themselves to get some space from each other.

Arashinami did a one handed ram seal and outstretched his hand, making the water on the surface on the road collect together to form a vortex that rushed towards the demon who braced for impact. The vortex hit but the demon only moved an inch backwards. Orochimaru opened his mouth and let loose poison gas which was noticed by Arashi who covered his mouth and jumped backwards to safety. Orochimaru who was immune to it ran through the toxic cloud and swung his blade which managed to hit as blood sprayed from Arashi's chest. It wasn't fatal but it hurt....and it hurt bad.

Arashinami clapsed his hand together in a serpent seal and lightning came crashing down from the heavens onto Orochimaru electrocuting the demon as it was thrown back. But Yama-no-Orochi was tough and persistent. He would not die from a simple strike of lightning, but he was hurt...and visibly so. His pale skin was now burnt and his suit was ruined.

Orochimaru: You are tough. Susano'o has trained you well little one. But now i must depart

Arashinami: You are not leaving demon!

Orochimaru: Really?! And who's going to stop me? Look at you, you're bleeding and exhausted.

Mukuro: Hi, sorry to interrupt, but the demons in my head are telling me you need to die! Mukuro, or rather, Oukan in this form, stabbed Orochimaru from behind after Kazuto had teleported them both behind him.

Kazuto: As someone who's supposedly slain demons in the past, it's my job to execute you. Kazuto, in his Seihai armor, unsheathed his Aegis Driver sword, which deployed its energy blade as Kazuto lopped off Orochimaru's head.

Arashinami: He'll be can't kill Yama-no-Orochi normally. It needs to be done via the Totsuka blade. Which i am in possession of. All you've done is buy Earth Realm more time to prepare...Arashi watches as one of the Black clan members runs of with the relic. Oh...he'll most certainly be back. Arashi sheathes the Totsuka blade as his wounds heal due to the rain water.

Kazuto: At least we delayed Armageddon by a few minutes... Back up, please Mukuro drew back before Kazuto chopped all of Orochimaru's body into tiny wet chunks, sheathing his sword on his back as the energy blade sealed up. You said Orochi... like the serpent of mythology?

Arashinami: Hai, Yama-No-Orochi. The Eight headed white serpent, the enemy of my father Susano'o, He has ties to the Black Clan, if you remember the incident with that X-Man Wolverine the whole thing that dubbed its' leader the Silver Samurai.

Mukuro: Your father is Susano-O? God of storms? Mukuro stared at him in disbelief, though her mask hid it.

Kazuto: Susano-O... Kazuto opened his encyclopedia, looking through its holographic pages for any record of Susano-O. He found a page detailing all of his exploits, but found no Core associated with him. Interesting... The page updated to include demigod offspring, listing the man in front of him under this section.

Arashinami: Yes, I can tell that he is somewhat pleased at your actions. Although I am to return to my clan for a debriefing. You two should probably prepare yourselves for the war that may come. Arashi made a tiger seal with his hands and a flash of lightning came crashing down upon him and when the dust settled, no one was there except the mark of the Shinto gods. As soon as the Shinobi vanished the rain clouds disappeared and the rain stopped falling, as the rays of the sun pierced through its veil.

Kazuto: Okay then... We'd better get back to- though... they did trash the bar up quite a bit...

Mukuro: We need to get back and clock out anyway...

Kazuto: Right, right... He teleported them back into the bathroom, where they cancelled their transformations and returned to their civilian selves before exiting one at a time to avoid suspicion. They met with the Manager, who gave them the rest of the day off and their paychecks for the week before sending them off. I guess we do get to go shopping after all...

Mukuro: Don't get carried away, now... The two entered the shopping district and bought everything they needed for the moment: Kazuto's new uniform and some groceries. They returned to their apartment and set aside the rest of their pay for the week towards Kazuto's bed as he began to unpack in Mukuro's spare bedroom.

Meanwhile in the Koka District

A beautiful brown haired girl was playing around with a small fox when it suddenly stiffened due to the violence that it had detected. However this fox wasn't any ordinary fox, this was Amateratsu, the sun goddess, and this girl was her daughter, Asami Koka, a renowned kunoichi of the Koka Shinobi clan

Asami: Mother? What's wrong?

Amaterasu: It is as I feared my precious Asami...Yama-no-Orochi was here. He was sent back to the nether but he will not be there for long. It seems that my brother's son and the Iga have made their move in tackling this issue. We would look lazy if we were to ignore this threat...clearly my brother is laughing at our ignorance. Your cousin is proficient but I have faith that you are as strong as if not stronger than your cousin Arashinami, you two have not met yet but he is violent. He kills with no mercy but at least he kills when it is needed, however you should be better than him in that aspect.

Asami: What should i do now mother?

Amaterasu: If my information is correct, your cousin was injured in the fight and thus let a minion of Orochimaru escape with a horrible object of dark serpent magic. You must track this person down and retrieve that object. Yama-No-Orochi must not be allowed to come back so soon.

Asami: How mother? Japan, let alone the Iga district where this happened has a lot of people.

Amaterasu: The man works for the Black Clan and has a different aura around him as he is a serpent and of the nether realm. I must warn you in advance that you may come across your cousin in this mission, he will mistake you for an enemy and even if he does know you are an ally he will treat you like a rival as you are of a different clan.

Asami: When should i leave mother

Amaterasu: Now would be a good time, go...forge ahead

January 4th, 20XX

Since Migoto was undergoing reconstruction and was closed for the time being, Kazuto and Mukuro had time to just sit back and relax for the time being. They were currently reading from their Encyclopedias, which had synced and shared all the information both books knew.

Mukuro: So you have access to... She counted all of his familiars. Six of them?

Kazuto: Indeed. And you have... 20 possible forms...

Mukuro: Actually there's another node on top of both pages, but they're grayed out. Same thing goes for half of these Angels and Demons, and I have no idea why...

Kazuto: I see... Perhaps they're too powerful for you at this moment? I've tried to use multiple Familiars at once before, but it was too much of a strain... perhaps the circumstances are similar?

