Rapid-Man is an action adventure game for PS4. It is based upon the Fusion Comics superhero Rapid-Man. Its release date is currently unknown.

It's set during Year 5, before the events of Identity War.


Playble Characters


Other Characters

Mentioned Characters


Side Missions

  • A Political Debate (day)
  • Castle Wars (night)
  • Crocmaster Challengs (day)
    • Bombs
    • Drones
    • Fights
    • Sneaky Man
    • Boss: 1° Round
    • Boss: 2° Round
  • Collaps (night)
  • Collage Companions (day)
  • Error: Files not Founded (night)
  • Heavy Ice (night)
  • Helping Howard (day)
  • Later Effect (day)
  • Rapid-Man: Private Detective (night)
  • Sniper Hunt (day)
  • The False Velocist (day)
  • The Local Squad (day)
  • Tombhead (night)
  • Total Crisis (night)
  • Visual Celebrity (night)


  • Negative Friendship
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