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Marvel's Project X is a American superhero web series that it is based on the X-Men comic book series and serves a reimagining of the origins of X-Men created by Charles Xavier. Developed by Talix. The first season will release on May 2016 on Amazon Video. A second season is planned on May 2017.

***UPDATED: Season Four is out!***


In the year 2000, a deadly leak in the mutant DNA prompts the government to create a vaccine that could eliminate all mutants as we know it. Dr. Edgar Vaughn uses samples of the vaccine yet proved useless. Dr. Vaughn decides to hide the vaccine away for safekeeping. However Vaughn gets framed and the man responsible Bolivar Trask, CEO of Trask Industries. Feeling threaten, Vaughn flees but is hunted down by the military.

Sixteen years later, Dr. Vaughn--still hiding--resides on his partner, Dr. Moria MacTaggert. Needing more help, Moria seeks help from her ex, Professor Charles Xavier, who realizes that he must assemble many mutants to protect the greater good. So he contacts many of the best recruits such as Jean Grey, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Ororo Munroe/Storm, and Mikey /Terrian. Along with the original team, Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast also join. Unbeknownst to Charles, his former friend/partner, Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto decides to create his own league of mutants known as The Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy which he recruits Mystique, Quicksilver, Toad, Torch, and Wolverine.

One of the Brotherhood mutants will switch sides as the vaccine is still out there. The government seeks Trask's help to create a sinister project codename Sentinel; Xavier soon will recruit more mutants such as Iceman and Colossus, and more to fight off the military, the Brotherhood, and other rebel mutants, like Sabbertooth, Juggernaut, and others. This is only the start...for the X-Men...the X Project has begun.

Series Regular Cast


  • Scott Summers/Cyclops (Will Estes)

Scott is introduced as the brighthead field leader of the X-Men. His parents died in a plane crash; he used to lived with his uncle, while he is estranged from his youngest brother Alex, to whom he hasn't spoken since their parents death. Now becoming part of Xavier's team, Scott will do everything to keep the good. Scott has feelings for Jean Grey and tries to have a romantic relationship with her, but trouble always get in their way. (Seasons 1-)

  • Jean Grey (Amanda Righetti)

Jean Grey is a responsible but extroverted young female adult. She has the power of telekinesis, yet when Professor X tells her to join him to fight against Magneto. Jean has developing relationship with Scott Summers/ Cyclops. She was Xavier's second student after Cyclops. Unbeknownst to her and everyone else, she contains a secret power that won't be revealed until the mid season 5. (Seasons 1-)

  • Logan/Wolverine (Dominic Purcell)

An assassin with no memory for Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, Wolverine is assigned to infiltrate the X-Men and assassinate Professor Xavier. However when he becomes a member of the X-Men, Logan finds acceptance, purpose and love. Logan eventually betrays and attacks Magneto, abandoning his initial mission and joining the X-Men outright for the sake of goodness.(Seasons 1-)

  • Ororo Munroe/Storm (Kelly Rowland)

Ororo Munroe can manipulate the weather. She was a skilled tour guide before joining the X-Men's cause.She is practical almost feeling she’s the second field leader. She falls in love with Beast, and when he dies, it causes her to adopt a darker, edgier costume. She dabbles in an on-again-off-again romance / friendship with Wolverine in season 1, but quickly ends near mid season 2 when Logan leaves to learn about his past.(Seasons 1-)

  • Mike "Mikey" Tanner/Terrain (Kyle Gallner)

Mikey loves to be the odds man out, but what he discovered was far worse than he ever predicted. Mikey found out that he was a mutant in his current age which is 18--he's the youngest X-Men right after Bobby. His parents are friends with Professor X and with some support they sent him to Xavier's place to be a better person, but to Mikey, it's child's play. He discovered that his ability is to move earth (anything to earthquakes even with the plant life, he can move plants). Mikey may be a irrogrant kid, but he has abilities that other mutants want.(Seasons 1-5)

  • Professor Charles Xavier (Terry O'Quinn)

Professor Charles Xavier is the world's most powerful telepathd a world-famous lecturer for pacifism and mutant emancipation. He also has limited telekinetic abilities. He leaves his wife Moira MacTaggert with their sick son David to pursue Magneto's dream of a mutant society, but Magneto turns on him, crippling him with a shard of metal. Xavier also repeatedly tampers with other people's minds to reach his goals, but he recognizes his flaws. He generally believes that reading minds without permission is unacceptable. He was friends with Eric, but when Eric id bad things using his powers, he crippled Charles. Recently, he receives a urgent call from Dr.Vaughn about the vaccine that is now a virus, so he decides to recruit and assemble elite mutants, codename: the X-Men. (Seasons 1-)

