See You Again
Season 2, Episode 12
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Airdate 11/12/2016
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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Social Casualty
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This chapter belongs to Marvel's Young Avengers's Season Two "Social Casualty" Arc

See You Again is the twelfth episode of Marvel's Young Avengers' Season Two and the twentieth episode overall, as well as Season Two's finale.


Previously on Marvel's Young Avengers

-In my recent time travels, I regrettably gave my younger self a preview of his future conquests. The lad rebelled and, according to my scouts, is hiding here, in the past, attempting to escape his future. So I’ve come to put him back where he belongs. And you’re going to help me… Or this world will be terminated.- Kang told the Avengers. -Reality, as you know it, will cease to exist. If I never become Kang the Conqueror, then the Avengers and I will have never met. If Avengers history changes, so must its present. Look around you, it’s changing already.

The villain pointed his hand at Iron Lad, who in turn looked at his friends and fired a blast at them, knocking them out.

-You did exactly what I wanted you to do.- Kang smiled.

-Please! I’m begging you!- Iron Lad exclaimed, before falling to his knees. -Speed… I c-can’t stop it… RUN!- He screamed before he blew up.

Once the explosion cleared, Iron Lad looked up and saw Kang extending a hand to him. -Now, then… Shall we go?-

-What have you done?- Iron Lad asked Kang the Conqueror.

-Make no mistake. This is YOUR handiwork. The moment you arrived from the future, you endangered your friends and their world. But if you return with me, I assure you, life here will be exactly as it was.-


-There’s no time for debate. The longer you and I occupy the same moment in time, the more unstable time itself becomes.- Kang explained, creating a time portal.

-What about Cassie?-


-Giant Girl. She disappeared in the blast.-

-The moment we step through this portal, she, and all your friends, will be just as they were before you arrived. And you’ll remember nothing about them whatsoever.-

-But…- Iron Lad asked as he stood up, looking at the fallen heroes around him.

-We must hurry. If you value your friends’ lives…-

-I’ll go.-

-Iron Lad! Wait!- Stature yelled, increasing her size.


-Out of the way, child!- Kang ordered.

-I am NOT a child!- Lang replied, pushing the villain through the portal. However, it started sucking the Young Avenger in as well.

-Cassie, no!-

-Iron Lad!-

-Hold on!-

-Don’t let go.- He ordered, successfully pulling her away from the portal. -You okay?-

-Yeah… Thanks.-

Once they got back to ground level, Speed walked to Iron Lad. -So, where is Kang now?-

-In the timestream. Probably on his way back here. And he’ll keep coming back until I go with him.-

-So, what do we do? Wake up the Avengers?- Prodigy asked.

-If we do, they’ll force Iron Lad to go with him.- Stature said, helping Kate Bishop get up.

-It’s okay, Cass.- Nate replied. -I am going with him.-

-What?- Prodigy asked.

-You can’t.- Cassandra shook her head.

-I have to. Look around. Everything’s falling apart. But Kang says if I go back, it’ll all be exactly the way it was before I got here.-

-How?- Speed asked. -We’ll just wake up tomorrow morning, and it’ll be like none of this ever happened?-

-Will we not remember you? Or David?- Wiccan asked.

-Probably not. I’m sorry.- Iron Lad looked down.

-No. You can’t go.- Cassandra hugged Nathaniel tightly.

-There has to be another way. Let’s at least talk about this.- Kate looked at the young Kang.

-There’s no time.- He replied. -The second Kang shows up here…-

-Then let’s get out of here. Go someplace else.- Hulkling said.

-We can go to my house.- Wiccan suggested. -That is, if the Upper West Side still exists.-

-It doesn’t matter where we go. Kang can track my armor, remember?-

-So, take it off.- Kate suggested.

-Kate’s right.- Prodigy nodded, taking Iron Lad’s helmet off.

-But… Guys, stop.- Nathaniel looked at his teammates. -Without my armor, I’m powerless…

-We’ll protect you.- Stature nodded.

-… And a little underdressed.- Nate finished his sentence.

-Want my cape?- Wiccan offered.

-Thanks, but it’s the not-wearing-pants that concerns me.-

-Can we just get to the Upper West Side, please?- Speed looked at his friends.

-What about Cap and Iron Man?- Kate asked.

-They’re as good as dead… Unless the boy comes with me.- Kang walked to the teenagers, holding his rifle in his right hand and Captain America in his left one.

-Wait for us at Billy’s house.- Prodigy looked at Iron Lad.

-No. He’ll kill them.-

-Not if he’s too busy defending himself.-



-I’m done playing with you, children.- Kang said, loading his rifle against Rogers’ skull.

-That’s too bad, Kang…- Kate Bishop smirked. -Cause we’re just getting started!- The Young Avengers charged against the Conqueror, who immediately put up a shield around himself.


