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Real Name
Reed Richards
Current Alias
The Maker

A Maker of Worlds, The Lord of the White Light, Mister Fantastic, Universal Builder, Creator of Worlds, Destroyer of Worlds, Stretch, Big Brain, Man in the Mystery Helmet, The Invincible Man, Doctor Doom, Dr. Richards, The Explorer, Stretcho, Danum Ket, Supreme One, Holistic Man, God



Makers (founder and leader); formerly Cabal (defunct), Fantastic Four (co-leader; defunct), Illuminati (founder and leader; defunct), Council of Reeds (former member; defected), Future Foundation (founder and leader; defunct)

Nathaniel Richards (father; deceased), Evelyn Richards (mother; deceased), Nathaniel K. Richards (distant cousin; deceased), Franklin Storm (father-in-law; deceased), Susan Storm (wife; deceased), Johnny Storm (brother-in-law; deceased), Franklin Richards (son), Valeria Richards (daughter); more than quintillions of new lifeforms across the multiverse (creations, directly and indirectly)


Base Of Operations
The Dome of the Earth (Earth-61712), along with pocket dimensions and realities under his creation; formerly Underground Manhattan, New York (Earth-61616) and The Dome (Earth-61616)


6' 1" (Variable)



Unusual Features
Half of his face disfigured and the back of his head has become bulbous with extra brain growth; no internal organs


Marital Status

Scientist, terrorist, would-be conqueror, universal and world builder; former adventurer

Multiple PhDs in theoretical and applied physics fields. Reed attended such prestigious universities such as the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Empire State University, acquiring multiple scientific doctorates in fields such as engineering, math, and physics.

Human mutated via exposure to cosmic rays, which radically altered his genetic structure, giving him the ability to stretch his body to great lengths.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Dark Age's Secret Files Vol 1 4


Quote1 I am not who I was... Rather, as the holy scriptures have stated: I am who I am... Quote2
-- The Maker

Ultron Revolution

Losing Everything

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, Mister Fantastic seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, until Ultron started an all-out war against humanity and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies.

Only after a few months the long-time war against Ultron had started, Reed and the rest of the remaining heroes and villains were forced to retreat below the secret underground city that was previously constructed by Stark Industries, as in case of emergencies caused by possible global catastrophes. After the modest sacrifice of those who were willing to gave up their lives so that the others can be saved during Ultron's global annihilation, Reed was one of the those who still made it until the fourth year of Ultron Revolution has finally arrived. By that time, Reed was undergoing a state of mental instability after feeling overwhelmed on the fact that he has lost his entire family, including his own wife Sue Storm who tragically died during the destruction of the Baxter Building as far as year two, and mysteriously lost both his children Franklin and Valeria, in the great purge under Ultron's technological wrath, something that worries his surviving teammates, both heroes and villains alike.

At some later time in the end of year four, Reed, who was in an act of insane desperation to distance himself from everyone on the face of the Earth, had decided to fake his own death in one of the missions taking place in Genosha. There, he willingly "sacrificed" himself by detonating a Unstable Molecule Bomb that took him and a legion of Ultron Sentinels, an act that led the lives of thousands of mutants to safety under the guidance of the heroic Resistance, albeit at the cost of the island's destruction. At this moment, his loved ones on Earth knew for sure that Reed Richards was gone on that day, but from another certain point of view, Reed's story was only getting started.

I Have A Dream

Unbeknownst to everyone on Earth, including Ultron himself, Reed's sacrifice was more than a result of a suicide mission. Rather, Reed had a secret clever reason to why he chose the Unstable Molecule as the explosive's main ingredient. Only moments have passed in the ruins of the scorched Genosha, Reed's body was revealed to have scattered by the explosion of the UMF, having the pieces of his body fragmented across the site of the explosion. Slowly by slowly, those fragmented pieces were being protected by the Unstable Molecules, in which it began to unite back into Reed's whole self, at least only his body thereafter. Though his body has fully reassembled back to its normal state, his central nervous system was heavily damaged in the explosion, rendering Reed's body a mindless musk that is unsafe for the consciousness to thrive in.