Recurring Cast

  • Robert “Bobby” Drake/Iceman (Bryan Greenberg)

Robert "Bobby" Drake, who is 18 years old and the youngest founding member of the X-Men, is a hot-headed youth with cold-based powers, who is in the throes of puberty, but ran away from his family to join Professor X's cause. Soon, he will have a relationship with Rogue.(Seasons 1-)

  • Piotr "Peter" Rasputin/Colossus (Stanislav Ianevski)

Peter Rasputin reluctantly works as an arms smuggler for the Russian mob. Peter was saved from a firing squad as a young child by a boss in the Russian Mafia called Big Boris, who smuggles Peter from Siberia to the United States. Colossus is revealed as a mutant during an illegal arms transaction gone wrong. Everyone is killed by gunfire except for Peter, whose mutant ability saves him. Jean Grey finds him soon after and offers him a place among the X-Men. (Seasons 1-)

  • Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast (Phil Morris)

Henry "Hank" McCoy is born a visible mutant, his giant ape-like hands and feet causing the boy to be met with much bigotry and prejudice. Before he was the beast, Dr. McCoy used to be a top scientist for TraskLab; nonetheless, he becomes a founding member of the X-Men taking the codename Beast. He also took on the role of the team's elite engineer, frequently upgrading the X-Men's Blackbird X-Jet and Danger Room sequences. Beast began an on again/off again relationship with Storm. Storm loved him very much because of his intelligence, but Beast's inferiority complex often got in the way of their relationship. (Seasons 1-)

  • Shadowcat (Adrianne Palicki)

One of the new recruits from the X-Men. (Seasons 2-)

  • Nightcrawler (Milo Ventimiglia) (Seasons 2-)

Another one of the new recruits from the X-Men.

  • Rouge (Leighton Meester) (Seasons 2-)

She originally declined, but after a second time, she decides to join the X-Men.

  • Angel (Nicholas Gonzalez) (Seasons 4-)

A recruit who joined the X-Men.

The Brotherhood Of Mutant Supremacy

  • Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Eugene Robert Glazer)

Magneto, a.k.a. Erik Lehnsherr has a seeded past along with the power of magnetic telepathy. His wife's name was Isabelle, and is aware from the beginning of his familial relationship with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. It is also noted that he verbally mistreats them, hinting that he regards them as a living reminder of having an inter-species relationship. He used to be Charles’ friend/partner, yet when Eric uses his power for bad he was the one to cripple Charles.An arrogant fantasist who gradually sank deeper and deeper into his self-proclaimed role as Mutant Messiah, Eric Lensherr eventually reinvented himself as Magneto, the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and a ruthless terrorist who is willing to kill hundreds in the name of mutant supremacy. (Seasons 1-)

  • Mystique (Sara Wytner)

Mystique has held great resentment toward Xavier, which in turn makes her undyingly loyal to Magneto. She has the ability of Metamorphosis. (Seasons 1-)

  • Quicksilver (Michael Copon) (Seasons 1-)

One of the main members of the Brotherhood. He never knew his father, but when his sister came aboard, they both try to find out who is their father.

  • Toad (Kevin Alejandro) (Seasons 1-3)

Another main member of the Brotherhood.

  • Torch (Chris Pratt) (Seasons 1-)

He originally was recruited by the X-Men, but decided to join the Brotherhood. He personally has a disdain against Mikey/Terrain.

  • Sabretooth (David Coles) (Seasons 1-)

After Logn defected to the X-Men, Magneto decides to have Victor Creed aka Sabretooth to join the Brotherhood.

  • Scarlet Witch (Alice Greczyn) (Seasons 3-)

Quicksilver's younger sister; she gets recruited by Mystique to join the Brotherhood. She soon discovers her father is Magneto.

