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Real Name
Thor (legally changed); formerly Roger Norvell
Current Alias

Thor the Red, Thunderer, God of Thunder, Thor of the Crimson Locks; formerly Tanarus the Red, Red Norvell



Asgardians, U.S. Agent, Perun, Ilse, Nicodemus, Jane Foster; formerly Heimdall, All-Mothers, Lost Gods, Sabrina Nash, Lady Sif, Warriors Three, Warriors of Valhalla

Odin (adopted father)


Base Of Operations
Mobile, Asgard; formerly Asgardia, Chalet in Swiss Alps (Switzerland), New York





Asgardian formerly American

Marital Status

Thunder God; former freelance cameraman, news cameraman

Asgardian, formerly Human


First appearance

Thor #273


Thor's origin and early history is the same as that of Roger Norvell from Earth-616.

Dark Gods

The Dark Gods had conquered Asgard, slain and captured its people as they made a humiliated Odin witness their victory. In order to keep Red from his War Hammer they pleased a sleep spell on him. As Red slept and Odin being tortured Thor returned from Counter-Earth he with the aid of Destroyer (Preston Case), Hercules, Replicus, a freed Warriors Three, Sif, Balder rescued Odin and together they defeated the Dark Gods.

With the Dark Gods defeated Red awake from the spell was among those summoned and celebrate Thor their savor but Red only felt ashamed decided to leave. Sif seeing his unhappiness asked Red Norvell what was wrong he told her he felt ashamed, to which she told him he had regained his honor when he freed himself from Seth and not only restored the Asgardians but protected Yggdrasill. But Red said that wasn't it, he was ashamed because he fall under a spell of another again and was not there to protect his people.

So he is leaving to search the far ends of the nine realms to stop any threat to Asgard, and from this day on with his mighty Mahjonner he denounce my Midgard name. As he flew off he declared that he is okay with Red or Thor the Red but he is Thor, son of Odin, defender of the realm and true God of Thunder.

The Odinsleep

When Red learned that Odin entered the Odinsleep and put Sif in charge he was hurt, not that Sif was given the honor but that he was not. Though truth be told he felt that he still needed to regain his after failing to protect his people against the Dark Gods.

Winter's Eternal Moon

While in Vanaheim it was suddenly hit by an unnaturally powerful winter, as Red made his way through the snow and ice he came across Ulik. Believing Red an enemy attacked with his remaining Rock trolls, Red easily beat the Trolls to which Ulik and Red fought.

As Red was about to deliver a final blow with his Mahjonner, Ulik was overtaken by this freezing calamity. Red attempted to fly away but found it to cold so he began to use Mahjonner to teleport himself to Asgard, when the snow and ice that had quickly came had just as quickly vanished. Red would come to find that Malekith the Accursed was behind the devastation and it was through the Gem of Infinite Suns, thanks to Sif's recall of it, that the Casket of Ancient Winters was stopped.

The Fall Of A King & Asgard On Earth

Red would continue traveling among the then Nine Realms for sometime, he had found and stopped a few threats to Asgard. It was during one of these threats Red heard rumors of Surtur and his fire demons attacking Midgard. Angry to learn that among those fighting was a new lady Thor (Tarene), so he took out his frustration on the Storm Giants of Jotunheim before heading to Asgard for answers.

After defeating the Storm Giants he found out that the culprit behind this potential threat was a lone Dark Elf, who rather then be captured and forced to give Red answers took her own life. Unnerved by this Red left and flew back home, once there he found the Realm Eternal Asgard deserted. As Red wonders the empty city seeing no signs of battle but rather that people had simply left, when suddenly Heimdall appeared. Heimdall would tell him everything that had happened from Thor Girl, how Odin died in battle with Surtur, Thor becoming Lord of Asgard and bring all of Asgard to Earth. Red was filled with rage and sorrow for not being here as Odin wanted, for not being here to protect Asgard from Malekith, for not being here to take Odin's place in the fight against Surtur, for not being here to claim the throne thus leaving the people with only that blonde fool who took them from their place of birth. But mostly Red was mixed with these emotions for no one thought to tell him Odin was gone so he can attend his fathers funeral.

With a rage equal to that of the All-Father himself Red wanted to go to this New Asgard, take the throne from Thor and bring the Asgardian people home. Though it took Heimdall everything he had, Heimdall managed to calm Red down. Red agreed that going down there in a rage to due all that was a bad idea, but with people or not the realm Asgard and Yggdrasill needed guarding. So has his father wanted Asgard will have a Thor to watch over it, and wait for the people to return. But if that blonde fool is with them and still King then he'll continue his travels to defend Asgard. Heimdall agreeing with Red's choice leading him to Odin's armory and revealing a suit of armor and gave them to Red to wear from now on.

