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The Exterminator

Real Name
Quincy Xavier
Current Alias
The Exterminator

The Verminator, the Pest Controller, Pesticide


The Verminators, the Anti-Animal Alliance; hired and employed by Timothy Cox; former teammate with the Lumberjack and the Trophy Hunter Big-Game

No known relatives


Base Of Operations
A former pest controller office in the Bronx, New York City, NY






Unusual Features
The Exterminator is a sentient cloud of gaseous toxic chemicals that requires a containment suit to avoid dispersion of self


Marital Status

Professional criminal, mercenary-for-hire; former pest controller employed by Timothy Cox

High school dropout; knowledgeable in chemistry and pest control


Place of Birth

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance



Quincy Xavier was a bright chemistry student, but a high school dropout who took over his beloved father's job as a pest controller after he passed away. Hired by businessman Timothy Cox to get rid of a horde of cockroaches at one of Cox's abandoned nuclear power plants, Xavier was preparing to get rid of the infestation when the plant was attacked by the Zoologist and his family, who were attempting to save the roaches. Xavier attempted to gas the Zoologist, but was accidentally pushed into one of the plant's boilers, causing a massive dose of radiation to bombard Xavier and bond him with the chemical gases within his "backpack". The Zoologist and his family attempted to rescue him, but the heat was too great and they were forced to escape.

When Cox learned of the accident, he sent a team to recover what was left of Xavier's body. But, when they found him, Xavier, having learned to contain his body in his suit, suddenly awoke, and accidentally poisoned two of the recovery aids. Bewildered by what had happened, he attempted to return to Cox's headquarters, before learning that his suit had a leak that was slowly letting out Xavier's gaseous body. Infuriated by this, Xavier began recollecting on his past failures, which further angered him until he realized that the roaches he had been sent to get rid of were still alive and well. Pushed beyond insanity, Xavier unwittingly projected a concentrated burst of corrosive gas that dissolved the pests.

Startled, yet intrigued, Xavier pursued the rest of the cockroaches and dissolved them all. Now interested in his newfound powers, Xavier decided to use his powers to get ahead in life and became the criminal the Exterminator. Deciding to rob the nearest bank, he was confronted by Timothy Cox, who had seen everything from afar. Offering the criminal a chance to get revenge on the man, or animal, responsible for his transformation, as well as a hefty reward for doing so, Cox devised a plan to offer himself as a "fake" hostage for the Exterminator, unless the Zoologist agreed to battle him to the death alone.

When the Zoologist received the Exterminator's threat notice, he rushed over to the abandoned site where the Exterminator gained his powers in the first place, after conflicting over his decision with his wife Specia. Attacking the Zoologist, the Exterminator gassed him several times, but realized the amount of gas he was projecting wasn't enough to keep the Zoologist down, and soon was temporarily blown away by a large sonic boom produced by the super-fast flapping of the Zoologist's insectoid wings. Deciding a different approach, the Exterminator soon reformed himself while the Zoologist was attempting to free Timothy Cox, and attacked the Zoologist again, this time with corossive gas. Managing to disable the Zoologist's legs, the Exterminator soon knocked him out with a large enough tranquilizing gas.

Cox then approached the Exterminator to congratulate him on his success and give him a check for his reward. However, the Exterminator, now highly mentally unstable, began choking the corrupt businessman, now raising the price on the Zoologist’s defeat. Cox attempted to reason with Xavier, but the Exterminator simply laughed at his pleas, revealing that he believed that Cox knew the Zoologist would be at the facility the same day he was, and took both Cox and the Zoologist to Liberty Island, where he planned on televising their demises unless the state of New York gave Xavier $100,000,000 dollars in cold, hard cash.

Witnessing the televised events, the Zoologist’s family, Specia, Chimera, & Kid Creature, journeyed to Liberty Island, where they witnessed the Zoologist wearing a gas mask filled with cyanide gas that was slowly killing him and bound in a titanium-mesh chain with Timothy Cox, who was bound and gagged. Attempting to free them, they were attacked by the Exterminator, who battled the threesome before Kid Creature managed to rip a hole in the Exterminator’s suit, causing him to leak. Attempting to escape, he was stopped by the Zoologist, who had managed to escape, thanks to his daughter.