The Mortals

  • Dr. Edgar Vaughn (Carlos Bernard)

Dr. Vaughn is a high-socialized scientist who used to be Dr. McCoy’s assistant. During the 1990s, Bolivar Trask and Gen. Huntington later used him to create a vaccine to cure a mutant DNA leak, but while testing the vaccine, Dr. Vaughn soon discovers it reenact as a virus and terminally kill each mutant DNA. Trask intrigues with the result and wants Dr. Vaughn to find it, yet Edgar hides the virus to an unknown location. With the virus missing, Trask wants to find it and Edgar, yet Edgar escapes and call on his partner’s husband, Charles Xavier for help. (Season 1)

  • Bolivar Trask (John Allen Nelson)

Trask is the CEO of TraskTech, a multi-million genetics lab, while ten years ago he was the one responsible for a leak in one of those hazardous experiments, searching for a cure or vaccine; he enlisted the help of Dr. Edgar Vaughn, yet gets backstabbed when Dr. Vaughn escaped and the vaccine still missing today. As the architect for the US Government 'Sentinel Initiative', a response to Magneto's terrorist attacks on Capitol Hill. Initially, the Sentinels patrolled Los Angeles, and then New York City, destroying any human containing mutant genes. However, these attacks ceased after the X-Men rescued the President's daughter from the Brotherhood of Mutants. Trask discovered the location of the Savage Land, and by the order from the President of the United States, he dispatched his sentinels to destroy Magneto's paradise. This proved to be a foolish move when Magneto easily reprogrammed the chromium-built machines to destroy mankind. After a subsequent Sentinel attack on Washington, D.C., the Sentinel Initiative was shut down.(Season 1 and 2.01)

  • Dr. Mora MacTaggert (Reiko Aylesworth)

Moira MacTaggert is the ex-wife of Charles Xavier, and their son David MacTaggert is Proteus; she is also Dr. Edgar Vaughn’s partner and was the one who contacted Charles for help. Moira runs a school/hospital for sick mutants, and assists in the Xavier Institute from behind the scenes though Charles left her to join Magneto's dream of a mutant society, abandoning her to raise their mentally ill child on her own. (Seasons 1-)

  • General Huntington (Timothy Carhart)

A general who worked with Trask to create a vaccine; then later in season two, he decided the best thing to do is to eliminate the mutants. He was killed off by a mutant named Bastion. (Seasons 1-2)

  • President Ed Roberts (Alan Dale)

President of the United States. He originally had a disdain against mutants, but after much consideration from Prof. X, Dr. MacTaggert, and Dr. McCoy, the president later wants to help the mutants. (Seasons 1-)

  • Agent Brent Jackson (Isaiah Washington)

He had investigated Weapon X for a while now and when he heard about the assassination of Senator Walsh and that Logan--who Jackson discovered was part of Weapon X--was the "culprit". Jackson begins to hunt Logan down, but with further reconsideration thanks to Logan and Jean Grey, Jackson discovered Agent Zero was responsible for Walsh's death. (Season 2)

  • Senator Walsh (Bruce McGill) (Season 2)

A corrupted senator who secretly had knowledge about Weapon X. He got killed by Agent Zero, but Logan took the blame for the senator's assassination.

  • Professor Thorton (Christopher Heyerdahl) (Season 2)

A private scientist who had Logan kidnapped at the end of season 1. He along with his helper, Agent Zero, tried to convinced Logan he belonged to the program which Thornton reveals to be Weapon X. Thornton was captured by the police, but later escaped sometime in season 3. He will reappear in season 5.

  • Dr. Cornelius (John Glover)

A scientist who had a part in Weapon X program; he knows a lot of Logan's past and after being hunted down by Logan, Jean, and Agent Jackson, Cornelius confessed he wasn't the only one behind the program. He confessed there are more figures behind the scenes. (Season 2)

  • Graydon Creed (Bryan Cranston)

The leader of Friends of Humanity--an anti-mutant group focused to exterminate the mutant population. Creed doesn't like the mutants and feel the X-Men represent the displeasure of humans alike. Desperate to speak the truth, Creed does unethical ways to abolish mutants and tries to ruin the president's chance to pass the Mutant Civil Rights bill. He is the secondary antagonist of season 4.

  • Simon Trask (Chad Lowe)

The leader of Humanity's Stand, another anti-mutant group like Friends of Humanity. He is the brother of Bolivar Trask. Like Graydon Creed, Simon Trask has a dislike of mutants and since the attack of the city thanks to the Savage Land Mutates, it forces him to plead with the public the mutants are humanity's weak link and they are an abomination. (Season 4)

  • William Stryker (Oded Fehr)

The mastermind behind Weapon X; he recruited Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Colcord to experiment on humans and make them become mutant assassins. Stryker personally chosen Logan to be part of the program. Stryker is the main antagonist of season 5.

