Savage Land (film)
Savage Land Poster
Director: Ashurz
Producer(s): Marvel Fanon
Writer(s): Ashurz
Composer: Ashurz
Release: 2019/7/16
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Budget: $616 Million
Box Office: 942 Million Dollar
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During the 1960's, British scientist Robert Plunder discovered the Savage Land. While there, his son Kevin was born. When Robert died of food poisoning, Kevin was left in the Savage Land alone. After twenty years, a group of mercenaries led by Sergei Kravinoff journeyed to the Savage Land, but were captured by Kevin. He was, however, shot with a tranquilizer dart by Gregor, one of the mercenaries. After the tranquilizer wore off, Kevin allied with Gregor. He was able to escape and his wounds were tended to by Shanna, the She-Devil. Eventually, all the surviving mercenaries were able to escape back to the Ukraine.


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