2012 (Avengers):

in the battle of new york. Rube Todd Tolbert is the newest Avenger. he wields a copy of captain America's shield.

2015 (Age Of Ultron):

As Ultron was being created. Todd had a bad feeling about Ultron Being Created. When Ultron Was Created. Todd had to stop him with everything he can.

2016 (Civil War)

When Todd Discovered Bucky Barnes was alive. He even noticed Iron Man & Captain America Were Fighting Each Other he need to find somehow to stop them.

2018 (Infinity War: Alternate Ending):

at the battle of Wakanda. Thanos was about to snap his fingers. Until Todd came in aggressively and decapitated Thanos with his shield. and Todd had purple blood on his shield.

2020 (Far From Home)

As Mysterio started his beginning of revenge. Todd was in London hiding from the avengers because of that whole kill. When Spider-Man (David Spike)'s Identity got revealed to the whole world. Todd killed the entire news room with his fists and Spider-Man (David Spike) didn't kill Mysterio, Todd killed Mysterio

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