  • Dr. Malcolm Colcord (Bailey Chase)

A sinister scientist and current head of the reconstituted Weapon X where he begins to eliminate those who opposed his view of mutant control; he is the one who helped had a hand in Wolverine's creation, Lady Deathstrike's, and several others. He works for his employer William Stryker. (Season 5)

Other mutants

  • Juggernaut (David Dylan Fisher)

A mutant who the military sent to find the vaccine. (Season 1)

  • Rictor (Keegan Allen)

Leader of a group of underground mutants.(Season 1)

  • Rusty Collins (Ian Harding)

Another member of the underground mutants. (Season 1)

  • Skids (Aeriel Miranda)

Another member of the underground mutants. (Season 1)

  • Boom-Boom (Yani Gellman)

Last member of the underground mutants. (Season 1)

  • Agent Zero (Rick Yune)

A mutant who helped Professor Thornton kidnapped Wolverine at the end of the season 1 finale; when Thornton got captured, Zero escaped. He soon tried to hide other members of Weapon X and killed Senator Walsh to keep him quiet. Logan finally killed Agent Zero after an intense battle with him and Agent Jackson. He is one of the main antagonists of season 2. (Episode 1.16 - Season 2)

  • Longshot (Sam Jones III)

A mutant named Arthur Centino aka Longshot can alter luck anytime. (Season 2)

  • Blob (Craig Olejnik)

A mutant who joins the Brotherhood. (Seasons 2-3)

  • James Maddox/Multiple Man (Eric Dane)

A mutant who plays two sides with the X-Men and the Brotherhood; he ulitmately decides to join the Brotherhood. (Seasons 2-3)

  • Forge (Adrian Pasdar)

He was hired by Nick Fury to help stop a dangerous mutant. (Season 2)

  • Cannonball (Jimmy Jean-Louis)

Another mutant Fury recruits. (Season 2)

  • Northstar (Sendhil Ramamurthy)

Another mutant Fury recruits. (Season 2)

  • Bastion (Todd Williams)

A dangerous mutant Fury wants to stop. He is the one of the main antagonists of season 2.

  • Gambit (Nick Zano)

Remy LeBeau, like Arthur Centino, like to gamble and knows he's a mutant who can manipulate kinetic energy, hypnotic charm, skilled hand-to-hand combatant and strategist where when gets into trouble, there is always an escape route just for him no matter how much trouble he gets. (Seasons 3-)

  • Emma Frost (Amanda Seyfried)

Emma Frost will be a upcoming student to the Xavier's Academy and has a formable ability to show diamond-like strength along telepathic skills. She is lucky to be accepted as a new student and might have an interest in Bobby/Nightcrawlwer. (Seasons 3-)

  • Alison Blaire/Dazzler (Danneel Harris)

Alison Blaire is a bratty girl that shows absolutely no respect to her others gratitude, but appreciate her valuables. When she discovers that she's a freak with the ability to convert sound into light, she hides the power as best as he can while she continues being bratty. (Season 3)

  • Cypher (Joshua Haire) (Season 3)

Another new member Prof. Xavier adds along with Frost and Dazzler.

  • Shinobi Shaw (Mike Erwin)

Shinobi is Emma's former boyfriend who tries to recruit her to a secret organization but becomes a terrorist to force the X-Men out of the way. He serves as a secondary antagonist of Season 3.

  • Sauron (Robert Knepper)

Sauron is a life-force draining human who transforms into a mind controlling, savage Pteranodon-like creature if he feeds on mutant energy. He escapes the Savage Land and tries to join forces with Magneto to bring his gang out of the Savage Land. Main antagonist of season 3.

  • Brainchild (James Marsters) (Season 3)

Second-in-command of the Savage mutates; after Sauron escaped to New York, Brainchild became the leader of the mutates.

  • Zaladare (Sharon Taylor) (Season 3)

Another member of the mutates.

  • Barbarus (Adrian Holmes) (Season 3)

Another member of the mutates.

  • Gaza (Sebastian Roché) (Season 3)

Another member of the mutates.

  • Lupo (Brandon Quinn) (Season 3)

Another member of the mutates.

