The Rabble-rousers were a small but heroic group who no longer exist because they have since merged with the Offbeats.


The Rabble-rousers were create shortly before the Caerrian-Human war. The group was led by the mutant Vlad the impaler. He himself was a fan of the Offbeats and made sure to only recruit other dedicated fans. After adoring them from a distance for a while they decided that they wanted to be part of the Offbeats, rather than just fans. However they were denied access to the team. Deciding that they needed a new plan, they ambushed the Offbeats member Tech while he was off patrolling the city. The team's hard hitter Muscle managed to beat compliance into him and convinced him to disable the Offbeats bases defences. Upon arriving at the base the Rabble-rousers again tried to get on the team. Bonzai Bill tried to stop them but Muscle easily beat him, bending back and breaking his arm, however her massive strength was no match for Amoebo's gelatinous skin which stopped her from moving. The other Offbeats members all prepared to engage the Rabble-rousers, but were stopped at the last second by Dragonfly who was so impressed by the nerve and borderline foolish courage of the Rabble-rousers that he allowed them to join. From that moment the Rabble-rousers ceased to exist and became one with the Offbeats.


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