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Real Name
Ravonna Lexus Renslayer
Current Alias

Temptress, Hecate, Kang the Conqueror, Rebecca Tourminet, Ungrateful Traitor, Kang's Witch


Resistance Against Kang (indirect founder and leader), Renslayers (former leader and family member), Kang's Empire: Followers of Kang (formerly; defected), formerly the Cult of Rama-Tut

Baltag (father; deceased), Rebecca Renslayer (mother; deceased), Carelius Renslayer (step-father; deceased), Nathaniel Richards (former lover)


Base Of Operations
Mobile across the 40th Century of Earth-6164; formerly Chronopolis City, Nueva York



Blue, (Variable)

Blonde, (Variable)


Marital Status

Resistance leader and time-traveler; formerly lieutenant conqueror, adventurer, vigilante

Several PhDs in Robotics, Engineering, Politics, International Studies, and Universal Combat

Human mutated by 30th century and 40th century technology

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Kang Vol 1 1
Modern Comics:
Kang Vol 1 15


Early Years

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer was the step-daughter of Viceroy Carelius Renslayer and secretly the biological daughter of the former Empress Rebecca Renslayer and the general of Renslayer's militia, Baltag. Both the viceroy and the empress were great and wise rulers during the 40th Century Earth, specifically for running the once chaotic state of Nueva York in the country America, for almost a few decades, successfully maintaining consistent peace and prosperity in the state, a pretty impressive and remarkable feat which something that Ravonna get to see growing up. However, despite being famously known for her place in the royal Renslayer family, Ravonna has experienced the most abuse and oppression due to his father's extreme way of disciplining her and the fact that she wasn't of royal blood, in terms of mentally and emotionally, not just within her strict and conservative family, but also to her inner and outer social circle. As a consequence, Ravonna experienced a severe case of selective amnesia, rendering her to forget some of her traumatic and significant memories when she was still little.

As she grows up in her late adolescence years, she attended a highly prestige university, a beneficial factor which subsequently and thankfully made her see the bright day once more in her seemingly dimming life. Finishing her ultimately successful college years, she would then earn several PhDs in robotics, engineering, politics, and even the course of universal combat, an achievement the finds some of her loved ones a little odd, in her even later years. Along with it, she also became briefly romantically involved with a masters student by the name of Victor Timely III, after realizing that they were both experiencing a painful and struggling past that they were willing to let go. That case seems to have remained, and Ravonna continued to live a cherishable life, right until she was in her early adulthood years, when the country was unexpectedly invaded by a mysterious power hungry warlord and efficient conqueror, going by the intimidating nome de guerre of Kang.

Kang's Movement

In the beginning of the ensuing chaos, Ravonna and the rest of her family left their family mansion as they were being safeguarded by the armed forces of Carelius' administration to their alleged safe stronghold located at the city of Chronopolis, also located between the end of the Nueva York and the entrance of the already abandoned city that was once known as New Jersey during the 21st Century, which was previously served as Kang's clandestine settlement long before the day of his extreme world invasion.

Thanks to the best of their efforts, the militants were able to take the Renslayers to the stronghold, although it was due to the costs of their lives being slayed by Kang and his merciless mercenaries. For the next following days, the Renslayers now find themselves trapped inside the stronghold, with most of her remaining people strongly fearing that their days have been numbered, to the point where some of them started pointing fingers at each other, paranoid that someone might have been involved during the infiltration on their protected mansion. Eventually, the once unsupported suspicion of having a traitor was proven to be unfortunately true, revealing that the lieutenant general Baltag, along with a few more, was the commanding sleeper operative of Kang's extremist militia.

In the wake of this shocking revelation, Baltag tried to have his viceroy assassinated, only for Ravonna's mother and his wife, the Empress, to immediately throw herself in the path of the blast, rendering her mortally wounded. Ravonna and her servants came to the Empress' aid to try and comfort her, although seemed to be apathetic and even acted like he was never bothered by his own wife's demise, after witnessing him desperately try to make a deal with the traitorous lieutenant general by joining Kang's resurgence, with the intention of saving no one else but him and himself only.

