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Chi Phoenix

Real Name
Sera Kenina
Current Alias
Chi Phoenix

Phoenix Girl, Reincarnation of Fongji, Second Coming of the Firebird



Young Avengers, Defenders Squad; Formerly K'un-Lun

Unknown Parents(Deceased), Fongji Wu (Suspected Anscestor/Former Incarnation)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly City of K'un-Lun





Unusual Features
Sometimes fiery orange eyes, Chi tends to take on shape of a Phoenix


Marital Status

Student; Champion and protector of K'un-Lun

High School level on Earth and taught by her masters in K'un-Lun lore and styles of fighting

Human, though it is believed Sera may be the reincarnation of Fongji of this universe who was a former host of the Phoenix

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Everyone says I am the new Phoenix for a reason, I can't help wonder what my destiny has in store. Quote2
-- Sera Kenina with her thoughts on being the new Phoenix Avatar


Sera's family is unknown but were natives to K'un-Lun. She was found on the streets of K'un-Lun struggling to survive, her parents believed to have either passed away or abandoned the young girl. She would eventually be found by her future best friend Chris Rand's father, Danny Rand, the original Immortal Iron Fist, by chance when going through the city. Though she was never adopted into the Rand family she became quite close to them, especially Chris Rand who she began to harbor a crush on.

During her time of living with the Rands she would often watch them training in the arts of K'un-Lun's martial arts and chi manipulation. But due to law she was not allowed to learn and could only watch. Because of this, in her younger years Sera spent much of her time reading books and scrolls available to her, hardly noticing that something was stirring inside her or of the role she would come to play soon enough. In fact, one of these days that she was reading about the many legends and myths, she happened across the legend of the Phoenix and subconsciously her eyes flashed orange briefly, catching the attention of the monks.

When Sera was ten an elder approached Danny about something, a prophecy that was repeating itself from many years ago. And Sera was meant to be the center of this very prophecy involving the return of the "fire bird that was once tamed by the dragon" after they explained what they saw a few months prior and immediately she was put into training. But luckily, Sera had watched many of the training sessions she began to pick up on it quickly in terms of the martial arts and gradually the same for her Chi Manipulation training. But during these kinds of training, Sera showed cosmic flames often and her chi often took the form of a raptor bird, further cementing her fate as the new Phoenix Avatar of this reality and leading many to nickname her the reincarnation of Fongji or "Second coming of the Firebird".

Unfortunately, her days of training proved difficult due to the fact she was a female and many of the male students viewed her as not needing to be among them. Danny usually scolded their ruthless behavior and Sera usually ignored them, proving them wrong when she was chosen as one of the top of their class and potential to be the Iron Fist. Though initially expected to follow the path as Fongji before her, Sera decided to forgo the attempt since she felt Chris was more deserving of it and resigned herself to where she was. Later, she would witness Chris emerge as the new Iron Fist and subsequently join in his exploits in helping K'un-Lun for the next two years, becoming one of it's champions and gradually tapping into a small portion of the Phoenix abilities.

A new Dimension

Eventually, K'un-Lun would come to make it's appearance on Earth once more and following a meeting Danny Rand had with old faces would return of news about the Avengers Academy. Encouraging his son to pursue a new journey of his own among the school, Sera was also chosen to go with the young Rand which she expressed joy about. But what she didn't know was that Chris was also meant to act as a potential guardian of sorts of keep her Phoenix side in check if she were to ever lose control. Oblivious to this, Sera packed some of her belongings and left with her friend to Los Angeles.

Though it was on that first day that Sera began to meet others similar to them she found herself annoyed at the fact Chris had his attention held elsewhere. Realizing his sudden attraction towards Claire, Sera rudely butted into their introduction, causing an immediate rivalry between the two that Chris seems to not notice.

