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The PsuedoZoologist

Real Name
Current Alias
The PsuedoZoologist

The Pseudo Zoologist, Zoologist, The False Zoologist, Alan, the Animal Man, Dr. Alan Douglas, Wild Man



The Zoologist's Pack

Dr. Alan Douglas (The Zoologist, clone template), Dr. Alexander von Zolos (The Veterinarian, creator)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
The PsuedoZoologist possesses two large, red compound eyes, an elongated jaw, massive, razor-sharp teeth, a massive visage, two large, bat-like wings between his shoulder blades on his back, a massive, gorilla-like arm for his right arm and a razor-sharp tentacle-like arm for his left, and a long, snake-like torso with no legs.


Marital Status

Traveling companion with the Zoologist and his pack, adventurer

Possesses the intellect of a small child (originally possessed the full brilliant mind of Dr. Alan Douglas)


Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Zoologist, King of the Animals #17


After learning of his former pupil's, Dr. Alan Douglas, transformation into the Zoologist, Dr. Alexander von Zolos, the Veterinarian, sought to create an army of animal men to help him become ruler of the Earth. Learning the "Animal Man" was in Africa, where he was located, the Vet sent his henchman, the Poacher, to obtain a sample of the "Animal Man"’s DNA. Succeeding, albeit barely, the Poacher brought back a piece of hair from the "Animal Man", whom he learned was calling himself the Zoologist, and gave it to the Vet. While the Poacher was sent to bring back the Zoologist’s mate, Specia, the Veterinarian began the cloning process. After the Poacher succeeded in drugging and capturing Specia and the Zoologist came to her rescue, the Veterinarian had already succeeded in creating a perfectly cloned copy of the Zoologist, right down to the individual genetic structure. However, the clone, possessing the Zoologist’s intellect and personality, did not wish to fight. The Vet, however, planned ahead of this and had put a special collar on the clone, allowing him to electroshock the clone in a bid to control him.

Forced to fight a battle that he did not wish to fight, the Zoologist clone's mental state and genetic structure soon began to degrade, and he began to succumb to feral instinct and primal fury, losing control over his powers and form, causing his body to fluctuate between hundreds of different forms. The Veterinarian quickly lost control over the situation and escaped from the battleground, leaving the Zoologist and Specia to fight the monster themselves. After managing to get the collar off of the clone, the duo was finally forced to seemingly kill the degenerated clone with a primal energy blast tapped from the animal kingdom to put him out of his misery. Upset over what happened, the Zoologist and Specia buried his body in the wild and left it in peace. However, the clone was not killed and instead resurrected, now completely devoid of intellect or mind and now a constant beast-in-flux, a PsuedoZoologist.

Rampaging across the globe for months, the PseudoZoologist's only thoughts were of satisfying its undying hunger. Attacking cities, humans, and animals alike, the PseudoZoologist was unstoppable in his bloodlust. As an adverse side effect to the clone's new primal power and quench for hunger, the PseudoZoologist soon began to emit primal mental radiation that was captured by the species of the animal kingdom, causing all of the animals of the world to begin going mad and attacking anything nearby. Learning of his creation's survival, and having just recently perfected his cloning process, the Veterinarian ordered his six, newly-created and "perfect" Animal Men, as well as the Poacher and his newly-formed Trophy Hunters to track down and capture the PseudoZoologist dead or alive, and bring back his body in either case for dissection and experimentation.

Powers and Abilities


The PsuedoZoologist possesses all the powers and abilities the Zoologist possesses. However, he reacts to instinct rather than intellect, and is the primal rage and feral fury of the animal kingdom incarnate, making him far more, deadly, ferocious, and unpredictable in combat. The PseudoZoologist was, for a time shortly after he revived from his apparant "death", in an almost constant state of fluctuation, changing between hundreds of bizarre animal forms at a time. Unlike the Zoologist, who can control his ability to alter the emotions and feelings of any animal, the PseudoZoologist originally emitted constant mental radiation from his person, which would cause any animal, even the Zoologist, to begin devolving mentally, even on a global scale (although Specia was apparently immune to its effects). Sometimes, the radiation could mutate or activate latent mutant genes within certain species, including humans, as it did with the young Kid Creature. Recently, however, through training by the Zoologist, who learned to resist as well, the PseudoZoologist has, for the most part, downgraded the levels of mental radiation he was emitting.


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