-You okay?- Hulkling asked his boyfriend, who fell to the ground.

-Did it work?-

-I think it did.- Kate replied.

-Then I’m okay.-

Kang started firing his guns at the teenagers.

-Get down!- Teddy ordered his teammates.

-Now we just have to take his guns away.- Bishop muttered.

-Impossible.- Wiccan shook his head. -Kang’s trans-temporal armor allows him to pull any weapon in history out of the timestream.-

-Then we’ll have to take his trans-temporal armor away.- Hawkeye smirked, pulling an arrow out of her quiver and firing it at the armor’s control panel.

-Aagh!- Kang yelled.

Prodigy looked at Kate, who smiled. -It’s all in the wrist. If we survive this, I’ll show you.-

-What do you mean, “if”?- David held his fist up and charged towards the villain. -Without his armor, Kang’s…-

-… Powerless.- However, the Conqueror grabbed the mutant’s fist and pushed him to the ground.

-You underestimate me, child.-

-Let him go!- Kate yelled.

-Haven’t you done enough damage?- Kang asked her. -You’ve destroyed my armor, stranded me at this moment in history and left me no means by which to restore the timestream.-

-Not bad for a girl with no powers, huh?- Kate smirked. -Now let him go or I’ll…- She picked up the Swordsman’s sword from the Mansion’s remains and ran towards Kang.

-You tell me where the boy is.- The villain punched the archer and took the sword from her, holding it against her neck. -Where is Iron Lad?-

-Right here, Kang.- A voice said from behind the Conqueror’s back. Iron Lad held his hands up in the air. -Just leave my friends alone and I’ll go with you.-

-We’ll need your armor.- His future self replied.

-Put the sword down and I’ll give it to you. Please…-

-Very well.- Kang obeyed, getting away from Kate.

-Iron Lad…- Hawkeye muttered, as the young Kang crouched next to her.

-Listen, there’s something you should know.- He whispered.

-What is it?-

-I am not Iron Lad.- The other one smirked, revealing himself as Hulkling while punching the villain.

-Cassie, look out!- Kate yelled, as Stature grew in size and grabbed Kang’s leg.

-It’s okay. I’ve got him.- She replied.

The villain turned around and slashed Cassandra’s hand with the sword.

-If you’ve hurt her, you’re dead!- Speed yelled, charging towards Kang with Wiccan and Hulkling.

-You children don’t seem to understand…- The Conqueror fought off the teenagers’ attacks. -If I die, the world as you know it dies with me. So, if anyone does any killing today… It’s going to be me.- He slashed Hulkling’s torso, who took a couple steps backwards.

-TEDDY!- Wiccan screamed.

-I’m okay. It’ll heal.-


-I don't usually enjoy killing children, but in this case…- Kang wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as an energy blast hit his back.

-Who…?- Billy muttered, looking behind Kang.

Wearing the Iron Lad armor, Prodigy held his hand out at the villain.

-30th Century technology isn’t that tough to crack.- David smirked.

Kang tried to cut him in half with the sword, but the Young Avenger flew away from the weapon’s reach and fired a blast at the Conqueror. Alleyne smacked the villain’s hand, making him drop the sword and held him up by his neck.

Struggling, Richards pressed two buttons on the armor’s neck plating, being able to access the timestream and retrieving his own trans-temporal armor and rendering Iron Lad’s unusable.

Kang looked at the Young Avengers. -So, I’m only going to ask once more…- He said, putting his helmet on. -Before I start killing you.- The Conqueror held his gun at the teenagers. -Where is Iron Lad?-

Suddenly, Captain America’s shield hit the Conqueror’s back.

-DROP THE RIFLE, KANG!- The Avengers’ leader ordered. -NOW! OR I’LL…!-

The time-traveller fired his gun at Steve and Tony, killing them.




Kang turned around at the Young Avengers. -Who’s next?-

-You are.- Iron Lad muttered from his eyes, holding the Swordsman’s sword with teary eyes, before slamming it through the Conqueror’s chest.

-Is he…?- Stature asked.

-He’s dead.- Nate nodded.

-You killed Kang the Conqueror.- Prodigy muttered.

-He murdered Cap and Iron Man.- Richards explained. -He was about to kill you, too.-

-But he was… You.- Speed replied.

-No. He was someone I might have become.- Nate smiled. -But now Kang the Conqueror will never exist. The people he killed, the crimes he committed, they’ll never happen. Cap and Iron Man will be…-

-They’re fading away.- Dave noticed. -Just like Kang.-

-The timestream’s repairing itself. You’ll see, everything will be exactly the way it was.- Iron Lad replied.

