Samuel Guthrie (Earth-519)
Real Name Samuel Guthrie
Current Alias Salvo
Alias(es) Ballistic, Sam, Cannonball, Atomic Samson, Depth Charge, Samson Guthry, ExTremity, Zachary, Hayseeed, Tac-Nuke, Farmboy, Shellfire, Sammy, X-Ternal, The Wandering Hic, Immortal Champion
Affiliation Neo Exiles
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-985
Gender Male
Height 7 ft. 3 in.
Weight 228 lbs.
Eyes Grayish Blue
Hair Blonde




Homo Superior Physiology: Having an X-Gene like many within the Guthrie family, Sam found himself being reborn as a mutant at an early age. Said powers bestowed to him via the gift of his physiology Bobby's powers would manifest early on like in many of his siblings. Salvo often enjoyed the benefits of his abilities in his youth to later life, being something of a hometown hero in his dull little end of the south because of it.

  • Thermochemical Initiation: Cannonball's mutant ability revolves around harnessing and controlling the body's natural thermo-chemical energy which he releases from the surface of his skin. This propulsive force often works as thrust to jettison himself through the air like his namesake suggests at great heights and tremendous speeds, with considerable maneuverability at his disposal. Sam's control over his speed, direction and momentum stems from sheer force of will. Only able to release this energy from his feet and middle torso at first, but now he can fire it from almost any part of his body at will, to a wide variety of effects, such as channeling it into bio-kinetic blasts from his hands or riding atop said exhaust field like a surfboard. There are many outlier aspects to his abilities he has yet to properly master which are the thermal, the mechanical and the chemical proponents of his mutant power. But throughout the years training under the likes of Prof. X, the Externals, Cable and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Cannonball; now going by Salvo, has vastly expanded upon his potential capacity.
    • Blast Field: A protective aura largely comprised of kinetic energy also manifests itself around Samuel as an impenetrable and virtually indestructible "blast field." This paper thin layering acts as a tactile shield which is frictionless and immune to the effects of inertia which Samuel can extend to encompass others in its protective embrace. Either shaping the field around another person to imprison them, or absorb outside kinetic impact into his own energy supply and then re-channel it to increase the bludgeoning power of his blows or create explosive shock waves upon impact. Sam is also capable of generating the blast field without actually having to blast off, though it takes him extreme concentration to prevent himself from propelling into the air.
      • Molecular Destabilization: Through the direct molecular interactive capacities of his Blast Field, Guthrie can reformat matter to cause violently dissociative infraction within material bonds. Causing them to violently explode either with a touch or via remote focus, turning anything he sets himself on into a chemically unstable denotative charge. He can focus this power either on the air itself or ambient dust in order to project blasts of great explosive power through his hands as with any other part of his body while its active.
        • Fragility Inducement: Through such an imprecise means of molecular atomic reordering, Salvo can also cause immense physical breakdown within most forms of matter. Making whatever he comes in contact with or sets his cynosure upon become as feeble as aluminum foul, reducing even the likes of the hardest elements known to man brittle enough to shatter and crumble into nothingness. The tougher and denser said material is, the moreso frangible it becomes as a consequence.
        • Explosive Beam Emission: Sam can concentrate his power on a set path using fissionable material within his surroundings in order to project hyper explosive piercing beams by focusing his disruption power into the palm of his hand. In truth however, Samuel can just as easily fire them from any given point on or even a good distance away from himself. These volatile rays can cause linked explosions by charging anything they punch through with cohesion instability turning them into yet another bomb in his arsenal.
      • Nigh Invulnerability: When he is using his superpowers, Cannonball possesses virtual impregnability due to the energy field that forms around him while blasting.
      • Kinetic Deformation: By projecting his energy field outwardly, Cannonball can latch onto and physically skew the material consistency of anything and anyone it envelopes. Through which Sam can change/morph the properties of matter using kinetic energy to control atomic and sub-molecular variance, distorting size, shape and density of normally rigid or brittle targets.
        • Kinetic Tethering: Salvo learned he can generate remote kinetic fields and project them outward towards his surroundings. These targeted kinetic force bubbles then link with his own blast field so as to enable him control over their motion and friction, allowing him to move anything and everything he's bound too no matter how heavy it is along any surface at variable speeds by decreasing it's adhesion and mass to an extent.
          • Motion Locking: Initially plagued by the effect of Newtons third law of motion, Cannonball, in later life, would eventually work a way around bringing up the blast field without throwing himself around by channeling emission from his forearms. Using the kinetic portion of his power he can lock himself in place while standing there by freezing his own motion, binding his physical body within in any given area and/or space. Salvo could also work this in conjunction with his field imparting skill to freeze enemies or obstacles in place the same way, useful as a defensive measure to lock incoming attacks in place even while in mid-flight.
      • Kinetic Growth/Division: Through the powers of his Blast Field, Samuel can modulate the kinetic energy accumulated through flight and impact received through it and put it to more practical use than simply increasing his bludgeoning power. He can imbue that access energy into any objects he has on hand and either cause them to grow/enlarge or divide/replicate into smaller versions of themselves through redistributing shored kinetic/impact energies from his flight activity into them, converting it into extra mass for increasing their size and durability. On the other hand he can disseminate these energies between the molecular bonds of which instead, causing them to duplicate into smaller and smaller semblances repeatedly increasing their density and resilience through the dispersing of absorbed kinetic energy.
      • Matter Surfing: Instead of gliding headfirst through the air like a cruise missile, he can focus the emission of his field out the back of his feet and calves to soar like a surfer riding a tidal wave. This gives him better maneuverability while using his abilities than he normally has while flying Super Samaritan style. But usually at the cost of field integrity as his protective kinetic layer is strongest at the point of projectile emission than outside of it.
      • Field Imparting: Sam can also envelop objects or people within a blast field of their own by passing off his own power onto them. Effectively turning anything he focuses on into explosive ballistics with their own short lived blast fields. Ones which he has total control over even from overlong distances, Salvo literally lives up to his namesake by transforming regular mundanity into something more volatile, propelled by it's own internal thermochemical force as guided missiles he can direct at any given target before it eventually expends it's own energy reserves, imploding on itself as a result.