One day as Red set at Odin's throne Loki appeared, claiming he had heard rumors of a Thor in the Realm Eternal. They approached each other and as Loki beginning to tell him how the people of Midgard are starting to turn on Lord Thor, Red punch him square in the face knocking Loki down. Loki with a bloody nose berated him, tell Red that if it weren't for Loki he would never have become Thor in the first place thus catching father eye. Red shouting how dare he attend fathers funeral after all his done, Red with a thunderous hit throw Mahjonner into Loki and only when Loki was no longer on Asgard did Red summon Mahjonner back.

As things got worse on Earth for Thor the Council of Elite (Council of Godheads) came via magic hologram to ask Red to take Odin's spot with them by claiming the throne from Thor and bring the Asgardians home. But Red refused, telling them that he will not be a usurper to his fathers throne nor will he force his people home.

When Thor and the rest of the Asgardians returns to Asgard Thor was shocked to find Red not only there but setting on the throne. Red told Thor that Asgard needs only one Thor and as long as Thor stayed to protect all of Asgard then he will continue to venture on. That though he doesn't like Thor on the throne he will honor it, and if Asgard have need he will always come to defend it.


While deep in Jotunheim after having fought a number of Frost Giants Red was hit with a sneak attack by Loki, Ulik, Fenris Wolf and Hyrm using (not as strong) copies of Mjolnir that Surtur created. Pressing the attack they managed to defeat him, leaving Mahjonner due to none being able to left it, they took a brutally beaten Red aboard Naglfar and brought him to witness their attack on the city of Asgard. In order to keep Red from regaining his strength or summoning Mahjonner Loki placed a spell on him. Loki taunted him in revealing that after getting read of Thor and sending an army of Trolls ahead of them, to look upon his people as they call out not for him, Thor the Red but that of their king the true son of Odin and of Asgard the real Thor.

When Thor returned with Iron Man and Captain America to a ruined Asgard, Loki and his men attacked but failed and was forced to retreat. Back on Naglfar Loki continued taunting Red by telling him that Thor would rather bring his human's from Midgard to help then even give Red a second thought.

While in Loki's kingdom of Valhalla during his free time Loki tortured Red, but once he had his fill of physical torment Loki went for the heart. He told Red how the people accepted the vile Kurse (Algrim) and Odin's most hated enemy Harokin rather then Red, they forgotten all about the Midgardian who became Thor like no other before or since, who gave his life for them, who Odin himself choose as Thor and his son, who broke free of Seth and restored all of them and protected the World Tree. Finally Loki came to Red again but this time he showed him the battle at Vanaheim and how the people cheered for their King, how the people accept Valkyrie who abandoned them for Midgard, now watch how not only the people embrace Beta Bill Ray as one of their own but your beloved Sif embraces him.

And so with that last act of torment Loki had Mangog kill Thor the Red with his bare hands.

To Be Mortal Again

With Ragnarok over and Thor having ended the cycle of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, all the fallen Asgardians souls were joined with the mortals of Earth. But unlike his fellow Asgardians, though mortal, Red retained his Asgardian form and most importantly his memories.

For weeks he called out to Heimdall and finally Thor, all the while living in shelters throughout New York. He finally decided to reach out to the Avengers despite seeing on the News that they had disbanded some time ago. Red first went to Tony Stark but no matter how many times he tried he couldn't get him to meet, so he went to Steve Rogers and after some time finally convinced him that he was who he side. Rogers told him that he and Tony were there but Thor sent them away early on, so he knows nothing other then Hercules told them that Thor had disappeared not that long ago. Red left as Rogers headed to see Hercules and hopefully if all went well would set something up so Red could learn what happened.

Once hearing that the meet didn't go well but before going to speak to Hercules himself, Red had reached out to his ex Sabrina Nash for fake ID and cash. Unfortunately she was still more then mad that after he first regained his godhood he abandoned her, so when he went to meet her he found her husband Johnny the Gent and his goons waiting for him. Despite giving them a fight Red was nearly gunned down and left for dead.

Civil War

Red awoke to find himself in the hospital under the care of Jane Foster, who recognized him when he brought a injured man and his daughter to their camp during Onslaught's attack on New York. With Jane knowing nothing either he not wanting to worry her further told her the same, that he knew nothing just woke up like this back on Earth.