Mukuro: It would make the most sense. Guess we just need to keep using their powers and getting acclimated to all of it.

Kazuto: Indeed. Should we get something to drink?

Mukuro: I've got beer if you want any.

Kazuto: Uh... sure. They closed their books and got up to get drinks while other events played out...


Asami had geared up and headed out to the headquarters of the Black Clan which was near the destroyed bar also known as the Migoto bar. She frowned as she was all this needless death and destruction and shook her head, disapproving of her cousins violent methods as she saw solid water constructs embedded in some of the enemies.

Using one of her abilities that would let her become invisible by making the suns rays reflect off of her and thus rendering her invisible during the day time she snuck into the building through the rooftop but to her annoyance it was locked. It wasn't a problem as she used her solar powers to melt the lock on the door so it became easier to open. Once she had gained entry she snuck through the vents and closed her eyes sensing out the enemy. She sensed his aura coming from the lowest level of this building and stealthily made her way there, bypassing the guards by going through vents and disguising as guards when she had to come out of the vents.

Asami reached the bottom of the building and found it, the henchman, but it was too late as whatever ritual he was doing was already completed. She had to act fast to do something so reluctantly revealed herself

Asami: I will not allow you to bring Yama no Orochi back!

Hebi Henchman: Fools! Get her! Guards swarmed to intercept her but Asami raised her hand and the guards collapsed as she had overheated their bodies.

Asami: Forgive me, i did not mean any harm. However i will not allow you to bring Yama no Orochi here! She withdrew here katana and charged at the Hebi henchman who parried with his staff. She tried to use her heated palm strike to disarm him but to her surprise he COUNTERED. His palm met hers and she felt...cold what Hebi magic is this?!

Hebi Henchman: oh? my my, did Amateratsu not tell you about my little trinket? See we Hebi have magic charms that counter any element we encounter, why did you think that I was the only one to survive that rampage made that Demigod of Susano'os creation.

The Portal was open and Asami could see the shape of a man coming through. No she would not fail! Asami retreated backwards and blinded the Hebi henchman temporarily and she made a mad dash for the portal, her katana touching the keystone when one of the henchman she knocked out threw shuriken at her which interrupted her sword strike. It was just enough time to have Yama no Orochi in a weakened state come through the portal. Eyeing the daughter of Amateratsu he gathered the remaining strength he had and smacked the sun demigod to the other side of the room.

Hebi Henchman: OROCHIMARU-SAMA! she hailed as she went to his side. Yama No Orochi was weakened by his fight and was now a fragile thing.

Orochi: Get me...out of HERE! NOW!

Hebi: Hai! As Hebi carried Orochimaru out of the room thunder roared outside as the wall beside them burst open...there stood Arashinami wielding the Totsuka blade.

Asami stood up and eyed her cousin as he slaughtered he men in front of her, she was horrified. He looked as her and back to Orochimaru.

Arashinami: You failed?

Asami: That Hebi can counteract our elemental attacks. She is a skilled Taijutsu and Bo-Jutsu user. I wouldn't have failed otherwise.

Hebi: Oh you would have.... Amaterasu's pacifism radiates off of's disgusting

Arashinami: AMATERASU?! That means, he looked at Asami in shock. This was....his cousin, right here, right infront of him. However this was no time for sentiment as his face hardened again as he faced Orochimaru and Hebi.

Asami: i must balance your emotions quite well Cousin.

Arashiname: We will talk later. As of now, killing Yama No Orochi is our number one priority.

Orochi: Well if you insist on killing me....and you've already done me a favour by spilling blood. Orochi smirked as he used his Hebi magic to absorb the blood of all the fallen guards there, as he regained his strength to what it was earlier in the bar fight. Hebi dear

Hebi: do it Orochimaru Sama! Revive me afterwards! DO IT! KILL ME AND TAKE MY STRENGTH

Orochimaru drove his arm through Hebi, killing her and using her blood as a source of strength. And because she was a demon, the strength he got was twice as much. Asami was disturbed greatly but put it aside as now Yama no Orochi was close to half of his full strength, power radiated off of him. And to prove it, he let his ki radiate, this caused the whole building to shake as well as the streets outside.

Arashinami: He's so strong!

Asami: Yeah...this is ridiculous.

Orochimaru. So you children want to play? Very well, i'll take it easy on you then. He took one step forward and vanished only to appeared behind Asami who noticed it but couldn't block so fast! Orochimaru punched her through the building as she crashed on the streets outside

Arashinami: ASAMI! The Demigod kept his cool as he swung the totsuka blade at the demon who blocked it...with a single finger. That's not....that's not possible

Orochhimaru: On the contrary boy...while the Totsuka blade may be the only blade that can kill me. You are still far to weak to beat me at this level of power. With his spare arm he grabbed the boys throat and sent him flying through the roof and he landed right next to Asami.

The Demon then made his way onto the surface and looked at the two demigods. Arashinami was on his knees and was standing along side Asami. Do you children want to see real power?! i'll show it you. Orochimaru then transformed into his full form, the 8 headed white serpent. The Demigods stood up ready to face Yama no Orochi only to get thrown about like fodder.

After hours of being beaten by the demon, not even Arashinami could stand, his knees buckled and he collapsed. The Japanese news were now broadcasting this live to the TVs and screens of everyone in Japan. Yama No Orochi finished his rampage and left without a trace. Seihai and Oukan arrived on the scene, managing to take the demigods away from the scene and into a forest on the outskirts of town, where Oukan proceeded to change forms.

CD: Sephira Crystal! Ascend: Zadkiel! Oukan changed into a water-themed form and hosed down Arashinami in water as Seihai opened his book and called out a name, a name that both Shinobi would be very familiar with.

Kazuto: Come, Amaterasu! White and gold energy flowed from his book, taking the shape of a female figure made of sunlight and cloaked in a beautiful white and gold kimono with a mask featuring the kanji for “light.” She held out her hands and enveloped Asami in an aura of sunlight, healing her. Naosu! He closed his book as Amaterasu continued to heal Asami, his sword sheathed on his back.