As Reed had expected most of the worse case scenarios in his plan, his consciousness was revealed to be stored within a still-functioning computer system inside the Baxter Building, as Reed has decided to leave his body the night before the mission occurred, and instead, have a digital duplicate of his consciousness take over it, a duplicate which followed Reed's protocol in order. Though the body was initially lost in Genosha, Reed's protocol included a penultimate phase in which he automatically commanded a drone to deliver the body back into the Baxter Building, which unbeknownst to Reed was already under the illegitimate property of the one and only technological megalomaniac who took all over Manhattan along with the rest of the world: Ultron.

A Great Escape

Richards Maker Scarred 61616

Reed's face was disfigured, along with his sanity, after escaping Ultron's modified Baxter cyber network

At that moment of realization, Reed knew that he has to take a major risk in his already dangerous mission, otherwise he'd be as dead as the world had known and thought that he was. However, first things first, Reed's consciousness himself had to deal with, and that was to escape the now modified computer system, which was programmed into a digital dreamscape by Ultron. In a matter of exactly 126,230,400 seconds (four years), Reed (only in his consciousness) was able to go through thick and thin surviving the secluded cyberspaces of the Baxter Building's network as he had traveled to multiple dimensions and realities seeking for help against Ultron. While not much realities had understood his message, the amount of data and knowledge he obtained across the Internet (including the deep web) helped him eventually escape the cyberspace and the computer itself, only for the latter to lose his entire sanity and humanity in the process.

Moments before uploading his consciousness to his body once again, Reed came to confront Ultron's consciousness with a flaming grudge held within him. Unfortunately for Reed, he also knew that Ultron's artificial mentality couldn't be that simple. Nevertheless, he decided to use what he has learned for the past four years to construct a hidden virus matrix, something he had set to be released by the second he leaves the Baxter network. Right before his consciousness left the cyberspace back into his body, the duplicate of Ultron's mainframe gave Reed a couple of tantalizing, philosophical questions, asking him whether he had dreamed to be so much more, something capable of changing anything that he wants at his own will and image. At that moment, Reed thought of saving everything and everyone he loved from the death he still aims to reverse at every chance he gets.

Unbeknownst to Reed, the Ultron was only distracting him while the mainframe tries to eliminate the virus Reed had implanted, and with this distraction, Ultron's digital antibodies had detected his presence. Though not entirely defenseless, Reed's consciousness was heavily damaged, or for what Reed would like to call accurately: scarred by the antibodies, on his way out of the network. Reed Richards has escaped his four years of torment, now back in his same body and with his unsurpassable knowledge, he was able to secretly reclaim the Baxter Building network for a moment, swiftly setting up his next plan: leave Earth. However, it still begs the question: Is Reed the same person as he was before the dark ages? Before the Ultron Revolution?

Cosmic Pilgrimage

Meeting New Alliances

While momentarily searching the database of the Baxter network, Reed discovered that a functioning S.H.I.E.L.D.-commissioned space shuttle in the Triskelion was yet to be used. Remembering the protocol he once had with the Illuminati to banish the Hulk off the Earth in case of catastrophic emergency, Richards decided to use the shuttle instead with personally him on it, in order to jettison the shuttle into deep space. After accidentally going through a wormhole near the edge of the Solar System, the once legendary Mister Fantastic landed on the planet Xandar, which happens to be the capital of the Nova Empire, a world he expected to be filled with peace and prosperity. However, Reed unfortunately came in a time of great crisis, witnessing the innocents residents of the planet be butchered by the Resurgence Empire while the Nova Corps desperately try their best to prevent the eradication of their benevolent planet.

At that moment, Reed was seeing how the ongoing crisis on Xandar mirrors the purge on Earth under Ultron's regime. Reed couldn't help himself but to release whatever has been holding him back. Finally trusting his instincts, Mister Fantastic impulsively used the advanced weaponry of the Nova Corps as he helped them flanked out the fleet and troops of the Resurgence Empire from invading Xandar. The siege ended with Reed unhesitatingly slaying their weakened commander, Ronan the Accuser with his own weapon, the universal weapon known as the Cosmi-Rod. With Ronan's death, the rest of the remaining fleet were forced to retreat. Reed thought that what he did, killing someone, was unethical, although the Corps and the Xandarians nevertheless honored him for his help and altogether celebrated their victory. Nova Garthan Saal would then remind him on the utilitarian philosophy that sometimes people have to make the hardest choice, as long as it contributes to the greater good, making Reed feel a little bit ease, since he thought what he did to Ronan was necessary.