But due to the Super-human Registration Act conflicts started Red was unable to get in touch with anyone. With Jane helping him get back on his feet Red did what he could to help people. Even trying to stop a superhuman named Daisy from robbing a bank, with the strength of a man his build and fighting experience Red was able to hold her off. Daisy not to happy that the police arrived, said that if she wanted to she could have crashed him with a truck normally or if she hit the gym for a time a Aircraft carrier, but thanked him for the workout and ran off.

Unable to get answers Red headed to Iceland and then Norway to use the Nordic magical runes that he knew of to get back to Asgard, but unfortunately they no longer worked.

The Making Of Ancient Friends

While in Norway he heard a rumor that some people from Sasso San Gottardo in St. Gtthard Pass of Switzerland, found a giant blue skinned woman frozen in the ice deep in the Snow Capped mountain. Red made his was there only to find that a strange old man came and took the block of ice the woman was in. But luckily for Red a girl there recognized the helicopter, the copter being one of many that picked up supplies for some rich guy living deep in the Swiss Alps. Wanting to know what happened to the blue giant the girl help Red get to Metropolitan City of Milan, and managed to get them replacement work on the copter leaving that night.

As the copter reached the Chalet deep within the Swiss Alps they could not only see another helicopter but gun fire. The pilot turn back before any could see them Red grabbed the emergence parachute and made it to the snow covered ground, he quickly headed behind the unknown copter. Seeing a dead tall old man, he witnessed a giant blonde woman about 8 to 9 feet in height being shot but continuing to fight as if the injuries did nothing. After being spotted by the pilot and knocked him out Red saw the old man up and set the attackers on fire, some tried to run by bites of the flames broke of as tiny birds and burning them. Once things calmed down Red came out with the pilot, hoping not to meet the same fate as the attackers he told them who he was and why he had come. The giant woman believed him and convinced the old man to spare him.

The old man told the now conscious pilot that he knows the children of the Sect of Chasdim and heads of Mys-Tech are now running things, and because they don't know who he is he'll let this go. But he has not forgotten what their parents did to his brethren Burke, and that their gone and without Mephisto's protection. So if they try anything again he'll not only make them pay, but take vengeance for what their parents did on them by burn Mys-Tech along with everyone inside to the ground.

Red would come to learn that the man who owned the place was Nicodemus though he wouldn't tell him anything more, the giant woman who believed him to be Thor because she had seen him long ago was Princess Ilse. After Red explained who he was and why he was there Ilse told him that she had seen that Thor when she ruled the Great Halls of the Frost Giants in Valhal on Midgard. He ask her why the rumors had her blue skinned and is she the daughter of Utgard-Loki, to which she explained that she was the youngest child of King Laufey of the Frost Giants. As for her skin it temporarily turns to it's original blue if touched by another Frost Giant or somewhere extremely cold like being frozen for thousands of years, but she will not gain her true stature until she returns to Jotunheim.

The next day Nicodemus came to Red handing him a news paper some weeks old, telling if it wasn't for Ilse he would have killed him. As Red looks over the paper he sees that not only has Thor (aka Ragnarok) returned and on the side if Iron Man's Pro-Registration, but had killed the Secret Avenger Goliath (William Foster). Upset by this Red wanted to head back to New York immediately but luckily Nicodemus was able to put Red in touch with Hercules. Once in touch Red Learned that this Thor was an abomination created by Stark, that Hercules knows this for sure because he had fought it twice now.

Asgard On Earth Yet Again

As time went on Red came to work for Nicodemus, meanly around his Chalet and was allowed to live there as long as he did so. During Red's free time he got to know Ilse to which he told her all he knew of what had become of Jotunheim and the city of Utgard before this Ragnarok.

Unbeknownst to Red, Thor had returned and not only recreated the capital city of Asgard floating above a piece of land outside Broxton but went to gather the Asgardians that were placed in mortal hosts. When Thor used the Odinforce lighting up the sky to restore the Asgardians, Red other then witnessing the light show was oddly unaffected.

Some time after the sky lite up Heimdall appeared at the Chalet, glad to see each other Heimdall was confused as to why Red did not come to the City of Asgard. Though shocked not only to learn that Red may look Asgardian he is mortal, but all that had happened to him from Ragnarok to now. Heimdall told him all that King Thor had been doing since his return, that though no one asked him to look for Red not one needed too. He assured Red that Thor did not leave him out, that there most be a reason why Red wasn't restored like all the others. Angry that Thor foolishly brought Asgard to Earth again he agreed that whatever the reason he wasn't restored Thor had nothing to due with it.