Darkness Awakens

Enraged by his father's selfish act, Ravonna soothed her grief for losing her mother, and concentrated as she applies all her past knowledge of universal combat, and fought the sleeper operatives, killing them both in vengeance and self-defense with their own blades and blasters, with the exception of Baltag who was able to easily outmatch Ravonna in combat, restraining her with his own boot. Even at that thrilling moment, all Carelius could do was scold his own daughter for "ruining" his "plan" to get her and the rest into safety, even though that act was truly only for his self intentions of saving his own life. Nevertheless, Baltag still accepted Carelius' offer to have him joined their side, much to the latter's relief and Ravonna's devastation and disappointed for his ultimate and unforgivable betrayal.

Just moments later, Baltag finally opens the stronghold's reinforced Adamantium gate, hence entered the one and only Kang the Conqueror. As the second they saw the gaze of the international warlord, Ravonna knew it was the face of death itself who came to them. However, after hearing that his lieutenant foolishly made a deal with the viceroy, Kang abruptly shoots Baltag from behind, giving Ravonna the chance to escape from his clutches and in a fit of uncontained rage, she unhesitatingly shoots him straight through the skull with a small blaster, finally avenging her mother's death, with the painful possibility that Ravonna won't even know that Baltag, the man responsible of unintentionally the Empress, was her true father.

Kang looked intimidated and genuinely impressed as Ravonna now looks as her father and screams at him in absolute madness because of his egoistic and self-centered personality, blatantly blaming him for the deaths of his wife and thousands of more people across the city of Nueva York. Straining the viceroy, Kang gave Ravonna a "once in a lifetime" chance to take out his father, the very person who almost ruined her entire life for the worst. Ravonna was lured into her inner darkness and was tempted to slay her step-father, but still had a conscience, thinking about what and how her mother would have wanted for her to be. With it, Carelius begged for her to spare him, but not before taunting that she has already killed her real father, referring to Baltag, albeit the clueless Ravonna still doesn't know who her real father was at that moment. Despite her struggles with conscience to spare Carelius, Kang did the job for her without hesitation anyways, beheading the fallen viceroy as his long-time reign ends with his death. Ravonna could only break down in tears, realizing that everyone she has loved was now gone.

Serving the Conqueror

With the death of Ravonna's loved ones, Ravonna also died along with that tragedy, or at least a big part of her did. A still enraged Ravonna even got to bested Kang in a brief duel, or at least he let her do so, but decided not to kill him, continuously realizing that she was never the same since she murdered her own father in cold blood and her inevitable fear of changing. As Kang carefully comforted her as she mourns from the painful guilt and suffering she's gonna have to deal with for the rest of her life, the warlord would also take advantage over her sensitive and unstable emotions from that time on forward, to the point where the two would eventually be frequent lovers later in her future, after revealing himself to be Victor Timely III, the man she once loved.

Giving her a new chance to have a new start, another much "worthier" purpose in her now empty life after seeing how skilled she was in defending and fighting for herself, Ravonna was slowly deluded by Kang into the great darkness, eventually turning Ravonna into an agile, merciless, bloodthirsty warrior by the very moment she chose to serve Kang as her new leader, and somewhat of a moral compass. This has molded her into becoming the ruthless Terminatrix, the greatest mercenary/assassin and lieutenant of Kang's newly-established Empire which was first officiated in the Americas during the unfortunate collapse of the United States Government. And thus, Kang's victory unleashed the dark times wherein the continent was mostly conquered by Kang, and according to him, the invasion of America was far from the beginning of what he has planned for the future of the world.

Hunt for the Insurgency

To maintain control over the following countries he has conquered, Kang and his minions of death sought out almost every rogue superhuman (e.g. mutates, mutants, even Inhumans) in those following countries and forced to serve him as his enforcers, and killed the ones who refused to do so. Reading the whole list of individuals who were slain by Ravonna and the lieutenants under Kang's extreme principle would go on for ages, although it included the famous mutate gunslinger Bret Colby and slaughtered his team, which were allegedly the future counterpart of the prime Ultimates, with the exception of Spider-Man of 3099, who allegedly was able to escaped back into hiding into an unknown location, despite getting critically wounded by Renslayer. Throughout the next few years, Ravonna, along with the Kang Empire's other lieutenant commanders, have helped Kang consistently instill a never-ending series of fear and terror across most parts of the globe in her role as one of the leading enforcers of the great conqueror.