    • Activation Energy Manipulation: Through rigorous training with the Imperial Guard, Samuel Guthrie would eventually figure out how to exploit the greater functionality of his powers. Dabbling with the minimum amount of energy needed to initiate a specific reaction in which he activates his blast field. These can range from chemical reactions (energy needed to alter the chemical nature of substances) to nuclear reactions (energy needed to initiate events like fission or fusion). Using these facets of his power-set, Sam can alternate the chemical reactions and or physical change within himself and/or anything in his Blast Field. Thus enabling him to change and morph his own immortal body in small or grandiose ways. Be it morphing parts of said anatomy into heavy artillery while discharging his own hyper-charged body mass as kinetically amped slugs which can tear through battleship steel. To triggering internalized bio-thermobaric discharge within himself for the sake of detonating with a fiery implosion before expulsion of flaming debris in a massive atmospheric igniting discharge.
      • Fragoportation: Samuel can teleport himself variable distances while also releasing either massive explosions or accumulative implosions in his wake. Discharging violently before reforming in whatever area he wishes to pop up next. The destructive force per telefrag is dependent upon how far Mr. Guthry wishes to go towards or away from, a couple of feet to a few yards is equivocal to half a couple tons of nitroglycerin. While hundreds of yards to thousands of miles can release close too or exceeding the nuclear event which wiped out Hiroshima.
      • Bio-Thermal Manipulation: Sam would learn through the chemical nature of his powers that he has the ability to control natural physiological temperature and phase transition. Effectively, he can adjust the nature of his own Matter State for a number of purposes; such as emitting heat or cold beams from his eyes, projecting gusts of flame & frost from his mouth, channeling geothermal force from the earth itself to flash melt the ground beneath ones feet or simply liquefy it for reshaping it back into solid form. Even transforming himself into a mass of water which he can control to slip in and out of even airtight spaces and electroize himself, discorporating into hydrogen and oxygen respectively to travel as separate atomic elements before reforming into his watery self.
      • Bio-Nuclear Manipulation: Salvo would eventually grow in power still while learning to tap the natural radiological forces he can churn within himself. Allowing for the projection, guidance and delegation of harmful self-generated fallout for causing nuclear winters. Using this aspect of his abilities gets pretty hectic and Sammy only ever uses such a feat as a last resort. But when he decides to really cut loose, he can emit potent amounts of debilitating radiation of varying degrees and calibers. Even being able to emit certain wave frequencies which can either empower his fellow mutants or debilitate incredibly powerful beings like Gladiator of the Imperial Guard.
        • Total Conversion: Through his understanding of quark particle physics, Samuel/Salvo learned he can change anything into anything else without internal instability. E.i. converting anything/everything into a usable state and the reverse, such as converting any fuel completely into energy and back, including any/all by-products and leftover or waste material. Breaking it down and transmogrifying all of it into stable form, leaving absolutely nothing of what the substance or product originally was or even its reverse by converting energy into matter with no spill-off of any kind. Cannonball often makes use of this while in motion transmorphing everything he blasts into the moment before it makes contact with his energy field. Making even unbreakable substances into something more brittle which he can plow through. Or even after which, turning anything he strikes against into caustic or denotative substance after bulldozing them.
      • Explosive Infusion: Salvo can transfuse the hyper volatile nature of his activation abilities into most anything he comes across. Often using these talents in conjunction with specially designed artillery weapons tech developed on Krakoa or in conjunction with the mystical dwarven sword forged for him by King Eitri of Nidavellir. He can emit and project high-explosive force along any given surface he wishes to increase its destructive power. Channeling it through a gun, bazookas or even a bow & arrow gives its slugs an incredible discharge, one which he can time to go off or delay their rupturing until desired by willing it to go off. Using this power in conjunction with his transmutation capability, Salvo can even change the nature of his makeshift shaped charges to endow special properties onto them. Such as electrical, incendiary, toxic, freezing, micro-oxygen, etc.
    • Internal Energy Manipulation: Sam can tinker with the internal energy of his blast field in order to push himself to move faster and hit harder. Essentially he can alternate the energy of random motion in his own systems atoms & molecules. Which is made up of the sum total kinetic energy of its particles and the potential energy of said particles’ interactions, meaning the overall magnitude is dependent on the amount of substance available. Through this mechanism, Salvo has the ability to increase both his velocity while maintaining greater control over his vector guidance. Allowing for sharper turns, quicker reaction time and accelerated reflexes while he's blasting through the air.
      • Self-Velocity Manipulation: Guthrie can modulate just how far and how fast he can travel by adjusting his bodily momentum to shoot in whatever direction he so chooses. This is accomplished by channeling a portion of the kinetic energy of the atomic motion in his body’s molecules towards a desired vector. This can accelerate his body in a velocity in direct proportions to the amount of kinetic energy he taps while in motion. Theoretically it is possible for Sam Guthrie to reach 99% of the speed of light (186,272 miles per second in a vacuum), although he rarely ever travels anywhere near that speed in a planetary atmosphere or otherwise. Since if he did, he would wreak great damage upon himself and her environment. Cannonball only ever using such facilities as a last resort if left with no other options, what he can and has done is move a portion of his body at superhuman speeds at a time. This coupled with the rocket propulsion effect of his Blast Field enables landing hundreds to thousands of blows at a quarter of the speed of light in a split second.
        • Speed Accumulation: An effect of his varied abilities also enables Guthry to shore up excess velocity at a steady rate with his powers active. Accumulating speed and motion from any/all types of activity before unleashing it all at once, granting him the ability to move at virtually any conceivable velocity depending on how long Guthrie spent accumulating it in short bursts.
        • Kinetic Accumulation: Both through his superhuman talents and using the Blast Field he emits. Cannonball can accumulate extra kinetic force dealt from rapid mobility, impact absorption, force of motion and the like. Before redistributing it upon the chosen point of release, resulting in incredibly devastating bursts of incredible power of catastrophic proportions at the moment of contact. Sam often likes to employ this facility by flying high enough to reach close too low orbit before coming back down with the force of a kinetic rod.
      • Bio-Warp Manipulation: Through the usage of his natural internalized energies, Guthrie can harness the binding mechanism which keeps people places and things locked within a specific respective continuum in reality. This enables the immortal mutant vast telelocational and parachronal displacement abilities that can be made to create, shape and manipulate the sub-quantum binding field holding himself and/or others in place within a set given space-time or inter/extra-dimensional covalence via the willing adjustment of localized vibratory or energized frequency synchronicy. Allowing for the transition and traversal across any given dimensional boundary running along the infinite planes of existence by adjusting the pitch of said oscillatory tune. This facet of his powers let's Samuel freely traverse the superstructure of totality at will, with the all access passkey like Andrenir Ring; this allows Salvo to travel to and from any given point in history or to other continuua outside of his native world.
