Resistance is a minifranchise inside the MCU that follows a number of young powered individuals thrust into the world of heroism. With the help from a couple of familiar and friendly faces, our new heroes work together to not just save the world, but to fight for what is right and good in the world.

Phase One


Tsu-Zana is the half-Kree, half-human daughter of Mar-Vell, left in the care of refugee Skrulls on Mar-Vell's Lab for her own protection, and ultimately orphaned after her mother’s death. Having difficulty fitting in, though, the Skrulls decide maybe it is better for Tsu-Zana to live on Earth, as a human, and so she is sent down (with a disguised Skrull, Ahmbra, to watch and raise her), as Suzy Sherman - her true identity hidden even from herself. Even on Earth though, Suzy failed to fit in, often rejected for being too "buff", her extra weight and muscle from being Kree. Trying to make it in LA's tough entertainment business, Suzy ends up unravelling a plot of a disgruntled and terroristic Effex and sets to take him down, while alos discovering the truth about herself. Stinger: Suzy is approached by Maria Hill, Stark-Fury style.

Virango: Home Invasion

The mysterious AGK Inc. creates a nano-virus capable of enhancing and controlling mutant abilities and clandestinely tests the virus on the small Bangladeshi village of Malpura, killing four thousand people. Tara Virango mangaged to survive the invasive virus, but became infected - an infection that unlocked her superhuman abilities. Tara travels to New York City to seek out AGK, though after being rebuffed and deciding to user her powers to steal the fifty-million-dollar Star of Persia diamond from AGK's vaults to help the survivors of Malpura, a familiar face responds to her crime to stop her: Spider-Man. She is able to escape from Spider-Man by telekinetically barraging him with images of the Malpura disaster, but ultimately feels he is an ally who may be able to help him. The two end up confronting AGK and their director, Corman, only to discover he has virus-related powers of his own.


High-schooler and computer whiz Ben Tucker witnesses the crash of an alien spacecraft and is gifted the Circlet of Power by a dying Sha-Han, after going to investigate. Unfortunately for Tucker, Gormagga Kraal too wanted the Circlet in order to harness the power of the Sun, the being Sha-Han was fleeing from when his ship crashed on Earth. That night, Ben is visited by a vision of Sha-Han that explains to Ben Kraal's threat, but also that the Circlet will grant him superhuman strength from direct sunlight. The next day though, Ben is ambushed by two of Kraal's robot minions and is unable to fight them off, and is kidnapped to Kraal's ship to be dismembered (as the Circlet would not come off freely). Ben is rescued by Sha-Han's daughter Altarra and companion Beepie, to prevent Kraal from superheating the Earth and ultimately destroying the Sun.

Sun Girl

Working alongside Dr. William Allen, Selah Burke is exposed to a dangerous virus. The two of them lose control and begin wreaking havoc, before Spider-Man shows up, and is able to subdue them. Selah is left with residual powers and decides to become a hero, inspired by Spider-Man after he saved her, and so becomes Sun Girl. Sun Girl tries to go break-up a meeting of former Dogs of Hell members Rooster and Jimmy the Bear and former Diablos members, but gets overwhelmed and beaten up due to her inexperience. Saving her at the last second, Spider-Man shows up to take out the gang member. Now with the advantage, they fight until the gang flees and Sun Girl is unconscious. When she wakes up she finds herself in Spider-Man's hideaway and he begins questioning her identity and origin, before she reveals herself to be Selah, the girl he saved. Spider-Man and Sun Girl track down the escaped gang members to a villain named Lightmaster, who is planning to use a device to create giant spheres of chaos using his light based powers. During the ensuing fight, Selah learns that Lightmaster is her father, Edward... and that the lab accident was not an accident but was set up by Edward to test his device and give Selah her powers. Selah, now torn between siding with Spider-Man, her idol, and her dad, in the end she chooses Spider-Man and deals the finishing blow to Lightmaster's plan and destroying his device in an attempt to save himself from his own corruption.


While hiding from a group of bullies, 13 year-old Elvin Haliday is exposed to toxic waste. The chemicals cause Elvin to grow in strength and invulnerability, until he appeared to be a muscular man in his mid-30's. After using his new appearance and powers to scare away his bullies for good, Elvin is encouraged by his grandmother to use his new found abilities for good. And so, after his idol, Bill Foster, is attacked by the racial hate group, Sons of the Serpent, and his grandmother is killed, Elvin, and his new persona, Rage, set out to take down the Sons and challenge the system.


Our first ensemble film, Maria Hill recruits Solarman and Rage, while Spider-Man inducts Virango and Solar Girl, into a new wave of young heros, joining the already initiated Debrii, and Inhuman Synapse. Together they band together to take down Hate-Monger, a puppet master behind the Sons of the Serpent, who is causing riots, to feed off their energy.

Phase Two

Ultragirl 2

Suzy has a run in with and defeats Nuclear Man, and in the process meets and befriends Ripley Ryan (Star), who reveals she is also half-Kree, but has not unlocked her powers like Suzy and wants to learn. Suzy tries to convince Hill to take on Star in the Resistance, but Maria denies it (mentioning similarities to a previous 'failed candidate'). It is eventually revealed that Star is Minn-Nerva’s “daughter”. Minn-Nerva survived her crash on Earth, and has been living undercover (using nitrogen-cloaking), and figured out Suzy’s true identity. She used her own blood to turn Star (actually a human) into a half-Kree, but secretly is just using Star to get to Suzy, wanting to “befriend” Suzy to learn where the Skrulls are. Star finds out though and thinks Minn-Nerva actually wants to befriend Suzy to replace her, and she turns on Minn-Nerva and kills her, and then hunts down Suzy. In the end, it’s revealed Minn-Nerva had been working for a person called the “The Superior” in her time on Earth.