Asami: are you?

Arashinami: I know these people. They killed Yama No Orochi the first time. Thank you for saving us, we are grateful. The Demigod stood up with a bit of difficulty and bowed

Asami: He was so strong....Yama No Orochi. I fear not ever we can beat him.

Arashinami: He blocked the Totsuka blade with one does one even achieve that level of power. As they were talking a small fox appeared from behind a tree, a fox that Asami knew well.

Asami: Mother!

Amaterasu: I'm sorry my child The Goddess took full shape in front of the 4 people in the woods. I have paused time here, we can talk freely, that includes you two. Now then i must summon the others. Amaterasu then looks at Arashinami and smiles You must be my nephew, Arashinami. Susano'o constantly brags about you

Arashinami: I have let Father down...i failed

???: Nonsense. You didn't fail, Yama no Orochi was too powerful this time. You've done your best. Said a voice that rang out in the clearing. The form manifested itself in a form Arashinami knew all to well

Amateratsu: Susano'o, how nice of you to show up.

Susano'o: You called out to me and the rest. You know I wouldn't be here otherwise!.

Amaterasu: Are you not going to address your Niece?

Susano'o: oh...well..hello there. You look a lot like your mother....frighteningly so. Now then...who are these other two? More children of yours Amaterasu? Could you not have controlled yourself? The Storm god smirked jokingly

Amaterasu: You DARE joke about me in that NEVER change do you! You are SO FRUSTRATING to deal with.

Mukuro: Jerk... Mukuro deadpanned underneath her mask and threw a splash of water at him.

Kazuto: The gods appear before us to protect their children... hm. Kazuto's Amaterasu just stared at the other Amaterasu, then to Kazuto. Quite a strange predicament indeed. Kazuto's Amaterasu nodded silently as she floated next to him.

A white Flash of light appeared and out stepped the moon god Tsukuyomi in all his glory.

Tsukuyomi: now now, what's with all this commotion my dear siblings?

Amaterasu: Brother! There has been terrible news.

Susano'o: Straight to the point as always. How've you been Brother

Tsukuyomi: I've been well thank you Susano'o. And I see that my beautiful Niece and handsome Nephew have been doing well. Until today that is...I've heard about Yami-No-Orochi and his increase in strength. This is troubling indeed. And those other two children, yes i know them. The moon knows all that is under its light, care to introduce yourselves to my siblings before more of my kin come?

Susano'o: oi...more? What other Kami have taken notice to Yama no Orochi?

Tsukuyomi: More than i'd like to admit....Kami like Fujin, Raijin and even Takemikazuchi have taken notice of Orochimaru as he's dubbed here. These other two children...yes....they will be of great assistance

Kazuto: Since you're here too... Tsukuyomi! Kazuto's Amaterasu faded into him as the shadows nearby contorted and morphed, before a black-and-white striped humanoid figure stepped out of the darkness, wearing a black cloak that split into many coattails with additional red detailing, a mask in the shape of the kanji for “shadow,” and a strange plume-like design on its head resembling a crescent moon that’s been partially destroyed with jagged chunks of it floating away. It stood on standby, staring at the true Tsukuyomi through its mask with a cold, uncaring gaze.

Mukuro: I see we're just gonna call in the whole pantheon to meet here... She sighed and crouched down beside Kazuto, waiting to actually do something. Tsukuyomi chuckled as he shook his head

Tsukuyomi: No young lady, not the entire Kotoamatsukami. Just a few who had taken notice, see the other Kami are well...preoccupied at the moment. There's a Multi-pantheon meeting going on at the moment

Susano'o: Shit that's today?! Aw man....I'm going get yet ANOTHER lecture from Ra on being late, damn falcon can't mind his damn business

Amaterasu: I must agree with you Susano'o, Isis is rather....annoying. Blasted Woman only cares about power

Arashinami: Other pantheons...wait?! Ra and Isis?! Aren't they from the Egyptian Pantheon?

Asami: I believe so....a few moments later a gust of wind blew strongly and once it stopped, Fujin stood atop a tree. Then came Raijin, then Takemikazuchi and even Suijin showed up.

Raijin: I believe we are all here for one purpose

Takemikazuchi: Yama-No-Orochi must be stopped. Or else the other bloody pantheons will involve themselves in won't look good on us if we can't stop that damned Snake. Tch, Hephaestus will be breathing down my neck and drown me in insults.

Susano'o: Other pantheons have taken notice of our problem?! This is not good.....

Suijin: Yeah, it sucks....blasted Odin was the one who noticed the anomaly first. Thank the stars Poseidon was kind enough to approach me with respect.

Amaterasu: I don't mean to sound rude Suijin, but you and Poseidon look like you have more than a friendship going on there

Takemikazuchi: If what I heard was correct. We have about a full Earth year to solve the problem of Yama-No-Orochi. The Other Pantheons will interfere after that, and we simply cannot have would be very embarrassing.

Asami: What do you all propose we do?

Raijin: Well child...the other Kami, including your mother think it best if you were to team up with our offspring. And along with the efforts of those other two children....this should be easy.

Arashinami: Offspring...more Demigods are here?

Suijin: Always have been. Now then you all will work together to form a team, you will all meet up in a location that has been protected by Kami magic about a few miles away from Iga province. That includes you two children as well. Now then...any questions?

Kazuto: It seems no one here but Oukan will provide me with the proper answers to the questions I wish to ask. Where are we going now?

Mukuro: Time to kick some real tail... Mukuro stood up and stretched. As the pantheon went away and time resumed, the two demigods stood up and motioned for the other two members of their group to follow. They went running with them as they ran through the streets of Iga province, they slowed down a while and just continued the journey by walking. Asami decided to fall back towards the other girl in the group and decided to talk to her as the only other girl she'd interacted with was her mother

Asami: hi, names Asami Koka. Daughter of Amaterasu...what's your name?