        • Space/Time Compression: Through his mastery of physical quantum states, Sam can compact both multi-dimensional space and the flow of temporal energy, stacking both constants upon one another into multi layer pocket continua of ultrahigh density ouranochronal convexity. Cannonball can use it for various purposes, such as constructs or potent warping blasts that can phase away people and obstructions in their path. Such effects can also be applied by condensing the compositional energy for practical usages, such as the continual condensation until it reaches the point in which it becomes a singularity, forming quasi-physical wormholes of various kinds.
    • Displacement Energy Manipulation: Salvo would eventually pick up on the hidden talent of his biochemical deviation powers being able to shift around internal/external compositional covalence at a particle level. Such a skill set enables him to change around the amount of mass an object has by shunting it away to a different dimension or accumulate excess amounts from a separate subspace outside of reality, manipulate rigidity in an object by controlling particle electron alignment for making molecular latices compress in perfect sequence. Either making them as pliable as clay or sterner than steel plating making the affected item tough enough to resist a bomb blast, lastly such dynamism also affords Sam the ability to modify the density of any subject he chooses by relegating the volume amount of culpable matter; causing it to become translucent like a phantasm or hyper-dense like a chunk of dark matter.
      • Mass Manipulation: Guthrie, through his displacement abilities, can create/negate, shape and manipulate mass, making anything he focuses on dense as mountain rock or absolutely lightened while also retaining the associated properties. He can even decrease his own mass to move around and about easier through the environment and needn't worry about gravity; be it in space or the pull of it found on planets. As mass determines gravitational strength, he could even gravitationally influence distance, matter and radiation as well.
        • Mass Conversion: Through more precise manipulation of his thremochemical energies, Salvo can taker any object or utensil on hand and transfuse it's mass; e.i. the internal body of matter comprising it, into raw dynamism by agitating the atoms in base substance. This has the effect of transitioning and projecting the molecular energy of which as concussive energy force, discharging it somewhat like a chain gun in execution. Different materials react accordingly to such an effect of Samuel's ability usage; but in all cases once it's energized mass has been spent. The item in question disintegrates shortly afterward; heavier, denser material forms yield longer spanning and more powerful blast discharges than weaker substances. While organic elements tend to burn out quicker than than non-biological objects used, this could be circumvented if said abstracts are properly nourished with the life giving substances needed to stabilize itself while active. Salvo can bypass the need for a tangible amount of bulk by taking the ambient dust or oxygen in his vicinity and/or from depleted makeshift artillery and converting it's mass into energy using his own extremities as channeling conduits. Objects without a topographical focal point from which to release the energy through simply become overcharged and explode, not unlike a kinetically active elements similarly affected by fellow x-man; Gambit.
          • Energy Transference: Sam can convert then discharge the alternated molecular energy from one end to the other by touch. Any item he seeks to weaponize transfers its body of matter through him, using his own body as a breaker of sorts in order to channel said output from point A to point B. Usually A being one hand as the changeover affecting the channeled object while B being the other hand in use as a release funnel for the energy outbreak.
      • Density Manipulation: Shellfire can even manipulate the density and solidity of object or people by changing atomo/molecular consolidation through displacement energy. Either making part of an item, whether living or inanimate; immaterial enough to phase through the microscopic walling of base matter. Yet tangible enough to effect certain items that Sam wishes the intangible to effect. By changing around the molecular density of affected subjects, himself included, Sam is potentially capable of changing around size/volume as well.
      • Replication/Division Manipulation: By creating a controlled displacement bend in the cellular/molecular matrix's of affected subjects; Cannonball can instantly, perfectly replicate himself and/or other targets which can be objects or living beings, numerous times and just as easily recombine the clones created in such a manner. Using both of these abilities (both active and subconsciously), copying clothes/equipment along with any given body. In his case, Sam's living/sentient clones, mental/physical properties are exactly the same as the original, whatever experiences each of his copies created will be transferred back to him in due time. have different and may gain independent personalities over time.
      • Malleability Manipulation: Samuel found he can manipulate the ductility of matter at the atomic level by changing around the pliability of positron/electron alignment. Causing whatever it was that he effected to plastically deform without breaking, fracturing or losing it's material consistency. With the cohesion between said elements molecules remaining sufficient to hold together, Salvo could alter the most rigid of substances into a soft and flexible form like taffy, or even make a tempered material (such as Adamantine) turn flimsy and brittle as stained glass; i.e. causing something hard to have rubber like flexibility, apply the reverse, and more.
  • External: While long being theorized that Cannonball may be one of the Externals, it was eventually learned that despite all the questionable evidence. It was later confirmed he is in fact one amongst their immortal number. Cable was able to confirm it with professor X and Saul Garbha that Sam possessed their likeness and special traits.
    • Immortality: As an External, Sam is immortal. Able to heal and regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue an an expedient rate.
      • Rapid Healing: Having the natural ability to endure injuries (within unknown limits) without lasting harm or even feeling pain such as knife wounds, gunshots and lethal explosions.
      • Resurrection: Being immortal, Salvo has shown to be able to resurrected himself from death.
      • Reformation: Sam's immortality is often exploited for his more fragmentive aspects of his abilities. More often than not his more volatile abilities require physically piece himself back together.
      • Rebirth: As with all Externals, should he die the young mutant will eventually reincarnate himself.
    • Psychic-Link: Samuel shares a telepathic-link with others amongst his own kind. One that allows Externals to not only sense each other and where, but when one rises from the dead and when one is killed by another External.
    • Causa Sui Physiology: Another special aspect bestowed upon the externals whom live to see the end of their reality span is the awakening of the truest potential of their immortality. Having lived to see the end of time more than once, Mr. Guthrie has been gifted with the enlightenment that being an External comes with the knowledge of being a self-created entity. One who owes their existence to none other than themselves due to the fact that they brought themselves into existence unattended. Because of this, he now possess godlike power and stands at the Zenith of creation and existence within his own universe. With this power, he is completely free of any being or law, Supreme and otherwise. Thus allowing him to accomplish anything he puts his mind too and is only limited by the sheer amount of courage and imagination held within his heart.