However, by the time Kang had realized his cyclic and prophesied fate and came up with his new conquest and crave for absolute power to conquer time and history itself, the latter truly trusted Ravonna as he appointed her, with the intimidating but cocky Speed Demon as her right-hand man, to be the acting leader of the Kang Empire before leaving through the timestream to try and fulfill his own mission in the past, and his own destiny someday. At the moment of Kang's absence, Ravonna became the temporary ruler of the Kang Empire, giving her full power to what Kang has been controlling for the past known years since he first attacked his own world.

Time Heals All Wounds

Once Ravonna was informed by the city watchers of the empire that one of their hidden headquarters in Manhattan would be taken over by the heroic mutiny, she and her commanding forces made it to the ghost borough to prevent the resurgence's attempt. As they arrived to the dead borough, Ravonna and her allies were ambushed by the resurgence, having to be led by the Spider-Man of 3099. In the ensuing attack, the resurgence were able to take out most of Ravonna's soldiers due to their strength in numbers, apparently signalling the first significant victory for the mutiny against the powerful Kang Empire.

Unfortunate for them, Ravonna injected herself with a concentration serum at a moment of desperation, rendering her to a maximum concentration state before finally taking on the enemy forces on her own, while her remaining allies try to cover her. Combined with her enhanced concentration and superhuman skills, outsmarted every single rebel who fought her, giving her the ultimate advantage to slay each and everyone of them in the process. Due to Ravonna's last resort, the mutiny faction was forced to retreat their mission, with the exception of Spider-Man decided to stay and take down Ravonna and avenge his comrades. The two battled in the final moments, although it still ended with Ravonna as the victor, who used her last to trap the aggressive web-slinger as they entered a demolished building. The defeated hero was then revealed to be masqueraded by another war hero Chameleon, a late descendant of the original heroic age former villain. Feeling a little bit of disappointment to who she just have slain, she decided to spare his life, albeit Chameleon still died shortly afterwards when the structure behind him collapsed, burying him to death.

Shortly after the failed mutiny ambush on Manhattan, Ravonna secretly visited Kang's recently abandoned headquarters inside the Baxter Building on her spare time, as she curiously explores the ancient building as she would find one of Kang's secret room, revealing to be a trophy room containing all of the accomplishments of someone named Nathan Richards, the young hero known as Iron Lad who once served as the leader of the Young Avengers, much to her surprise to discover that such place actually exists. Ravonna accidentally also opens a secret vault within the room, opening a smaller room that contains almost everything related to Kang, including his tools and equipment. Only by analyzing two of the rooms, Ravonna had always immediately come up to a shocking realization that the legendary Nathan Richards and the great Kang were only one and the same.

Searching for more possible answers inside the vault, she would find a wrist device, the same one Kang was wearing before he left to the past, much to her confusion. Due to her curiosity, Ravonna wore the mysterious device, which seemingly nothing happened at first, although something profound and unexpected occurred once she activated the device. As the device projects a holographic screen presenting many different years across the entire history, Ravonna simply thought it was a calendar, leading for her to select the year that intrigued her the most, thoughtlessly picking a random year within the 21st century category, something this timeline had already considered to be ancient history.

Confirming her random choice, she far from prepared that she was going to be in for a treat as she suddenly enters the timestream, and in the simplest terms, she traveled back in time. In her first time of arrival during the modern era, Ravonna was first perplexed and slightly feared of what she discovered, only to figure out later what the wrist device truly was, rendering her to be even more curious and initiated to find out more possibly thousands of possibilities she may do and discover as she uses the time-travelling device shortly afterwards, not just to explore the past wonders of the Heroic Age of Superheroes, but also to find more answers to the igniting mystery who Kang truly is, and how and why he became the former to begin with.

