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Real Name
Izuna Wilson
Current Alias



Guardians of the galaxy

Andrew Wilson (brother, alive);

Rasa Wilson (father, alive)

Lara Davis (girlfriend, alive)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Golden iris


Marital Status

Adventurer, Guardian of the galaxy, Partner and best friend to Rocket raccoon

An ordinary teenager at first,but was shoved into the Dark-force dimension and exposing him to it hence receiving his amazing powers when he was messing with one of his father's old S.H.I.E.L.D relics

Place of Birth

First appearance

Shadow Reaper #1 (Official Appearance)


Izuna's history is complicated to say the least. But with that complexity, come a great adventure.

Izuna never knew his mother, but she was an American/Japanese. She look American if not for her accent, at least that what's his dad used to say...

Izuna had a little brother that was was protective of and loved him a lot. He was caring and his brother Andrew knew that, Izuna went to high school and advanced to the 8th grade where he got himself a girlfriend called Lara,and loved her along with his many other friends he'd made along the way.

Izuna was a creative fellow to say the least, he watched Starwars and Anime, loved playing Games like Heroes and generals always playing for Germany. He was happy, he had his little brother and a girlfriend what could go wrong?

A few months later, Izuna was curious as to why his Father was always down in the basement and it piqued his curiosity. He along with his brother went down to explore the basement. However all seemed normal until Andrew leaned against what seemed to be a hidden switch, which revealed a secret passage.

The brothers exchanged nervous glances as they went down there and found their father with his arms crossed standing behind a small pillar that held an ancient book.

Their Father had expected them and had prepared a test. See, Rasa Wilson was a S.H.I.E.L.D Meta-human agent that in his words had powers similar to that Gaara lad that Andrew liked.

He had told them that it was a possibility that both had inherited his powers and decided to test it for himself. Long story short, Andrew had been positive while Izuna was a negative.

Izuna wanted powers and was slightly envious of his sibling for it. But, Rasa had other plans...for Izuna he knew what he was going to do and wasn't going to stop him as that small mishap not only leads to Andrew unlocking his full potential but Izuna obtaining new powers...

So, using his authority he went to S.H.I.E.L.D and pulled a favour from Nick Fury himself. What Rasa had done was essentially given Izuna up to a new team that would one day become his family.

Meanwhile on Earth, Izuna hand snuck downstairs to the basement to open the book to see what he could do. What he didn't know was that Andrew was following him from behind.

As Izuna grabbed the book, he flipped the page that was bookmarked and started to perform whatever was written on it when Andrew emerged from the shadows and asked him to stop saying that it was too risky

Izuna smiled and responded that he knew what he was doing, however, he wasn't Rasa had replaced that spell with something that would suck him into the Dark-force dimension.

The spell worked and dark tendrils reached out and wrapped around Izuna making him scream and struggle. Andrew tried using his powers but it was futile as he didn't have mastery over it.

And so, Izuna Wilson was sucked into the Dark-force...leaving Andrew in tears back home. All Izuna saw was black, it seemed that he was in space but he wasn't, this was the Dark-force.

Afterwards he had started to feel weird as he was exposed to pure and raw Dark-force energy which was essentially merging with him and giving him powers.

After what seemed like days and hours passing he was finally let out, where he didn't even know...couldn't care too. He was numb, sore and in pain.

However the last thing he felt before he passed out what that was was hit by some sort of beam that lifted him up towards a source of light.

When Izuna had awoken, he found himself on a ship of sorts and were introduced to the crew...who were aliens. There was a human called Peter Quill aka StarLord, Darx, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Mantis and Adam Warlock.

Warlock explained that he was in something known as the Dark-force, and being exposed to it for so long...there was a high chance of him receiving powers from it now all he needs is a way to control it.

Receiving training from a famous Cosmic superhero team? Now this was going to be fun.

                                    Search for the Cosmic seed 

After a few months of training with Warlock, Izuna had mastered some of his powers already. Things like Object creation and the ability to Manipulate Dark-force energy.

When he found this out, he immediately grasped what this could mean for him. He instantly made himself the armour and weapons he so desperately desired. Combining pieces of Phase II clone trooper armour and the entire armour of Madara Uchiha plus an awesome cloak made out of Dark-force energy.

He made himself Madara's War-fan along with two lightsaber plus Katanas along with a scythe to complete the look as he fastened the Fan and Scythe on his back, the Katanas on his left side and the Sabers on the right side.

He had spent hours on end, heck even days making it look good. When he emerged, Drax had commented that he looked like the finest of warriors.

During this stage, Izuna could only unleash blasts of Dark-force energy and put up decent barriers that could nullify magic. The first quest that he and the Guardians went on was the search for the cosmic seed, a powerful ancient object.

After doing much research in his spare time, Izuna had found that the seed was Asguardian in origin and there was only one person he knew off that could help aka Thor the god of thunder, the avenger.