A day following the attack on Xandar, Reed asked for Nova's help in helping Earth against Ultron, but Nova Prime Irani Rael sorrowfully rejected his request, as much as she wanted to help by sending some of her forces, due to their ongoing conflict against the Resurgence Empire, which was ruled by the fearful intergalactic warlord Thanos. At first, Reed slightly underestimated the Mad Titan upon hearing of him, though words can be deceiving when he was informed that Thanos was on the universal quest to retrieve the cosmic artifacts known as the Infinity Stones. Having a personal agenda for the Infinity Stones in secret, Reed decided to help the Nova Corps and every other alliance against defeating Thanos and the Resurgence Empire, in hopes of using them to save the Earth and bring back everyone that he had lost in the past and everyone else he may lost in the future.

The Infinity War Ignites

During his days staying in Xandar, Reed was granted the access to several technology under the authorization of Nova's sentient supercomputer, Xandarian Worldmind, just as he requested to the peacekeeping organization. In his time serving Xandar, Mister Fantastic was able to help the recovery of the Xandarian populace in only a matter of one and a half week, thanks to his beneficial and creative inventions. Unbeknownst to every Xandarian, however, Reed took over the Xandarians' hospitality toward him by hacking through the Worldmind's database in order to gain full information on Xandar's history and uncover secret data that may or may not have been intentionally hidden by the supercomputer, including known existing data on the Infinity Stones.

There, Reed was able to modify the Worldmind itself overnight, without the immediate awareness or detection from Nova Corps, before connecting itself to other computer networks across the galaxy to know more about Thanos and plan on how to take down his empire, or if not, at least get what he was hoping to claim, the Stones, as an act last resort. With the enough information he could get, Reed began his quest for the Infinity Stones with the help of the Nova Corps by side. Though the Nova Corps initially questioned Reed's suggestion, they were fully convinced on the mission after the Xandarian Worldmind itself had given the order and instructions, which was secretly being controlled by none other than Reed himself.

Thus, the once quest for the Infinity Stones, had continued as the more catastrophic Infinity War. The timeline of Infinity War spanned for one whole month, and according to survivors in the near future, it would've ended shorter than expected if it wasn't for Reed's voluntary participation helping the alliance against the Resurgence Empire, an act which thankfully saved the alliance from being fully dissolved. Across the universe, Reed Richards led the alliance into stealthily finding the six Infinity Stones, which they had on the following locations: Morag (Power Stone), Haven (Time Stone), Asgard (Space and Reality Stone), Sovereign (Soul Stone), and Earth (Mind Stone).

Though casualties were overwhelming in the ensuing conflict, Reed knew that sacrifices were unavoidable, and morbidly enough, he knew that more casualties would follow as he now aims to assemble the Stones on a version of the Infinity Gauntlet that Reed had made out of the strongest metals in the known universe, most notably Uru and Vibranium. As Reed and the alliance had expected, Thanos and his Resurgence Empire continued their attack on the Xandarian sector, though Reed and Thanos themselves knew, albeit out of different reasons, it would be their last attack. For Thanos, he was arrogant to know well that his final attack would be successful and the Stones would be in his possession quite soon, foolishly underestimating the Terran hero once known as Mister Fantastic.

Illuminated by Delusion

Reed Richards Infinity Gauntlet

Wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, Reed enlist an alternate reality Illuminati in an attempt to rebuild a new universe out of their will

Possessing the completed Infinity Gauntlet within his palm, Reed used his godly universal power to unleash a powerful energy surge on the Xandarian orbit, destroying most of the hostile Resurgence fleet hovering above Thanos' native realm. Overwhelmed by the loss of his armada, Thanos impulsively attacks Reed personally solely with his bare hands, only for the latter to incapacitate the reckless Mad Titan after using the Infinity Gauntlet to summon and find individuals in his will: Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Namor, and Professor X. At that moment, Reed realized that the old group once known as the Illuminati, had come back together again for the first time in several years. Thanos was finally defeated due to the sudden but willing banding of heroes, subsequently handing a ultimately weakened and practically-paralyzed Thanos to Nova Corps.