Mukuro: You can call me Oukan, because I'm not taking this mask off for just anyone. Even if they're a demigod. Mukuro kept walking, looking over her Crown Encyclopedia and seeing a new entry on Asami. She closed the book and looked beside her at Kazuto, who was furiously reading through his Aegis Encyclopedia for new information. The book had divided up pages between the proper Gods, and the familiars Kazuto had at his display, allowing him to read the information separate from what he already know.

Kazuto: None of these tales relate to my current circumstances... how disappointing... He kept flipping through, reading it all regardless in case some minute detail from one of the stories suddenly became relevant.

Mukuro: What did you call yourself again...?

Kazuto: Seihai, as in the "Holy Grail." He continued to read without interruption.

Mukuro: Right...

Asami: No i understand. It's just....being a Shinobi gets, you know...lonely sometimes. My father is strict and controlling because I'm "The pride of the clan" I can't go anywhere I can socialize. Only my mother was able to visit me....i feel as if my father doesn't love me. And my cousin...well if he's anything like his father, i feel we wont be able to get along.

Mukuro: At least you have parents... Mukuro muttered to herself as she stared at the ground. Asami gasped internally

Asami: Oh Kami i'm so sorry i didn't mean to disrespect you. Forgive me...

Kazuto: At least you two know you have parents... Kazuto finally closed his book, putting it away as they continued to walk.

Mukuro: Don't worry about either of us. We'll manage... somehow...

Arashinami: Know? hmm...this is just a guess but do you have a case of amnesia or somethin like that? Just guessing is all. Because if so, and the other pantheons are real...perhaps all of this, you could either talk to my uncle who seems to know you or Hypnos the Greek god of sleep and memories....if you got memory problems either my uncle or Hypnos would be great start.

Asami: OI! Don't go assuming things...but um...Oukan do you...want to be friends? You seem lovely

Kazuto: Don't worry about me. I'll find my own path.

Mukuro: You're trusting me a little too easily. What if I have intentions to stab you in the back at some point down the line?

Asami: Hehe, it's one of my gifts that i inherited from my mother. The ability to see a person's true nature, that' I found Hebi, Yama no Orochi's hench woman. And no, i can't track him using that...he's used Hebi magic to hide himself. All I can tell is that you're a nice girl, it's true we haven't spent much time's probably the fact that I've been locked away. I can see your true nature...and from what i can're nice

Arashinami: this feels a bit too rushed Asami...but whatever. We'll talk later, we're almost at the hideout.

Mukuro: We'll talk later, Asami. Mukuro and Kazuto walked further ahead, entering the hideout first. Asami smiled knowing that she'd made a friend. The Two demigods went ahead further and entered the hideout. Everything was so traditional here....all in traditional Japanese format.

Asami: I guess we should wait for the other to arrive. How long they'll be here i'm not sure. But since we're here, I could use a shower....and there seems to be two bathrooms here, nine we're waiting for five more people huh.

Arashinami: Seems that way Cousin. Well, everyone get settled in. All we can do now is wait for the others

Kazuto: Guess we really don't have any other choice... Kazuto sighed before unsheathing his sword. It didn't deploy its energy blade as he brought it in front of him. Cancel... His armor disappeared into nothing as his sword transformed into its cane form while Mukuro pulled the lever on her belt and removed the Crystal in it, causing her armor to disappear as well.

Mukuro: We still have jobs outside of this, you know...

Kazuto: I just got hired, so I could be fired at any moment... He began walking around the hideout, looking over everything and poking things with his cane.

Mukuro: I'm lucky enough to have been at that place since its beginning, so I'll be fine... Mukuro found a couch to sit down on, sighing.

Arashinami: You both should not worry about that place. It got um....trashed by Yama no Orochi remember? Then the rampage? I made sure not to damage it too much but try not getting slapped around like a rag doll by a demon that powerful. Anyway, Mukuro I am intrigued on that power of yours shall we spar? Or do you prefer to talk about it.

Asami: Ugh, you boys....fight, destroy, fight and destroy. Anyways i'm going to take a bath. Don't wreck this place... Asami went up to her quarters and found that there were cloths in the hangers and bath robes. She undressed and wore her bath robe, she entered and found that the bath was a large tub like a Jacuzzi. She sighed as she let her bath robe fall to the floor. Being completely nude she entered the bath and sighed in relief. She then used her powers to make the water a bit more warmer as he closed her eyes and relaxed. She was going to be in there for a while.

Mukuro: Never told you my name, so I don't know how you know that. I'm gonna take a bath too. Hot water on my skin sounds amazing right now. She found her room and entered it to grab stuff for the bath, leaving with a robe and a spare change of clothes. Before she entered the bath, she turned to the boys and pointed at them both. No. Peeking. With that, she entered the bath and left her bathrobe in a basket with her change of clothes, dipping into the tub with a neatly-folded towel resting on her head.

Kazuto: Yes ma'am. Kazuto opened his book as it scanned the entire hideout and cataloged it for him to read. He went to the fridge and grabbed a soda to drink before sitting down on the couch to read about the base's layout.

Arashinami: She does realize that my Uncle said her name out loud? A few seconds later there was a knock on the door before it opened to reveal a man in Moon white Samurai armour along with 4 others in similar attire. The lead one studied the Shinobi in front of him before smirking.

???: COUSIN! Hello there! This is our first meeting. My name's Mizuki Shimazu. My dad's Tsukuyomi.

Arashinami: Welcome! Nice place the Shinto have for us eh?

Mizuki: Hell yeah Cousin

Arashinami: Who're the rest of you?

???:  Name's Takeshi, son of Fujin

???: Ryu, son of Raijin

???: Mizuko, daughter of Suijin

???: Hayate, Son of Takemikazuchi 

Arashinami: Well then, my name's Arashinami, son of Susano'o. Please settle in, the girls are taking baths. The Samurai proceeded to settle in.

Asami heard the guests come in and put on her bath robe, a bit discontent that she had to leave the waters. She asked from where she was.

Asami: That was the rest of them right?

