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Real Name
Current Alias

Ronan the Free, Ronan the Accused



Ally of Thanos, Black Order; formerly Kree Empire, Kree Public Accuser Corps


Base Of Operations
Sanctuary; formerly Kree-Lar, Kree Empire







Marital Status

Former Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire

Born to Kree aristocracy, Ronan became Supreme Accuser (leader of the Kree Public Accusers)

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, James Gunn, Nicole Perlman

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Ronan was the Kree Empire's Supreme Accuser. After the Kree and the Xandarian Empire signed a peace treaty, Ronan and his battalion of Kree were outraged as they considered the Xandarians should pay for their crimes against the Kree. They defected from the Kree army in the ship the Dark Aster and attacked various Xandarian outposts.

Hunting the Orb

Ronan went on to make a pact with the Mad Titan Thanos, in exchange for claiming a mysterious Orb and giving it to Thanos, he would use it to destroy Xandar. Thanos sent his two daughters Nebula and Gamora to aid him. However, Gamora betrayed them.

Ronan and Nebula tracked down Gamora to the Klyn, where she and her companions had already escaped with the Orb. Before continuing their search for Gamora, Ronan ordered the Klyn to be cleansed.

Ronan and his army had tracked Gamora and her allies to the planet Knowhere, thanks to a message from Drax. Gamora attempted to flee and Ronan attempted to pursue, but was faced with an Drax, angered and seeking a battle with the one who murdered his family. Ronan fought off Drax, and threw him in a vat of spinal fluid. Ronan, then returned to the Dark Aster, where he reunited with Nebula who had retrieved the Orb from Gamora.

Back at the Dark Aster, Ronan contacted Thanos of the success he had made. Thanos demanded Ronan to give him the Orb, but Ronan, being aware of the Orb's power, refused. He opens the Orb to discover a stone within. He put the stone in his Universal Weapon. It became evident that he grew in power with the stone in his possession, so he threatened Thanos that he would come to end him after he was done destroying Xandar.

Battle of Xandar

The Nova Corps, Xandar's police force, were informed of Ronan's plans by Star-Lord, another ally of Gamora. With the help of the Ravagers, the Nova Corps attempted to prevent the Dark Aster from landing in Xandar. Meanwhile, Gamora and her allies, the Guardians of the Galaxy, infiltrated the Dark Aster and confronted both Nebula and Ronan. They attempted to kill Ronan by crash-landing the ship, but they failed.

After landing, Ronan was distracted by Star-Lord, who challenged him to a dance battle, long enough for Rocket to reactivate one of his weapons and blast Ronan's hammer, shattering it, and freeing the Stone. Star-Lord managed to grasp the stone and seize its power by distributing to the other Guardians by means of contact. Once they had managed to control the stone without perishing to its power, to Ronan's surprise. Ronan fled the scene with his Universal Weapon before the Nova Corps could capture him.


Ronan was a proud and passionate crusader who fiercely upheld ancient Kree teachings and thought that everyone in the galaxy should be judged by them, holding Kree culture to be superior. Nonetheless, he expressed contempt even towards his fellow Kree who signed the peace treaty with Xandar. He believed his power and self-righteousness gave him the authority to punish those he deemed unwilling or incapable of following his severe moral code, although he was pragmatic enough to form an alliance with Thanos.

Since the war with Xandar killed his ancestors, Ronan not only opposed peace with Xandar, but decided to carry out his retribution on the entire present generation of Xandarians, regardless of their complicity in the war or lack thereof. Ronan saw his warped views as justice, but they ultimately amounted to a form of might makes right.

Powers and Abilities


Ronan possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common amongst his people, such as superhuman strength and an efficient healing factor.

  • Kree Physiology: As a Kree, Ronan has the following superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability: While not indestructible, Ronan has incredible durability, well beyond that of a human.
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As with all Kree, Ronan possesses a healing factor which allows him to recover from injuries in a much shorter timespan than humans.


  • Expert Tactician: Ronan is an experienced and exonerated member of the Kree military, and as such, he is a skilled strategist.
  • Gifted Intellect: Ronan has a high IQ; he's an accomplished strategist as well as an expert in interrogation. Allowing him to rise to one of the highest positions in the Kree Empire
    • Kree Law: Ronan is an expert on Kree law and practice.
    • Kree Education: Being from a highly advance alien civilization Ronan also had extensive knowledge in highly advance Kree technology. Due to Ronan's upbringing in an advance alien culture is intelligence is superior to that of humans and most other races.
  • Kree Combat Training: Ronan is well versed in hand-to-hand combatant being raised in the Kree education system.
  • Weapons Proficiency: Thanks to his training, Ronan is extremely proficient in wielding the Universal Weapon.
    • Hammer Mastery: Thanks to his training, Ronan is extremely proficient in wielding melee weapons, especially his hammer, the Universal Weapon.

Strength level

10 tons normally; 80 in armor


None known.



  • Kree combat armor: Ronan's armor provides protection, scanners, cloaking, and enhances his strength. It is adaptable. Ronan can fire powerful blasts from his eyes wearing the armor.

Transportation: Various Kree starships.

  • Universal Weapon: Ronan uses the most powerful of the Universal Weapon wielded by the Accusers. He can use it for energy blasts, forcefields, matter manipulation and flight. The weapon has a built-in failsafe: only Accusers in their armor can safely wield it.


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