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Hulk Boy

Real Name
Samson Thaddeus Ross
Current Alias
Hulk Boy

Purple Hulk, Monster



Young Avengers, SHIELD

Unknown Skrull Father, Betty Ross (Mother, deceased), Thaddeus Ross (Grandfather, deceased), Veris (Paternal Half Brother), Talon (Paternal Half Brother)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly SHIELD Helicarrier


5' 6" 6'6 when powered up

156 lbs (71 kg) 312 lbs when powered up




Unusual Features
Purple skin,gains more muscle when angered


Marital Status

Student, Hero, Junior Agent

High School Level

Human Mutate/Skrull Hybrid

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Like all in my family before me I want to be a hero. What I want is to show the world again the Hulk family can do good and aren't just monsters. He also can alter his biological state such as manifesting wings, claws, and changing parts of his body into weapons. Quote2
-- Samson Ross


Samson is the son of the Red She-hulk, also known as Betty Ross and unknowingly to him at a skrull agent. A result of this Skrull seducing Betty Samson would eventually come to be. But Betty died during giving birth to Samson and faced complications in her regular form, resulting in her death. As a result he was eventually taken in by the SHIELD since his father was no where to be found, for a while never being aware it was this mysterious Skrull agent.

Though it was through some genetic testing that SHIELD discovered that not only did Samson hold potential to become another Hulk but he also showed an alien origin. But due to the lack of Skrull DNA being available they never were aware of what alien lineage he held. Nevertheless, Samson was raised from a young age to become another SHIELD agent for the organization. Many Junior Agents weren't made aware of his origin and it seemed for a while he fit in just fine. He never met Sam Wilson Junior, Kaitlyn, or Lucas but he did hear of their reputation making him curious about them.

But it became clear from a young age that Samson was not a typical kid. By the time he was about nine he began to show signs of having purple skin, followed by just before he was to turn ten he got in an argument with another junior agent something else happened. When he became angered with the agent, Samson became larger in mass and for a moment uncontrollable as he attacked the kid and a few others. It was this moment that Samson displayed his Hulk-like abilities and he was pulled from the group training and put into a more private tutoring of his abilities. During the two years to follow, it wasn't long before Samson revealed his shapeshifting abilities, causing many to realize just what alien race his alien half came from at last.

But, that didn't change their perspective of the boy's potential as he continued his training, which also extending to training as a covert spy. Due to his shapeshifting abilities it proved useful as an asset to the organization to make use of in gathering intel and certain items.

Joining a new Team

Soon though, Maria became interested in the suggestion of the veteran heroes about reopening Avengers Academy. But without waiting entirely for approval on the matter, the academy was already being refurnished, remodeled, and reopened before Maria could have much say. Despite her annoyance Maria quickly put an investment into the academy, not only viewing it as a way to train future agents but also to keep an eye on those that enrolled.

As a secondary set of eyes, Samson was enrolled into the academy and came to quickly fit in with the other Young Avengers despite his parentage.

Powers and Abilities


Thanks to the gamma radiation that mutated his mother, Samson also inherited this ability through his own DNA and has greater strength, stamina, and durability then the average human. He also has the follow powers because of the gamma radiation in his genes:

  • Increased Body Mass:Samson can increase his body mass to twice it's current musculature. This happens when he gets angered, stressed, or enraged similar to what triggers the transformations of those who have Hulk powers of their own except that Samson's form is permanent and only his body gets bigger. Samson though has come to the possible conclusion that if he ever became more enraged then he ever has been he likely could become three times his current size but still vastly smaller then the likes of Hulk and Red Hulk.
    • Superhuman Strength:With his increased body mass his already incredible strength is drastically increased to where he can lift a small truck with relative ease and throw it a great distance. He can also easily dent the likes of steel plating like it's a tin can.
    • Superhuman Stamina:His stamina also becomes increased to where he can go for hours or even a few days without fatigue toxins building up and impairing him. Thus he can engage in physical activity for far longer than the average human.
    • Superhuman Durability:Despite already being quite durable, with his musculature being harder then the average human and much denser this increases with his larger physical mass. Thus he can take several blows by a superhuman with great physical strength without much damage or handle high impact forces without serious injury.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity:Samson is able to take in greater amounts of oxygen then the average human. This allows him to hold his breathe for longer periods of time, being able to be in water and lower altitudes lacking much oxygen longer then most could. He can also let out a powerful breathe to knock a man off his feet.
  • Limited Radiation Absorption/Immunity:Another result of his gamma infused genes is being able to absorb moderate levels of radiation into his body and has moderate levels of immunity.
  • Shapeshifting:As a result of his Skrull heritage Samson can shapeshift at will. He often uses this to alter his appearance to appear normal among the population, or when it calls for hiding his distinct purple skin. He also has shown to be able to copy another person's appearance or alter his age in a sense, causing himself to look younger but this is not a form of age changing only a result of his shapeshifting abilities. He can take on a person's voice and appearance when copying another or just alter his skin, hair, and eye color, the length of his hair, or alter his body's size, often to confuse his enemies.


  • Expert Combatant: Samson has been trained extensively in armed and unarmed combatant, having shown to be an expert combatant despite being young still.
  • Espionage: Samson has some skill in espionage and intel gathering, having used his shapeshifting in order to trick common civilians and to be able to get close to enemy lines by disguising as something or someone less noticeable.
  • Swordsmanship:Though still only a practitioner Samson does have some skill with swords.

Strength level

Samson has twice the strength of a man his age and height. When angered this increases along with his muscle mass.


  • Unfortunately when angered, Samson cannot hold back his change to increased body mass which usually happens when angered, upset, or stressed.
  • Unfortunately, Samson can only take in moderate levels of radiation or is immune to such levels. Anything more tends to weaken him greatly and cause him to pass out or become severely ill.
  • Though he can copy other's voices, appearances, and looks he cannot copy their personality and powers if they have any, like that of normal Skrulls when they shapeshift.


Equipment: Different gadgets at times, Radiation meter
Transportation: Avengers Academy vehicles
Weapons: Sometimes swords


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  • Samson is another unusual color among the Hulk family, and one of the few who is not red or green.
  • Samson usually alters his skin color to better blend in among normal people and seems to suffer some self-consciousness about his appearance.

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