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Reinhardt Holzhauer-Marx (Earth-7090)
Real Name
Reinhardt Ulrich Holzhauer-Marx
Current Alias

Geo, Rein, Reinstone, Stoney, Rockhead, Avalanche, Mountain Man, Quakester



Formerly New X-Men

Unnamed parents
Charles Xavier (adoptive father)
Cameron Raymond (former boyfriend)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, USA (formerly)
X-Mansion (formerly)






Former New X-Man, vigilante, thief

Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters (graduated)


Place of Birth
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Place of Death
New York City, New York, USA


First appearance
Last appearance

New X-Men Vol 3 8
New X-Men Vol 3 36


Quote1.png Hello, New York! Are you ready to rock and roll? Quote2.png
-- Geostrike


Geostrike was born Reinhardt Ulrich Hozhauer-Marx in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. His parents abandoned him when he was only six years old and he was taken to an orphanage where he was taken under the care of many nurses who became mother figures to him.

As he grew up, his mutant powers began to develop, his ability being able to manipulate and shape earth. Reinhardt was shocked at first but began to embrace it fully, showing the other kids in the orphanage.

However, one day, Reinhardt witnessed one of his friends getting bullied by a group of older kids and when he confronted them, he took a hard blow in the stomach. This caused Reinhardt to angrily retaliate, using his terrakinetic powers and unleashed a flurry of rocks, hitting every single bully, nearly killing them. Looking around, he could see every child staring at him in shock and fear and everything changed for him.

Since that incident, Reinhardt was avoided by many children and some of them called him a monster, much to his hurt and this prompted him to leave the orphanage, despite some of the kids trying to talk him out of it. Reinhardt managed to sneak into an airport, avoiding any guards that were standing watch, and made his way to New York City in America, where he found himself surrounded by people who came from all around the country.

With no money or anywhere to go, Reinhardt spent most of his time pick-pocketing from people to help him survive while he began to develop his powers. All of that changed when he met Professor Charles Xavier, when he was running from a man after taking food from a corner store and used his powers to form a stone wall from the ground. Instead of being taken to the police, Reinhardt was taken under the Professor's wing, and was enrolled in the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, where he began to fully develop his powers, not to mention make new friends who were mutants as well.

After graduating from the Xavier Institute, Reinhardt spent most of his years being a vigilante while taking odd jobs until Professor X recruited him into the New X-Men, and along the way he became interested in Cameron Raymond romantically, who became smitten with Reinhardt after meeting him, and the two dated inside and outside the team.

Geostrike's Death

During his time on the team, the New X-Men, along with Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm were involved in a scuffle against the military under the command of Sgt. Harold Calhoun, who wanted to eliminate all mutants and bring 'peace' to the Earth. Reinhardt was shot multiple times after pushing Cameron out of the way, much to the half-Atlantean's horror and sorrow. With his dying breath, Reinhardt thanked everyone for accepting him, and told Cameron that he loved him, dying in his arms. He was buried in the Trinity Church Cemetery in New York City, and Cameron visited him often after his death.

Powers & Abilities


Terrakinesis: Reinhardt has the ability to manipulate and shape earth from the ground. This gave him the ability to create weapons, shields, and armor. He can even project spikes from the earth as well as earth projectiles and even create earthquakes.

  • Earth Bolt Projection: Reinhardt can project earth projectiles by summoning them from the ground. Unlike most projectiles, they have greater strength which can produce greater damage and can injure, stun, and penetrate enemies.
  • Earth Weapon Construction: This ability allowed Reinhardt to construct weapons from the earth and even create armor such as gauntlets for his hands which he mainly used for greater strength and combat.
  • Earth Spike Projection: Reinhardt could summon large spikes from the ground either singularly or in a trail to mainly impale targets. He mainly uses them to block enemies' attacks when in battle.
  • Earth Shield Construction: Reinhardt could create shields or walls to protect himself and his allies and block attacks like his earth spikes. He even used the ability to block pathways like he did when he was on the run from
  • Earthquake Generation: This ability gave Reinhardt the power to generate powerful seismic trembles through the ground, knocking any enemy off balance.

Superhuman Strength: Through his terrakinetic ability, Reinhardt was granted superhuman strength that allowed him to lift a large charter bus with a little to no effort.

Enhanced Stamina: Reinhardt's body was able to sustain massive fatigue without wearing out, giving him full energy that kept him active through battles.


  • Reinhardt spoke both German and English. He also spoke some French.
  • He is also a skilled musician, being very talented in playing the guitar.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: His X-Suit
Transportation: X-Jet
Weapons: None. His weapons are made from earth.


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