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Real Name
Richard Fitzgerald Parker II
Current Alias

Spidey, My Son, Captain Universe, Avenger, Peter



New Avengers, ally of Future Foundation, X-Men; formerly Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Army

Peter Parker (father, deceased), Mary Jane Watson-Parker (mother, deceased), Richard Parker (paternal grandfather and namesake, deceased), Mary Parker (paternal grandmother, deceased), Ben Parker (great uncle, deceased), May Parker (great aunt, deceased), Ben Reilly (father's genetic clone, "uncle"), Kaine Parker (father's genetic clone, "uncle"), Cassandra Lang (girlfriend), Scott Lang (adopted father)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Tower,





Marital Status

Student, adventurer, peacekeeper, vigilante

College (never graduated)

The mutant son of the original Spider-Man, Richard Parker takes on his father's mantle as the Friendly-Neighborhood protector of the city, both on his own and as a member of the Avengers

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Quote1 I am many things, Conrad, but here... I am God. Quote2
-- Captain Universe to Babylon

Early life

Richard Parker was born on March 17th, 2001, to Mary Jane Watson-Parker and her husband, Peter, the former super-hero Spider-Man. However, Mary Jane died from complications of her pregnancy after giving birth to Richard due to her husband's radioactively-mutated bodily fluids transmitted during intercourse.

The reality left Peter destitute and depressed. He was left to raise Richard alone, but constantly found himself unable to shake the death of his wife. As a result, he was distant from Richard and buried himself in his newfound line of work as a part-time forensics' scientist at the N.Y.P.D. and a part-time criminology teacher at Richard's school.

Richard, meanwhile, in spite of not being very close to his father, grew up a rather average childhood. His closest friend was Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man. As a result of growing up around Cassie's father more than his own, Richard came to look up to Scott moreso than Peter.

High School Years and Becoming Spider-Man

By the time Richard and Cassie were in their teens, they were both attending Midtown High School together. While Cassie maintained a fair amount of popularity due to her father's status as a super-hero, Richard was alone most of the time, typically preferring to be alone and only being around other people in group projects. As the years passed, Richard gradually grew to love Cassie, and the feeling was reciprocated.

In place of his father's love for science, Richard's passion fell to writing and philosophy. He excelled in his Creative Writing class and was often seen as a deep thinker in philosophy. He also took part as the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper.

During a group project in Richard's Spanish class regarding ancestry, he searched around the attic in his and his father's apartment, looking for a picture of his mother. However, while searching through several boxes, he discovered his father's Spider-Man costume, along with Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider costume, in a trunk. Realizing that his father must have either been Spider-Man or the Scarlet Spider, Richard tested out his own powers and found he could scale walls and ceilings. He also discovered his own organic webbing passed down from his father.

Deciding to make his own mark on history, Richard crafted himself his own Spider-Man costume, partially using skills he learned from a Home Economics class he took in 8th grade, and partially using a Spider-Man Halloween costume he had purchased, and took to the streets as the new Spider-Man.

Bewildered at his own abilities, and his prowess when it came to crime-fighting, Richard was eager to share his secret with Cassie, but decided against it at the last minute due to his realization that there was more virtue in a secret identity than a public one.

Early Adversaries

Spider-Man's earliest enemies included the Shocker, whom he saved Cassie Lang and her father from while they were out at a mall, Hydro-Man, who appeared at the birthday party of the son of one of his father's friends on the police force. He also faced a vengeful Alyosha Kravinoff, the Grim Hunter, who sought to slay him in order to prove his worth to the legacy of his father, Sergei Kravinoff, the original Kraven the Hunter.

New Avengers

Spider-Man was among the 7 next generation heroes who formed the New Avengers when Nari, son of Loki, launched his invasion of Midgard in an effort to reclaim honor to his father's name. Spider-Man, along with the new Captain America (Amanda Rogers), the new Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), the new Black Panther (Prince K'Shamba), Stinger (Cassie Lang), the new Yellowjacket (Henry Pym), and Magni Thorson, managed to repel and finally defeat Nari, with the aid of Thor, Iron Man (Tony Stark), and Ant-Man (Scott Lang). Afterwards, the 7 teenagers formed the New Avengers.


