Ravage, is a villain appearing in the Magnum Universe. A symbiote that has taken its first and only host, Anatoly Yelchin.


Early Life

Anatoly Yelchin was born in Washington DC to a high level member of the Roxxon Oil Corp and his mistress. At an early age he showed an unusually high intellect and the odd behaviors associated with such an intelligence. As a result he was often bullied as a child. It was in these early traumas that the seeds for his misanthropy would be planted.

He would eventually graduate college valedictorian and earn his PHD at the age of 15. At 16 he would be chosen to work for AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), a corporation that specializes in high tech arms dealing.

At first he was enthusiastic, being around people he believed could be his intellectual equals. However he soon found that even amongst his peers he couldn't escape the tormenting and bullying. His misanthropic seeds bloomed even further.

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