-Guys? The Mansion…- Kate looked at the building. -It’s back.-

-Exactly the way it was.- Stature held her hands out to her sides.

-Not quite…- Hulkling pointed out, looking at the Avengers’ statues on the gardens, together with the tombstones.

-Oh my God…- Kate whispered. -They’re all dead…-

-This can’t be happening.- Wiccan shook his head.

-It’s already happened.- Prodigy muttered.

-What do we do?- Kate Bishop asked.

-The only thing we can do. Iron Lad…?- Alleyne looked at his teammate.

-Dave… No.- Nate shook his head slightly. -You don’t know what you’re asking me.-

-At this point I’m not asking. You have to go home. You have to become Kang the Conqueror. If you don’t…-

-Dave…- Stature whispered. -My dad’s grave… It’s not here. What if he’s still alive?-

-Cassie…- Kate put her hand on her friend’s shoulder.

-It’s a long shot, but it’s possible, right?- She asked.

-If the Avengers are dead, anything is possible.- Wiccan replied. -Your dad might be alive, but he might never have met your mom, and you might never have been born. Which means you could disappear from the timestream at any moment, Cass.-

-Is it true?- Lang asked.

-It’s possible, but…- Nate began to explain, but Billy interrupted him.

-And Cassie’s not the only one.-

-…We could be too.- Hulkling muttered.

-Dave, if there’s even a chance he’s still alive…- Stature pleaded.

-Just give us an hour to find out.- Nate asked.

-We don't have an hour. I’m sorry Cass.- Prodigy shook his head, bringing the Iron Lad armor to Nathaniel.

-What are you doing?-

-Kang said your armor can send you back.-

-I’m not going back. Not yet.-

-Billy will cast a spell to make you forget this ever happened and, with any luck, the Avengers will be alive again and everything will be exactly the way it was. Even if that means I won’t be a Young Avenger anymore.-

-Billy, wait!- Nate pleaded.

-I’m sorry, Iron Lad.- The mutant’s eyes started glowing blue. -IwantIronLadtoforgetIwantIronLadtoforget…-

-NO!- Richards yelled, holding Wiccan by his throat. -Billy, STOP! PLEASE!-


-SHUT UP!!!- Iron Lad cried out, punching his teammate.

-IRON LAD!- Hulkling screamed, pushing the time-traveller away from his boyfriend.

-TEDDY! Help me, I’m…- Wiccan exclaimed, before fading away, while Speed disappeared as well.

-HE’S GONE!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!?- Teddy asked, enraged.

-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…- Nate began to apologize but was stopped by Prodigy.

-It wasn’t Iron Lad. It’s the timestream…-

Hulkling extended his arm and grabbed Iron Lad’s waist. -Bring him back or I swear I’ll…- However, the Kree/Skrull hybrid started fading as well. -What’s happening to me…?-

-TEDDY!- David cried out.

-Oh my God…- Iron Lad muttered, falling to his knees. -What have I done?-

Cassie got to her knees and wrapped her arms around Nate’s neck. -It’s okay… Everything’s gonna be okay…-

-I know.- He wiped her tears off.

-…But you have to go back now.- She sobbed.

-Hold the armor for me?- Nate stood up and looked at Prodigy.

-You’re not gonna put it on?-

-I can’t take it with me or it’ll affect the timestream. Better leave it here with you…- He said, as he used the armor’s chronal programming to open a portal that would send him home.

-I’m sorry, David. For everything.- Nate hugged his teammate tightly.

-What are you talking about?-

-Without you, I would’ve never joined the Young Avengers.-

-And Billy, Teddy and Tommy would still be here.-

-They’ll be back. So will you.-

-But I’ll be Kang the Conqueror. And I won’t remember any of this, so, please… Forgive me.-

-We’ll remind you.- Statured hugged Nate tightly.

Iron Lad put his hand on her cheek and kissed her lips softly. -Promise?-

Nate walked to the portal, looking back at his teammates one last time. -I just want you guys to know… I loved being a Young Avenger.-

Suddenly, Iron Lad wasn’t there anymore. However, they were still standing in the same spot, and Prodigy was with them.

-Everybody okay?- Kate asked.

-You’re still a Young Avenger.- Cass looked at Dave. -I remember Nate. Does that mean it didn't work? That Iron Lad didn’t grow up to become Kang?-

-Guys…- Kate muttered. -The statuary garden… It’s gone.-

-That blue light…- Stature noticed.

-Billy…- Prodigy whispered, as the three ran towards the source of the light.

-Everyone all right?- Captain America asked.

-A little disoriented, but…- Wiccan muttered.

-Dave, is Iron Lad…?- Hulkling asked.

-He went back. And now it seems like everything that happened after Kang showed up… Never happened.-

-So how come we remember it?-

-See, this is why I hate time travel.- Tony muttered.