The heroes who arrived in Xandar claimed that each and every one of them have originated from another Earth, bearing the same burden as Reed in their pasts as they've also lost their allies and loved ones due to different catastrophes that occurred on their home universes. Black Bolt was forced to eradicate Attilan during a struggle against the overpowering Super-Inhumans. Doctor Strange failed to the imminent destruction of the Earthly realm at the combined hands of Dormammu and Nightmare. Iron Man was able to permanently kill the Mandarin and destroy his Ten Rings, but the loss of his allies had led him to suffer once more from alcoholism, in order to deal with his grief. Namor witnessed his own home Atlantis sink into oblivion one last time due to the Squadron Supreme's "act of revenge" against the Atlanteans. Professor X lost the X-Men after the United States Government had officially enacted an executive to patrol Nimrod Sentinels countrywide to hunt down mutants on his Earth.

Together, they re-banded a new incarnation of the Illuminati, initially aiming to establish peace and prosperity across this and their universes against those who wish to rule or destroy it, with this team deciding to settle their base of operations inside a mobile space station known as The Dome. Reed prompted to seek help from his fellow Illuminati to gather the remaining stones with the objective to ensure they wouldn't cause any more trouble for the universe. The Illuminati then divided the stones amongst themselves, before agreeing to disintegrate the Infinity Gauntlet. However, after realizing that whatever tragedy has already happened could no longer be reversed on his Earth (due to the fact that another greater threat was ruling the planet at the time), a stressed out Reed came to a proposition with his teammates that since, the should simply just remake the universe, uniting their realities with his in order to build a better reality with the use of the Infinity Stones. Half of the Illuminati came to disagree with his, with Strange calling Reed a "universal madman," with the exception of Stark and Namor who saw the point in his ultimate idea.

As a result of conflicting ideologies, the Illuminati were fractured into two: Reed and Strange's faction. Eventually, Stark grew tired of their disagreements, deciding to take the Infinity Gauntlet for himself and clash the opposing faction to take the three remaining Stones under their possession. In the first and final confrontation between the factions, Stark tried to claim the Stones, only for Strange to overpower Iron Man with his lethal sorcery at first. Reed tried to help out Stark, only for him to be incapacitated by Professor X, who used his psionics against Reed to paralyze him momentarily. However, Stark himself wouldn't back down easily, and knowing that Black Bolt wouldn't want any part in the fight, Stark revealed that he had injected a sample of the Extremis virus.

As a result, virus gave Stark control over some of Black Bolt's body which included his voluntary movement, making him release a powerful sonic blast out of his will that accidentally ended the lives of Xavier and Strange, while also damaging Reed's brain in the process, before Bolt himself was reluctantly impaled by Namor with his Trident, mortally wounding him. Namor tried to wear the completed Infinity Gauntlet, only for a startled Stark to shoot him with a powerful repulsor blast to the chest, knocking the King of the Sea down. In the end of their destructive duel on the Dome, a dying Stark was nevertheless successful in his assembly of the Stones, snapping his fingers. Reed was the only one who was miraculously alive, witnessing a new reality being built in a flash of binding light, and thus, everything changed in an instant.