The Lizard

The Shadow of Goblin's Past

Venom and Carnage

New Lease on Life


The Clone Conspiracy

Following the incident with the Spider-Society, Richard became embroiled in another scheme perpetrated by a foe from his father's past. New U Industries, a medical prefecture, established itself as the primary and most expert source of cloned organs.

Tony Stark became suspicious of the company and sent a contingent of the Avengers consisting of Spider-Man, Stinger, Hawkeye, and Captain America to investigate the company's base of operations in San Francisco.

However, upon arriving at the base, the Avengers were confronted by various clones of Miles Warren, the super-villain known as the Jackal and a frequent enemy of the original Spider-Man. During the fight, Spider-Man was confronted by the "real" Jackal. Believing it to be Warren, Richard attempted to pummel the Jackal into submission, only to be outclassed by the villain's superior fighting skill.

Taking the battle outside, Spider-Man and the Jackal engaged in a brutal melee, after which, it was revealed that this Jackal was actually Ben Reilly, the perfect genetic clone of Peter Parker who was long-thought to be dead.

Struck with confusion and wanting answers, Richard struck Reilly across the pavement and threatened to kill him unless he explained how he was alive. Reilly explained how he was resurrected by Warren after his supposed death 16 years prior at the hands of the original Green Goblin. However, even though he was resurrected, he was put through a gauntlet of mentally-traumatizing images in order to be used as a weapon against Peter. He explained how he broke out of Warren's attempted-mindwipe, only to be surrounded by countless clones of Warren.

Further elaborating on how he used the clones to build New U, Reilly explained how he intended to bring back everyone who had ever died under the original Spider-Man's watch and offered Richard to join him. Richard initially refused, only to relent when Reilly revealed that he could bring back his late parents.

Spider-Man managed to convince the Avengers to allow Warren to follow through with his plan, stating that it would make things right. However, Cap and Stinger were suspicious, and Hawkeye downright refused to go along and returned to New York to explain to the other Avengers of what was happening.

During his stay at Reilly's facility, Richard encountered a girl named Gayle who, unbeknownst to him, was a female clone of himself. This clone subdued Richard when he attempted to access a laboratory which was restricted, although Richard recovered soon after.

Reilly later revealed to the 3 Avengers some of his successes regarding his plan, as he had resurrected most, if not all, of the villains and allies who had ever perished in their associations with the original Spider-Man. One such villain was Otto Octavius, who became Reilly's chief scientist, but was secretly plotting his downfall.

Reilly also revealed to Richard and Cassie a small "community" consisting of the resurrected people he had brought into existence. When Richard became suspicious of Reilly's true intentions, he was revealed to fully healthy clones of his parents, Peter and Mary Jane Parker.

Blinded at the prospect of being reunited with his parents, Richard rebuffed Cassie's warnings that Reilly might have ulterior motives. Cassie would later be kidnapped by the resurrected Jason Macendale Hobgoblin when she attempted to discover the true secret behind Reilly's plans.

Much later, Reilly and Octavius attempted to release a modified strain of the Carrion Virus in order to kill the population of the planet so that he may turn it into clones which he could control. Spider-Man and Captain America discovered and confronted Reilly regarding this deception, with Reilly explaining that this was the only way to ensure peace. When the duo attempted to stop the Jackal and Doctor Octopus from enacting the plan, the former siced many of the resurrected super-villains on them.

However, at that moment, Stinger returned with Gayle, who became the new Spider-Woman and revealed that she had secretly been plotting against Reilly, to even the odds. The rest of the Avengers also arrived as well to apprehend the Jackal and stop the plan from being carried out. However, Reilly managed to unleash an imperfect strain of the virus through the lab, infecting most of the Avengers. When Richard attempted to save Cassie, however, he was stopped by his resurrected parents, who were revealed to be their corpses bonded to samples of the Venom and Carnage symbiotes, respectively.

Spider-Man battled the Carnage-M.J. hybrid, getting severely injured in the process, but managed to recover and reluctantly and tearfully kill her using a canister of liquid nitrogen. He then faced the Venom-Peter hybrid, engaging him in a brutal standstill, until he managed to push the corpse out a window and plummet to the ground, where the symbiote debonded from the corpse. He then turned and began to battle Reilly as well, brutally plummeting him into the ground with his sheer raw strength.

