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Skrull Target Eraser Patrol

Official Name
Skrull Target Eraser Patrol
Team Aliases
STEP, Skrull Royal Guard, Skrull Secret Police


Team Identity



Base Of Operations
Skrull Fortress, Mobile Space craft

Team Leader(s)

Current Members
Hyacinth Calcite, Balis Vantellio, Ita Santorem, Annabelle Lennox, Gemma Rider

Former Members
Varisa, Many deceased and unknown

Queen Varisa, Skrull soldiers

Young Avengers, Earth Resistance

A team created sometime earlier in the Skrull Invasion of Earth, now mostly composed of unwilling members

Place of Formation
Skrull Homeworld

Rinilya 94

First appearance



Earlier times

Not much is known about the S.T.E.P team, except for the fact it had been created at some point on the Skrull homeworld on Varisa's mother, Veranke. They were meant to serve as a secret police and guard to the queen, though they often worked behind the scene and had once only been comprised of Skrulls. These Skrulls were often mutants of some kind or Super-skrulls with various powers taken from other beings due to their unique shape-shifting they had. This earned them both fear and respect on top of being highly seen as a negative aspect of the Queen but no one ever was brave enough to question her motives.

The original team and some of it's earlier incarnations are unknown except to the Skrull race. But it at some point had Varisa in their numbers, the former Queen's daughter and current Skrull Queen along with her thought to be long time friend Veris.

Present Day

Now in the present day and twenty years since the invasion the S.T.E.P force had dwindled to almost nothing. Many of its members having been needed on the front lines or have died in the skirmishes. In even more recent years they are no longer a Special Operations kind of team but have come out in the open. The last of its members was killed in the conflict of the Avengers, leaving Veris the sole survivor albeit fatally wounded.

Now, Veris has recovered with a few scars due to what resulted from the Avengers. With rumors of a new Avengers team being formed Veris has been determined to eliminate all remaining reminiscence of the team. This has led him to gathering former prisoners and enlisting them among the S.T.E.P ranks due to the lack of Skrulls seen as valuable enough to join the empire's elite.


Equipment: Various gadgets
Transportation: Ships, air vehicles
Weapons: Firearms, cannons, bladed weapons, spears, Hyacinth's tonfas


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  • This team has many different aliases that had mostly been considered their original name. The name S.T.E.P was suggested by M on this wiki and stuck.
  • This team is a fanon team, similar to the purpose of the secret service who serves the President. Whether there is a true Skrull Secret Police is unknown to the author.
  • This team also works very similar to military Special Ops. teams in taking out targets.

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