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Real Name
Current Alias

Demonic Spawn, Hellspawn, Darkfire, Heir of Hell



Alpha Hunters, Weapon X

Blackheart (Father), Ananym/Witchfire (Mother), Mephisto (Paternal Grandfather), Mephista (Paternal Aunt), Malevolence (Paternal Aunt), Belasco (Maternal Grandfather, Presumed Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Lands

6' " (Varies)





Unusual Features
Demonic appearance resembling Blackheart with some influence of Witchfire

Canadian Savage Land

Marital Status

Field Agent, Heir of Hell

High School level, some college

Demon Sorcerer


First appearance



Quote1 A new ruler will rise one day for Hell, but Earth will be mine eventually. Quote2
-- Shade


Coming Soon

Bidding Time

Coming Soon

Powers and Abilities


Due to their unique physiology, Shade has a number of abilities both magic and demonic in nature while also being able to feed of the negative energy of others within a certain radius of themself, allowing them to increase the potency of most of these abilities.

  • Superhuman Physiology:Shade has superhuman attributes she inherited from her demon heritage. They are superhumanly agile, their agility, balance, and bodily coordination being well above any human and their reflexes are superior enough to dodge most low caliber bullets and close quarter attacks. Shade also is superhumanly fast to being able to move at 100 mph on foot, sometimes even on all fours. Shade is also more flexible than any human, allowing them to contort their body in a way most cannot.
  • Mystic Fire Manipulation:Shade has shown to have the ability to control a special kind of fire made of magical energy. These flames are capable of whatever normal flames can do such as making fireballs, streams of flames, constructs, and even coating their body entirely within these flames without being harmed. What is different though is that Shade can cause burns that cannot be seen and only be felt by a victim and even affect the very soul as if someone were burning from the inside out. Because of this, Shade has called it "soul fire" and which is the inspiration for their codename. And as said before these flames can still be shaped, altered, and used like Fire Manipulation with added mystical properties.
  • Darkforce Energy Manipulation:Shade has a connection to the Darkforce Dimension, being able to enter in and out at will to teleport from one place to another. Doing so they can take one other passenger, but must rely on a teleportation spell if there are more. They can also manipulate the energy of the Darkforce Dimension to create tendrils, cages, weapons, armor, shields, and additional limbs while also using it as concussive blasts. Shade can also create Darkforce copies of themselves for different situations.
  • Telepathy:Shade is capable of mentally communicating with others and reading minds of those around them. They can create telepathic links to speak in a single group and is able to attack with a psychic knife.
  • Telekinesis:Shade also has the psionic ability to move things with their mind. They are strong enough to lift several pounds at once and hurtle it towards others or keep others and themselves afloat. They also can use this in order to simulate flight and increase their jumping capabilities or acrobatic feats.
  • Sub-Molecular Healing:Very much like a healing factor, Shade inherited a healing process from their father in which they can heal almost instantly. Though, some wounds take longer than others but they can regenerate limbs, organs, and bones and usually may take a few seconds with minor injuries.
  • Demon Summoning/Control:Shade is capable of magically summoning lesser demons to their aid. Whether this is from Hell, Limbo, or both, Shade can control demons of various sizes and types to do their bidding, using them as an extension of of their will. Those who have some demonic heritage or are demonic in nature can also be influenced or given some suggestive pushing through mental control. Though, stronger beings tend to dismiss this.
  • Immortality:Due to their demonic heritage, Shade is virtually immortal allowing them to live far longer than any mortal and virtually cannot die by conventional means.
  • Magic:Due to both sides of their heritage having some connection to the mystical arts, Shade was born with being able to wield magic as well. The use of their magic is spoken through an unknown language of incantations without the aid of some medium. However, the level of their skill is unrefined causing limited use of spells.
    • Teleportation:A spell that is used as an alternative for their Darkforce Teleportation. Due to carrying only one other person through the latter, Shade uses this spell to teleport large groups of people.
    • Freezing Spell:A spell that temporarily causes a target to become frozen.
    • Pyrokinesis:A spell that summons normal flames in which can be used to create streams of fire or fireballs and occasionally explosions.
    • Illusion Casting:Shade can cast realistic, high level illusions in which are used to confuse and trick intended targets.
    • Blindness:Shade casts this spell to temporarily blind someone, slowing them down and making them disoriented.
    • Size Alteration:Shade can cast a spell in which they car grow larger or smaller when necessary, which is normally to gain an advantage over opponents, get into certain places, or even on occasion help teammates.


  • Master Close Quarters Combatant:Shade has been extensively trained in armed and unarmed combat, having primarily been trained by their father. Their style of fighting allows them to make full use of the additional attributes from Witchfire, such as the horns and the prehensile tail they share with Blackheart.
  • Highly Intelligent:Shade can be considered quite intelligent, having shown to adapt to the modern world in a short period of time. They also can process quite a bit of information at once, pick up on new skills quickly, and think on their feet at a moments notice.
  • Master Acrobat:Due a smaller, leaner, and lither frame than that of their father, Shade has extensive training in acrobatics to the point of rivaling an Olympic-level gymnast.
  • Decent Sorcerer:Trained by Witchfire, Shade has decent use and knowledge of magic to cast some spells with ease and manipulate flames made of mystical energy. But there is still room for them to grow and learn.

Strength level

Shade is capable of lifting the maximum weight a human can but can augment this with their powers.


  • Shade has limited magical training and has yet to unlock their full potential.
  • Also can be heavily affected by magic, being able to be harmed more so than by man-made weaponry.
  • Thrives more on negative emotions, any positive tends to weaken them or prevent use of their abilities to their full extent.
  • Lacks some of the physical superhuman attributes their father had, being more on the smaller, lither side.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Own power
Weapons: Claws, tail, powers


  • Shade is a What If? idea if Blackheart and Witchfire were to have a child.


  • Like their father before them, Shade desires to become ruler of Hell and Earth one day.
  • Shade has grudgingly admitted that they admire some of Earth's culture.
  • Unlike most characters in the Marvel Universe, Shade is one of the few beings who does not identify as male or female. Rather, they tend to prefer a neutral identity and tend to disguise themselves as either gender through a spell but usually this is just to mess with people.

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