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Real Name
Ryouichirou Yoshida
Current Alias

Ryou, Crimson Sun, Red Fury, Oni Honoo, Guardian of Japan, Phoenix, Moltres




Shiro Yoshida (father)
Emiko Yoshida (mother, deceased)
Rina Yoshida (Stargirl, twin sister)
Ameisha Watkins (Khione, wife)
Lynn Watkins (mother-in-law)
Martin Watkins (father-in-law)
Tranika Watkins (sister-in-law)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, USA






Marital Status


Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters graduate


Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 I am the crimson flame, the golden sun of Japan! I am SUNFIRE! Quote2
-- Sunfire

Sunfire was born Ryouichirou Yoshida, born in Agarashima, Japan to Shiro Yoshida, the original Sunfire and Emiko Yoshida, his betrothed. His powers began to surface, but it wasn't until he was eight years old when his powers fully awakened when a group of bullies started harassing his twin sister, Rina, who is also a mutant.

Witnessing Ryouichirou's powers fully summoned, Shiro decided to help train him on how to use his powers fully, but that started to worry Emiko. At the same time, Ryou would later get confronted by one of the bullies' fathers, which got Shiro involved, trying to keep the peace, but after the bully's father attacked Shiro, Ryouichirou's anger triggered and he unleashed a great fireball on the man, which severely burned half of his face and body.

The incident caused the bully to become scared of him and his father, calling Ryou a monster, causing the young boy to feel ashamed for coming to protect his father and he wound up running away from home and not looking back, much to Shiro, Emiko, and Rina's horror and sadness.

However, he was later met by Professor X, who found him all on his own, and managed to bring him back to Shiro and the others, bringing relief to the veteran mutant. Professor X decided to take both Ryouichirou and Rina to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Shiro agreed and it took a while for Emiko to come to an agreement.

During his first year, Ryouichirou was a bit reserved and often stayed out of the crowd while his sister opened up to everyone. But he managed to get out of it when he started to show his powers to his classmates and he began to make friends and his parents would come to see him occasionally.

Ryou soon became part of the karate and judo club at the Xavier Institute while training to master his powers with the help of Professor X and the veteran X-Men until he graduates.

After his graduation, he slowly started his career as a vigilante, dubbing himself Sunfire, in honor of his father. He later met and became romantically involved with Ameisha Watkins aka Khione, and married her later on.

Powers & Abilities


  • Heliokinesis: The main power of Ryouichirou inherited from his X-Gene. This allows him to manipulate the aspects of the sun from its heat to its light energy. He can project fire bolts from this source and is given immunity to any kind of heat.
    • Flight: Ryouichirou can fly at high speeds by manipulating the solar energy imbued within his body.
    • Solar Shield Construction: Ryouichirou can summon shields by constructing solar energy into hard light, producing the strength to protect himself and his allies.
    • Solar Generation: Through his Heliokinetic power, Ryouichirou can manipulate energy from the sun. He can project a strong blast of light from his body which can blind the enemy temporarily.
    • Heat Manipulation: Ryouichirou has this ability to control heat whether it's just regular heat or solar heat. He can use this power to warm himself up whenever he gets cold since he is vulnerable to cold temperatures.
  • Pyrokinesis: Through his solar energy, Ryouichirou can manipulate and create and shape fire, which he uses for his main combat against his enemies.
    • Fire Bolt Projection: This allows Ryouichirou to summon fire-based projectiles which he can shoot at great speeds that deliver a fair amount of damage.
    • Fire Beam Emission: Ryouichirou can fire a great beam of fire by gathering enough solar energy and heat within his body, burning anything that comes close contact with it. However, it can easily weaken Ryouichirou.
    • Pyrokinetic Combat: Ryouichirou can perform hand-to-hand combat with the utilization of fire, granting him a selective of offensive abilities as well a defensive.
    • Fire/Heat Immunity: Ryouichirou is highly invulnerable to fire and heat, meaning that he can stand within over 1,000 degrees and still be unaffected and be able to touch fire without getting burned.


  • Aside from having flame and solar-based powers, Ryouichirou is a skilled martial artist, being black belts in both karate and judo.
  • Ryouichirou can speak English fluently and can also speak French and German.

Strength level



Coldness: Since Ryouichirou's power involves fire and heat, he is vulnerable to cold temperature and weather. However, he isn't affected by Ameisha's cold-based powers due to him having a romantic bond with her.


Equipment: His X-suit.
Transportation: None
Weapons: None.

Side Notes

  • Ryouichirou named himself Sunfire after his father, who was originally named Sunfire during his time as a hero.


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