Red finding the thought of seeing let alone setting foot on Asgard to painful and not wanting Loki, changed or not to learn that he was still around, Heimdall did what he could to find a way to help Red but sadly with no luck. Leaving Red at the Chalet Heimdall told him that if he learns anything he'll return at once.

A Glimmer Of Hope

As time went on Red would learn of Bor's return to death and the exile of Thor, Balder becoming king to Loki's scheming from Nicodemus. Red was heartbroken that he could not do anything to help his people. While watching the news Red was utterly crush when he witnessed the destruction of the City of Asgard by Norman Osborn and his forces.

When attacks by Ano-Athox forced refuges from the Nine Realms to began appearing on earth Heimdall showed up. After sharing their sorrow over many drinks Heimdall revealed that he may know a way for him to regain his godhood, he told Red that Thor and 2 of his Avenger allies ended up in Hel not that along ago. That there during a battle with Hela that he learned the Twilight Sword wasn't the only Relic of Power found, that since Asgards destruction these relics have been scattered to all corners of the Nine Realms. So Heimdall believes that Red's hammer is very likely where he left it, and if Red can get back to Jotunheim and reclaim it he should become the God of Thunder once more.

The Return Of A Thunder God

Thanks again to Nicodemus through a mystery ally and lead by fellow External Crule, Ilse and Red went to Attilan where they were allowed to use the newly formed Eldrac. Unfortunately Eldrac unfamiliar with Jotunheim got the 2 of them there but more then a week away. Fortunately Red packed warmly with Ilse not affected by the extreme cold, though they both would still have to hunt for food.

The journey was hard and took longer then previously thought, and when they finally didn't make it they found 4 Frost Giants guarding the hammer. Ilse approached the 4 Giants against Red's protests, though her skin turned blue and eyes red she was still the same height. The Giants unbelieving of her true identity attacked, despite putting up a fight with nothing but hunting weapons they made they were out numbered. As the 4 Giants were about to win Red managed to claim Mahjonner and in an explosion of thunder he stood with not only his godhood restored but in new armor. The 4 Giants tried to flee but Red easily destroyed them with a blast from Mahjonner.

After having spent months getting to know each other and knowing they'll be going their separate ways, they spent the night together. The next morning they found that Ilse had finally regained her full size (being well over 20 feet). Despite the shock and Ilse now needing to take the clothes from one of the dead giants she left for Utgard to rejoin her people, and Red headed for the City of Asgard.

Fear Itself

On his way Red stopped at Nicodemus to let him know what happened and again to thank him for all his help, with plans to see Jane Foster next to also thank her as well. But ones there Nicodemus revealed to him the current situation, being the Worthy that was causing chaos around the world for their master the Serpent (Cul Borson), that Odin took the Asgardians and abandoned Earth to fend for itself. Though shocked by his fathers return and actions Red chose to stay on Midgard to help first. He teleported himself to the West Coast of the U.S. to stop the one he saw as the biggest threat, the one with an army Nerkkod the Breaker of Oceans.

After being defeated by the Defenders Nerkkod was near New Orleans and on his way to join the Serpent who had called, when out of nowhere Red spotting Nerkkod brought him down hard. Red seeing that he had no army and figured Nerkkod had already been defeated stated his disappointment in challenging the weakest of the Worthy. Enraged Nerkkod attacked and though he landed a few good hits Red defeated him pretty quick, as Red was about to deliver the final blow the Serpent appeared.

As the Serpent laughed that Red was one of his brothers attempts to save his favored son but admitted that there was something different about Red. Red replied that he is and the last serpent fall by his bare hands, and the Serpent of Fear will be no different. As the Serpent pondered if the prophecy of both he and Thor will die due to the curse Odin used to lock him away extended to Red, Red threw Mahjonner at him which the Serpent repelled the attack and teleported Red away.

Red came crashing down into the Russian city of Petrozvodsk, where once on his feet he found was under attack by Draugar. Seeing Red Guardian (Nikolai Krylenko) and Weapon Primes Killspree, Double Trouble and Tigerstryke (Mitchell) battling the horde of Draugar, summoning Mahjonner he joined in on the battle.

During the battle Red learned that while the rest of Winter Guard fought to keep the Draugar from spreading outside the city, the Guardian and Prime hold the line here waiting for Perun to return with a weapon that'll put the Draugar down for good. Finding that only those right next to his ground area blast were destroyed those that weren't kept coming. When Perun finally returned with a big sword was able to kill each Draugar with a single death blow, the sword was quickly past back and forth among the fighters.