Arashinami: Hai. They're all here. There's another girl here too

Asami: Well i guess if she wanted she could join me...I don't think the other girl would like that but wouldn't mind

Arashinami: Sure i'll tell her

Mizuko: No need I heard. I'll take her up on that offer. 

Arashinami: Great. Once everyone has settled down we'll rest of the day. Tomorrow we begin planning on how to track down our snake.

Kazuto: I'm going to shower quickly... Kazuto closed his book, grabbing his cane as he headed into his room and grabbed a spare set of clothes, heading to the bath Mukuro entered. He opened the door just as she left, already changed into her pajamas.

Mukuro: You weren't planning to peek, were you...?

Kazuto: Of course not. I was just going to take a quick shower. Ah, there is another lady in our midst now. "Mizuko, daughter of Suijin" is what she introduced herself as, if I remember correctly... He put his hand to his chin in thought. The Encyclopedias will sync and you'll know anyway. Now, if I may shower in peace?

Mukuro: Right, right. You do your thing. I'm gonna steal a beer then head to sleep. She walked off to her room with a yawn, waving absent-mindedly behind her to Kazuto, who entered the bath to take a brief shower. Just as she grabbed her beer and sat down on the couch to relax, Kazuto returned in his pajamas and drying his hair. You weren't kidding about brief...

Kazuto: I've developed a highly efficient way to shower within the span of 10 minutes. I'll keep the specifics to myself. He went to grab a beer for himself before checking the cabinets for any other alcohol, finding bottles of Japanese whisky and Sake within. Hm... Interesting. I suppose I can try a little whisky for myself. He grabbed a glass and a bottle of whisky, sitting down beside Mukuro and imbibing the alcohol.

In the Middle of the Night

Asami had trouble falling asleep, the trouble and violence of everything she'd seen disturbed her greatly. She got out from bed and went to the balcony gazing over the stars she looked up at her uncle, the moon. She started to cry....she finally knew her family...her ENTIRE family, she wasn't alone anymore. Those days of being left out by all the other girls and being scorned for not doing well by her father really hurt her.

She looked at her Uncle and cried softly as to not alert anyone, she was being weak and she knew her father would HATE her for much was expected from her. She crumpled on the floor and continued to weep whilst looking at the moon.

Arashinami: hey...what's wrong?

Asami: Nothing....

Arashinami: Liar....he went closer to her and hugged her. Look if you wanna talk i'm right here...I'm your cousin aren't i?

Asami: Yeah...

Arashinami: You're crying...we can't have the sun weep now can we? Arashi wiped away Asami's tears and planted a kiss on her forehead before hugging her again.

Asami: You sure can be sweet when you want to

Arashinami: It's what i'm good at. Now come, we must go.

Asami: You go Cus, i'll be behind you.

Arashinami: Sure Asami...See you in the morning.

Asami: See you too....

The Next Day

Kazuto was the first one awake, having already brushed his teeth. He was currently cooking breakfast for himself. Mukuro was the next to wake up, following her nose to the kitchen to see Kazuto making an omelette, some fried bacon, sausages, pan-roasted tomatoes, some toast, and a little side salad.

Mukuro: Didn't know you could cook...

Kazuto: It's just a matter of following the recipe, right? He put the omelette on a plate next to the bacon and sausages before putting the salad on a smaller plate next to three slices of toast and the tomatoes. Here, for you. I'll make another omelette for myself while the bread toasts.

Mukuro: Thanks... She took the plates and sat down, taking a bite of the omelette and savoring the sheer amount of flavor within that one bite. Oh my god... this is amazing.

Kazuto: Is it? Thank you. This is my first time actually cooking this. At least, to my recollection... He chuckled as he began cooking his omelette. It was at this time that the others started waking up, Mizuko and Hayate were the first down stairs for breakfast.

Hayate: Smells good.

Mizuko: Cook yourself Hayate..

Hayate: Yeah yeah....after breakfast i'll polish up on my Kenjutsu

Mizuko: Yeah, you do you. I'll wait for Arashinami to wake up. Anyways, you two must be the other heroes that the Shinto told us about. Hi, my name's Mizuko and my dad's Suijin. Don't mind this baka here he's only interest is killing people

Hayate: hey!

Mizuko: Anyways, we were briefed by our parents on the situation. To think Yama no Orochi would attract this much attention. Let alone require a demigod force of this size and require additional support

Hayate: Dark times indeed. It doesn't help that the other Pantheons are now involved in our business

Mizuko: Indeed. Olympus, Asgard, the kingdom of Ra and whatever the Celts are called....they're all getting riled up. But either ways, care to introduce yourselves?

Kazuto: I have no name. I am but 5 days old... He plated up his breakfast and reached into the fridge for some orange juice.

Mukuro: Thought you had a name... She looked at him, confused.

Kazuto: Technically speaking, I don't have a name. I made up the one I'm using right now on the spot. Or rather... it came to me on the spot... He grabbed the carton of juice and poured himself and Mukuro a glass, placing it on the table as he sat down next to her.

Mukuro: Well, I'm Mukuro Azusagawa. I use Angels and Demons to transform into Oukan. She returned to eating her breakfast.

Kazuto: Call me Kazuto Fukami. I transform into the warrior Seihai, though my body currently isn't fit for combat, so I have my familiars fight for me for the most part. He shrugged before eating. Oh, this turned out really good...

Mukuro: Right?

After breakfast, the two Demigods regrouped with the rest and decided on what to do before a flash of light appeared and out stepped a man in his 40s at best.

???: Hello children, my name is Izanagi. And unfortunately I bear some bad news on behalf of the Shinto. Unfortunately, my children we don't have much time, Yama No Orochi has made allies with enemies of the other Pantheons.

Hayate: Greaaat.

Ryu: This just got a whole lot complicated.

Mizuki: Yeah....

Asami: Grandfather do you bear any good news? We were planning on how to track down Yama No Orochi and end him.

Izanagi: Yes actually. Although it came from a very controversial source.....Loki of Asgard

Arashinami: LOKI?!

Mizuki: Like the Loki that attacked New York city? That Loki?

Izanagi: yes grandson, THAT Loki.

