Bruce was born to loving parents. when he was 10, his father brutally murdered his mother.

Becoming Hulk

Banner Voluntered for a project to make a new Super Soilder Serum. Banner was the lead Designer of the project, along with Elizabeth Ross and her father. Thaddeus Ross. Banner had almost perfected the serum, though he was Impatient he snuck into the lab with his friend and lab Assistant rick jones to test it on himself. however, the Serum and a mixture of gamma transformed him into a giant. green monster. he attacked his friend rick jones to the point where he was put into a wheelchair. he then went on a rampage across the city. the next morning, banner woke up with no memory of what happened, in a secured cell. Ross was the first one to greet him when he woke up and he informed him that he injured his friend rick jones and killed over 10 people.

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