Elder Force: Samuel has learned to tap the incredible quasiphysical powers through his specially enchanted weapon capable of reordering the cosmic hierarchy. One that is orders of magnitude greater than that belonging to the All-Father's of Asgard deferred to as the Odin & Thor Power, the energy sources labeled the powers cosmic & primordial and even the Anti Force utilized by the negative zones equivalent of cosmic heralds, for a plethora of special purposes. With this power, Sam is capable of meta-magical feats such as transporting entire galaxies between alternate dimensions, BFR foes or their equipment away without affecting their handlers, read and interconnect with minds from across realities, projecting and/or strengthening his abilities force blasts, manipulate matter for a number of purposes, erecting nigh impenetrable force fields, barriers which can shield entire cities or worlds, altering sizes, endowing as well as augmenting peoples or objects with newfound/greater power, and compressing or expanding incoming attacks or the defenses of adversary and ally alike. Throughout the millennia as an immortal Sam has become highly skilled in the use of his phenomenal cosmic powers both in and out of combat situations, and was able to casually knock around the Fallen One and Mangog simultaneously and even put Gabriel the Air-Walker down in one simple backhand when after Galactus's favorite herald had been reanimated and further empowered by the necrotic taint of the cancerverse. He has even beaten the likes of Thanos after his empowerment by the Infinity gauntlet, Cosmic Cube and the powers of the God Quarry. Salvo's influence over the power is so great, he could easily overcome the mind warping magitek modifications which made his partner and teammate; Prima of Earth-7385 an unwitting pawn to the powers hating xenoform alliance of her Earth, as well as traverse through time & space unimpeded. He was able to siphon the cosmic and/or mystical abilities of such higher tier celestial forces the likes of which being the Living Tribuna, the Starbrand and even the Cosmic Ghost Rider; The Elderforce's power is so vast, that when a part of which manifested as Samuel's dark half backed by the fusion of Eternity & infinity after it bonded with the conceptual hybrid entity, it was so large that it could crush universes in its grip as if they were Styrofoam, this cosmological abstracts hands & fingers stretched as far as across the multiverse. Salvo's battle with such a conundrum creature devastated entire dimensional planes across countless worlds saddled within them. When after having bested such a malefic embodiment, Sammy with care and effort, had handily undid all the damage caused by the chimeras deadly hand. Showing he had attained an insurmountable amount of understanding with the almighty energy source that he could restore all the damage they'd caused across all reality in moments. Not long afterwards, Salvo would participate in Ragnarok and showcase his newfound master over the Eldritch Power by undoing both the unkillable ancient asgardian abstract primordials Surtr and Ymir in deadly combat, the two being infamous in they're inability to be killed by any other save Odin himself at the time of Twilight when the world tree burns and the universe as we know it comes to an end. Learning to rather quickly overpower the two ancients as they attempted to kickstart the annihilation of everything that us by combining their power over fire & ice through a combination of the Odinspear Gungnir and Surtr's own demonic blade known as Twilight in order to recreate existence and all of it's adjacent dimensions intersecting with that of other worlds; e.i. Negative Zone, Dark Dimension, Limbo, Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, The river of Sanzu, etc. In their own image. At it's peak, the Elder Force is said to rival the powers of the ones above and below all whom are the source progenitors of the marvel continuum. For it is the source of which the all-powerful entities of creation draw their main strength from; beings like Galactus, the Living Tribunal, Order & Chaos, the Elders of the Universe, the various godly pantheons and more beyond that; while inherently deriving great power from internalized source, all of which sprang from and derive their godhood from this omnipresential force. Even with all of his years of experience behind him, Sam/Salvo has yet to even fully tap, let alone truly grasp, the enormity of the Elder Force gifted onto him. It's power for all intents and purposes being limitless, he is still discovering more and more new & old effects in which they function. Salvo is also adept at manipulating the dynamystic forces of worlds beyond worlds outside of his own through the gauntlet of power, able to articulate and modulate the superhuman skills of mutants, inhumans, mutates, hybrid races and the like; as well as manipulate outside energy sources beyond electrical, radiological, esoteric, psychic and the like. he's even capable of placing enchantments of his own design upon items, people, vehicles and entire realities as he did for his weapon of choice Draugr Splitter, spells and hexations of which lasting only until he himself cancels them out or they are overpowered by a superior conjuration.

