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Real Name
Samuel Thomas Wilson
Current Alias

"Snap" Wilson, Falcon, Doctor Wilson, Vulture, Blackie Drago, Adrian Toomes, The Talon



H.A.M.M.E.R. (formerly), Hydra (formerly), Avengers (formerly), S.H.I.E.L.D. (formerly)

Leila Taylor (ex-wife; deceased), Samantha Wilson (daughter; deceased), Sarah Wilson-Casper (sister; deceased), John Casper (brother-in-law; deceased), Jim Casper (nephew; deceased)







Marital Status

Adventurer, research scientist, government operative, former freelance artist, Social Worker, urban planner; former Soldier

High school and College graduate

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics: Dark Age Vol 1 1
Modern Comics: Dark Age's Lady Punisher
Vol 1 5


Quote1 You didn't see that coming now, did you? Quote2
-- Sam Wilson, revealing himself as Darkhawk

Ultron Revolution

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, Falcon seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, until Ultron started an all-out war against humanity and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies. The war also had caused him to have a ruthless, mental, and a sociopath-like personality after several Ultron Sentries had killed or indirectly killed his entire family, leaving him to vow on killing Hank Pym, his fellow Avenger who had created the serial A.I.. Unusually and strangely, he showed no remorse or sympathy after Hank's death and sacrifice and even said to his grave to "rot in hell."


Days before the long-time war against Ultron ends, Falcon and the rest of his S.H.I.E.L.D. unit were sent in their final mission infiltrating the entrance of Ultron's Sanctuary. They were successful at destroying the entrance so that the rest of the heroes and redeemed villains could advance and finally end Ultron's reign of terror, but at the cost of their lives, leaving only few to survive and some went missing including Sam, who mysteriously went missing in action after the successful infiltration.

Saddened by Sam's possible demise, he and the rest of the heroes and redeemed villains, both who died and who were missing, were given a memorial at the newly-established, Heroes' Memorial Cemetery, a memorial graveyard dedicated to all the people who gave their own lives into giving the world into seeing another bright day from the clutches of Ultron's tyrannical reign on Earth.

Gone Mental

In the wake of the Ultron Revolution's aftermath, the ruins of the Ultron Sanctuary became a local mass graveyard to several individuals who lost their lives having to sacrifice themselves on reclaiming absolute victory against Ultron. However, this area also were the home to several scavengers who used to live there for collecting scraps as a living. On some rare occasions, those scrappers would have found some shocking and surprising discoveries. One of those discoveries, was Sam's survival, after he was revealed to have been found by Edward Stark's search and rescue team.

Despite his survival, Sam was found to have developed several mental disorders following the events that have occurred to him after the war that lasted for almost, more than a decade. Discovered to have gone mental, Sam was given a treatment by Stark himself at a rehabilitation center built by his own organization, where he had a lot of medical help, in order to improve his condition into getting him better.

Eventually, Sam got better, though the horrors and terrors, such as losing his comrades and even his family, that had permanently scarred and traumatized him would never fade from his mind. But instead of seeing this as a disappointment, Stark saw this an advantage by using Sam as one of the building blocks into helping him establish his hopes of instituting a new world order, reshaping the face of society, into his own hands, as we know it.

Recruited by H.A.M.M.E.R.

Only a few weeks after managing to fully recover from the traumas of the war, Sam was then again approached by Edward, only this time, he was with his agents and operatives, offering him a major important contract. This contract was to sign him up and let him join Edward Stark's campaign, believing Sam had the potential to help him build whatever he was doing. However, despite Sam's pleas on never again, getting back into his career as the hero Falcon, which he had already told his former heroic friends, Stark beg to differ. Stark stated that he is not forcing or convincing Sam into "wearing a fancy costume," once again.

Stark then swore to help Sam remove the sins and the scars of his past life, while Sam helps his organization on some of their missions, missions that Sam's skills could've only accomplish himself alone. Sam then agreed, and asked Stark, "where do they start?" Stark grinned in response, signifying that their deal was certain. Only a weeks later, Samuel disappeared once more throughout his neighborhood community in New York City, making his former friends question about his current whereabouts.


Following his disappearance, Sam was revealed to have been working for Edward Stark's mysterious organization, "helping" him by eliminating all politicians and famous personalities, both corrupt and honest, who secretly knew of Stark's real plan for the future of his system of the government, and were opposing against it, and by helping him eliminate, Sam and his subordinates were assigned to assassinate all those following individuals in a hidden, "professional" manner, and Stark will do the rest to cover all it up. According to his lower subordinates, Sam might've been threatened or have been brainwashed by Stark himself, but in actuality, none of those rumors were true. In Sam's belief and defense, all of those people that he killed deserved it, as all of them did nothing productive and nothing good to help those who were suffering and those who were killed, back in the days where Ultron reign terror on the entire world.

