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Shang Chi is a skilled Chinese martial artist who has battled against the criminal underworld.     

Shang Chi (Earth-890)
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Basic Information

Fu Manchu (Father) Unnamed mother

Birth Date:

February 2, 1979




203 lbs






Peak human strength, peak human speed, skilled in martial arts such as Wing Chun, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, Hapkido, and Kalari Payat


Shang Chi

Additional Data
Secret Identity Occupation:

Martial Arts Instructor



Language Spoken:

Mandarin Chinese, English


Shang Chi was born in Beijing, China, to a man named Fu Manchu and a mother who was a journalist.  His mother left his father when he was young.  Shang Chi's father was rich, so he grew up being taught by tutors and professors, whom his father hired.  From a young age, Shang's passion was martial arts.  From the age of nine, he trained hard in the style of Wing Chun.   At the age of fifteen, he began a journey to travel across Asia, and study martial arts.  In Korea, he studied Hapkido, in Japan, he studied Aikido and Jiu Jitsu, in Thailand, he studied Muay Thai.  In the Phillipines, he studied Kali, in India, he learned Kalari Payat.  He pushed his body to the human limit, reaching peak strength and speed. 

He was 28 years old when he returned from his journey, and came back to China.  He was sent on a mission by his father, to kill "an evil man".  The evil man was really a CIA agent who had gone on a mission to stop the Triad from selling illegal drugs to black marketeers.  It turned out, Fu Manchu, was really the head of the Triad.  Fu Manchu was really the evil man, not the CIA agent.  Shang Chi did not know this, until after he had killed the CIA agent.  Disgusted by what he had just done, Shang Chi rebelled against his father.  He destroyed his fathers mansion and fought his father in a battle.  His father was even more of a skilled fighter than he was, and Shang was badly beaten.  His father told him he had not loved him, and only wanted to use him to do his missions.  After revealing this to him, Shang killed his father by shooting him in the chest with a revolver that one of his henchmen had dropped.  His father's body then fell off of the destroyed mansion, and into an abyss (the mansion was built into a cliff on a mountain side). 

After this, Shang Chi decided to move to America to get a new life.  He founded his own martial arts academy called "Chi's Wing Chun and Aikido Academy".  

Five years later, Shang Chi began training Peter Parker, after he was nearly defeated by Thomas Fireheart.

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