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Red Wing

Real Name
Samuel Wilson Junior
Current Alias
Red Wing

Sam, Falcon, Falcon 2.0, Junior



Young Avengers, SHIELD

Samuel Wilson Senior (Father), Unknown Mother (Deceased), Paul Wilson (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Darlene Wilson (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased), Unknown Maternal Grandparents (Deceased), Sarah Wilson-Casper (Paternal Aunt), Gideon Wilson (Paternal Uncle), Mr. Casper (Paternal Uncle), Mrs. Wilson (Paternal Aunt), Jody Casper (Paternal Cousin), Jim Wilson (Paternal Cousin, Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Harlem, New York






Marital Status

Student, Vigilante

High School level


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 The skies are my domain. Quote2
-- Sam Wilson Junior

Early Life

Samuel Wilson Junior was born to Falcon and an unknown woman, who Sam met during the waning days of the Age of Heroes. Unfortunately, Sam Junior would never get the chance to know his mother who died during childbirth due to complications. Though saddened by the loss, Sam Senior still raised his son on his own, once more living in Harlem while deciding to take a break from the hero business.

His life for the first seven years was normal, going to school and having to learn some of the dangers in his neighborhood. Eventually though, his father decided to start training Junior in martial arts and acrobatics, hoping he could learn to defend himself. But just defending himself came out of the question when SHIELD approached the Wilson Family and convinced Falcon to have his son join the Junior Agents Program to which Senior reluctantly agreed. It was during the first few days there that Junior became instant friends with Lucas Rodgers and Kaitlyn Carter, the latter of who he would develop a crush.

As Junior got old however, he began to seek new desires, such as becoming a hero like his own father. But it would be at thirteen that Sam Junior came to realize his father did not want his son following in his foot steps. Feeling the time as heroes was over, Sam Senior had hoped his son would be satisfied with being a simple field agent for SHIELD. Such a realization caused a rift between father and son, even to the point Sam Junior made a request for armor to be made for him. It would take two years before this was complete and Sam Junior in the meantime became a mediator between his friends when they discovered their family connection.

If that wasn't enough Junior's and Senior's relationship didn't improve by much as their training continued. They argued and bickered about Junior's goals but the younger Wilson refused to listen to his father.

Leaving the Nest

Things came to a head when Sam Junior finally was given the Falcon Armor, just before he was to turn sixteen. By this time, Sam Junior wasn't afraid to reveal what he had requested and the discovery of the armor by his father was about the final straw for Senior. Thus, Sam Junior took up the mantle as the next Falcon, least for a short time when he began protecting Harlem and continuing his training.

But shortly after he did turn sixteen, Sam got word of the Avengers Academy and traveled to Los Angeles. Enrolling himself into the Academy he was put under the Alpha training squad with his friends and decided to take the new mantle of Red Wing in honor of his father's deceased bird companion.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Master Martial Artist/Acrobat:Sam has been trained by his father extensively in mixed martial arts and acrobatics, making him a master level martial artist and acrobat.
  • Peak Physical Conditioning:His body has also been trained to peak human conditioning without the aid of any enhancements.
  • Exceptional Aerialist:Sam has also been trained by his father to be an exceptional aerialist and through his own self-training.
  • Espionage/Stealth:In recent years, Sam has also been trained extensively in uses of espionage, hacking, and stealth, having some possible future thoughts of spy work in SHIELD.

Strength level

Sam is capable of lifting the maximum weight a man his age, height, and weight can.


  • Sam is still human which means he can be seriously harmed or killed through conventional means.
  • In order to have access to his wings Sam must be donning his Falcon Armor.



  • Falcon Armor:Though similar to his father's harness this is actually a kind of battle armor that Sam makes use of made of Vibranium metal and microweave mesh with "hard light" wings. Cybernetically, Sam can control these functions through mental use allowing the wings to be altered to how he sees fit but doesn't expand further then 30 feet compared to Senior's 50 feet "hard light" wings. Sam can also control the various features from the armor such as having infrared and telescopic sight and GPS jamming. In his gauntlets are built in electromagnetic pulse generators allowing him to create concussive blasts, electromagnetic force fields, and magnetizing forces. In the boots and back of his chest armor are "magnetic drives" that enable him to have the thrust he needs to fly. The "hard light" wings allow Sam to absorb energy along with the rest of his armor, making him invulnerable to most energy-based attacks and small caliber bullets.
  • Throwing Stars:Sam makes use of additional equipment of throwing stars, which he tends to have decent accuracy with. These stars, however, are fitted with different effects such as ice, electrical shocks, sticky glue, etc. similar to Hawkeye's trick arrows, causing some to dub them "trick stars" as a result much to his annoyance.

Transportation: His "hard light" wings, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Falcon Armor, Throwing Stars


  • Sam is an idea for if Falcon were to have a child.


  • Sam's costume is based on his father's outfit colors as Falcon and taking the name in honor of his father's companion, Red Wing.
  • Sam also shares a close friendship to Lucas Rodgers, reflecting their fathers' friendship in the earlier days of the Avengers.
  • Like most of the Wilson Family, Sam seems to have a strained relationship with his own father.

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