Roderick Kingsley, a.k.a. the Hobgoblin, is a villain in The Legend of Spider-Boy. He was a teacher at Midtown High until he became the Hobgoblin.


Roderick Kingsley was the chemistry teacher at Midtown High, and Peter Parker was his star student. However, Kingsley was secretly stealing parts from the robotics class to build weapons (a mechanic glider and orange sticky grenades).

When Mr. Octavius discovered him stealing parts from his classroom, Kingsley threatened Octavius not to tell anybody. When Peter Parker noticed Otto Octavius panicking about it, he asked Otto what the matter was. Otto told Peter not to tell anyone, but Kingsley overheard Peter and Otto's conversation.

That night, Kingsley put on his own costume and, using his weapons, attacked Octavius as he was leaving the school. Octavius was hospitalized, and when Peter heard the news he realized right away it was Kingsley. The next day at school, Kingsley put on his makeshift costume again and attacked Natalie Osborn's first hour class.

Everyone escaped the school, and when the police arrived Kingsley blew up their cars with his "Pumpkin Bombs". Peter suited up as the Spider-Boy again and showed up to stop Kingsley, and the students he was holding hostage, which included Mary Jane Watson. He managed to catch one of Kingsley's Pumpkin Bombs with his web and he flung it right back at him, severely injuring Kingsley. Peter fled the scene and the police arrested Kingsley.


  • Weapons Expert - Roderick Kingsley is a master of all types of weapons, including his own specially made weapons.
  • Genius Inventor - Roderick Kingsley has invented several deadly weapons from random metal parts.
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