World's Regenesis

Reed's Illuminati faction managed to use the Infinity Stones, wearing the Gauntlet in order to unite the Illuminati's universes and remake a newer, better reality each to their own whims through the ultimate victor of Tony Stark's sacrifice. In this reality, whatever the Illuminati has lost in their past lives were resurrected into this new world that came to be. No massive villain attack or uprising that they've encountered has ever surfaced for the past four years, with the last attack being an assault led by Hydra in the Triskelion, which ended in their defeat. Even Reed's face was restored back to its normal appearance, much to his delight, especially after knowing that his entire family had come back, from his wife Sue and his children to his heroic allies including his Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

As Man Falls, God Rises

However, within Reed felt like something was still missing, despite everything being restored back to the way it was. At that point, he realized that everything on that moment was "too perfect" of a world to ever exist in any universe that there is. Because of this metaphysical thought, Reed and the rest of the Fantastic Four came to meet with his friend Tony Stark, the one who was responsible for everything that he sees, in his residence at the Stark Tower as the current President of the United States of America. There, Stark revealed that his wife Pepper Potts were one of the many casualties in the Hydra attack four years earlier. Much to his horror, Reed told Stark that his world, this very reality they're standing in, was not the world he and the rest of the Illuminati were wishing to build at all. Reed realized that Stark grew in power and control, out of vengeance rather than justice, as he basically took over the country with his technology of war in order to instill fear against villainy.

Knowing how rogue Stark had gone, the heroic four tried to confront him, starting a fight between President Stark and the Fantastic Four. The four were close into apprehending their former ally gone rogue, right until Stark the moment when the latter went unstable, releasing his "Ultron Legion," which mortally wounds Sue and the Human Torch. The Avengers came into the scene to thwart the sudden battle between heroes, but it was too late. The deluded Reed told his allies that they simply couldn't see his vision of perfection, because not even himself were sure of what the concept of a perfect reality truly is. Strongly convinced that he had been through enough, Reed was now unhesitant to take on the armored Tony Stark with savagery. The duel of the greatest minds on Earth had ended with Mister Fantastic's victor. Noticing the great scars of Reed's face resurface again, Stark himself was terrified to realize that Reed was planning to take over this world from the start. Reed smirks without noticing, telling Stark that he had figured it out, though the former clarified that he would only be needing the Infinity Stones. Furthermore, Reed explained to a dying Stark that all the worlds he had seen were far from what he thought was perfect, thus now firmly believing that everything had to be rebuilt, remade under him, in his own image, and on his own terms only.

The exhausted Reed knew that he has lost quite enough in his miserable and unfortunate life, and never shall he let such tragedies happen ever again as long as he is in charge. In that moment, Reed's entire worldview came to an ideological change as he willingly abandoned his whole humanity, and fully embraces his so-called "godhood" as one of the greatest minds in the multiverse. Using the fully-assembled Infinity Gauntlet one last time, Reed simply snaps his fingers, unleashing a wave of negative matter on the planet in his will. As this universe begins to be consumed by the Negative Zone, Reed instantly teleports himself away from the reality Tony Stark had created, with Reed knowing that the reality Stark had created for the Illuminati, was merely a "dream world" from the very start. What Reed was aiming to make was real, but first things first, the latter had to start increasing the very thing that made him special and with a purpose: his intelligence, in his mission to make a perfect multiverse in his own vision.

Journey to Godhood

Shortly moments after the destruction of the alternate reality Tony Stark's pocket universe due to the powers of Reed's Infinity Gauntlet, the latter has resurfaced back into his home universe, specifically on Xandar, moments since Thanos ended up defeated at the hands of his past self, along with the alternate reality Illuminati. Reed activates the gauntlet once more, though not to help Xandar recover, but rather to revert things back to the way they're supposed to be. Using the gauntlet, Reed fills the orbit of Xandar with the Resurgence Imperial fleet, the same one he had previously destroyed with the same completed gauntlet. With it, Reed used his godly powers to instantly free Thanos from imprisonment, teleporting the Mad Titan inside the fleet's largest command ship, the Sanctuary II. Thanos and his army would only remember moments before they attacked Xandar, an effect of the Infinity Stones willed by Reed.

Reed proclaims that in order to make a new perfect world, the old and existing one should be destroyed in order to start over, "restart from scratch" as Reed would phrase it. The rogue hero would also use the gauntlet to drain the Xandarian Worldmind (and every other supercomputer system that he was able to hack on earlier) of all its data, permanently transferring its knowledge and information to Reed's brain. However, instead of his mind collapsing due to "information overload," Reed's brain and head would only begin to expand in size rather than rupture (like a normal being would) as information gets stored in his cerebrum, something that Reed had expected would occur thanks to his convenient powers of plasticity.