Despite his youthful inexperience, even as an undying External, Sam was able to match All-Father Thor; inheritor of the Thorforce, in a contest of might and magic which lasted for nearly sixty days & nights. The battle between them being so epic, it was waged on several planes of existence simultaneously, the energy release from their respective castings and wizardry was such that it literally shattered the dimensions of reality and beyond.

In battle, Samuel often channels the Elder Force through his specially crafted asgardian armament Draugr Splitter, an enchanted relic blade made through a combination of mystical Uru, organite cut Adamantium and the mystic force channeling Promethium through which he uses to focus his personal energies and the Elder Force through. As a token of gratitude by Odin and the denizens of the ten realms, Sam also bears Andrenir (the "Ouroborosring") as a symbol of their gratitude to the immortal champion, through which enables him free passage to and from the long winding branches of Yggdrasil no matter where or when or how far out of his home reality he may be.

  • Remote Energy Manipulation: Through concentration he can manipulate energy beyond his own for various effects including the projection of concussive force, creation of force shields, levitation & flight, particle manipulation for matter-energy conversion, illusion-casting, and inter-dimensional teleportation. But these abilities, limitless as they are, are not entirely self-sufficient. The application of such a technique requires an external elemental force he can tack into in order to use it; often working best when in a reality present with the life energies of immortal races ranging from terrestrial, religious or even cosmic in order to work properly, Salvo can absorb any and all of their life & death energies into his person at will and redistribute it however he sees fit. Even to the point of restoring life to a dying cosmic entity like death, eternity or any simple mortal.

While the Eldar force is virtually inexhaustible in and of itself, it eats through Mr. Guthrie's stamina considerably as his demi-human body is opposed to the ex-tenuous usage of such absolute power for prolonged periods of time. This instills the need for extended periods of rest between using the primal source for extended times. Usually needing a rest period of 48-hour per month one day a week in order to replenish himself from fatigue in order to restore his stamina and keep his ties to the power strong. Often while on his travels through reality & upper reality; Samuel will call upon the fabled eight-legged steed of Odin, Sleipnir.

Through his link with the Elder Force he and Sleipnir are empathetically bonded in a similar vein that Dani is telempathically linked to Brightwind. The two occasionally being travel companions with the steed enabling Samuel to navigate the "endless sea of totality." As the horse has warping speed and can run/fly through infinity and beyond at incalculable velocity.


Xenolingual: Like his fellow teammates, Samuel's time traversing universes and realities have broadened his cultural horizons. Taking study sessions with his good friend Douglas Ramsey has gifted Mr. Guthrie with a vast speech vocabulary he often makes use of in his myriad travels.