Redeeming Retaliation

Shortly after discovering Kang's entire true origin and backstory (along with her own, from being the real daughter of Baltag and being slowly manipulated by Kang the Conqueror), Ravonna finally had a change of heart, got inspired by several of her loved one's advice to her from the past, and embarked a new quest to go back once again in time to try to find a way to change everything from the past and create a better future with her godly powers of opportunity that she just acquired for the past moments, albeit the moment she tried to reactivate the mysterious time-travelling device, the latter would start to malfunction and eventually self-destruct, blowing itself to pieces, much to Renslayer's utmost confusion and disappointment that the device unexpectedly went into complete waste.

Despite this dilemma, Ravonna still remained persevere and continued to find a way to extend the life, enough power to let her travel into several specific time designations during the Modern Era. At first, Ravonna had a lot of opportunity to change the timeline for the betterment of her reality's future, but realized and dutifully followed one of the most important piece of advice unexpectedly given to her by an adult Franklin Richards, long before he had disappeared from the face of society, with Ravonna not even aware that the version she was speaking to was her reality's Franklin who's in the past. Considering Richards' advice, Ravonna formulated and revised a new plan to her main mission without having to cause much damage to the space-time continuum, which she subsequently had come up to form the Resistance Against Kang and the Empire, something she and some of its very leaders would lately realize who the first founder was to their influential resistance to finally end the threat of Kang the Conqueror across time and space, along with the multiverse itself.

Swift and Sudden Death

By the moment she her officiated clandestine and personal plan to unite the alliance to dismantled the diabolical empire of Kang, Ravonna intended not to waste anymore time and prepared to activate the time-travelling device to indirectly recruit various groups and individuals she found to be trustworthy enough to continue the undying vision of the rebellion she had been hoping for, taking down Kang and restoring the peace and prosperity for a better future on Earth for the next millennia to eventually come. Activating the miniature chronic device, Ravonna was preparing to set off her course starting with the greatest times of the 21st Century, the ultimately historic and popular Heroic Age.

Unfortunately for Ravonna, the latter started to slowly feel a sudden but extreme pain in her chest area, to which in timing, her fellow lieutenant and one-sided rival Speed Demon, revealed what he secretly did to her in her "free times," indirectly telling Ravonna that he already knew of her recent activities and new plan to end the reign of Nathan Richards, thanks to his natural powers of hyperspeed, time-travel, and sense of a disturbance across the space-time continuum. Much to Speed Demon's disappointment to Ravonna's unexpected betrayal, he decided to follow her at some point in her adventures and secretly shatter her heart, slowly from the inside through the speedster's use of a special ability to slow down her suffering.

A Necessary Sacrifice

By the second Ravonna was surprised by the Demon's revelation, her heart was already in millions of pieces, leading her to fall into the ground as she bleeds internally, while her rival continues to taunt her in her final moments. Despite the Speed Demon's success to murder his most hated ally turned his supposedly greatest enemy without having to lie to Kang once he returns back to their time, his overarrogance and hubris never even got him to think how much of the odds in Ravonna's altruistic mission became successful, later showing that Ravonna was aware and has already known and fully embraced her fate at the Speed Demon's hands, ultimately sacrificing herself to create the alliance to begin with.

In response to her inevitable demise, Ravonna set up a plan, not even the speedster had known of, which had automatically transported her plans back in time, wherein the future leaders would find and decrypt it, including the duplicated digital copies of the most essential documents and archives the Galactic Council has made and stored before it fell during the middle of the 3rd Millenium. In reality, Ravonna's necessary sacrifice was all part of her last mission to permanently end the very empirical league she partook in and helped grow stronger. As Ravonna succumbs from internal bleeding due to the obliteration of her heart, she still smiles in her final breath, knowing that she at least changed her views & ways and used it for the future of her people, finally fulfilling her new but already lifetime of a purpose.