With only Tigerstryke uninjured due to his suit everyone had suffered bits and claw wounds, Perun told Red their wounds will turn them into Draugar so they need to end this now. Pointing out 2 figures of in the distance he told Red one was a Draugar Knight or Death Knight and he with the sword should finish it while he takes the other. Seeing the poison starting to slowly affect the mortals and soon him as well he quickly made it to the Draugar Knight, though it dodged the thrown hammer Red summoned it back hitting the Draugar Knight and brought it forward as he drove the sword into its chest. With the Draugar Knight exploding into smoke and Perun beating the half snake figure the rest of the Draugar either fall dead or just faded away.

With the battle won the injured started to fall to the Draugar poison so Red and Perun took them to Svarga, Perun's home to be healed by Marzana and once there Red himself began to succumb to the poison.

Tanarus the Red

While in and out of conciseness Perun, calling him Tanarus, told him that the Serpents Tongue had convinced his brother Veles to rise up the few still earth bound Draugar to unleash fear that the Serpent will give him Hela's old domain and control over all her dead. He went to Veles because he is a Death God and any North gods of death can gain control of those creatures, that they can only be killed for good with the Odin's Arm and belongs to Tanarus's people. He didn't believe his name was Tanarus but when he was contacted by Heimdall how informed him on what has happened since the Serpents defeat he called him Tanarus the Red.

At first believing he couldn't remember his name was due to the Draugar's poison he stayed until he finally touched Mahjonner. Though he knew his real name he found the others in Svarga still called him Tanarus and didn't know Thor. Unable to get in tough with Heimdall he got ready to head to Asgardia when Perun stopped him having now regained Red's true name, unaware as to why this happened Perun gave Red the Odin's Arm to return to his people.

Knowing the others weren't simply human would survive thanks to Marzana, though not being a god would take longer Red left for Asgardia.


Once there he was greeted by Heimdall, as Heimdall explained the schemes of Karnilla and Geirrodur he lead Red to meet the All-Mothers of Asgardia.

After being introduced to the All-Mothers who greeted him as Thor the Red, he handed Freyja (Freyja Freyrdottir) the Odin's Arm to which she immediately recognized. She told him how long ago that the three women here had beaten the Draugar King and banished him and only his sword The Fallen can bring him back. The Draugar Knight Red killed was 1 of originally 5, that the first one appeared over a 1000 years ago and had taken control of the lesser Draugar that Hela had not. It was looking for its masters sword but The Fallen had been missing since the Kings defeat. To defeat this Draugar Odin had the Odin's Arm made and given to a Norway chieftain called Hillevi, sadly she died killing the Draugar Knight and the sword was thought lost until know. There are 3 Draugar Knights still out there and though Red's strategy worked this time, that he should be warned that each Draugar Knight is more powerful then the last.

While Red explored Asgardia he ran into Kid Loki, immediately filled with hate he attacked Kid Loki. As he chased Loki Volstagg stopped him, as others came to see what was going on the All-Mothers came to tell Red to leave Loki alone. In front of Sif, the All-Mothers, Heimdall and the citations of Asgardia he told them that they had forgotten and abandoned him. That alone wields Mahjonner, that he is Thor a son of Odin and of Asgard, he has fought and given his life for them. Pointing at Loki he told them much to their shock of what happened to during Ragnarok and how he had to fight to get back what their former king restored in them.

Saying he wants nothing to due with Loki and their failure of a King, Red turned to the All-Mothers and took a knee before them. Out loud he said though to witness them embraced those that abandoned them, a king who failed them twice and brought them nothing but trouble, enemies that once and may again try to kill them, mortals and a horse Thor wannabe while I was forgotten hurts more then anything Loki did to him. I am Thor the Red, a son of Odin and a child of Asgard. That they are his people and wherever they may call home he will fight for them, not matter where he maybe he will always fight and give all for them.

As Red left he thanked Heimdall for being a true friend and the only one to never abandon him. Red first headed to see Jane Foster to thank her for her help, then to make his way to see Odin to learn if he had also forgotten him.

Everything Burns

Red was on the edge of the realm of Asgard trying to get Odin to speak to him but with no luck, when he got word from Volstagg that Asgardia along with the other realms are being attacked. Once there he found Volstagg was now King, the All-Mothers allowed themselves to be caged, that the realms were under attack by Surfur and his allies the Vanir and Engels. But worst of all the Yggdrasill was on fire.

Wanting to know if Jane Foster and Ilse are okay he asked for Heimdall, but Volstagg told him that Heimdall went with Thor to look for Loki in Niffleheim to which Thor had returned without Heimdall. Angry that Thor had left Heimdall to these attacks he started to head of to Niffleheim, but Volstagg stopped him by telling him that he is needed. Red told him that he cannot leave Heimdall to fall alone, Volstagg agreed but told him that the enemy is heading to Asgardia. That if Red feels he can make it to Niffleheim and find Heimdall before the enemy reaches Asgardia then Red should go find Heimdall.