Science-Magic Intuition: Spending years studying both the metaphysics of various alien cultures has gifted the youngest External with an uncanny knack for understanding the parallels between the broad standings of physics as well as seemingly random reaches of mysticism. Having become quite adept at both concepts through the study of mystical forges, ancient raptor fraternity engineering and taking some lessons in the occult from various Sorcerer Supreme's.


Aviation Specialist:

Weapons Expert: Time spent roaming the world tree as well as touring the universe as a Shi'Ar warrior envoy has blessed Samuel with an innate understanding of armaments and defense batteries. He is a very capable hand to hand combatant but excels when using a handheld tool designed for battle while out in the field.


Other Externals

Elder Force Expenditure


Asgardian Battle Wears

Krakoan Biotech

Philosophian Midas Gem: One of the greatest finds along his adventures, this science mystical jewel procured from the deadly dragon wizard Sadurang in a heated battle of wits. Is an alchemical relic which instills individuals with archaic and current knowledge of matter reformation as well as understandings on how to acquire even greater wealth with the express purpose of securing a neobobic lifestyle via direct transmogrification and conjuration of valuables, rarities, priceless baubles and/or the intuitive flashes of insight on other such acquisitionally lucrative findings.

X.S.E Combat Utilities

Draugr Splitter: A meta mystical morph weapon forged for him in gratitude by the Dwarven King; Eitri. Comprised equal parts of Uru; laden with enchantments & blessings by the various inhabitants of the Ten Realms in collusion with specially designed Nubotech (organic based microtechnology) caste Adamantium; gifted onto him by Forge, coupled in mythic amorphous Promethium scoured from Limbo at the be-haste of his earth's Illyana/Magik. This mystical arm can take whatever shape or form the weaponer desires it too, or let it rest a simple hilt with no utensil sitting upon it in its inactive state. The facilities this mighty weapon can take preclude:

  • Obsidian Guard: Recombinant elemental draining and assimilating shield which can take on any broad or attract all indirect assaults to replenish lost vitality as well as double back against it's attacker.
    • Titianian Phalanx: A cabaret of floating drones which change and morph their semblance from both offensive and defensive state. Taking the form of mobile gun turrets, reflective shields, orbital skeins and parasitic flower buds which Sammy can control remotely or handle manually as secondary arms while maintaining defense.
  • Yggdrgs: The leech like plant bit drones which double as handheld whips and bolas in Samuel's hands. In manual mode these munitions take the form of a thick, branchlike handle that extrudes long dirty green thorn studded vines from the bloom guard. Said barbs carry venomous acids which intoxicate as well as whittle away toughness and regenerative capacity in an adversary. In drone mode they are like piercing missiles which burrow shoot out and burrow into desired targets, giving Salvo command over their actions via two pronged effect, first being digging it's roots into a target creating a secondary neurosynaptic endoskeleton within the enemy hot-wiring their movements, secondly comes the dispersal of mind warping pheromones that dull the consciousness and senses removing their will to resist.
  • Macro: A couple dozen monofilament blades sharp enough to shave the rough edges of a subatomic particle. They float around the users person slashing and hacking at anything or anyone they wish. Sam can articulate these blades to work individually or form up into larger skeins he can wield shield & sword style. They can even take various formations which coincide with Samuel's powers; either taking the shape of serrated energized wheels which sheer through target markers like buzz-saw's or energized darts which zip around in odd angles before striking at an enemy. The razor's edge also function as dimensional cutters enabling Macro's edge to pierce time & space to open portals and attack at odd angles by boring holes in the fabric of reality which Sam and/or others can travel through.
  • Aegian: Protective defense bits with absorptive, re-channeling and magnification or weakening effect. They are the ultimate mobile off/def utility in Draugr's arsenal; able to take anything the main shield intercepts while Guthrie uses it against enemy attack. And channel the assimilated force in between one another to cycle up the enemies force before throwing it back with greater force. The deflective qualities also allow Salvo to rapidly rebound intercepted or self generated assaults through his shield into the floating guards, transferring said force from the man guard to another shield positioned where it can do the most damage. As well as repeatedly deflecting it from one shield to another before sending it back at the enemy.
  • Raptor: Condor headed artillery turrets which Salvo can adjust the barrel width of, as well firing rate of at will to adjust bullet caliber. Leaner barrel focus begets rifle grade precision shooting. While broader gun muzzling gives any one of the Raptors firepower equivalent to a warship's main gun. Each individual launcher device possesses their own visual optic nodes through which the shield bearer; Sam, can see through. As with Macro, Samuel can combine multiple Raptor drones into conjoined superguns which discharge charged particle grade munitions. Or combine them into handheld modular firearms like gatling guns, RPGs, microwave emitters, rocket tubes, gauss cannons, etc.
  • Chimeru: While not so much as a drone production but a blending of other phalanx types to use. Chimeru fuses two or more of the other floating support assets into a singular, more powerful utility than they are by they're lonesome. Either fusing them by their lonesome or bonding them to the main shield producing any manner of fusion weaponry combining decent assault with the best protection.
  • Breaker Marm: Massive metalmoprhic broadsword which can alter it's size, length, rigidity and substance at will.
    • Einbauti: Lone Striker is a massive jet powered lance which has vast reach and duplication capabilities. Breaking open to reveal a massive energy collider which enables Guthrie to expand it's shape & reach at will. It can also break apart and create smaller duplicates of itself; to which Samuel can hurl said spearhead and recalling it to hand later. Even replacing it with one of the replicas which assumes the originals form.
  • Dagrhead: A metamorphic chain blade which can elongate and twirl around it's serrated segments along their own cord length. It has the ability to consume the trace metals within any and all things it cuts in order to weaken it's opposition as well as increase it's length. The extra metallic substance also bestows Dagr the capacity to alternate physical mass into different weapon configurations in order to accommodate itself into new weapon forms.
    • Eagle Heart: The whip blade morphs further into a blade edge bow & monofilament arrows which project any number of monmolecular wire based munitions ranging from razor netting to tracking flechettes and tripwires tethered to Dagrhead's other forms among other things.
    • Anemone: Specially designed pressure dials filled with liquid smart metal that entraps anyone close by.
    • Double Helix: Formation changing chain linked saw blades which spin at hyper-velocity speeds via rapid molecular oscillation. They're links are self-regenerating with rapid fire discharge while spinning.
  • Surt's Haze: Huge buster cannon which better focuses and magnifies both the Elder Force & his own powers.
    • Redcap: A shaped charge dispenser which fires two differing types of explosive device in very unique ways. The first being an arc launching mortar that releases a plasma radiation based shockwave once upon making landfall, the atomic energy discharge has a propagative damage effect on both inorganic matter and living tissue. In battle zones it gradually weakens devastated areas to the point it causes molecular destabilization causing already imbalanced substance to crumble and decompile further into rubble. In living beings, people touched by the radioactive explosions suffer from a pressuring force that cuts deeper and deeper into an enemies wounds suffered during the coarse of the battle. Gradually worsening any inherent hurt or affliction they may have suffered to the point of incapacitation and eventual death. Secondly is a type of frag grenade with chain denotative, repetitive discharge and explosive conversion capability; after propulsion these explosive devices break apart into smaller blast cores which continually rupture into smaller & smaller shards upon impact with a target without losing their denotative force. Anything these fragments make contact with essentially become charged dynamos themselves with similar properties to the initial set mine the conversion fragments came from.
    • Valkrior: Missile launcher function which possess replicative and divisible capacities, like a mighty phalanx the discharged trajectiles swarm outward towards a target locked in their sights. To tag multiple desired marks these micro missiles split apart into greater quantities for the purpose of mass carpet bombing of multiple foes at once. For true battlefield control the valkrior barrage disperses a cluster bomb content from within it's interior casing to rain down upon the enemy with accelerated explosive compactor force. Reshaping the very landscape they make contact with.
    • Rise Fafnir: Transformation which grows multiple bayonet like stilettos out and around the gun barrel and rocket boosters at the back. The rocket thruster systems are propelled by powerful sonic waves while the skein's of which channel Acoustic/Ultrasonic wave projection which further sharpens their already incisive edge. The cannon itself explosively opens up to reveal an energized mouthclaw that takes the shape of a surging dragons head, one which can expand and elongate in order to increase size, reach and attack power. The appendagle effigy boasts strength far in excess of it's weaponer, allowing for Samuel wrench and crush tempered steel or fresh diamond in it's maw. The lancets can be launched or hurled like projectile darts that cut & pierce with tremendous force; the single greatest function of Fafnir is the projection of it's gunnery force into the ground. Causing massive volcanic swells to bubble up from the earth into explosive tower bursts of molten geomagnetic force.
    • Murasame: Using his abilities in conjunction with the Elder Force through his weapon of choice. Samuel/Salvo duplicates his blaster to fit both hands and duel wield the two while in battle. Due to this effect their effective blast power and firing rate is halved between them, but Sam can simply supply greater power into them by converting surrounding mass into raw energy before cocking it into his twin gunnery. Able to fire either singular giant blast shots the size of an armored humvee, emit multiple percussive discharges in a scattering/gatling fashion or launch his assault straight upward and have it all come back down to earth afterward.
  • Boldearg: A long spear weapon said to descend from the personal battlement of All-Father Odin's Gungnir. Named after a pair of famous polearms of Irish folklore, Sam's mighty pike has a multi pronged effect. Able to inflict wounds that cannot be healed and worsen over time, inflict injuries which have the chance to go from critical to fatalistic with every cut, bypass and dispel every form of mysticism and arcane safeguard it is faced against as well as cut, pierce, rend and/or otherwise lacerate anything and everything no matter how resilient the substance is. While the dangerous point of the weapon is it's lance head, in truth every iota of Boldearg is a deadly skein capable of rending the impregnable membrane of universes if need be. There is no dodging it's deadly lunge as it's causality inversion abilities make it impossible to block, dodge nor truly survive.
    • Faraday Rain: Taking the shape of a dual ended naginata with automatic rifles set within both blades and along the pole handle. Samuel can twirl this battlement around at incredible speed to deliver a propeller gatling barrage. Delivering a flurry of one billion bullet discharges per second. He can also toss his double edge like a boomerang to deliver powerful scatter shooting which rains down from high altitudes peppering enemies from above. Faraday's rifle parts generate a specialized contact lens for Salvo to utilize extreme marksmanship, through which it gives him the pinpoint accuracy when it comes to shooting targets that are galaxies away from his current position. The kind of artillery his twin halberd can produce depends upon what Sam desires it too be.
    • Arc Castling: A two fold munition/battlement capable of twisting space/time in a similar Mr. Guthries old X associate; The Manifold, can do. One facility having the power to manipulate Einstein Rosen Bridges as a major multi-ranged offensory, with the other being an inescapable superpositional lance throw which can arc and bend and phasing through anything in order to reach it's mark.
  • Bifrost: Samuel can project warp gates from point a-b at any given location he desires. Using this facet he can step in and out anywhere/anywhen he chooses by swing his spear in a sweeping motion or simply compelling his spear to create pinholes in reality's membrane to take him wherever he wishes to go. Offensively he can remotely create warp gates with designated targeting beacons streamed along an given line of sight. To which the corresponding rifts can pull exotic materia from the other end of existence towards wherever he's placed a target marker. The elements drawn forth can range from matter to energy and beyond, stemming to; ionic beams, plasma rain, cosmic energy, iridium meteors, comet frost, white hole emissions, monstrous appendages, crimson energy, etc. Bifrost also has the added practicality of emulating and discharging various forms of the very same assorted materia aspects which Salvo summons through his staff weapon. Using such a practice for transforming his spear into raw concussive force that can plow through Fort Knox, luminescent contrail that he can ride around on and carry others with or kick towards desired opposition with a powerful buffeting effect, even endow a little of his thermokinetic blast energy onto it and create a massive tether pull between itself and assemblages of matter as large as whole galaxies behind itself and releasing them as hyper explosive or heavy impactory sledge payloads.
  • Paradox: Taking notes from the Black Order enforcer Proxima Midnight's personal weapon of choice. Sammy can hurl his spear great distances and have it transform into a multi-arcing energy lancet that shoots off in various directions to which he can control the force output and trajectory of. In energy form it has limitless mass generated from it's lightspeed motions and can pierce & rend through any known substance whilst in this state. Once thrown, Paradox tracks it's main quarry with relentless finesse, be it across short distances to universal treks. The arm never misses its intended mark(s), to such an end a thousand multiplying gars of raw Elder Force branch out in either direct or odd angular momentum's striking at any number of designated enemy or obstacles Samuel desires. Given their high motion, extra-dimensional substance on top of their infinite weight, they are all but impossible to stop let alone properly defend against. Upon reaching the object in sight they can BFR the item of interest to any given place or time at random intervals or becoming a kind of energy netting which can isolate the powers of those bound in it's snare while also weighing them down with the residual anchorage necessary to restrain a Hulk. Another facet of the Paradox facility is it's being, in actuality, a mutli-million pointed spear that breeches from the infinite dimensions. These extradimensional properties causes Paradox to manifest itself as a horde of outer reality creatures that can attack on a myriad of levels when striking base or higher-dimensional beings from the three dimensional universe, be it at different moments in time or space.

