Retanomok is a symbiote. It first attached to “Miguel Esfer Jane”, a worker at Hybrid Co. who after being fired for stealing money and breaking glass of a symbiote capture terrain. He then turned corrupt and claimed to have power over “Deadly winds”. Miguel was soon proved a fraud, after that, Retanomok broke out of Hybrid Co, searching for Miguel, knowing he was fit for the symbiote. A week after, Retanomok attached to Miguel and took full control, going on a rampage against Hybrid Co.

What is Retanomok an actual mix of?

It is currently not known what Retanomok is a mix of. It is believed that the symbiote mixed with Geonasion symbiotes, for example, “Realgin”, “Beetano”, or “Kaneumok”, and started out as “Geonaneo”.

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