  • Lupa (Sara Canning) (Season 3)

The last member of the mutates.

  • Alex Summers/Havok (Ross Thomas)

Alex Summers is the youngest brother of Scott Summers; when his parents died in a plane crash, he lived with his father's friend while Scott lives with his uncle both never talk to since their parents' death. After that tragedy, Alex started living with Fabian Cortez and his group called the Acolytes, for almost fifteen years until now he is still part of that group and reunites with his brother in a incontinent circumstance; he discovers that he's a mutant like his brother who can absorb cosmic energy and energy blasts, yet he can't control these abilities and must rely on his brother to help. Fabian realizes all along that he was a mutant and tricked him to be an Acolyte to use his power to free Magneto from prison. (3.18-Season 4)

  • Mastermind (Leonard Roberts)

Jason Wyngarde, a football quarterback for his school as well a cunning trickster; he likes taunting things that seem he can control. During the playoffs of a football season, Jason discovers his mutant abilities as he thinks about a championship win and all of the sudden he's living like a championship, but all along it was just an illusion. And for that moment on, he decides to use this power to manipulate whoever he can control under the name "Mastermind". (Seasons 4-)

  • Karma (Kristin Kreuk)

Karma is a secret weapon created by Dr. Robert Windsor where this mutant holds the power of possessing one's mind. Dr. Windsor tested almost thirty subjects where Karma has possessed all their minds, but something is missing in her structure; in order to find what is this competent, Karma decides to find it herself. (Season 4)

  • Polaris (Mandy Musgrave)

Lorna Dane is a reporter for the New York Times and tries to find out the difference between mortals and mutants, so she investigates every mutant that she can find in order to seek the truth, but during that time period she discovers that she is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate electromagnetic energies allowing flight, force-fields, concussive blasts and the manipulation of ferrous metals. Lorna passes herself as Polaris in the mutant community to still find out the truth whatever she can. (Season 4)

  • Fabian Cortez (Stephen Martines)

The leader of the Acolytes, whose main mission is to free Magneto and have him dissed the Brotherhood and join the Acolytes. Fabian coerced the Summer brothers--Scott and Alex--to join the Acolytes. Fabian is the main antagonist of season 4.

  • Anne-Marie Cortez (Torrey DeVitto)

Another member of the Acolytes. She is Fabian's sister. (Season 4)

  • Chrome (Bryce Johnson)

Another member of the Acolytes. (Season 4)

  • Delgado (Julian Morris)

Another member of the Acolytes. (Season 4)

  • Winters (Pascale Hutton)

A original S.H.I.E.L.D agent, but was coerced by Anne-Marie to join the Acolytes. (Season 4)

  • Lady Deathstrike (Marisol Nichols)

Yuriko "Yuri" Oyama was a thief who steals valuable cars, but five years ago a fatal car accident basically destroy her entire body; today, Yuri is a half-human/half-cyborg thanks by Dr. Malcolm Colcord; the reason she's alive is that because of adamantium (the same stuff that Wolverine is made of). Yuri dubbed Lady Deathstrike is helping Dr. Colcord with sinister projects all thanks to Stryker. (Season 5)

  • Garrison Kane (David Anders)

Another member of the Weapon X program. (Season 5)

Other characters

  • Nick Fury (Laurence Fishburne)

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D; he was personally interested in a dangerous mutant named Bastion. In order to stop Bastion, he recruited several mutants Forge, Cannonball, and Northstar along with teaming up with Prof. X and the X-Men. However, Fury's main goal was the object Bastion had in possession...the Beyonder's Eye. After Bastion's defeat, the object was lost and Fury and the X-Men tried to find it until it led to the arrival of one of the Beyonders, Tudok. In season 3, Fury had to go back to S.H.I.E.L.D , but later returned along with Spider-Man in a quest to stop Shinobi Shaw; and as well Sauron. (Seasons 2-3)

  • Tudok (Robert Pralgo)

An enigmatic entity who is part of The Beyonders. He wanted to stop the X-Men, Fury, and the Brotherhood from coming after the Beyonder's Eye. Unbeknownst to them except Tudok, the Beyonder's Eye is a object-like key device that creates a wormhole and sends whoever--mortal or mutant--to the Savage Land, which Tudok revealed in season 3 that the Savage Land was created by the Beyonders with no way to escape. (Seasons 2-3)