Mizuko: How could our Pantheon be so foolish as to trust Loki?!

Izanagi: I am well aware of his actions. However certain..."events" these past few years has led Asgard to once again accept him back in their ranks. And he has been keeping tabs on Orochimaru since that day. That and the fact that his intel was backed up by sightings provided by Horus, Hades and one of the spies working for the Celtic Pantheon...weird bunch they are.

Mizuko: Well i guess in those circumstances....i guess we could trust the trickster.

Izanagi: Any questions before i say where you need to go?

Kazuto: Izanagi... Kazuto's Aegis Encyclopedia exploded open and scanned Izanagi, unlocking half of one of the hidden Aegis Cores it held. The entry read as the "Mikoto Core" and showed half of its contents: a familiar and armor based on Izanagi with its own abilities that were still grayed out. Ah...

Mukuro: The hell was that about?

Kazuto: I've... got some new information. And half of a new ability? Kazuto picked up the book and read through it. Still can't use it, but it's there now. He shrugged and closed it, leaning back. Let's get to it.

Izanagi: Right...Loki's coordinates point us towards Kyoto. The previous capital of Japan, I realise that it is quite far away from us but do not worry. This safehouse will teleport you towards where you need to go. Act fast and strike him down. Izanagi left and after what seemed to feel like an earth quake, Mizuko took a look outside and found that they were in Kyoto. She knew this because this was where her clan was based in.

Mizuko: We're here. Let's go kill a snake. The group set out on a course to find Yama-No-Orochi when they ran into the Samurai from Mizuko's clan, the Imperials. They informed the group that Orochimaru was located a few blocks north and that the information came for Suijin. The Entire Clan was rolling out to fight this thing.

The Group along with a few Samurai at their disposal now made their way into one of the fortresses that was set up by Orochimaru and his forces. The Demigods and the two heroes made their way inside, with the Samurai holding off the Oni and the Tengu by means of the sword, gun and bow. However as they entered the temple, they were intercepted by Hebi.

Hebi: My my....a bunch of Demigods. I'm afraid I can't let you pass.

Mizuki: You guys go...i'll handle her

Arashinami: You sure about that?

Mizuki: Positive. Now GO!

The group made a dash for the main room and Hebi was about to intercept when her Bo was intercepted by Mizuki's sword.

Mizuki: You'll have to deal with me first, monster!

Hebi: How bothersome!

Mizuki and Hebi clashed in an epic battle, while the rest found Yama No Orochi in the centre of the room...waiting for them. His power had increased beyond his usual limit. Somehow he was more powerful than he was during the rampage. Orochimaru transformed into his 8 headed serpent form and the battle began.

Kazuto: I can only use one at a time... damn... He had already equipped his armor, rushing forward and slashing away at the little snake minions Orochimaru summoned as cannon fodder.

Mukuro: Me too, but do you see me complaining?! Tch... CAMAEL!!

CD: Sephira Crystal! Ascend: Camael! Mukuro's currently loaded Crystal changed into a red one at the call of the Angel's name, covering her in fire as it burned away her previous armor to reveal a red and orange one themed after fire itself.

Kazuto: A fire Angel? Then... KAGUTSUCHI!! As Orochimaru's minions began to swarm Kazuto, covering him entirely in snakes, a red glow began to leak out from the gaps in the swarm. The minions then exploded in a blaze of flames as a red male humanoid of similar stature to Kazuto appeared, with white armor plating on its arms, shins, and chest; a white mask in the shape of the Kanji for flame imprinted on it in dark red; and a pair of wings made of fire resting on his back.

Kagutsuchi: Do you wish to unleash my full power? He spoke in a noble, reserved tone, a hand on his chest.

Kazuto: No other choice... Core, please. Kagutsuchi reached into his own chest, phasing his hand into his being and producing a red crystal. He tossed it to Kazuto, who put the crystal in the circular guard of his sword.

AD: Aegis Core: Kagutsuchi!! Flames consumed Guren as Mukuro cleaved through a horde of minions with her massive flaming halberd. Just as the latter cut through one horde, another minion snuck up and attempted to stab her back with its poison-coated sword, only to be stabbed through the back with a blade made of pure fire. She looked around to see Guren in a much more red armor, with yellow and orange accents meant to resemble a burning flame. Behind him floated Kagutsuchi, its wings of fire flapping gently as it waited for orders.

Orochimaru: Hm? What's this, a child of Kagutsuchi and his angelic companion? Your powers are no match, scum. He slithered forward at high speed, attacking the two with a rapid barrage of snake bites from his multiple heads.

Kazuto: Rush him! He pointed his sword at Orochimaru, Kagutsuchi immediately flying forward and countering each individual snake bite with a flame-infused punch.

Kagutsuchi: Achachachachachachachachachachachachachacha... ACHA!! With each strike came a furious yell of his battle cry as he blasted each snake head's attack away at an intense, rapid pace. Kazuto himself rushed in with Mukuro in an attempt to attack. The main body held against their burning weapons well, barely scratched by the fire-infused blades.

Mukuro: Give me some room, some support, and a lot more fire! Mukuro produced her own wings and flew backwards a fair distance, her halberd transforming into a massive arm cannon that began to absorb the flames she was producing.

Kazuto: Got it. Kagutsuchi, feed the lady! Kagutsuchi broke away from its barrage with one last ACHA! before flying over to Mukuro and spewing flames at her, which were then absorbed into her cannon for fuel. While that happened, Kazuto took care of the minions trying to stop her from charging her attack, slashing through all of them like a hot knife through butter while the Demigods fought on.

Meanwhile with Mizuki

The Samurai blocked another blow from Hebi's staff as she fell back to give her more space. Hebi tried spitting poison at the Samurai who dodged it. Mizuki retreated behind a pilar and focused his energies within himself. His eyes were now silver as he steped out as a white Aura was emminating off of the Demigod.

