Red Queen (Earth-90089)
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Real Name Lexi(s) Ravenne
Current Alias Red Bird
Alias(es) Red Head
The Bad One
Red Bird
The Wicked Witch of the West
Relatives Jacob Ravenne (father)
Boomer Ravenne (brother)
Viola Ravenne (sister)
Carol Frost
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Base Of Operations New World Cathedral
Alignment Brotherhood of Mutants
Universe Earth-90089
Gender Female
Height 5'4'
Weight 129 pounds
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Quote1People like me prefer drinking human tears over water.Quote2

Lexi Ravenne (or Red Queen) is the daughter of Mister X, older sister of Raven Queen and Sonic Boom, and former lover of Jacob Stryker.


Lexi is the child of scientist Carol Frost and mutant-hunter Jacob Ravenne. At some point, her father found out his children were mutants. Unlike her husband, Carol had her boundaries with mutants (especially if their her own kids). Once Jacob captured and turned them into Stryker, Carol refused to experiment on them. This cause Stryker to doubt her loyalty and shoot her. Viola, Lexi, and Boomer managed to escape and free a 1/3 of mutants. Unfortunately, her mother bled to death and Jacob hunt them for decades.

Orphaned, the three siblings were separated and later adopted. Lexi grew up in Lansing, Michigan where she was spoiled rotten. Her parents were afraid of her because of her powers. Eventually, she got "bored of them" and decided it was time to move on. She ran away to New York and started living in the attic of Hellfire Club. One day, while walking across the stret, Lexi caught sight of a little boy being mugged by some gangsters. She left her post to defend him. This results in the gangsters chasing the children. After Lexi manages to hide them in the attic, the boy explained he was a mutant. When asked what his name was, he said his adopted parents called him Boomer Jones, but his real last name is Ravenne. At that point, the two children learned they were somehow related. Until they knew for sure how, they agreed to call each other brother and sister. Since then they've stuck together, living life as thieves and performers in Hellfire Club.

Power & Abilities

Power Grid
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Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
  • Super Intelligence - Lexi possesses the brains of a high IQ genius. But she prefers to use her intellect for the streets. Most of the time, Lexi uses her knowledge for illegal acts such as thievery.
  • Eye Manipulation - Lexi can manipulate the sight of who she makes eye contact with.
  • Enhanced Stamina - Lexi's stamina is higher than the average human's. This gives her athletic, gymnastic-like movements. Including running up and down walls.
  • Super Senses - Lexi can sense danger from miles away. This includes in distance and time.
  • Fast Learning - Lexi can easily learn any form of skill. Say if someone is teaching her to cook apple pie, Lexi can look at the recipe for 3 seconds yet know it all the way through. These forms of skills include weapons, martial arts, trickery, engineering, and hacking.
    • Spell Book - Lexi's spell book contains chants, cures, and hexes kept secret for over thousands of years. She found it inside the attic of Hellfire Club.
    • Weaponry - Lexi has weapons such as knives, guns, bow & arrow, ball-chain, and double axes.
  • Changeable Hair - Like her sister, Lexi can change her hair color. Like real birds, they change their hair (feathers).
  • Cosmic Fog Transportation - Lexi can transport herself and disappear, leaving behind a cosmic fog in her place. This fog I Lexi, and as long as it's in the air, she can't be hurt. But Lexi can hurt other by morphing in a cosmic fog entity. For example, she can choke someone but if another tries to shoot her, the bullet will go through Lexi, hitting her choking victim instead.


  • Containment Units - When in containment units as cosmic fog, Lexi is unable to escape or change back into a human.



  • Sonic Boom - Brother, Rescuee
  • Viola Ravenne - Sister, Rival
  • Brotherhood of Evil


Red Queen Form

Ordinary Form


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