Falcon of Earth-20080522

The Falcon of Earth-20080522 was exactly the same as his Earth-616 until his reality's Baron Zemo dipped him in Adhesive X. The chemical reacted with Falcon's unique body chemistry and turned him into a living "falcon" with the ability to fly and gave him razor-sharp talons. Enraged by Zemo's act, Captain Anarchy (at the time Captain America) killed Zemo, which apalled Falcon. Nevertheless he joined Cap's Revengers team and revealed his secret identity of Sam Wilson to Cap. Around this time he fell in love with the robot Jocasta, and saved her when she was kidnapped by the league of Nightcrawler Clones. He also fought his Earth-616 counterpart when the Revengers fought the Avengers of that reality. However he also fought with the Avengers against a completely insane Captain Anarchy.


Falcon saves Jocasta for the League of Nightcrawler Clones