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Grown up on the life of a normal kid in Las Vegas his father and mother had a good relationship with there son and all got along, until there Dad turned onto the life of a mob and found his wife having an affair with a rival mobster. He shot them both down only to find his son, Jason still in the room at 4 years old, Jason grabbed the pistol from the dead mobster and shot his father killing him he was taken to live with his uncle, who died of Cancer when Jason was 14, so Jason took parts in mobs and robberies but managed to make good grades then one night he tagged along with some of his "friends" going to a party they were ambushed and were shot by fellow gang members who wanted a better reputation, Jason and his friend Lewis survived the shooting but were both severely shot, once in the emergency room, Jason was put on life support and Lewis had died in the ambulance, after they took life support off Jason he appeared to be well enough to live, he stayed in the hospital in constant fear until he was 17 then he set off and trained himself in the art of weapons training for six years. And came back as a fearful opponent.

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