Hebi Charged at the Demigod who gripped his sword in two hands and focused the energy to the blade, Hebi swung her Bo staff downwards but Mizuki swung upwards and released an energy cut along with it that sliced through the Bo staff and cut Hebi diagonally from the right side of her hip towards her left shoulder, with the remaining energy from that attack he channeled it towards his palm and hit Hebi's forehead with his palm. With Blood spraying Hebi fell back and fell on her knee. Angry she grabbed a sword off the wall and tried making hand signs for a technique but Mizuki would have none of it.

He ran swiftly using the energy within him to increase his speed as he swung his sword at her and she intercepted

Mizuki: I will not allow you to use Jutsu.

Hebi: You're fast for the son of a Moon god. Let me guess? You stored Lunar energy within you during night time and now you're using that energy to battle little'ol me. I'm flattered

Mizuki: I Shall not allow you to aid your master

Hebi: Then try to stop me...if you can.

Mizuki: I plan on it

Mizuki retreated backward and reversed the grip on his sword, the demigod tapped the hit of it and the blade glowed white as it echoed a faint hum. He ran towards Hebi and she ran towards him when suddenly there existed two more additional copies of Mizuki running towards her. They ran for her exposed flanks and cut her down as the original sliced her head of with a clean stroke.

However as the Mizuki copies disappeared, Hebi reformed and stood up to Mizuki's surprise.

Mizuki: how?!

Hebi: My Hebi magic allowes me to come back from the dead. A one time only respawn if you will. Hebi teleported behind Mizuki and impaled him with her sword, but to her surprise all he did was laugh. WHAT?! How is this possible?! Unless...

Mizuki: Correct....Genjutsu

Hebi: Since when?! When did you place me under this decrepit spell! This ILLUSION

Mizuki: I touched your forehead remember? Hebi's mind flashed back to the clash and she roared with frustration as "Mizuki" freed himself from her sword. In the real world, away from the Genjutsu, the real Hebi was on the floor bleeding out. My father's illusions are near impossible to beat, have fun sparring with a phantom copy of me which you'll kill.

Mizuki sheathed his sword and ran into the room where Orochimaru was and saw that his friends needed help. Asami was assisting the other girl while Hayate was fighting alongside the male. Mizuki made his way towards his cousin and the child of Suijin and Fujin.

Mizuki: Hebi's down, trapped in Genjutsu

Arashinami: Nice work Mizuki. Now then how DO WE defeat this beast!

Ryu and Takeshi tried coordinating their powers but they weren't strong enough. But then, something occurred to Mizuki.

Mizuki: hey i've got an idea. You realise that we're not fighting i our full strength because we're not in our element....but it's currently day time outside, and i think there's a demigod by the name of Asami who works well here. She just needs to bypass her no kill rule and unleash her full power. And perhaps with that, she could form the Spear of Amaterasu.

Arashinami: It might just work! ASAMI! Arashinami used what power he had left to free up some space as he talked her over the plan. You have to do it HAVE to kill Orochimaru

Asami: But I...

Arashinami: Asami! PLEASE! if you do this for this ONE TIME you'll save everyone! Reluctantly she nodded

Asami: mother please forgive me... Arashinami blasted a hole in the roof and allowed the light of Amaterasu to shine upon Asami. Her strength rose as she was radiating power. she gave into her anger and hate for Orochimaru as she continued to gain strength.


Kazuto: Ready...! He drew the kanji "必殺" on his sword's guard, causing the burning blade to ignite with the force of a raging inferno.

AD: Kagutsuchi Hissatsu! As Kazuto leveled his blade for a powerful slash, Mukuro's cannon began to whir with intense power.

Mukuro: Aim...! She opened the lever on her belt, then closed it once more to supercharging her cannon.

CD: Camael's Blessing!

Kagutsuchi: FIRE!!! Mukuro fired her cannon, a scorching hot ray of heat energy aimed directly at Orochimaru as Kazuto jumped into the air and slashed downwards on Orochimaru. The two attacks converged and overwhelmed Orochimaru, putting him in a dazed state from the sheer amount of heat... enough time for Kagutsuchi to begin another rapid-fire punching barrage. He began punching while shouting his battle cry of "ACHA!," using his fire-infused fists to keep Orochimaru dazed long enough for Asami to do her thing.

Asami finally opens her eyes as he assumes an astral form, like that of a living flame. She ascends and the flames wear off leaving markings on her body as a spear appears in her hand. Asami's Ki was so large that it brought the other Demigods and the Two Heroes to their knees. Even Orochimaru was stunned by the level of power.

Arashinami: ASAMI! CATCH! he threw the Totsuka blade at Asami who merged it with her spear of light and bypassed all of Orochimaru's defenses whilst screaming a savage war cry. She threw the spear at Orochimaru and it pierced his thick hide. The Demon screamed as the room was enveloped by a white light and afterwards when the dust settled all that remained was a shocked Orochimaru with the Totsuka blade through his chest. Asami flew down and gripped the handle.

Asami: These people...are my friends, my FAMILY. I will not allow you to harm anyone, NO ONE! Asami pulled out the blade and Orochimaru collapsed but before he did he let out a few last words

Orochimaru: You've won the battle...but not the war. Orochimaru was no more, his remains will be in nether world for a thousand generations to come. After that happened Amaterasu appeared before the children.

Amaterasu: Well done my child. Well done all of you. Now come, the gods request to see you personally. Amaterasu teleported everyone to a great hall where all the gods from multiple pantheons were assembled. The leading members were the main Celtic entity, Zeus, Odin, Izanagi and Ra. The group bowed in respect and Zeus addressed them.

Zeus: are the demigods that stopped the Demon Yama-No-Orochi. I commend you for your strength, and valour. It appears i misjudged you Shinto Demigods and for that I owe you an apology.

Odin: I did as well, from me they...especially the mortals will receive a gift from Zeus and I. I shall start with the mortals first and foremost. Odin snapped his finger and Mukuro and Kazuto were transported into a white room. Zeus joined him shortly after.

