Captain Universe Richard Rider
Richard Rider is a below-average student with a future of being stuck in the small podunk town of Campbellsville, Kentucky, or to join the military. One night, while drinking stolen beer in his red Iroc-Z28, Rider was hit by a blazing blue light. When he came to, a blue and white costume covered him, and when he turned, he saw the Earth below him. "THE EARTH?!?!?!," he thought, as he spun around in the void of space. Rider was able to fly, move and operate in space without the aid of a shuttle.

A voice boomed inside of Richard's head. It was the voice of the embodiment of Infinity. She had purposed Rider for greater things. She explained that the universe needed a champion. If he was up to the challenge, it would be him. Richard reflected on his life on earth and agreed to go with her. He felt he didn't have anything to offer as plain old Richard Rider, but as Captain Universe he could be somebody.

Powers and Skills

Captain Universe usually has superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, Uni-Vision (microscopic vision, telescopic vision, infrared vision, heat vision, and x-ray vision), telepathy, telekinesis, cosmic awareness, and a psychic perception of imminent danger. As such, it can be assumed that Richard has all of these powers. Some manifestations of Uni-Power demonstrated other, less common abilities, as well as failing to present some of the most common powers, which vary in intensity with each bearer according to one's strength and imagination. Captain Universe usually possesses the ability to molecularly rearrange organic and inorganic matter, the transmutation of elements, the ability to project bursts of cosmic energy and force, and hypnosis (using the energy of Uni-Vision). Possessing its own sensitivity, the Uni-Power can and will abandon a host if necessary, or if the present host says it will use it for harm or intends to abuse the Uni-Power's abilities to its own detriment or for criminal activity.

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