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Real Name
Sandra Marie Voclain
Current Alias

Pixie Girl, Princess, Pink Fanatic (by her sister)



Voclain Family

Danielle Voclain (Mother), Will Voclain (Father), Corrine Voclain (Maternal Half-sister), Caleb Voclain (Brother), Unknown Grandparents (Deceased), Voclain Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Atlanta, Georgia




Brown, (light)

Pink(When powered)

Unusual Features
Pixie-like wings, pointed ears


Marital Status


Middle School, some high school

Human, later Mutate

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'm such a blinding sight aren't I? Quote2
-- Sandra Voclain


Sandra is the third and final child of Will and Danielle Voclain, being the youngest sister to Corrine Voclain and Caleb Voclain by twelve and four years respectively. She was born sometime in Lake City some years following the end of the Age of Heroes. But like her two older siblings her family often ended up moving due to the uncertainty of their parents' jobs. Because of this, the first eight years of Sandra's live was spent in a few different small towns due to the family seeming to constantly have to move.

But she nevertheless seemed to grow up like the typical baby of the family. She was somewhat spoiled and acted like a little princess throughout her younger years, but she was close to her family despite her siblings bickering often, which eventually included Sandra herself. While growing up, Sandra showed her interest in dancing and often would dance at random or to music that was on, being in-sync with the music much the amusement and sometimes annoyance of her siblings, especially her older sister. It was also during about four that Sandra became interested in the Victoria Secret shows, often trying to dress and act like them in a form of child amusement.

Eventually, her family would come to settle in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia where they would finally find some stability in their lives. It would be here that Sandra would live most of her life with going through elementary and middle school, allowing her to pursue orchestra following her brother and dancing in her spare time when her teen years came around. It was also during these years she developed her skills in cooking and fashion. But, like her siblings and mother, Sandra became involved in a nasty confrontation on the highway when driving through Atlanta.

Caught in one of the shoot outs so common on the highways at times, Sandra was in the back playing on her pink tablet before the sudden stop. While her sister went for her brother Sandra found her mother struggling to get her out of the back while the teen fumbled with her seat belt. It was then she heard a few shots ring out, seeing her mother show an expression of pain and hearing her brother cry out with equal pain himself, causing her to panic a little until authorities got there. But in the chaos, her sister revealed her mutant ability and attacked the surviving gang members while her brother was left in some shock.

Normal as can Be

Following that day, her family spent a little time recuperating from the stress but no lasting trauma was left save for her brother and mother winding up with scars from the gun shots. The siblings also grew far more closer following that day as despite Sandra herself not having powers she still remained supportive of her siblings to better control and use their own. Sandra also discovered over the summer her sister is acting as a vigilante, but keeps quiet about it alongside her brother who expresses interest in being a hero but both are often rebuffed by their sister who does so to protect them.

Still, Sandra hasn't remained completely out of the loop as she helped her sister make up a costume and secretly has started working on one for her brother. And only to add to the craziness she also has recently started high school while her brother has pursued going to college.

Powers and Abilities


Following the incident that left her siblings being revealed to be mutants, Sandra was tested but found to be human.


  • Skilled Dancer: Since Sandra was young, she has had an interest in dance, even having a natural inclination for it. She pursued dance as one of her extra circulars during her middle years by taking a handful of lessons, practicing on her own, and practicing with color guard. She has recently joined her high school's Color Guard as a result.
  • Decent Fashion Designer: Since about fourth grade, Sandra became interested in fashion and initially began only drawing random clothes designs. This eventually fueled her interest to someday design her own clothes which she has taken greater interest in drawing and sewing the clothes, to mixing and matching her own styles she will find in stores, and recently helping with costume designs for her sister.
  • Some Combat Skills: From both of her older siblings Sandra has picked up some basic fighting skills, but only enough to defend herself if needed.
  • Decent Cook: Having spent a few years watching Food Network and helping her mother in the kitchen, Sandra developed an interest in cooking and began learning to do her own unique flavors or copying recipes she has seen before.
  • Above Average Intelligence: Much like her siblings, Sandra is actually quite intelligent, showing being capable of learning something quickly and coming up with her own unique ways to solve problems. She has also shown some signs of being able to process quite a bit of information, when she actually pays attention and can be quite intuitive when her air headedness doesn't get in the way.
  • Sandra also has some skill in music, having played in her Middle School's orchestra involving the violin and bass. But gave it up when high school started, though does retain some ability to play.

Strength level

Sandra has the slightly below the strength of a woman her age, height, and weight.


  • At the moment, Sandra is a normal human who can be harmed by serious injury, illness, and other things humans are affected by.
  • Sandra sometimes does show a tendency to be an airhead, despite being quite intelligent.



  • Portable make up case


  • Usually a bike

Weapons: None known.


  • This character takes some elements of the author's younger sister, primarily interests, personality, and possible goals.


  • Sandra is the youngest of the Voclain siblings, but is also the one who has given feedback on costume designs.
    • She is also the main designer of her sister's official costume in terms of helping with it's overall design while her sister came up with the color combinations.
  • Sandra and her sister Corrine seem to be very much polar opposites with Sandra being a girly girl down to loving fashion, make up, and obsessed with the color pink while her sister is the tom-boy of the two.
  • When Sandra grows up she has shown interest in being a Victoria Secret Model or a chef, but does muse of being both.

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