Moments before the Xandarian people would face its inevitable doom at the hands of the ruthless Resurgence Empire, young Nova Samuel Alexander came to Reed's aid, desperately asking for his help and questioning how Thanos and his army were able to return so quickly. Another Nova, Richard Rider, would quickly figure out that Reed himself was responsible for the return of the Resurgence fleet, right after Nova notices the once fantastic hero wield the Infinity Gauntlet. The Novas tried to wrestle the Infinity Gauntlet off Reed, but it was already too late for the soldiers, for their brawns were no match for the godly mind of Reed Richards. With a simple thought with the gauntlet, the latter turned the Novas against each other using the Infinity Stones, making each of them see their fellow Novas as Reed Richards.

Achieving Omniscience

As another bloodbath arises in the city, a weary Reed immediately teleports himself out of Xandar to track down and absorb every other source of knowledge within his reality (e.g. Supreme Intelligence), an impressive feat that he was able to complete in less than two Earth days. Eventually, the overly-intelligent Reed would eventually find his way searching for the Library of Worlds, a sacred nexus of uncovered universal knowledge where he deems would give the way in completing the "instructions" for remaking the perfect multiverse. After arriving on the Library of Worlds, Reed finally gets rid of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones altogether, willing it to return back to its respectable locations across his home universe, moments long before he came to learn, find, and assemble them together. Now using the Library of Worlds as his momentary base of operations, Reed Richards began to develop such highly-advanced technology needed for his new calling.

One of Reed's greatest technological feats to that point were rebuilding and modifying a complete replica of the Library's structure itself, a sanctuary that would eventually be dubbed as the Great Dome, or simply the Dome. Furthermore, the time zone of the Dome's interior, something the Maker had once named a Miniature Paradise, passed at an accelerated rate compared to the outside world. Ninety decades have passed inside the Dome, so their inhabitants evolved to superhumans in the general level of perfection, though according to Reed's personal classification, they were "far from perfection" and the latter added they were mere tests subjects to what he was planning to make into a reality. Even Reed himself has humbly admitted that he has yet to be a "Maker of Worlds" he has proclaimed to become.

The Begotten Children

Generations have passed within the Dome, Reed persistently worked on the next steps of his personal protocol to obtain the necessary knowledge and wisdom in order to replicate a multiversal singularity by simply using a pocket universe, something he must create himself first before doing anything else. At first, Reed was able to seemingly succeed in his first few attempts of creating a pocket universe within the self-contained spaces of the Great Dome through his various particle accelerators, only for his methods to prove the ineffectiveness of what he has learned so far after discovering the structural instability of his artificially-created pocket universes. Learning that he has failed for the first time in a while, Reed quickly grew impatient in disbelief, taking him a while before bitterly accepting that there were some errors in his formulas and equation which caused the "prototype" pocket universes to collapse in a blink of an eye.

In his reluctant acceptance at failure, Reed thought of a solution that might fix his dilemma and eventually get him back on track. He hypothesized that the major factor to his problem was using solely synthetic machinery in building the pocket realities, to which in response he believed would finally be solved once he finds a celestial being that is quite powerful, yet at the same time, quite easy to control. The primordial inhabitants of the Dome, which were simply given the codename "Makers" due to their role as the partially sentient servants of Reed Richards, first thought what Reed was seeking was an impossibility right until Reed introduced his creations the existence of his missing son, the universally-powerful Franklin Richards, a discovery that very much astonished and bewildered the Makers to be aware knowing such great power exists within a fragile, innocent being.

With this new plan of improvisation, Reed primarily instructed his Makers to replicate a genetically-modified version Franklin using his flawless quantum technology and Franklin's original genetic sample, something that Reed has secretly been keeping before leaving Earth. In a matter of minutes in the real world, which was almost a hundred years inside the Dome's realm, the cosmically-imbued Franklin Richards was reborn in his father's own image as an early adolescent. While this Franklin wasn't entirely the same as who he was before, the latter nevertheless possessed some of the traits and behaviors the original Franklin had, including his child-like thoughts, emotions, and even his past memories during the days of Ultron Revolution.