However it was soon apparent that others were on the hint for this object as well, and Izuna's first battle ensued between Ronin and his lackeys.

Ronin proved to be a powerful adversary, however, with his sheer determination and practice along with his War-Fan he was able to best Ronin is combat and beat him, but not without difficulty.

The Fan, also had a chain attached to it, so it could act as a sort of grappling hook in certain situations. However as Izuna fought Ronin more and more times, it was apparent that Ronin wasn't the good of a fighter much less as a Kree enforcer/Accuser.

However, he had encountered many foes in this quest. One of which was Loki himself, being such a high class villain he easily bested Izuna in battle despite having the War-Fan, the sabers and the Katanas.

However, when it came to magic, Izuna found out that his Dark-force shields worked best as Loki's attacks were nullified. So a battle of powers ensued.

But likewise, Loki's magic cancelled out Izunas own attack. It was a stale mate for the both of them. Izuna retreated and decided to think it through. He decided to make a Dark-force version of the War-fan to decided to test his theory, it did work to an extent as it did its' job but that still didn't cut it as Loki kept evading the attacks when he remembered something the War-fan could do.

Using his original War-fan he ran at Loki again as he was blasted with a big energy blast, but the Fan absorbed it but this time instead of just spitting it out the Fan glowed Silver, he then pointed the side of the Fan at Loki and released a blast of Loki's own attack that was multiplied in strength as a Wind attack.

Since Loki couldn't see it he was caught off guard and the Blast sent him flying. Although, Loki adapted quick and ultimately defeated Izuna along with the other Guardians before leaving.

Izuna realised that he had a lot to learn if he was going to be able to best Loki. But for the time being they focused on finding the damn seed, which ultimately took him to Spartax and then Halfworld which was a cool story, for another time as they would return again. The planet was enslaved and Izuna could feel Rocket just getting wrecked from inside due to the fact that it was his homeworld.

After finding the seed on Earth and facing Thanos....that fight was utterly insane and they were graced by the presence of a new hero...called Sand demon'!

Sand demon was Izuna's younger brother, who like their father had an affinity for the Iron-Sand bloodline trait. And let's say that without the demon, the Guardians would have lost.

Sand demon was just tanking through Thanos with those handy Shields and all round defence abilities, once even reinforcing it with a mix of Gold, Iron AND Vibranium

Also, quick note: Thanos did not have his infinity gauntlet here. Which was why abilities like Iron-Sand coffin/burial had a great effect on Thanos who retreated as his injuries were serious.

Sand demon would then join the Guardians out of pure loyalty to his brother Izuna who went by the same Shadow Reaper.

                            Liberation of Halfworld

Izuna, now reunited with Andrew his brother set of into the stars. The next stop they had to make was Halfworld in order to liberate it from the control of the Robots. And it was here that Izuna learnt of two new abilities, Shape-shifting and the ability to a sort of clone that resembles any person the Izuna chose

As he didn't know what to name it, he guessed that this was just another way of using Dark-force manipulation. While on Halfworld, Sand-demon and Shadow Reaper learnt that Rocket was actually an Elite Soldier, a one of a kind prodigy to say the least.

Seeing as the jig was up, Rocket dropped the whole seriousness act and returned to normal, his more caring side emerged but only to the two siblings

He told them about his past and that Halfworld needs their help, if not as Guardians then as his best his brothers. Izuna smirked and nodded his head, although since Andrew was was sorta weird but that wasn't the point.

The three ran towards the command centre i.e. the palace where he was reunited with his brother Ranger along with his friend Black jack O'hare

After that Blackjack proceeded to ask who the heck were the tall dudes, Izuna along with his brother Andrew introduced themselves as Shadow Reaper and Sand demon. And that they, along with Rocket were Guardians of the Galaxy. Sorta like Cosmic Superheroes but way more cooler quoted Andrew.

The three were then led into the palace where Rocket was reunited with his loved one Lylla who became the Queen. However, just as they were about to speak something, rather, Someone burst into the room. That someone happened to be Korath along a few dozen Kree. However when he noticed the trio he shouted and told the Kree to get rid of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sand Demon, Shadow Reaper and Rocket all stood alongside each other as Rocket pulled out his big gun and smirked. He gave the nod and the three charged.

Andrew stretched out his hand and Iron sand blasted at the Kree like nails in a rapid Iron sand shower. Shadow and Rocket had amazing team work taking down the other Kree as Rocket directed a blast towards Shadow who absorbed it with his War fan, then directed it towards Korath and let loose with the explosion that blasted him through the wall and out of the palace

When one of the giant Beserker Robots showed up, Andrew just stood there and held his fist out while encasing it in a cocoon and squeezed his fist while exclaiming Iron Sand Burial. The Robot was destroyed and the palace was saved, Rocket and the rest were unharmed and just for show Shadow spun the fan and slammed its' tip onto the floor and smirked while saying boldly that 'No one can resist the strength of the Guardians, the conflict was over before it even begun'It was safe to say that everyone who thought that Rocket was at the same power level as before were shocked.