Sam also believed that Stark's way on establishing new world order through H.A.M.M.E.R. would permanently turn this world into a perfect utopia. Whoever none of these could be proven true, since Sam's mentality has been slowly being altered by the traumas and scars of his past, entirely changing his views and ways in life itself, believing that what he keeps doing was right either way, and those who would stand his way will just get the right treatment. Sadly, his apathetic and psychopathic personality made Sam one of the most dangerous men on Stark's team, granting him the position of becoming one of his lieutenant generals, and also granted him to have full command of his team of marksmen, after H.A.M.M.E.R. had successfully turn the world into a terrifying dystopian landscape, ran by the unstoppable new world order of the Empire.

Now wearing a new suit (which was formerly owned by Adrian Toomes, the Vulture before it was taken by H.A.M.M.E.R., shortly after his death) as a tactical gear specialized on perfecting his assassinations even further, Sam now dubbed himself with a new persona as the perfectly trained winged marksman, now known by many as Darkhawk.

Fall of the Empire

During the first days of the Resistance's infiltration inside the Triskelion, Sam wore his suit once again, along with his team, and was assigned to neutralize or apprehend all the members of the Resistance and a few others who were trying to leave the Triskelion during the assault, no matter how innocent they were. There, he had encountered his former heroic friends without knowing his real identity, whom he battled all to prevent them from ever escaping the building.

Sam and his team were almost successful in eliminating the heroes, that is until the Iron Metropolitan and the War Machine's leadership have led the Resistance into escaping, without one of them getting caught or captured. Distraught and frustrated by their escape, they were forced to track down and find the Resistance's base, however, now matter how hard they tried, they still remained unsuccessful. Sam's team did managed to find out the location of the base, located at the underground city below New York's surfaces.

However, they were already too late. The Resistance already left their bases and made their final move towards toppling down the Empire. Another thing, was that just as the Resistance have abandoned their posts, they implanted several explosives inside the entire underground. Entering a massive trap, Darkhawk and the entirety of his marksmen didn't have the time to escape the underground city, and as the explosives have detonated, come the crumbling down of the underground city's structure, plummeting down below, crushing all of them to death in the process.

But yet again, in spite of the death of his entire team, Sam somehow still survived, thanks to his toughened protective suit, which was recently improved by his fellow H.A.M.M.E.R. operative, the infamous Leader. In the wake of the destruction of the Resistance's hideout, Sam rises from the fallen, collapsed debris, only to realize how much he had become more furious, and seeing all his comrades's lifeless bodies, he was immediately filled with rage before flying out of the underground base to find the Resistance and kill them by himself, alone.


As he returns to the surface of the city, he also realized he was too late. Seeing every facility and every base that belonged to the Empire that was caused by the heroic sacrifice of the now-deceased Punisher, Sam was forced to bitterly accept the loss of the Empire under the hands of the Resistance. But, it didn't stop Sam from that point, and even though the Empire might've started crumbling, he still have the chance to take down its leaders. However, before Sam could proceed his search for the Resistance's leaders, he was already found by one. After getting unexpectedly hit by the shield of Captain America from out of nowhere, it was revealed to Sam that he was forced to face his old friend, Bucky Barnes, who had taken the mantle of the latter.

As the pair were forced to resort to hand to hand combat, and possibly a duel to the death, and in the midst of the fight, Bucky manages to ripped Darkhawk's helmet off using the shield, severely damaging it in the process, revealing Sam's face. Shocked to find out this way, Bucky and the rest of his team, which included the Next Avengers, stared in disbelief as Sam turned and revealed his face to him. Sam even rhetorically questioned Bucky that he never saw that coming. Sam then took the upper hand against Bucky in combat, finally taking him down by stripping his own cybernetic arm with the shield of Captain America. Bucky then lies on the ground, weakened and seemingly defeated.

Dishearten and dismayed by what Bucky had found, he asked Sam regarding the questions of why he would do such things. Sam only responded because he could, and he had the guts to. Bucky then begs Sam to finally change his ways, and help them in restoring back the freedom and the joy everyone deserves to have. However, Sam bitterly ignored his pleas on hope and answered, that his freedom and joy were already stripped away from him, ever since Pym caused his family to be killed by his own creation, Ultron. Bucky then told him that none of those was Pym's fault because he never expected for all of that to go downhill, but this situation would definitely Sam's after siding with Stark in the first place, unless he change and help them stop him.

