Sinister David
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The Reality Gem
Reality Gem (Earth-3000)
Real Name Unknown
Current Alias The Power Gem
Alias(es) Unknown
Relatives Soul Gem (brother), Power Gem (brother), Mind Gem (brother), Space Gem (brother, deceased), Time Gem (brother, deceased), Thanos (father), Adam Warlock (mother)
Affiliation Infinity Gauntlet
Base Of Operations "The End of the Universe"
Alignment Neutral
Universe Earth-3000
Gender Unknown
Height 1791 m
Weight 9201 Kg
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Unusual Features Unknown
Quote1Mighty Galactus, has Ego ever told you of the Golden Giant? A being so powerful as to have no name or face. He once spoke to me and I asked him for a huge favor. He performed it with a twitch of his fingers. We are getting old, oh might one! Quote2
--Ego, the Living Planet
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