Temporal Duplicate

Renslayer would later continue to live on, in the form of her own temporal duplicate created by Kang

Arriving back to his home timeline, Kang saw that so much has changed in his timeline, both for the better and for the worse. One of these changes was Kang finding about the demise of his frequent lover and lieutenant, Renslayer herself, who was forced to be killed by Kang's second-in-command, Speed Demon, after she suddenly went all heroic and rebellious towards her own leader and tried to form a Resistance against the Empire of Kang for the freedom of America. Finding about in the hardest way possible, Kang was stricken with grief and sorrow, feeling betrayed even after her death, with his unstable emotions had accidentally killed a few of his men and almost killed Speed Demon after suffering from believing the fact that his own beloved would turn on against him, after he had done for her.

As a consequence to her betrayal, Kang went back in time weeks earlier to an alternate past, exactly to the very moment where Ravonna first attempted to leave the Empire and abducted her to where she was, bringing her back to his present future timeline, to punish Ravonna by imprisoning her with the rest of of his collection of trophies located inside the secret vault of the abandoned Baxter Building, with Kang implying that her death was too easy of a consequence to her rebellious actions.

After imprisoning the temporal duplicate of Ravonna, Kang was then informed by his messengers that a "family of visitors" from the past had unexpectedly arrived inside the Baxter Building. After recognizing their appearances, Kang immediately had his men take down and kidnap the visitors, interrogating to why the Fantastic Four would come to the future in the form of the Scarlet Centurion, a persona that he created in acting and pretending as the former "monarch" of the future United States of America and the "leader" of the Resistance in their objective against Kang the Conqueror, during the arrival of the Fantastic Four.

Main article: Ravonna Renslayer (Duplicate) (Earth-6164)

Powers and Abilities


Mutated Human Physiology: Renslayer is a human permanently mutated by both 30th century and 40th century technology. As a result, although she is approximately almost 50 years old chronologically, the people of the next generation she's currently living in have already successfully improved biology to the point that they seem to age much slower than 21st century man. Thus she appears to be a woman in her early 40s. Additional to her advanced longevity, the technological mutation through a genome re-coder that affected her during her early years also permanently gave Ravonna a series of various and vast aray of superhuman powers and abilities. These known notable powers are following:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Senses
    • Danger Sense
    • Cosmic Awareness
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Mental Process
    • Maximum Concentration
    • Psychic Shield
  • Superhuman Healing Factor
  • Advanced Longevity
  • Electricity Generation
  • Electronic Manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Levitation
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter; Other stats' enhanced ratings due to permanent bionic implants and mutations


  • Gifted Intelligence
  • Political Savvy
  • Skilled Engineer
  • Escapology
  • Expert Tactician
  • Master Assassin
  • Master of Stealth
  • Master Inventor
  • Master Combatant
  • Multilingual
  • Swordsmanship

Strength level

  • Class 17+


  • Selective Amnesia (formerly)
  • Concentration Reliance (formerly)



  • Renslayer Battle Armor: Ravonna wore body armor of an unknown kind, and utilized futuristic technology including shape-shifting technology that allowed her to change her appearance at will, like when she posed as the heroic age space pirate Nebula, and technology that allowed her to project herself into the dreams of others.
    • Weaponry
    • Survival Kit
    • Video Communicator
    • Hover Pad (formerly; powers fused with self)
    • Anti-Gravity Device (formerly; powers fused with self)
    • Electric Shock (formerly; powers fused with self)
    • Concussive Bolts (formerly; powers fused with self)
    • Concentration Serum (formerly; destroyed)
    • Time Travel (formerly; destroyed)


  • Teleportation

Weapons: Gaining most of her essential weapons from Kang himself since she joined him, she also would typically carries various weapons, such as an anti-matter defense screen generator, a "vibration-ray" projector, an electromagnetic field amplifier, neutrino-ray warheaded missile launcher (hand-gun size), electrical paralysis generator, nerve gas sprayer, molecular expander, concussion blasters, vibro-knives, and her iconic bladed weapon (an upgraded version of the one that was also previously wielded by the Zen Whoberian warrior and Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora), the Adamantium Godslayer Sword.


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  1. Modern Comics: Kang Vol 1 15


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