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Shadow Warriors

Official Name
Shadow Warriors
Team Aliases
Secret Heroes,


Team Identity


Base Of Operations
The Shadow Base

Team Leader(s)

Current Members

Place of Formation
New York, X-Men Academy

First appearance

Secret Heroes (TBA)


The Shadow Warriors is a small group of heroes that was formed as Earths last hope against the threat of Apocalypse. After Apocalypse had sent all known major heroes to another dimension, both Malcolm, and Riley took it on themselves to form a secret team of heroes. The first two to join was class mates at the X-Men Academy a speedster called Theo Thompson, and the daughter of Jean and Scott Summers called Emily Summers. Riley had set out to find a team of brothers he heard that had stopped HYDRA in Japan, but when Riley had teleported to their hideaway there was only one left who called himself Red Mist. While Riley was in Japan, Malcolm went to find a friend Ryan Marek, Ryan had been exposed to an alien rock that had altered his life force, giving him inhuman abilities.


Equipment: Ryan's Armour,
Transportation: Riley's Nissan Skyline car
Weapons: Malcolm's Flame Sword, Ryan's Blue Laser Sword,


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