Virango: A New Home

Now with the Resistance, Tara decides to move to NYC full time, and start university. She ends up answering an ad for powered students (under the alias Enigma) to meet up and hangout, where she meets and gets close to Toro. Toro - Benito Serrano - was a poor child living with his sister, Marera. He was kidnapped from his home and forced into service as a child soldier in the Colombian civil war, where he had no choice but to become a “badass” killer. His superiors decided to use him as a human test subject for a "super-soldier" program. However, as the serum took effect, it caused him to remember Marera and the trauma of being taken from those he loved, and he ended up fleeing to NYC. At the meetup, Tara also meets (a blipped) Greg Willis (Gravity ([1])) and Greg’s (unpowered) friend Alisher Sham. Sham ends up getting mixed up in crime, working with Morg (“son” of Morbius ([1]) for the Superior. Sham ends up breaking the friendship after he takes down local vigilante hero Greenwich Guardian ([1]) and setting up Greg. Enigma, Toro, and Gravity must stop and save their friend, from the Superior's remote influence. (As a credit scene Greg catches a cameoing Rage sneaking into Tara’s dorm window, just for a visit, but mistakes him due to his adult appearance as a burglar and attacks him.)

Solar Powered

Selah and Ben have become quite close, in part to their similar powers, and after their participation in taking down Hate-Monger are approached by Max Shiffman to take part in his television series, "It's Amazing" about young heroes and powered individuals, alongside Supercharger and Quicksand. With only the resistance knowing Solarman and Sun Girl's true identities, Ben comes to trust the other two heroes as well revealing who he is, but while he and Sun Girl want to use their platform to discuss the ozone layer and climate change, it slowly unravels that Supercharger and Quicksand intend to use it to show the public why they should fear superhumans, and kill Max on live TV, for using them. In the end, the two heroes are able to stop the plan, by draining Supercharger's power by tapping him into the studio's electrical equipment, but Quicksand ultimately gets away.

Vance Astrovik – Marvel Boy

As a kid Vance Astrovik’s powers manifested after being visited by a mysterious man. Not sure what was wrong with him, Vance ran away and joined a circus. Eventually, Vance was recruited by a vigilante named Night Thrasher, who was young, brash, and extreme, but didn’t treat Vance as a freak. Once with Night Thrasher, Vance met Angelica Jones, and the two became quite close. One day, Night Thrasher is killed by an Extremis explosion. Investigating leads them to the “Brides”, 12 Extremis experiments, with only one surviving trial left. Also looking for the last Bride, though, is the Dark Elf Terrana of the Smoke, “daughter” of Malekith. Stopping Terrana, and saving the Bride, Vance and Angelica discover Terrana was actually just a Dark Elf who survived Greenwich and was working for the Superior, who brainwashed her to believe she was Malekith’s daughter. Maria Hill shows up to take the Bride and introduces herself to the two.

Rage: Civil Unrest

After heroic action in the line of duty from a powered police officer named Bartholomew Gallows, the company Keane Industries, alongside the United States Government, roles out a new policing initiative, the Americops. The initiative ends up taken mounting criticism for their violent methods, however, and Elvin speaks out against the force, and fronts an anti-Americop rally as Rage. Shortly after, while stopping a petty villain, Michael Marko, Rage is cornered by the newly introduced police, "mistaken" for one of the villains, beaten and arrested. The incident goes public and Falcon is shocked when he learns from Maria Hill that Rage is actually just a kid. He reaches out tells Elvin to admit the court that he’s just a kid, but Elvin explains that as a fighter of the African American community, he shouldn't accept what he considered to be an easy way out, and wants to do things the right way. The judge however still finds Elvin guilty of vigilantism and sentences him to serve 6 months time. Back on the outside, Elvin steps away from being a hero, and from the Resistance. But when outspoken political opponent of refugees and immigration, Ariella Conner comes to town for a rally, dragging the likes of Enigma and Toro’s names through the mud, Elvin decides to go to the rally to once again protest. There though he ends up finding himself having to protect Conner from a group of extremist students going under the name of the Bombshells, though themselves end up being a false flag, setup by the Superior to create unrest.

Resistance: Young Allies

Our larger Resistance team take on the Bastards of Evil (Quicksand, Singularity, Aftershock, MortarEmber, Warhead, Stonewall) - alleged, discarded, and disavowed sons and daughters of supervillains, out to cause death and destruction to prove they are superior. Their leader, Superior, Phil Sterns Jr., is the abused child of Madman, Sam Sterns’ brother Phil Sterns, who was always second class to Sam and went insane trying to replicate Bruce Banner ’s experiments, going so far as to experiment on Phil Jr. After a successful trial saw Phil Jr. gain extreme intelligence and telekinesis, Phil killed his father, and too went insane with megalomania. The Resistance piece together his lies, and cause infighting among the Bastards. After a run in with Sun Girl where she explains that her father also lost control and turned villain but that doesn't mean they have to too, Singularity, the alleged son of Graviton, goes to anonymously meet his alleged half-brother George Talbot to try and learn the truth, and when he finds out everything the Superior told him about Glenn Talbot is a lie, he confronts Superior. The truth of Stonewall's estranged father, Absorbing Man's demise (at the hands of Graviton) pits Stonewall against Singularity. Superior tears Singularity in half with telekinesis, and in turn, Stonewall tries to quit for having the truth withheld, but Superior kills him too. Losing the faith of the other Bastards, the Resistance are able to overpower and defeat Superior.

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