Seemingly convinced by changing his ways, Sam grabs Bucky's other hand and helped him get back up, and responded to him that maybe there is still hope on restoring back everything to the way it used to be, to start a new chapter, a new beginning. Seeing that Sam was convinced on helping the Resistance, Bucky smiled, and was glad to see his old pal back. However, as Bucky turned into his teammates to keep moving towards their next mission on the other direction, he was unexpectedly impaled from the back through his chest by Sam himself, using his adamantium claws. Horrified by what Sam had done to him, Bucky stared at him, confusedly terrified. Sam then "offered" him an advice, "never look back when you're facing the enemy," before brutally using his other arm's claws and ripped him in half, killing him.

Unprepared and unexpected for what they have seen, the Next Avengers were distressed and broke down in tear after seeing the death of their mentor, trainer and friend, causing for them to fire their every power and abilities at Darkhawk at their fullest potential, damaging his suit in the process, to the point where they carelessly obliterated Sam, finally defeating him. After being defeated by the sons and daughters of his own former teammates, Sam was on the ground, only surprised to see how much they have resembled their parents. As a last resort, Sam then tried to persuade and manipulate the youngsters into joining the Empire, but he didn't realized that he was making a big mistake.


In response to his attempted persuasion, Steve Roger's own son, James, used his father's and Bucky's shield as he brutally knocked Sam with it, knocking him once again, before handing him into custody of the newly-reestablished New York Police Department.

Until the day the Empire fell and freedom & liberty was restored by the help of heroes, Sam was forced to watch as everything that he had help into establishing for so many years, crumbles and plummets into the ground. Sam then again felt so much lost inside of him, since he already lost everything that he had since Ultron Revolution.

Living in Hiding

Only a few days after his imprisonment, Sam somehow escaped his trial and eventually, prison itself for that matter, through unknown means. Although finally free, Sam didn't even start a new life revolted on doing some good to repay his past sins and sadly, he still continued his wicked ways as a low-life criminal and thug.

Sam didn't even reconsider his thoughts on having himself rehabilitated once more, believing that he already had control of his own sanity, but not even anyone could have proven, even himself, that he had recovered from becoming a full-time sociopath and psychopath. Despite still having mental problems inside of him, Sam continues his very best to change and survive in this new age and balance his new life, both as a low-life wanted criminal and as a normal man living in an uptown in Brooklyn.

The Final Punishment

Eventually, Sam decided to end his wicked criminal actions, despite the fact that they weren't that dangerous compared to the ones that he intentionally committed as a commander of Edward Stark, who was long gone after his death during the last days when the Empire fell. Still filled with so much regret and sorrow, Sam even tried to take his own life a few several times after realizing how much of a horrible person he was throughout the years. The only thing Sam could ever do was cry and cry all day, living a life full of extreme, life-changing consequences, resulted by his irreversible, unthinkable decisions.

One day after returning to his own apartment in the middle of the night, he was calmly and slowly confronted by Kathryn O'Brien, who now took the mantle of the Punisher after her husband's death, who went by the moniker of the Lady Punisher. The two had a long talk regarding Sam's new life and how much he had regretting committing all those mistakes that he wished he could've prevented. In the end, Sam had agreed on something after their heart-to-heart talk, before sitting on his favorite rocking chair. Feeling relaxed as he was inclined on his chair, he silently thanked Kathryn for doing this, to which she nodded in response.

Kathryn then watches him slowly close his eyes as he inclined himself on the chair, and as he began to slowly tear up, Kathryn stood up and pointed her silencer pistol on his head. Sam then nodded slowly as he continued breaking down in tears silently. Kathryn then closed her eyes as well as she pulled the trigger, ending Sam's long-time suffering, once and for all, and doing the thing that Sam couldn't have done. After Sam's death, Kathryn felt down and saddened for a short while after taking his life, and had a short moment, before putting the pistol on his hand, as Sam requested, to keep her out of harm's way. Kathryn then left his apartment, without anyone noticing or witnessing what she did.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight
  • Temporary/Limited Levitation
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Endurance
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Wilson is a mastered and an expert combatant, especially when using the sharp edge of the metal wings he wears as a weapon.

Strength level

Class 9+


  • Severe Mental Illnesses
    • Sociopathic Attributes
    • Psychopathic Attributes
    • Major Depression



  • Darkhawk's Flight Exo-Suit (Modified; Originally by Vulture; formerly, Now by H.A.M.M.E.R.)
    • Electromagnetic Wing Harness
      • Wing Blades
    • Electromagnetic Helmet
      • Neural Transmitter
    • Electromagnetic Gauntlets
      • Adamantium Claws
      • Razor-Sharp Blades


  • Flight

Weapons: The Wings are extremely sharp and can be used as weapons. He also uses several conventional and classified firearms from S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.A.M.M.E.R. and his hidden basement.


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  1. Modern Comics: Dark Age Vol 1 5


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