Plots and Crimes

  • Hold Timothy Cox hostage in a bid to draw out the Zoologist
  • Hold both Timothy Cox and the Zoologist hostage atop of the Statue of Liberty in a ransom for 20 million dollars

Powers and Abilities


  • Chemical Body: The Exterminator no longer possesses a truly physical body; instead his body is a massive form of gaseous chemicals and pesticides that he is capable of solidifiying at will. The Exterminator can transform any portion of or all of his body into any form of chemical, vapor, and/or gas, either pure elements or complex compounds. Originally, he could only return to solid form for brief periods without the need for his specialized stabilizing suit. Also, he could only transform into the most basic chemicals and pesticides that had resided in his backpack at the time of his accident. The Exterminator later discovered, however, that he possesses the ability to alter his chemical state from solid, gas, or liquid, without requiring a specialized suit. This was simply a mental block. As such, he can now alter between different forms at will, while still possessing the properties of any chemical, vapor, or gas he chooses, as well as becoming partly one form, such as solidifying his arms to batter an opponent while in gaseous form. He also began absorbing every chemical, gas, and vapor he could find, eventually absorbing all known forms of pesticides, herbicides, poisonous gases, etc. He also began absorbing all acids he could find while in liquid form, eventually becoming able to transform himself into any acid, even the most corrosive kind.
  • Gaseous Form: In his gaseous form, he is virtually impervious to any physical attack. He gains the power to explode while in the combined form of propane and nitrogen gas (with a maximum force equivalent to 250 lbs. of TNT) and reconstitute himself. He can also explode discrete portions of his body; for instance, he can channel his explosive power to his hands in the act of punching, thereby delivering a great impact force equal to 10 lbs. of TNT. He can use his superhuman power to explode in a particular direction, reassembling himself when his particles lose forward momentum, and repeating the process as necessary. While in his gaseous state, he cannot reform if any fraction of his body is separated from the rest, and he must completely reform his body from a gaseous state before he can detonate a second time. He also gains the power to levitate, thanks to weightlessness of his body, and, by projecting an explosive burst from behind, he is capable of flying at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. He gains limited shape-shifting ability, capable of squeezing through any opening, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Solidified Form: In his solidified form, he gains superhuman strength, able to lift (press) up to 20 tons under optimum conditions. He also gains superhuman stamina and durability, able to exert himself at peak condition for up to 18 hours before fatique begins to impair his performance, and he can no longer be harmed physically due to the composition of his body.
  • Corrosive Liquid Form: In his liquid form, he gains the ability to absorb any chemicals into his body to make him bigger, stronger, and more powerful. He also possesses incredibly-powerful shape-shifting abilities, able to alter his size and shape and form weapons out of his body, capable of dissolving through virtually any material or substance by transforming the properties of his body into that of the most corrosive substances in existence.

He can utilize his forms for a variety of effects, including paralyzing and tranquilizing opponents, transforming into stun and knockout gas capable of stunning or knocking opponents’ unconscious, corrosive gas capable of melting through solid objects, squeezing through tight areas, change his body’s form, etc.


Before his transformation, Xavier possessed a keen intellect for chemistry and chemical engineering, although he lacked the motivation to achieve in high school. An expert in pest controlling, he was highly skilled in ridding infestations of vermin. After his transformation, he began studying everything he could about chemistry, chemicals, pesticides, pest controlling, etc., and is now one of the highest, albeit criminally insane, authorities on chemistry and chemical engineering.

Strength level



He is vulnerable to any chemical interaction that would affect the chemical-form he is currently in. On one occasion, the Zoologist defeated him by spraying him with oxygen while he had taken the form of hydrogen, turning him into water. While generally immune to physical harm, he can still be harmed by different types of energy, such as super-strong winds, electricity, or sonic booms.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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