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Real Name
Quentin Beck
Current Alias

The Master of the Arcane Arts, Spider-Man



Henrietta Beck (mother, deceased); Elmore Beck (father)


Base Of Operations
Currently Ryker's Island; New York City, New York





Unusual Features
Large dombed head for a mask


Marital Status

Criminal, Engineer,; former Hollywood special effects designer and stuntman

Skilled in special effect and illusion

A special effects designer who became a techno based criminal


First appearance



Quote1 Don't be afraid. I'm here to help. I am Mysterio! And I am putting Spider-Man on notice! There's no place where you'll be able to hide! And nowhere you can run! Quote2
-- Mysterio

Early life and Becoming Mysterio

Quentin Beck was a special effects designer and though he wasn't really talked about often, but was known to have worked on several movies, however, most of those movies he helped worked on were poorly received by both critics and movie goer's. Quentin wanted to prove that Spider-Man wasn't the great hero that people made him out to be; much due to his own jealousy of the wall-crawler becoming more popular than himself. So he decided to become a superhero in his own right to prove he was better than Spider-Man by using his special effects technology and creating illusions of monstrous creatures which he would then show up to stop under the guise of Mysterio.

Encountering Spider-Man

Sometime later, a giant water creature known as Hydro-Man attacked a northern side of New York. Spider-Man made several attempts to stop the creature from causing any damage but was ultimately defeated until Beck showed up and destroyed the illusion. He than planned to bait Spider-Man into his trap by robbing New York City's Federal Reserve Bank. He released a hallucinogen of giant Spider creatures in the middle of the city as a distraction while his android duplicate is fighting off the spiders. Spider-Man arrives just as planned to foil his schemes but Mysterio escaped with the gold just before the police arrived to arrest Spider-Man who accused him of the robbery

Mysterio then impersonated Spider-Man and committed crimes, bashing the wall crawler's less than sterling reputation in the process. Exploiting Daily Bugle Publisher J.Jonah Jameson's hatred of the web-slinger, Quentin -- as Mysterio -- vowed to bring Spider-Man to justice. With his 'powers' he began to commit more robberies to fund his criminal activities and ruin Spider-Man, while also posing as the "heroic" Mysterio to stop him. He created effective carbon copys of Spider-Man and illusions he use to frame him. However, Mysterio was eventually stopped by Spider-Man and Lt Jean DeWolf at his hideout who also found evidence to clear his name. After his arrest, Quentin confessed to framing Spider-Man, clearing his name. He was than sent to prison at Ryker's Island.

The Gentleman's files

A year later after Spider-Man defeated the terrorist attack of The Green Goblin, Wilson Fisk was released from Rykers and met with his lawyer Gustav Fiers who gave Fisk his files on multiple super-villains that Spider-Man went up against in the past, including a file of Quentin Beck himself, listed as a potential candidate for their "Special Project".

Powers and Abilities


  • None of his own, he uses illusions and misdirection to thwart and confuse his opponents.


  • Mechanical Engineer: He is a brilliant inventor and engineer, with advanced knowledge in robotics.
  • Chemistry: He also learned a great deal of applied chemistry, especially the use of hallucinogens, and electronics.
  • Deception: Beck managed to deceive everyone into thinking that he was fighting for the common good when in actuality he was fighting his own illusions in order to appear as a hero.

Strength level

  • Not known, but most likely he has the same strength as an average human of his size and shape who exercises every so often.


  • Mortality: Quentin Beck can still get hurt by weapons or falling.



  • Mysterio Suit: wears a suit that contains his personal weaponry that include a one-way acrylic glass helmet (with 30 minute air supply), holographic projectors, and gloves and boots armed with nozzles which emit hallucinogenic gas. The suit also allows him to levitate, fly, and shoot blasts of energy from his hands.
  • Illusion Projectors: Beck commanded thousands of holographic projectors that project life-like 3-Dimensional images around the surrounding area. There are a variety of versions, from making look like a roof is collapsing, to making it seem as if the target has been teleported to a jungle. These Projectors also allowed him to create various illusions, such as Hydro-Man, which could, in turn, cause terror and chaos for him to "thwart."
  • Web-Shooters: Mysterio has also created his own version of Spider-Man's webbing, including a gun that fires webbing, but lacks the complete knowledge of the formula Spider-Man uses, since Spider-Man had also designed his artificial webbing to begin dissolving after two hours has passed.
  • Androids

Transportation: None known.

  • None, save for androids that serve him.


This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Mysterio. The original character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #13


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