As Red with a good number of Asgardians flew off he saw the enemy, he saw Gullveig leading her Vanir and some Engels towards Asgaria. Knowing he'd never make it back in time Red shouted "Forgive Me Heimdall" and flew down to meet the enemy.

Red and his fellow Asgardians were able to keep the enemy from moving any further, but as Red fought Gullveig with her weapon of Engel Fire one of Surfurs Demon General appeared. With the enemy looking to move forward and Red fighting both Gullveig and the General Demon, the Engel suddenly started exploding as they did shouted Loki. With Engels no more Red took the distraction and killed the Surfur demon general, Gullveig seeing this retreated with her Vanir.

Doom Ring

When Odin briefly returned from his self-imposed exile due to what he felt was through deceit and cruelty by Thor to help stop Surtur's fire from destroying all, so he demanded a trial to determine Thor's punishment.

Before the Trial Odin came to Red to ask him not to interfere, that in case there need be a stand in for himself that he had already chosen one. But before Red would answer he asked Odin did he forget him too, as everyone else had. Odin told him that though he wasn't around for the events Red had suffered he was his son and his proud of Thor the Red, and would never forget him.

When the trial started Red watch from afar as Odin brought in his replacement Amora and Hreidmar took Freyja's. As he watched on Red saw that Amora was making a good case against Thor, that is until Balder appeared to speak on Thor's defense. Red knew that he could speak up against Thor and no doubt win it for Amora but he kept his promise to stay out of it. So with that the trial was over and Thor was freed to continue as he always had.

The God Butcher

With Thor's mysterious warning that all gods on earth are in great danger Freyja summoned all Asgardians back to Asgardia, Red joined them to protect them from whatever this threat was.


Though Red would stay at Asgardia, where he spent his time wrestling fellow Asgardians, hanging with Heimdall and he would rarely speak to the Warriors Three or Sif. When Thor and Loki were there he would not be, and so he was glad to learn that Loki who oddly aged now lived on Midgard. Red would also visit Jane Foster from time to time when due to cancer came to stay on Asgardia.

When Loki returned from the Avengers Tower and spoke to the All-Mothers, Red noticed a difference in the All-Mothers behavior. Despite his best efforts he would learn nothing, and would become distracted when it was revealed that there was a 10th Realm. But more then that that there is a sister named Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir), who sadly he would not meet for she being band from Heven and didn't won't anything to due with Asgard went off on her own.

But things would get worse as Thor himself would suddenly become unworthy of Mjolnir, Red joined the other Asgardians on the Moon to see. Unlike the others that tried to lift Mjolnir Red knowing he could but feeling it would be cruel to due so left. Though Red was glad to see Odin had returned he was less so when he say Cul with him and he was more then happen to pick up where they had left off, but Odin would not let him. Since Odin's had returned an issue start as to who ruled Odin or Freyja.

Thor without Mahjonner

Along with learning Thor had lost his right arm during a confrontation with Frost Giants in the ocean, that Mjolnir had been claimed by someone. After a bit of time Red heard rumors that not only did Thor fight and fail to claim Mjolnir but gave his name to this new wielder. Enraged that Odinson would dare give Red's name to another, as if it mean't nothing went to confront him.

Finding Odinson leaving his room on Asgardia Red stopped him, the argument quickly turned into a fight when Odinson saw Mahjonner and demanded Red give it to him. The fight drew the attention of other though short for when Odinson chose to use Jarnbjorn to strike down Red. Just as Freyja and Odin appeared but before they could stop them Red summoned Mahjonner, as it stroke Odinson from behind Red nailed him with a super-man punch knocking Odinson out. As Odinson lay there and with all watching Red began shouting and carrying on that he was Thor, how he wields Mahjonner, that the once twice failed king is not only unworthy of Mjolnir but the Thor. Odin became disgusted with Reds rantings took Mahjonner from him, to his shock Odin told him for treading not only a fellow warrior of Asgard but your brother in such a way he should be ashamed. With Mahjonner Odin whispered an enchantment on the hammer threw it into a portal to some unknown place or realm.

With a rage equal to that of Odin's himself Red came at him shouting How could you, after everything I've suffered. Striking Odin hard twice until Odin managed blasted him away and sending him crashing down into a pillar, as Red lay there Odin standing over him told him simply before leaving Its time you learned boy.

