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Quote1 I've been trained by Daredevil, Black Widow, Captain America, and Sam Wilson since I was 11 and I stayed up constantly even going 48 hours without rest just pure training. I've done this for 6 years straight, ever day, every second, minute, and hour. Quote2
-- Patriot

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Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Patriot's Shield: His main weapon is his Shield. It was given to him by Captain America and it can shapeshift into a drone, glider, and a shield. It can shoot rockets, projectiles, and can absorb kinetic energy similar to Captain America's Energy Shield.

Patriot's Bo Staff: Taking inspiration from Daredevil's cane, he created his own staff that could (like Daredevil's) t can be configured into a nunchaku-like weapon to a manriki-gusari (a long rope/chain weapon with two weights on its ends), dual short sticks which can be wielded in a pair, staff, or a cable with a grappling hook. The weapon can also be adjusted to combine both sticks into a larger stick. The weapon is held by a holster on the side of Shaun's left leg. They are powered by energy taken from Captain America's Energy Shield that Shaun himself created that has a futuristic look that is blue with patriotic colors on it

Patriot's Billy Clubs: Also taking inspiration from Daredevil and having energy taken from Cap's Energy Shield are a pair or Billy Clubs created by Shaun. Patriot's billy club is a multi-purpose weapon. It has a retractable microphone, a miniature tape recorder, chamber for firing projectiles, and a wire cable which allows the club to be used as a grappling hook. It can also be used as either as a baton or a cable. In addition to this, his clubs have been shown to conceal retractable blades.

Patriot's Throwing Stars: Taking inspiration from Elijah Bradley's stars he created his own that have a futuristic look that had american colors on them that were made from Cap's Energy Shield he has special ones. Normal, Tracking, Drones (which can fire projectiles and follow enemies) explosive, electricity, acid, energy stealing, downloading (which can download information from any device), etc. He sometimes puts them at the end of his billy clubs so he can launch them or connects them to the end of his bo staff so he can use it as a projectile and uses it to cause more pain to enemies.

Stun Batons: Taking inspiration from Black Widow's Stub Batons he powered them with Energy from Cap's Energy Shield as they were created by him. They are also electricity powered that can cause damage to enemies and can drain their energy and redirect and absorb kinetic energy. They can also be thrown and connected to form a staff


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