Powers and Abilities


  • Chi Manipulation:Sera is one of the rare females of K'un-Lun trained in the ways of harnessing her mystical, spiritual energies otherwise known as chi. This allows her to perform many feats and is usually performed in conjunction with her martial arts training to augment those abilities. Her manipulation of the chi though is not quite near the level of Iron Fist but she has shown to be a formidable manipulator of this energy.
    • Meditation:A master in the use of relaxation techniques in order to clear her mind, resulting in Sera going into a trance like state. In such a state she ignores all pain, slows her heart rate, and gains better control of her emotions and thoughts.
    • Energy Absorption:Sera can absorb moderate levels of energy, channeling it to mix with her chi and use it to augment other abilities.
    • Energy Generation:Sera can project her chi energy into the forms of concussive force blasts or infuse them into objects and or weapons to make them much more stronger.
    • Energy Detection:Sera is able to detect various signatures based on a person's chi. And since people often have different signatures this enables her to track friends and foes alike.
    • Empathy:Sera can sense the emotions of others, such as people and animals, within a 30-foot radius of herself. She also has some limited influence upon them if they are weak minded through psychic means or if someone allows her by choice.
    • Chi Augmentation:By channeling her chi through her entire body or only certain parts, Sera can augment her abilities to enhanced levels beyond what they normally would be. It's unknown if she can reach superhuman levels but for the time being she has shown to greatly increase her physical and mental prowess.
    • Environmental Adaptation:Sera has been conditioned for her entire body to be an exceptional fighter. Thus she can easily adapt to just about any environment in the use of her martial arts with little trouble.
    • Chi Energy Constructs:Something that seems highly unique to her is that Sera can create her chi into constructs. Usually, she prefers to create various animals to serve as a short to long range attacks but also creating weapons and shields of various kinds. These become solid enough to easily stand up to physical projectiles and high caliber bullets.
  • Phoenix Force Avatar:Despite not being the Iron Fist, Sera has shown to possess the powers of the infamous Phoenix Force revealing she is meant to become it's host of the Earth-7194 reality. It has been displayed in her eyes of a fiery orange raptor bird and occasionally her chi has taken the Phoenix outline that is currently an echo of what is to come in the future. So far she has displayed the following abilities:
    • Concussive Force Blasts:By using the various energies she can tap into, Sera can create blasts or beams of powerful concussive forces currently strong enough to easily destroy several buildings or a whole city block if she concentrates enough. Its suspected when she unlocks the Phoenix fully she can destroy entire planetary bodies.
    • Energy Absorption:Sera can channel and manipulate all forms of known and unknown energies, such as those of an entire star, galaxies, or other energy-using beings.
    • Matter Transmutation:She can manipulate and transmute all forms of matter, changing things on a sub-atomic level from changing one substance to another or affecting their molecular structure.
    • Cosmic Pyrokinesis:Sera can control and manipulate cosmic flames like those of the Phoenix bird. She does not require oxygen and can be used in places like water and the vacuum of space, proving to be far stronger then the likes of normal flames of any kind. She has shown to have amazing, if not complete, control over these flames to burn away things she wills like that of the Phoenix, never leaving behind ash and can avoid burning others by accident or unwanted objects she has no intention to destroy.
    • Immortality:Sera is immortal to the point she can never age nor ever needs air, food, or water to survive. It's also likely should she ever be harmed to the point of being killed she is resurrected each time by the Phoenix Force which means she can never truly die unless the Phoenix leaves her or by magical means.


  • Sera is a rare sight on K'un-Lun, having been trained to become a master martial artist with knowing all forms of K-un-Lun's fighting techniques.
  • Sera is at the peak of all human physical limits, giving her levels easily like that of an Olympic-level athlete.
  • Sera has also shown to be excellent in locating pressure points on the body, allowing her to incapacitate, paralyze, or severely injure a person and rarely uses this to kill someone.
  • She also is skillful weapons master, having been trained in all martial arts weapons.

Strength level

Without her chi Sera possess strength equal to that of a human woman her age, height, and weight but with augmenting this with her chi it can be greater then that.


  • Currently, Sera has limited control of her Phoenix Force abilities and access only a portion of them.
  • By using her meditation skill, she can cut off all pain and have greater focus but this leaves her susceptible to serious injuries that could leave her in a bad state for a while.
  • Her chi augmentation only lasts for a short period of time while the energies she absorbs are limited to moderate levels, meaning she can be overwhelmed by the amount of energy she can take in. But she can make use of the Phoenix power to help with this, but only if she accesses it.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: SHIELD Vehicles, sometimes her powers
Weapons: Varies, Chi constructs


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  • Sera's prophecy is based partly on Fongji of Earth-616, thus her alias.
  • Sera has a heated rivalry with Claire Parker, but the two seem to get along enough to work together.
  • She has shown a great dislike for most things too sweet or very bitter.

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