Thor vs Thor

Still very much angry he went to confront the person who was unrightfully given his name and to claim Mjolnir. Finding Thor (Jane Foster) on Midgard thanks to Heimdall and Bifrosted right to her, telling her that the blonde failure had no right to give away Red's name. Noting he no longer had his hammer she tried to talk him down, but despite telling her he doesn't want to hurt her attacked.

Though not wanting to fight him weaponless she found that he hit harder then Odinson, and with that in blasts of lightning they fought on. It quickly came to an end in a explosion of thunder that sent them flying, but Red managed to stay on his feet and claimed Mjolnir. Glad he was still able to wield Mjolnir and yes it was his but it was not his Mahjonner, and looking at the surprised Thor that he was taking like Odinson. So he handed her Mjolnir and apologized, after answering her question as to what happened to him. Before leaving he told her that he is Thor and earned it, and so he hopes that she will earn the name she was given.

Heavy-hearted Red returned to Asgardia need to of many drinks and there in one of the bar's he ran into Lady Sif. As they drank he told her that remembering that something was off with Loki and the All-Mothers so if he can find out what Odin would return Mahjonner to him, but Sif hating the hammers of Thor mostly thought it drunk talk. Unbeknownst to them a evil future King Loki was listening in and once he heard what Red said he placed a spell on their next drink, which lead them to spending a passionate night together.


The next morning as Red reached to kiss Sif she pulled away telling him last night was a mistake, Red unable to control himself told her off. Telling her how she'd rather pine for a blonde failure who only pays attention to you when there's nothing better around, how she'd rather fall for a fake horse face Thor who is married then be with the real Thor, a man that wants to be with her and no other. Red no longer wanting to see her ever again left and as he did Red saw his dead friend Joey Burnett waiting for him. Shocked he followed Joey who told him to meet him in the ruins of old Asgard by Bifrost without telling Heimdall way.

Red kept apologizing to Joey as he followed him through the ruins of old Asgard, Joey said he will forgive him but first he needs to see the truth. Once in a dark room only light by a man sized whirlpool Red asked him what truth and Joey told him of the origins of you becoming Thor. As he stepped into the pool he instantly knew it was a trap and as he was being pulled into the pool Joey revealed himself to be a older Loki. King Loki mocked Red by telling him that even with him putting a spell on them the Lady Sif still rejected him, his sorry to due this to him well not really. That this wasn't how it was suppose to go but he rushed things by making Thor away of a sister and of Heven, which shouldn't have happened for a number of months. But since he did Odin came out of exile early and Red would have exposed his and Freyja's plans to turn the now Loki evil again. So to keep Red outta the way he will show him the truth through this pool but he doubts Red will survive the journey.

As Red fall through the pool he began to see his life as if in rewind but it didn't stop there, he went past him entering the Fires of Geirrodur and past that. But Red trying to fight free some how using the thunder within managed to speed things up, he saw Odin creating the spell which turned him into Thor and even further with the recreation of Asgard, another Mjolnir crashing to Earth becoming the Ring. Ragnarok being lead by a elvish evil looking Loki, Thor (Pre-Ragnarok) but not him killing and being killed by the Midgard Serpent. Red saw that then him wear the Belt of Strength and the Iron Gloves which today's now Odinson hardly ever wear, but more then that this him was married to Sif with 2 sons Modi and Magni.

Mourning the lose of the sons he never knew Red reached down deep, and unleashed a thunderous rage that freed him from King Loki's trap. Red came too to find himself in Hel with Harokin standing over him. Harokin revealed to Red that the older Loki was surprised he escaped his trap so left him here while Loki, Hela, Tyr and the rest of her armies attack Asgardia. As Harokin began to walk away Red demanded to know how Harokin came to be here.

Harokin told him that Odin chose I Midgardian who didn't even believe in the Gods of the North over him, Harokin the Master of the Barbarian Horde and the Warlocks Eye, Mightiest of Valhallan. Despite being Odin's most bitter foe he with his Barbarian Horde answered Balder's call and gave his life against Loki's Ragnarok, and for that did he return to Valhalla I was sent here. I swear a day will come Thor of the Crimson Locks that you will die but not before all those that ever wielded the power Thor dies first.

As Red looked around finding Hel empty Jormungand appeared, having been killed by the All-Mother Freyja. With Jormungand spotting him and getting ready to attack Red shouted as he ran at the serpent, It cost me my life last time but I beat you with my bare hands and this time I will survive you. Red rain down blows all the while dodging its venom and being swallowed, Red breaking off a large bits of stone smashed its face breaking a fang. Once Red stabbed it in the eye Jormungand fled back into its pit which King Loki had freed it from.