However, at that moment, Spider-Woman managed to reverse the course of the virus, stopping Reilly's plan. As a last resort, Reilly escaped and primed the facility to explode. The Avengers barely managed to escape in time as it blew up.

Returning to New York, the Avengers were treated for the effects of the Carrion Virus and Richard apologized to Cassie about his behavior in California, stating that he just wanted the chance to see his parents one more time.

After bidding farewell to Gayle, who decided to leave in order to pursue her own life elsewhere outside of Spider-Man's world, Richard did some patrolling on his own, reflecting his own recent choices and decisions and pondering the future.

Encountering Norman Osborn

Through Hell and Back

Masters of Evil

Secret Empire

Chitauri Invasion

Guardians of the Galaxy

Return to the Avengers and Reconciliation with Cassie


As the Christmas season rolled around, Gayle came back to New York to visit her "brother" for the holidays. Joining him for some late-night crime fighting, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman came across a group of bank robbers and effortlessly stopped them.

However, the Spider-Twins were soon confronted by a mysterious woman named Verna, who claimed she was on this Earth to feed upon existing Spider-Totems. Spider-Man and Spider-Woman engaged Verna in combat but were overpowered. However, they were saved at the last moment by Otto Octavius (the Superior Spider-Man) from Earth-616, and the Peter Parker from Earth-1048. Octavius convinced the Twins to accompany them to another dimension, stating that they had been drafted into a war.

Richard and Gayle learned that Verna was an Inheritor, an extra-dimensional vampire who fed off the life essences of animal-based Totems. She and her family, who had been defeated before by an army of Spider-Totems, escaped their prison and had been plotting their revenge on the Spider-Men ever since.

As a member of the team of Totems led by the Otto Octavius of Earth-616, Richard encountered the Ben Reilly of Earth-616 and immediately became hostile towards him, further intensifying his grudge when he learned that Reilly had been inadvertently been responsible for the release of the Inheritors in the first place. He also encountered the Peter and Mary Jane Parker from Earth-18119, whom he became very close with, although he never disclosed his identity to them, leaving the Spider-Parents to believe that Richard was merely another Peter Parker, one who had problems with loneliness.

During a particular battle against the Inheritors, Richard became separated from Gayle and the Peter from Earth-18119, instead being hurled onto another reality with Mary Jane. During their stranding, Richard confessed his true origins to his "mother" and expressed his hardships and experiences during his 2 years as Spider-Man. Mary Jane comforted her "son" upon seeing him break down in tears.

Working together, the mother/son duo managed to rejoin the rest of the Spider-Army during the final showdown against the Inheritors. During the fight, Mary Jane was injured by the Inheritor Daemos, causing Richard to go into a violent frenzy, beating Daemos half to death before being restrained by the Annie-May Parker of Earth-18119 and Gayle.

After the crisis ended, Richard and Gayle returned home, but not before Richard exchanged a hug with Mary Jane, who in turn told Richard that she loved him and that she was proud of him.

Two Worlds, One Family

As Richard's 17th birthday was coming up, numerous friends and family, including the Parker clan from Earth-18119, attended his party at Avengers Tower.

The night before Richard's birthday, though, Normie Osborn, still retrofitted with the cybernetic eyes, escaped prison once more and reclaimed his Green Goblin equipment, intent on slaying Spider-Man the following afternoon.

As word got out of the Green Goblin's escape, Spider-Man relentlessly hunted down the villain with the aid of his "father", Spiderling, and his fellow Avengers. However, all signs pointed exactly the opposite way when it was learned that the Goblin had captured Spinneret and was set on throwing her off the Queensboro Bridge, intending to recreate the night Gwen Stacy died in order to shatter Richard's psyche.

Spider-Man managed to successfully rescue his "mother", but was dragged by the Goblin to the Central Park Zoo, intending to finally conclude his family's war with the Parkers in a duel to the death between their last sons.

The battle was eventually taken to the treetops, where Spider-Man successfully cornered the Goblin and entangled him in webbing. However, as Normie attempted to cut himself free with a hidden blade, he failed to notice a webline that had accidentally been caught around his neck, and as Richard tried to save him, both he and Normie fell from the tree. But while Richard hit the ground, Normie's neck was broken from being hanged, killing him.

As Richard reflected on Normie's death, he was comforted by Cassie. He then promptly left to brood atop the Empire State Building, his birthday having been ruined.

