Quote1Time to ice up, dude!Quote2

Iceman is the X-Men's youngest members in X-Men: The Mutant Wars.


Early Years


Becoming X-Man


Mutant Wars


Physical Appearance

Bobby has brown hair and aqua-blue eyes. He has a white shirt with blue collar, ripped blue pants, and maroon and gray shoes with reverse V.

As Iceman, he has yellow short sleveed uniform, black pants with the X-Men symbol on the uniform's chest. He has icy shards on his shoulders.


Iceman is totally the awesome, epic, bravest X-Man or at least thinks he is. He gets very shy when Rogue flirts with him and he makes friends to easy just ask Professor X about that.

He at times is immature, but he is friendly, blunt, kind, upbeat and loyal to his friends. He belives not everyone is mad just misguided by their own devious actions and he considers himself as the team's heart.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cryokinesis: Iceman's greatest advantage is his power to create hail, snow and ice.
  • Self-Duplication: Iceman can create duplicates of himself.
  • Space & Underwater Breathing: Iceman can survive in water and space without any need for oxygen.


  • Heat: Heat is the only element which makes Iceman's power useless.


  • Iceman is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who has previously portrayed the character in Wolverine and the X-Men, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.
  • As Iceman he makes a crystalline metallic sound every time he moves.
  • Iceman admires Wolverine's ferocious streak.


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