-C’mon, let’s get you kids home.-

-Home? What do you mean, “home”?- Kate asked.

The Young Avengers followed Iron Man and Captain America inside the Mansion.

-In my opinion, you kids have done more than proven yourselves heroes tonight.-

-But…- Bishop rolled her eyes.

-But… If you ever put those uniforms on again, Iron Man and I will do everything in our power to shut you down for good.-

-What?- Tommy’s eyes widened.

-W-What about Wanda and Vision and Ant-Man? What do they have to say about it?- The three parents walked inside the Main Hall.

-I’m… I’m sorry, Billy.- Scarlet Witch shook her head. -But this has proven to be too dangerous.-

-I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you, Cass.- Scott muttered. -You’d be safer with your mom.-

-And you should go back to your parents, Billy.- Vision suggested. -Your biological parents, I mean.-

-What about me?- Speed raised an eyebrow. -I’m basically homeless now.-

-If you’re anything like your uncle Pietro, I’m sure you’re relieved by that.- Wanda pointed out.

-Could I stay at your place, Billy? You know, since my mom died…-

-I’m sure my parents won’t be against it.-

-I should probably get home.- Kate looked down.

-Me too.- Wiccan nodded. -Anyone need a lift? Cassie?-

-Before you go… I need you to leave your gear with us. The bow…- Captain America ordered.

-But that’s mine.- Kate looked at the Avenger.

-Not anymore.-

-C’mon guys. Let’s get out of here.- Speed spat bitterly.

-We’re doing the right thing… Aren’t we?- Captain America looked back at the other Young Avengers, who looked visibly shaken.

-Well… It was fun while it lasted.- Hulkling shrugged.

-It’s not over yet.- Kate said firmly.

-But Cap said…- Prodigy replied.

-Cap said he wouldn’t train us. So we’ll train on our own.-

-No, Cap said he’d shut us down. And I, for one, don’t want to make an enemy of Captain America. That’s not why I got into this.-

-Then why did you?-

-Because… I don’t know… I wanted to help.-

-We all did.- Wiccan shrugged.

-And do you have any idea how many people out there could use our help? We can’t just stop because Captain America thinks we’re too young.- Kate replied.

-What about our parents?- Cass asked.

-If she knew I wasn’t doing this under Wanda’s supervision anymore, my mom would institutionalize me. My dad would kill me.- Wiccan replied. -Sorry, Kate… C’mon Cass, let’s get you home. Kate? Need a ride?-

-You don’t mind?- The archer replied.

-Not at all. Dave? You coming?-

-No, thanks. I’m gonna walk.-

-To Westchester County?-

-To the Subway.-

Several weeks later, the Young Avengers gathered in front of the Washington Square Arch.

-What can Cap and Iron Man really do to us?- Kate asked,

-They can’t take away our powers.- Cassie seconded her.

-Those of us who have powers.-

-And they can’t arrest us, because we haven’t broken any laws.-

-Yet. The only thing they can do is… Tell our parents.-

-And even if our parents believe them…-

-Which mine won’t.-

-…They can't stop us.-

-Think about it. How do you ground a shapeshifter? Or a spell-caster?- Kate asked.

-Or a girl who can talk her way out of anything?- Wiccan commented.

-The point is, if we want to…-

-…We can still be Young Avengers.- Stature smiled.

-Wait, before you guys say anything, we need to show you something.- Kate smirked.

The team walked to an abandoned building that read “Bishop Publishing”.

-Here we are.- Kate nodded.

-Bishop Publishing?- Prodigy asked.

-It used to be.-

-Now it’s our lair.- Stature said excitedly.

-We have an actual lair?- Billy asked.

-Right now we have an abandoned warehouse.- Hawkeye replied, typing the security code in the panel. -But with a little time, a little planning and a lot of my father’s money…-

-But Cap said, if we ever put our uniforms on again…- Wiccan noted.

-I know what Cap said.- Bishop smiled. -Which is why I got us new uniforms.-

-How did you…?- Kaplan muttered.

-The old ones were shredded, my dad’s beyond wealthy, and I’ve got a few connections in the fashion industry.-

-I don’t know, Kate…-

-C’mon guys… At least try them on.-

-So, we’re just going to come right out and tell our parents we’re super heroes? On our own?- Wiccan asked, putting his new costume on.

-Might as well.- Hulkling replied, fixing the collar of his uniform. -We’re gonna have to come out to them at some point.-

-The thing is, even if we do tell our parents…- Kate fixed her gloves.

-It doesn’t mean Cap and Iron Man are going to approve.- Stature continued.

-They’re not going to approve…- Prodigy put his goggles on.

-But… Since when has that ever stopped us?- Speed smirked.



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