Spider-Man Unlimited

As Tony Stark and Scott Lang were conducting an experiment involving anti-matter energy from the Negative Zone using the Avengers' extra-dimensional transporter, the portal began to malfunction

Babylon's Endgame


Return to Vigilantism

Second Encounter with Morlun

Final Battle with the Green Goblin and Death


To be added...

Powers and Abilities


  • Radiation resistance: Due to Richard's uniquely mutated body as a result of his father's irradiated DNA, Richard is able to withstand and survive moderately low levels of radiation.
  • Organic Webbing: Richard's body is able to generate organic webbing within his wrists thanks to specialized "spinnerets" that were formed by his radioactive enzymes in his forearms. This webbing is extremely strong and highly durable.
  • Wall-Crawling: Richard's hands and feet have specialized "hairs" that allow him to scale most surfaces with ease.
  • Spider-Sense: Richard has a specialized sixth-sense that allows him to detect impending danger.

During Richard's brief time bonded to Captain Universe, he gained many additional, new abilities aside his regular powers;

  • Near-omnipotence: In a sense, Richard became a God in his own right. He was able to morph the battlefield around him and was able to fire beams of energy reminiscent of the Specium-Ray attack used by the character Ultraman from his own imagination.
  • Near-invulnerability: Richard was impervious to virtually any kind of attack while bonded to Captain Universe. This was key during his battle against the Phoenix Force-bonded Babylon.


None known.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Richard's favorite snack is Pop-Tarts.
  • His favorite music band is Skillet.
  • Richard's 2 favorite pastimes are playing video games and writing.


  • Richard's personality is a classic case of teenage angst, though, he also has to deal with the pressure of being a super-hero;
    • While at the start of his career as a super-hero, he was very light-hearted and care-free, often playing pranks on the criminals he fought and engaging in casual conversations with the civilians he saved.
    • Following his father's death at the hands of Normie Osborn, Richard became much more depressed and fueled with rage, so much so that he would lash out violently and aggressively against his most-hated enemies, including Normie and Norman Osborn, as well as Babylon. Following his encounter with the Jackal, Richard developed an intense grudge against Ben Reilly, who, in spite of his efforts to do so, was never able to fully-reconciliate with his "nephew" due to his volatile temper.
    • Richard is stubborn and highly self-destructive, often engaging in acts of self-harm and, in one particular instance, destroying his bedroom at Avengers Tower upon realizing that he could never have children with his lover, Cassie Lang, due to the fact that he shares the same radioactively-mutated DNA with his father, which is what ultimately led to the death of Richard's mother, Mary Jane Parker.
    • As a result of his father's death and the revelation that his own birth killed his mother, Richard carries an immense guilt complex and, following the death of the former, suffers from a case of Survivor's Guilt. He also sometimes thinks of committing suicide as a result of his shortcomings, believing himself to have no purpose in the world and that Cassie would be better off without him. Richard's guilt in regards to his mother's death was somewhat mended when he encountered her counterpart from Earth-18119, where she told him that she was proud of the man he had become.
    • Being a comic book geek, as well as being highly immersed in the world of anime and graphic novels, Richard's combat strategies in the battlefield are influenced by those books he had read. At the start of his career, he relied on his speed and agility to win fights. However, as he got older, he began to get more physical and up-close in battles, as well as more violent. He broke Norman Osborn's left arm during their battle in Siberia upon learning that Osborn had masterminded his mother's death and gouged out Normie Osborn's eyeballs with his thumbs during his third encounter with him in order to prevent him from becoming the Green Goblin again.
    • In spite of Richard's violent nature in combat, he opted to never kill. He avoided using lethal force with Normie Osborn during his first 3 encounters with him, and appeared to be genuinely remorseful when he indirectly led to his death the 4th time around. The only time he ever deliberately went against his no-killing rule was when he was bonded to the Captain Universe power in order to fight the Phoenix Force-enhanced Babylon, completely vaporizing the psychotic warlord with his newfound power upon realizing that lethal force was the only way to prevent him from continuing his quest to slay second-generation heroes across the Multiverse.
    • In contrast to his father's using witticisms and quips to annoy and keep his enemies off-balance, Richard uses his knowledge of various franchises and fictional characters to his advantage, often blathering on and on about anime or TV shows every time he fights a foe to annoy them and irritate them.

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