Tired but not beaten Red was approached by Bor who told him he heard everything and knows who he is. Red asked if he knew of his boys Magni and Modi, but Bor did not and Bor handing him 2 axes. Bor told him that these are his and enhanced with old magic, among them is not only the ability to become one and thrown great distances, which it will return, but to allow its wielder to travel to any place or realm. Telling Red that he is bound to this place and under Hela's control so he cannot use them, and that Red should go now before Hela and her dog Tyr returns.

Red found himself back on Asgardia much to everyone's surprise, he marched to the throne room to confront Odin. Odin who saw his fathers axes asked Red where he got them which Red explained, and learning how Loki of now stopped the cycle of Ragnarok and the Those Who Sit Above in Shadow from starting anew. Red demanded to know the truth of him being Thor and mostly his sons who survived the first Ragnarok before Odin and Odinson began trying to stop it. He told Red that though the essence of both Thor's are one in the same, it seems that Red takes more after pre-Ragnarok Thor in build and power. The difference isn't much but enough that he noticed in their three fights that Red was stronger, as for Modi and Mangi he does not know. Since the first Ragnarok and the cycle begun Thor and Sif never married nor had children, so Odin believes the boys do not exist.

Red turned to leave and as he did he told Odin that if there is proof that they're still out there he'll find it. That until he finds out what became of them and reclaimed his Mahjonner, he will not return to Asgardia.

War of the Realms

Red having so far no luck on Midgard went to the realm of Heven in search of the 2 missing boys and Hahjonner. But unable to get answers and not wanting to rick a war between Heven and Asgard he lefted, though unbeknownst to Red his appearance gave Malekith to work with in getting hte Queen of Angels to join his war.

While in Seattle has Malekith's war raged on Red joined heroes like U.S. Agent (John Walker) and Mockingbird (Barbara Morse) with US soldiers, and villains like Scorpion (MacDonald Gargan) who had no choice. Together they fought against Rock Giants, Trolls and Fire Demons doing all they can to beat the invading army.

Once the war was over he returned to Heven hoping given events the Queen would be more willing to answer his questions, but when he got there he found Heven in pieces and the Angels without a Queen lost. He told them that if tell him what they know and allow him to look around, he'll not only give them a piece of advice but will speak on their behalf to the Dwarven. That if the Angels will make peace with the Dwarven that they will help rebuild Heven. As for the advice, to pick the best among you to rule in place of Angela, like Cul did for Odin.

But little did Red know that the Angels already had picked someone, someone cunning, strong and a powerful warrior that could rival nor best the Queen. One that they planned to replace the Queen with due to her many failures but Angela changed that. So wearing bracers made from the reforged Black Hammer of the Accursed (aka Last Hammer of Asgard), the chosen one naming herself Black Thunder would rule as Regent until she can kill Angela.

Mourning A Friend

Despite learning of the events that lead to Asgardias destruction and reformation of Asgard, Red only returned to be among those that mourned the passing of Heimdall.

Powers and Abilities


The same as Roger Norvell from the primary Universe.


The same as Roger Norvell from the primary Universe.

Strength level

The same as Roger Norvell from the primary Universe.


None known.



  • Second armor set: looks like Thor Odinson (Earth-8096) (with no sleeves, fingerless gauntlets, shoulder guards, no cape, different style belt, pants and boots).
  • First Armor set: looks like Thor Odinson (Earth-14412) but without a right shoulder guard and in lieu of a armored arm a finger-less gloved gauntlet, with a some what similar helmet to Odin Borson (Earth-12131).

Transportation: None known.

  • Bor's Axes: Extremely powerful, can be thrown great distance and will return to wielder, can become one and allow wielder to travel to any place and realm, it also has a number of unknown enchantments.
  • (unknown) Mahjonner: The same as Roger Norvell from primary Universe.
  • (formerly) Odin's Arm: Is unusually large but light Viking blade, share and durable, enchanted to especially kill Draugar.


  • Mahjonner can only be wielded by Thor the Red, this spell became active once Odin handed the war-hammer to him.
    • The newest spell Odin placed on Mahjonner will keep the hammer away from Red until he comes to realize that he is Thor. That he does not need others to give him recognition or the exemptions of others, just for himself to know he is Thor.
    • The other spell placed on Mahjonner was disguised as a sandstone amulet worn around the neck and send through time, it ended up over 900 years in the past of the Icelandic highlands. Archaeologists discover the rare amulet made of sandstone and first of its kind in Oct of 2018.


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