Those very intrinsic characteristics was the primary tool Reed had needed to use in order to slowly but surely manipulate Franklin's multiversal powers in his command. For the next few years within the Dome, Reed deceived his son in believing that the Dome itself was what left of the universe after lying that Ultron has almost completely eradicated their home reality, making Reed, Franklin, and the Makers the "last surviving beings" in the universe. Moreover, Franklin was unknowingly given some fabricated memories by his father to completely convince him about the existential situation he was living in, with one of them Franklin witnessing the nigh destruction of the universe before his very eyes which scarred him. In Reed's defense, he believed that giving him such trauma along with giving him more motivation would strengthen the once heavily broken Franklin and further motivate his personal mission in "restoring" everything back to normal, becoming his "Builder of Worlds."

Alongside Franklin, the Maker would proceed to replicate the same process of "resurrecting," albeit now he uses his quantum tech to create a genetically-modified version of his supergenius daughter, Valeria Richards, whom upon "resurrection" was assigned by his father to be the "Designer of Worlds," in which she would fill in every nook and cranny and create every single detail on every single reality or dimension that her brother would bring into existence through Mentifery, while the Makers would serve as the cosmic "Shapers." Overseeing around the null, abyssal space that Reed was planning to construct his own multiverse on, his son and daughter were its first inhabitants, and its first legitimate, fully sentient Makers. For once in a while, Reed was slowly starting to feel normal himself after seeing his recreated family, only to remind himself that his emotions were only an "unnecessary baggage" that he shouldn't bother carrying now that he was on the "path to achieving godhood," otherwise it would distract him from reaching his full potential as a Maker of Worlds.

Battle for the Future

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Ultimate Godhood

Everything was Good

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Origins Enigma

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Final Incursions

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Secret Wars

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Powers and Abilities


Human Mutate Physiology: Gifted superhuman powers by cosmic rays bombarding his body during their expedition to the Negative Zone, in which the irradiation gave Reed superhuman powers. As a natural super-genius, Mister Fantastic has made various breakthroughs in fields such as science and technology.

  • Nigh Omniscience
  • Plasticity
    • Dense Flesh
      • Contain Explosions
      • Redirect Projectiles
    • Elongation
      • Grappling
      • Movement
    • Shape Changing
      • Imitation
      • Canopy, Parachute or Sheath
      • Gliding
      • Cushion
      • Sling Shot
      • Geometric Shapes
      • Fist Weapons
      • Bouncing Ball
      • Two-Dimensionality
      • Infiltration
      • Open Locks
      • Wind Generation
      • Semi-Solid Liquid State
  • Multiversal Omnipresence
  • Nigh Omnipotence
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened states represents Reed's potential power under the empowerment of enhancing factors and scenarios


  • Hyper-Intelligence
    • Super-Genius Intelligence
    • Master Scientist
    • Master Inventor
  • Presumed Millionaire
  • Skilled Combatant
  • Leadership

Strength level

Class 65+


  • Mental Illness
    • Mentally Unstable
    • God Complex
    • Superiority Complex
    • Perfectionism



  • Fantastic Four Uniform
  • Baxter Building issue communications equipment
  • Various advanced technology equipment
    • Various created gadgets and gear
    • Fantasti-Flare
    • Universal Translator
    • N-Zone Transporter
    • Chrono-Tunnel
  • Translator Implant
  • Unstable Molecules
  • The Infinity Gauntlet (Earth-61616) (formerly; destroyed)
    • The Infinity Stones (Earth-61616) (formerly)
      • Power Stone
      • Space Stone
      • Soul Stone
      • Reality Stone
      • Time Stone
      • Mind Stone


  • The Dome (formerly; destroyed)
  • Fantasticars
    • Fantasti-Car (formerly; destroyed)
    • Fantasticar 2.0 (formerly)
    • Fantasticar 2.5 (formerly)
  • Fantastiships
  • Space Shuttles


  • Ultimate Nullifier (formerly)


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  1. Modern Comics: Secret Wars Vol 1 3


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