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Shining Menelaus

Real Name
Sandra Leigh Burvali
Current Alias
Shining Menelaus

Butterfly girl, "Second Pixie", Lightning Bug



X-treme X-men, X-men (New Charles School); Formerly New Attilian

Jonathan Burvali (Father), Nara Burvali (Mother)


Base Of Operations
New Charles Xavier School, Canada




Unusual Features
Eyes lacking pupils, butterfly-like wings that sometimes get an iridescent glow to them


Marital Status

X-men Trainee, student

High School

Mutant and Inhuman hybrid; Likely descended from the "Lost Tribe" of the Inhumans who had been on Earth

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'm the butterfly that packs a punch. It can be quite a "shocking" experience. Quote2
-- Sandra Burvali


Sandra ended up a rarity among her kind, most notably being one of the few recorded Inhuman/Mutant hybrids in existence. Her father is a first generation mutant who had been one of many who gained their abilities after the dispersion of the Phoenix Force, which at the time he had been in his late teens. Her mother meanwhile had also faced Terrigenesis when Black Bolt had released the Terrigan Bomb that mutated descendants of the Inhumans to join their society after Attilian dropped into the Hudson River. As a result it seems from teenagers her parents received their powers from two rather big events in Marvel history.

Over the 20 years of Earth-0228 her parents would eventually come to meet and marry young while still in college, eventually resulting in Sandra herself being conceived. Though, Sandra is actually unaware that her mother and father's relationship was a tedious one as often Nara went between New Attilian and New York City in order to be with her new husband, something she often kept secret from her fellow Inhumans since she didn't know if something similar like the events with the Royal Family would occur.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be avoided as Sandra was eventually born and Nara confessed she had a mutant husband. This didn't change anything for Nara, but she soon was allowed to remain with Jonathan and the two were able to raise their daughter mostly in peace. Sandra's father worked for the NYPD and her mother an Entomologist mostly due to her own butterfly-like qualities. Thus, Sandra grew up in a comfortable upper-middle class life style where she went to school and tried to live a mostly normal life.

For most of her life though Sandra seemed to see two sides of society as not everyone was accepting of the new revival of mutants and the Inhumans that had began to inhabit Earth. This is where she faced the life of sympathy, support, and prejudice to where she made few friends but always tried to keep a positive outlook on things as she grew up. But due to her parents and their ancestors they believed she would end up a normal humans with their genetics canceling each other out like that of the Inhuman Princes Luna Maximoff. But it became somewhat painfully obvious to the two young parents early on that Sandra wasn't normal. First off, by the age of nine she had already grown her signature butterfly wings, ones that resembled her mother and she already had lacked pupils in her eyes. Eventually, by the age of thirteen she discovered she could see in different ways from her eyes, in the different light spectrums and being able to zoom in and out at places.

Her bio-electricity powers though didn't manifest until but a few months ago during a skirmish with another girl. One classmate, not only who was hateful towards mutants for personal reasons but also seemed to have a jealousy streak, decided to attack her unexpectedly after school. This fight though ended badly for both as Sandra subconsciously activated this power to shock the girl into being unconscious and Sandra herself suffering muscle damage, triggering also her minor healing factor before she passed out.

A new School, A New Squad

After this event Sandra was approached by Emma Frost herself to come to their cause. Her father though was insistent she go to the Jean Grey School, the same place he had been a student before leaving rather then becoming a hero. Though after much thought of the past and this current fight Sandra became convinced humans couldn't be trusted entirely and that mutants should worry about mutants, thus revealing she had gained a much different belief then her parents had now. So, without hesitation she packed the things she could and left with Emma to the New Charles School where she stayed for a few months before being put onto Eva Bell's new squad she was training of X-men with four others. And it finally became a place she could call home.

Powers and Abilities


Sandra is a mutant/Inhuman Hybrid, with her powers being influenced by both her parents, especially that of her mother leading her to have the following abilities:

  • Wing Manifestation:One if Sandra's primary mutations is her butterfly-like wings that resemble those of the Blue Morpho Butterfly, her own name being inspired by one of the many genus that is known for its iridescent wings. They are large enough to carry her easily and allow her to carry other passengers and often take an iridescent glow when using her Bio-electricity.
    • Aerial Adaptation:With her wings comes her adaptation naturally to being a flier. She is able to handle the upper atmosphere up to about 3,000 feet while taking a higher amount of oxygen at lower pressures of the higher altitudes. She has hollow bones similar to a bird to allow her great maneuverability in flight and having little to no fat on her body, leaving her with really only muscle and greater agility, speed, stamina, and dexterity in the air.
  • Multiple Ocular Ability:Another power she has much like her mother is multiple eye sights with an extra ability of Telescopic sight. All three allow her to see in different perspectives for such things as the light spectrum. It is also possible she can combine two of these powers at a time but not all three.
    • Telescopic Sight:This ability allows Sandra to zoom in and out of things, giving her a much closer view or to see things further away. This allows her to see things about a 1000x closer or further away at the most, almost down to seeing the the very cells of a person or object.
    • Infrared Vision:This allows her to see in the infrared spectrum, this leading her to see the heat signatures and or outlines of people, animals, and objects whether during the day or just in total darkness.
    • Night Vision:This final ocular ability allows Sandra to see in total darkness clearly for up to fifty feet around her. Anything further is somewhat strained even when combing one or two of these powers.
  • Bio-Electricity Manipulation:The use of this power is a sub-form of electrokinesis and allows Sandra to manipulate her body's own neural impulses or electric currents. This allows her to excite the neurons of her body to such a level she can physically manipulate this biological form of electricity to different levels of potency it even becomes visible arching sparks on her body. As a result she can perform many things as follows:
    • Bio-Disruption:A way in which Sandra can tap into the electrical currents of another's body thus disrupting their own electrical field and neural impulses to trigger a shock to their body. This ranges enough to just stun a person or cause pain, and sometimes enough to knock them unconscious.
    • Concussive Force Blasts:Sandra can concentrate this energy from just about anywhere on her body in the form of "bio-bolts" or streams of energy to send at others. These usually can even break through stone, rock, and weak metal.
    • Force Fields:By concentrating the energy around her he can create a type of "electrical net" that protects her from energy- and elemental-based attacks of moderate levels. It can also protect her from physical blows except for physical projectiles. With some concentration she can also project this field outwards into a "net dome" that can protect multiple people, but it takes more energy and concentration to do so.
    • Magnet Field:Sandra can also generate a type of field that uses her own electrical energy to cause objects and people to be attracted towards her or can be repelled with that same field. This is done by affect the polarity of the electricity and how much power she puts behind it.
    • Life Drain:By making physical contact with a target Sandra manipulates another's bio-electrical field and absorbs it into her own body as a way to heal herself from injury, except for lost limbs, or bring up her energy reserves, especially in the case her powers greatly affect her nervous system and muscles.
    • Bio-Electrical Constructs:Sandra can also concentrate and solidify this energy into various constructs, most of all as different weapons she can use in close combat and sometimes different tools.
    • Bio-Electric Combat:Like the force fields she makes Sandra concentrates her neural impulses into a visible sparking aura. This then increases her physical prowess to have additional stunning or shocking affects towards a user while also enhancing her speed, agility, and stamina for short periods of time while also making her somewhat invulnerable to touch physically in close combat or others standing too close.


  • Sandra is a decent hand-to-hand and unarmed combatant, having been trained a bit by her father and mother from their own knowledge from the X-men and Inhumans respectively.
  • Sandra from an early age has also partaken in Parkour, something that she utilizes to further rely more on her own physical abilities then any weapons and such if she doesn't need them. So far, she has been considered an expert user of "free running".
  • Sandra has also began to learn to look for pressure points on the body in order to immobilize, injure, and incapacitate an opponent.

Strength level

Sandra has the average strength for someone her size and height who engages in intensive exercises.


  • Her Bio-electricity power only makes use of her body's natural electrical impulses thus she cannot control electricity herself.
    • It has also been noticed that using this power to cause such overexcitement of the neurons causes the muscles to begin to not function and shut the body down due to the impulses being uneven and erratic when it cannot reach every area of the body it normally does.
  • Her wings can easily be shred, torn, and broken due to their delicate structure.
  • Sandra also suffers from the condition Congenital Analgesia, meaning she is insensitive to pain and indifferent, causing her to not even flinch or withdrawal. Because of this condition she cannot feel pain what so ever, causing her to risk having a serious injury and not even notice until someone points it out or she sees it right away.


Equipment: None
Transportation: Her wings, X-jet
Weapons: None



  • It has been speculated that much of Sandra's powers have been influenced by her mother's own powers which had been caused by the mutagenic properties of the Terrigen Bomb. Because of this it also affected her mutation while also having her own unique one of a sub-form of her father's, making her a second generation mutant.
  • She is of African descent on her father's side and Inhuman/Arapaho descent on her mother's side.
  • Sandra has stated to her teammates that she has always been a big fan of the X-men and many other heroes. Ironically, one of her many idols is Ororo Munroe, Logan Howlett, and Megan Gwynn who are on the opposing side of this little split of the X-men, but some of her idols on her current side are Emma Frost and current teacher.

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