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Real Name
Sarah Creed (Legally changed to Lenson)
Current Alias

Sarah Lenson, Legion Girl, Cest Pool, New Ultimate Weapon



Alpha Hunters, Weapon X

Donnie Lenson (Adoptive Father, Deceased), Crista Lenson (Adoptive Mother, Deceased), Wes Lenson (Adoptive Brother, Deceased), Victor Creed (Biological Genetic Father), The Native (Biological Genetic Mother, Deceased), Unborn Maternal Sibling (Deceased), Graydon Creed (Paternal Half-brother, Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Lands






Unusual Features
Varies based on the powers she mimics


Marital Status

Field Agent, Assassin-in-Training

High School Level

Genetically made Mutant with further tampering by Weapon X

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Guess I'm making the best of...everything. Quote2
-- Sarah Lenson


Sarah is another result of Weapon X taking more interest in the use of manipulating genetic material already in their possession and attempts to create the ultimate weapon. Thus, the new active branch of Weapon X made use of the DNA they had of Sabertooth and genetic material of the Native held by their new benefactor, Miss Sinister, to create a new potential weapon. The result was Sarah.

Given to an unsuspecting surrogate, her adoptive mother Crista, she was born and raised with the Lenson family. She became the younger child of the two and quickly grew close to her older brother, Wes. It was for the first twelve years of her life that Sarah thrived and truly knew what it was like to have a family. Her adoptive parents made decent money to where they could live comfortably. She went to school, had friends, and quickly took up extra circular activities such as soccer, softball, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and dance. All though inadvertily helped begin to path she would someday take.

Before long, when fifth and sixth grade rolled around,Sarah dropped most of her extras but kept martial arts and gymnastics. When it came to times with her family Sarah also learned to hunt, track, and use guns from her adoptive father alongside her older brother Wes. Sarah though at the time wasn't aware that Weapon X soon began to keep close tabs on her, Miss Sinister acting as a local neighbor.

When Sarah was fixing to go into seventh grade at the age of twelve though things began to change. Little incidents began happening to the family such as robbery, random vandalism, and harassment from a mysterious caller. Uneasy, the family decided to take a camping trip out to the wilderness where things took a deadly turn. The family was ambushed that first night around the camp fire, being hunted down by the Howlett twins which caused a change in Sarah.

Lineage revealed

Following the ambush, Sarah was captured trying to defend herself and revealed her new mutation when copying Kara Howlett's abilities. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and she soon was defeated and brought in as a new prisoner and experiment. Because of her mutation though, the hopes for a new weapon was realized and the scientists working for the facility began extensive experimentation and intensive training regimens.

Slowly over the past five years she has been molded into a tool for Weapon X, eventually even training alongside the very ones who murdered her family. Sarah has held onto resentment and anger towards the Howlett twins and personally requests to train with both to better learn who they are and has recently began making up her own agenda while also becoming part of the Alpha Hunters.

Powers and Abilities


  • Biological Mutation Mimicry:Despite being genetically created from two feral mutants, Sarah developed her own unique mutation. This mutation is like other power mimics in which she can copy powers from others. But like the X-man Rogue she must physically touch someone in order to use them and they must be physical mutations in order for her to copy them. Her body then will naturally alter to take on the features of that mutation, but like Hope Summers she is limited only to mutants. Thanks to Weapon X tampering with this though, Sarah permanently takes on those mutations where they once would have lasted for a short time and she can have DNA of a mutant injected into her body to alter her own genetic code to absorb that mutation as well.
    • Claws/Fangs:Sarah has taken on permanent claws and fangs in which are strong enough to tear through flesh, sinew, and bone, brick, rocks, and metal. They are often used for close quarters combat. The DNA used was from Sabertooth, her own genetic father.
    • Wing Manifestation:Sarah has two different sets of wings she can switch to at will. One pair is angelic white feathered wings, earned from the DNA of Angel, that spread to twenty feet in total. These wings can carry her 10,000 feet high and give her a speed of 150 mph, also being strong enough to knock a man off his feet. Her secondary wings are butterfly like wings with a rainbow coloration earned from the DNA of Pixie, allowing her greater maneuverability and fly at lower altitudes.
      • Aerial Adaptation:From Angel's DNA, Sarah has a greater lung capacity than a normal human, allowing her to be in higher altitudes with less oxygen. She has less fat on her body or none at all enabling her to have greater strength than normal, hollow bones, and keener sight like that of a bird.
      • Hallocugenic Dust:When using her pixie wings, Sarah can release hallucogenic dust from them that when inhaled or touching skin cause people to see bubbles, teddy Bears, unicorns, etc. This is from Pixie as well and like her she has no control over what people see.
    • Prehensile Tail/Tongue:From the DNA of Nightcrawler, Sarah inherited a three-foot long prehensile tail that can be used to grab objects and help with balance, being strong enough to hold a full grown man. Sarah also has a prehensile tongue that works in a similar manner, but can be used in combat to strike someone and is twice as long as her body. Toad's DNA was used to give her this mutation.
    • Flexible Bone Structure:Again from Nightcrawler's DNA, Sarah has a flexible bone structure enabling her to move her body in ways most humans cannot. This allows her to crouch without hurting herself or her posture and to perform incredibly acrobatic feats with little effort or training.
    • Bone Manipulation:Sarah can manipulate her bone structure to cause bony spikes to poke out from her body. These can be used to create weapons or as an additional armor or manipulated to make an armor exoskeleton around herself. She earned this power from Marrow's DNA.
      • Bone Claws:Even without manipulating the bones themselves, Sarah has bone claws in which she gained from the DNA of either Daken or X-23. She has two durable and incredibly sharp claws in each hand with serrated edges that go through bone, muscle, stone, brick, and some metals.
    • Metallic Skin:Sarah also has a permanent bulletproof, metal skin in which gives her enhanced strength and durability. She can lift twice the weight of any human and endure hits from superhumanly strong individuals or great impact forces. This was earned from the DNA of Lifeguard and has a blue coloration instead of gold.
    • Keen Senses:Sarah's senses are ten times greater than a human's and five times greater than that of a wolf. She can decipher a single scent among several others and can hear from up to two miles away, sometimes three. She can see with greater clarity than most humans and can see clearly at night as she can in the day time. Whether this power came from Sabertooth, Daken, or X-23 is not known.
    • Acidic Saliva:Another power gained from Toad allowing her to have an acidic property to her saliva. Her body can naturally make this and usually comes from the use of her prehensile tongue as a weapon or from spitting at an opponent or object, melting and burning on contact.
    • Shape-shifting:Sarah has some shape-shifting from Mystique's DNA. This has given her some psionic control over her biology to alter it at will, such as with her wings. But this shape shifting is very limiting in only allowing her limited change of certain aspects of the mutations she permanently mimics. She can also only change the color of her hair, skin, and eyes and for a limited time hide the physcial mutations. She cannot however make herself look entirely like someone else in terms of mass and size or gender.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor:Sarah has a healing rate far exceeding any human allowing her to heal at an accelerated rate. She can regenerate limbs, organs, and broken bones, with minor wounds taking mere seconds while major ones take hours or a few days. She also has become immune to toxins, alcohol, and disease and her aging has slowed significantly. Whether this is from Sabertooth, Daken, or X-23 is unknown.


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