Zeus: You two do not need to introduce yourselves. I know your backgrounds and I know what you wish, for the female this is my gift. Would to see your mother again? I can tell Hades to allow your mother to live with you and give you the life you deserve. The only price i ask is that Yama no Orochi was right....a war is coming soon. And we need heroes like you, all i ask is that in exchange for having your mother back. You join a special team i made with the Shinto, Asgardians and the rest.

Odin: And for the male. You seem to have memory problems, or so Tsukuyomi tells me...for the same price i offer you your memories. What do you both say?

Kazuto: Neither of you can provide me with what I seek. You do not know my past, because my past doesn't belong here. Kazuto held out his encyclopedia, showing that his home dimension was not Earth-2977. I will find out about my past on my own, and if I need to fight your wars, then so be it.

Mukuro: My mother and my family have passed. I've accepted that. They can rest in peace. I will accompany Seihai on his journey to regain his memories, and I will embrace my independence from the scumbag that raised me in my family's place. Her armor reverted to its default purple and gold form. We'll fight for our futures, and we'll uncover the secrets of our powers ourselves.

Kazuto: Couldn't have said it better myself... Kazuto smirked under his mask, fist-bumping with Mukuro as her belt and his sword glowed briefly in unison.

Zeus: Very noble. I understand. However, it is the will of everyone on the council of Gods that you join up with the other Demigods. Threats still lurk in the various lands out there, and you will need each other. Now go, the others will be waiting.

Mukuro and Kazuto were teleported inside the hideout where the rest of the Demigods were. Asami came running towards the pair, she wasn't in her shinobi gi and was wearing a nice outfit.

Asami: Hey Oukan! nice to be back huh? Well my cousins have gone shopping, Hayate wants to spar with your friend over there and I thought that maybe you and I along with Mikuzo could go hang out? I mean it's not like Orochimaru will come back in the next three seconds or so. So, what do you say?

Mukuro: Uh... I suppose, but I need to check in with my work place. Especially with Kazuto... He kind of needs a job for money, so...

Kazuto: Right... I'm not in the mood for spa- AH, WHY DOES EVERYTHING IS SO HOT Kazuto dropped to the ground as steam began to waft off of him. His armor disappeared as Kagutsuchi floated nearby. Mukuro panicked and switched to her water angel Zadkiel, dousing him in cold water to cool him down. THIS HURTS EVEN MORE, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Kagutsuchi: It seems that using my powers for too long in that suit will cause overheating... Kagutsuchi borrowed Kazuto's book and took a note of that on his page before closing it and placing it on the table. Pleas continue, miss. The cold water will eventually cool him down to normal. I'll tell you when to stop.

Mukuro: U-uh... sure. She continued to douse him in cold water until Kagutsuchi gave her the signal to stop. At this point, Kazuto was completely soaked in cold water and barely able to move. Are we sure he's going to be okay?

Kagutsuchi: He's dealt with worse injuries. He'll be fine after a nap. Go on without him to your work place. Just tell the manager he's caught a cold. Kagutsuchi carried Kazuto to his room, levitating over as Mukuro removed the crystal from her belt and returned to her normal self.

Mukuro: Well, at this point, there's no point in hiding anything... My real name's Mukuro, so just call me that. The belt strap faded into thin air as Mukuro removed the buckle from her waist.

Asami: Mukuro huh, nice name. And don't you worry, i'll make sure to watch over your friend. You go ahead and well resume your job. If you ever need me I'll be here.

Mukuro: I think the fire guy's got it, but okay... Mukuro left the hideout, taking the trains to her workplace and walking when possible. She checked in and told her Manager about Kazuto's cold. The Manager sighed, but allowed Kazuto. The bar was still undergoing repairs, so the Manager told them they'd get a call when they needed to start working again. She thanked the Manager before heading back to the hideout to find Kazuto on the couch drinking lukewarm water. The hell happened with you?

Kazuto: Had Amaterasu do a little bit of light healing and Kagutsuchi gave me a warm blanket so I wouldn't get cold.

Mukuro: Is that... lukewarm water?

Kazuto: Amaterasu said to drink stuff that wasn't too cold or hot, so I'm forced to drink lukewarm water.

Mukuro: You could just have a glass of whisky neat.

Kazuto: She also said to refrain from alcohol consumption.

Mukuro: That makes sense. What about smelling a cold beer?

Kazuto: She just said to refrain from temperature extremes and alcohol consumption. Never said anything about smelling cold beers. He cleared his throat as a blue male humanoid encased in a sleek samurai armor made of ice with a helmet that features a mask shaped after the kanji for Ice stepped out and went to the fridge while he pat the seat next to him. Have a seat. I got the beers. The samurai returned, handing Mukuro said beer as it sat down on Kazuto's other side, a set of beers in its arms. Thank you, Kuraokami.

Kuraokami: To waste my power on such a trivial matter... how you've fallen from grace... The samurai spoke in a cold tone, sighing.

Mukuro: Thanks... Kuraokami? She opened the beer and took a sip.

Kuraokami: God of ice and snow. I believe your water Angel, Zadkiel, may prove partially compatible with my abilities, if you use ice and snow.

Mukuro: Wait... compatible?

Kuraokami: Some of my compatriots are able to synchronize with your Angels and Demons. For example, in that previous fight, Kagutsuchi and Camael. Two fire-based powers working together to deal extensive damage. Of course, with his currently weakened state, the damage done was its greatest possible output, but it was still explosively powerful. As things currently stand, Camael and Asmodeus are compatible with Kagutsuchi, and I am somewhat compatible with Zadkiel and Astaroth. We do our best to avoid Raijin, however...

Mukuro: Why's that? She took another swig of beer.

Kazuto: He's a joker... both in the sense of a wild card, and one who likes joking around. He's also highly rambunctious and perverted.

Mukuro: Yeah, never bring him out unless we need to.

Kazuto: He has lightning and wind by his side, so his speed is very useful... but we haven't need to speed-blitz an opponent lately, so I've enjoyed having him not flirt with every woman he sees.

Mukuro: Let's keep it that way as much as possible, yeah?

Kuraokami: Absolutely.

Kazuto: You have no idea how much I agree...

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