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Hydro Kid

Real Name
Richard Drake
Current Alias
Hydro Kid




Young X-men; Formerly Jean Grey School

William Drake (Paternal Grandfather), Madeline Drake (Paternal Grandmother), Bobby Drake (Father) Kitty Pryde (Mother)
Carmen Pryde (Maternal Grandfather), Theresa Pryde (Maternal Grandmother)


Base Of Operations


5' 7" (Varies)





Unusual Features
Entire body can take on a liquid state


Marital Status

Adventurer, Hero

High School


Place of Birth


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Quote1 A little water never hurt anyone...much. Quote2
-- Richard Drake

Early Life

Richard is the only child of Bobby Drake, Aka Iceman, and Kitty Pryde, Aka Shadowcat. Before his birth his parents had an off again, on again relationship with going back and forth in dating then being separated until the day Kitty discovered she was pregnant. Following the discovery, the two finally decided to stay together, feeling it was the best move to do for their son and even eventually married by the time Richard was two years old.

But, unlike a majority of the children born to the veteran X-men, Richard showed signs of his mutation at a much earlier age than usual. Not triggered by any form of stress that his parents or their friends could find Richard one day manifested his ability to control water. This power showed during a vacation the three took away from the mansion and while playing in the water Richard randomly began making shapes with the water which shocked his parents. After this occurred, Richard was watched closely just in case he began manifesting his abilities quicker then normal but luckily for Kitty and Bobby the process was slow and gradual but compared to most of the X-men children Richard was trained far earlier in his abilities.

Not to much surprise though as Richard got older he became incredibly social and a prankster, much like his father before him. Richard also proved to be something of a slacker as he showed little interest in school or the classes the Jean Grey School had to offer except for Danger Room lessons, combat training, and math or art much to the annoyance of his parents, though mainly his mother. But aside from this he also befriended many of the students like himself and the X-men's children, especially the daughter of Idie and Quintavius, Ashe. In fact, Richard developed a childhood crush on the girl which lasted into their teen years.

Unfortunately, Richard began to show a more reckless personality by the time his younger teen years hit. He did not have the same restraint as his parents with their powers and did not show the same mental limitations as Iceman when it came to realizing his own untapped potential. But it was by this time his parents began to realize their own relationship was deteriorating and decided to split up while remaining on good terms which somewhat affected Richard. Resentful of the split, he became even more impulsive and combative with his parents.

No Hesitation

Richard was one of the few people approached by N'Dare Howlett-Munroe secretly about becoming part of a new team of X-men, a kind of new generation. Curious, the young Drake inquired more about it and when given more detail to who was starting it and why it didn't take much more convincing for Richard to jump at the opportunity. Feeling his talents were being wasted on doing nothing all the time he didn't take long to begin helping N'Dare and others recruited to the team, going so far as to pick a codename and make up his own suit.

With becoming a founding member of the new Young X-men, Richard has mainly joined the team to prove to his parents someday he can handle tough situations and that he does not always need them. But from the start Richard's reckless and impulsive nature has made Chris nervous that he will blow their cover and bring them to public eye before they are ready.

Powers and Abilities


  • Hydrokinesis:In a similar manner to his own father, Richard inherited being able to control water and most other liquids. He has become classified as the potential to become an Omega-level water manipulator from the fact he has shown he can control water from just about any source, whether from sweat, a pond, lake, stream, or the air itself Richard has been able to manipulate water molecules on a molecular level for various things. So far, the greatest testament to his mental control over water is being able to turn his entire form into a liquid state to controlling the currents of water in the ocean or creating incredibly large, powerful waves equal to that of a tsunami in training.

Richard has shown he can create various constructs with his water, in particular creating water clones, barriers, and weapons. He can also alter his water body state to resemble just about anything, even altering his size and shape. He can create powerful streams or jets of water, transport himself from one place to the next through water molecules, and either walk and/or ride on water. Richard himself said his control over water is so strong he can control the blood flow in someone's body and take control of their bodily movements through this simple manipulation alone or potentially kill a person. Whether this is possible has yet to be tested.


  • Master Martial Artist:Richard has been trained by both parents and the X-men in various martial arts. Mainly, he has learned Japanese martial arts and street-fighting methods from his mother and Wolverine with some knowledge in others.
  • Minor Computer Skills:Also trained by his mother, Richard has some aptitude towards computer programming and modifications. Though far from the level his mother has it has been enough that Richard can give some aid in computer and technology-based missions.
  • Multilingual:From his father, Richard knows Spanish fluently while from his mother he is semi-fluent in Japanese and Russian but is fluent in the language of the Shi'ar empire.
  • Creative Mind:Though not much of a skill per se, this has proven to be Richard's greatest skill aside from his martial arts training. With little self-restraint and an overactive imagination Richard has proven himself to be quite creative with shown an aptitude towards the arts which has come in handy with his powers in slowly discovering his full potential.

Strength level

Richard has the same strength for a man his age, height, and weight who does intensive exercises. But with increased size he can enhance his strength.


  • Richard is overall an impulsive, reckless youth who seeks any kind of thrill and is a known adrenaline junkie.
    • This impulsive nature has also been a cause for lack of self-restraint which means he rarely, if ever, holds back in anything, especially the use of his powers.
  • Richard's form can actually be heavily affected by varying temperatures. Anything cold potentially slows and limits the use of his water manipulation and slow his liquid state to the point he cannot move. Heating the form he takes on can cause some issues in trying to mentally retain the shape of his form or some of his constructs.
  • The use of his abilities can also be physically and mentally exhausting, sometimes to the point it can cause Richard to pass out or tire quickly.



  • Wrist Communicator

Transportation: His own power, Chris's teleportation, X-jet
Weapons: His powers


  • Richard is an idea if Kitty and Bobby were to have a son but with potential off-shoots of their abilities.


  • Richard is one of the few among the Young X-men who wishes to go public with the group or one day make a name for himself as a hero.
  • Richard also has a dream of someday being in Hollywood, either as a stunt man or famous actor.
  • He also dislikes the taste of butterscotch and coffee.

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