While the armament is titanic in scale, one of the items many enchantment's makes it lighter than paper in the hands of it's wielder. Said object also only works in Samuel Guthrie's hands and his alone, for the power within it will only recognize and consent his being barring no exceptions. Other such enchantments include but are not limited to dispatching cosmic powers or pagan divinities on top of natural insightful guidance instill within the handler in how best to utilize the weapons tremendous power. Draugr can nudge and guide Samuel in the best direction of which to wield it against any given foe, no matter how invincible they may seem. Said artifact also taps into a bygone transcendent power known as the Elder Force; the very same esoterica which Dr. Strange used to reforge Thor Odinson's broken hammer Mjolnir. Through it; Sam/Salvo can channel the ancient powers which gave birth to many a god or were bequeathed by elementals and primordials whom preceded creation to cast spells, launch discharges of raw energy, open portals across dimensions and enhance his own or another's innate talents through channeling it's energies into the surroundings as mystic barrier particles or fatally debilitate supernatural effects of all kinds via dispersing anti-surreal particles into his surroundings instead.

Raptor Amulets: In his travels as a confidante/consort to a superguardian within the Shi'ar Emperial Guard, Salvo had secured a great bounty in technomystical fruit like amulets begotten from the Tree of Shadows within Other Space. These jewels carry the memory core to one amongst a murder of sleeping magitek super androids whom comprise the Fraternity of Raptors. Whosoever withholds these artifacts of the Shi'ar's bygone historia will come to host a duel consciousness of the A.I. powering these bio-mechanical drones and their shared hive consciousness known as the Datasong. Enabling the wielder to swap out between themselves and the resting automaton waiting in their maintenance pods within the tree to take their place in the primary universe. Samuel Guthrie had found a way to modify the intelligence behind these gems to work more in a symbiotic fashion than a parasitic one to accommodate the host. Taking notes of how the symbiosis between Razor & Chris Powell of Earth imprinted his humanity onto the sapience within the armor. He would reorder the amulets copy select aspects of a humanoid host onto the sapience behind the robotic beings.

Andrenir: The fabled Ring of Ouroboros gifted unto him by the grateful masses of the fabled Ten Realms situated upon the Tree of Yggdrasil. More than just a symbolism of eternal honor gifted by the many thankful denizens across the realms eternal. Andrenir is a multi-dimensional tether which allows for it's wearer to jump to and from different points along the world tree into any of the mystical worlds along Asgard's ever reaching branch lines.

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