Rocket EASILY took them all down with the help from his two friends, one controls black sand and the other controls Darkness of sorts. Later that night a celebration was held in their honour.

After a few more successful pushes on major fronts that the had the Halfworlders' stuck on, the War was won and Halfworld was finally liberated from the threat and a Statue was made in the Guardians honour to thank them fro their service.

Since Halfworld was not only hard to find, but was extremely advanced and now peaceful. Lylla had offered to Join the Guardians while she led her people as well, this was achieved by Shadow using his cloning ability to clone Lylla.

The Clone would live as long as she would, and essentially do everything she herself would. While the real Lylla and Ranger joined the Guardians in search of adventure

Powers and Abilities


Darkforce manipulation: Izuna is able to manipulate the darkness around him into doing whatever he wants. Be it for offense, Defence or even Healing just as long as he has access to some form of darkness even as small as an incect's shadow. He can manipulate it

Shape-shifting: Izuna is able to turn himself into whoever or whatever he wishes. Also, his transformations are special as he can assume the abilities of those he has transformed into. And the good thing is, it isn't just limited to people who exist in real life or even people who are currently alive. As long as Shadow can visualise it, he can become it

Flight: Izuna can use his powers to fly, simple as that

Object creation: Izuna's most used ability. With this, he is able to create any object he wishes. Whenever he wants, and like his shape-shifting ability it isn't limited to what exists in reality. See a lightsaber? No prob, need some urgent meds problemo. Rocket needs parts for his guns? You gotcha


Creative: Since Izuna has watched countless cartoons and films over his childhood, mainly Starwars (I.e. the old republic, prequels, Original triology Clone-wars along with Anime like Naruto which he loves to death in addition to playing lots of games like Heroes and Generals he has developed quite the imagination. This fits well with his ability of Object creation and Shadow manipulation

Purity of Heart: Izuna's kindness has won over the hearts and minds of many individuals. Even Rocket raccoon has said that Izuna was the kindest person he had ever met and didn't hesitate to become his partner when he had asked.

Shadow-wraith form: This is Izuna's trump card, his master ability. With this he is able to rival Thanos with the infinity gauntlet and tank through all of his attacks.

Strength level

Izuna is only as strong as he wills himself to be, as he can shape-shift into anyone he chooses, his strength varies from a regualar human punch to a world shattering boom


Only objects of pure intense light energy and hurt and possibly even kill Izuna


Equipment: Izuna wears a vest that resembles his partners aka Rocket raccoon. Only his is more detailed, and has longer sleeves along with a cloak of indestructible shadow. Sometimes, he is seen wearing Clone trooper armour...however, most of the time he wears armour that resembles that of a certain character of a certain show that he loves
Transportation: Like the Guardians, he travels in the Milano
Weapons: Izuna is seen using multiple weapons throughout his time as a Guardian of the Galaxy.

Lightsabers: Izuna's twin white and black bladed saber are his utmost favourite melee weapons, countering almost anything

Ninja Katanas: Made of pure indestructible shadow, Izuna keeps these with him at all times even with his Sabers

Modified Strumgweher-44: This old German WW2 weapon was modified by Rocket raccoon to fit the more modern times. While the shape and looks of it are relatively the same, it now shoots blaster bolts and other more futuristic ammunition

Modified P08-parabellum

Madara Uchiha's War-fan: This was taken out of Izuna's love of anime when he was a child. This fan absorbs any and all incoming attacks, then reflects it back at the enemy twice as deadly and with an explosion


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Izuna is the only human Rocket considers to be his best friend, partner and brother

Izuna used his powers to bring back Rocket's dead family and his Lover Lylla Otter.

While under Mind-Control from his early years when he was abducted by Ronin, Izuna was the one responsible for Drax's family being killed....however, after Drax tried to kill him, he brought them back to life and apologised

Iron-man dislikes Izuna for being so powerful. So a rivalry ensues between the two

Izuna had sided with Captain America during the Civil-War. As Iron-man had ruined the Guardians, forcing them to disband due to certain sensitive issues like loss....due to this, Izuna now HATES Tony, even considering him an enemy for what he did to the Guardians.

Izuna once successfully killed Tony, but went to S.H.I.E.L.D prison for it. However, he had brought him back with severe distaste as the World needed Tony Stark.

Izuna is well loved by the Half-worlders, such as Lylla otter, Blackjack O'hare and Wal-Rus

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  • Madara Uchiha's War-Fan
  • Modified P08 parabellum
  • Izuna's preferred armour of choice
  • Izuna's white Lightsaber
  • Izuna's black bladed lightsaber (Turned off)
  • Modified Strumgweher 44
  • Izuan's ninja katana
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