  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Michael Angarano)

A young teenager who was bitten by a radioactive spider. He became Spider-Man to save parts of the city. He has been seen and followed both by Professor Xavier and Nick Fury for different reasons. Fury eventually got to Peter first and had him be recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. Peter while helping Fury went undercover as one of X-Men's new recruits to help Fury stop a mutant named Shinobi Shaw. While he helped the X-Men defeat Shinobi, Peter begin to have feelings for Kitty Pryde. (Season 3)


Season 1 (2016)

1x01 Recruit
The military enlisted Bolivar Trask to create non-mutant powers for top secret projects; Trask enlists Dr. Edgar Vaughn to make the experiment work, but a leak to some mutant DNA causes Dr. Vaughn to create a vaccine to stop it. With the vaccine, it could work, yet it soon spawns into a virus that is apparently missing. With Trask, the military, and other mutants seeking for it, Dr. Vaughn calls on Charles Xavier for help; Charles recruits elite mutants to protect the greater good and find the virus. Series Premiere

1x02 Assemble
Professor X tells Cyclops, Jean, and Storm to assemble more mutants that can help them, while Magneto decides to organize his own team of mutants to takeout Professor X’s X-Men. Meanwhile, Mora persuades Edgar to find the virus before Trask finds them himself.

1x03 Unite
With two separate mutant factions, other mutants are struggling to see which side are they on; The Brotherhood decides to act on their behavior by trying to persuade them to fight the humans. Meanwhile, Scott, Jean and the rest of the team decides to expand the mansion and Hank McCoy helps them out.

1x04 Reflection
Jean is having weird telekinetic breaks, so Mystique decides kidnap her and takes her place; Scott is the only one to save the real Jean. Meanwhile, Hank finishes a secret weapon, but Mikey decides to take it out on a test drive.

1x05 Memory
A mutant with the ability to read minds gets recruited by Magneto, yet his wise moves pushes the Brotherhood to the limit and somehow Wolverine is mostly affected; Wolverine begins to remember his true identity and soon the mind bending mutant puts his eyes on the X-Men.

1x06 Breakout
After the events before, Logan begins to remember more and more of his memory, yet Magneto orders him to take out Professor X; with his memories returning and a order to kill the professor, Logan has a life-altering choice to decide.

1x07 Hunted
With a new member of the X-Men, the team doubts Logan’s trustworthy while taking on the Brotherhood; Magneto decides to kill Logan by enlisting his new member, Sabertooth; Meanwhile, Dr. Vaughn continues to run while Trask’s forces search for him.

1x08 Zoom
A photographer, who has a camera that captures souls, traps mutants including a newcomer, Bobby, so it’s up to Jean and Storm to save them. Meanwhile, Professor X helps out a mutant who lost her way while a solider from Trask’s forces sees the opportunity to takeout a mutant who is all alone by himself.

1x09 First
While on a pre-mission in the newly Danger Room, Scott and Logan are the only ones to take it on a test run, but Quicksilver and Torch sabotages the equipment causing Logan and Scott to be trapped in. Now they need to work out their differences in order to survive. Meanwhile, the girls and Professor X must save Mikey from a loveless woman, who discovers she's a mutant and have the power of seduction.

1x10 Kinetic
Jean realizes that her telekinetic breaks are coming back, so she stumbles on a secret machine in a secretive room; Jean uses the machine until it backfires causing the manor to act strangely; Professor Xavier and Dr. McCoy might be the only ones to save her.

1x11 Confrontation
Professor X and Magneto unintentionally work together to find Trask, yet they both are trying to remember their broken friendship in the process. Meanwhile, General Huntington sees an opportunity to release the secret project to help find Dr. Vaughn and the vaccine.

1x12 Juggernaut
The X-Men and the Brotherhood realizes that the vaccine is close, but finds out that the secret project has been released; Juggernaut--the secret project--battles both factions while struggling to get the vaccine. Meanwhile, another brute mutant escapes an remote military base; Dr. Vaughn might be in trouble.

1x13 Underground
After the recent battle, Scott, Jean, and Mikey travel down a subterranean hole where the vaccine ends up, nowhere to go up, and discover a hidden world full of underground mutants . Meanwhile, Logan, Storm, and Peter dodge the Brotherhood's attacks.

1x14 Emotions
A recently, discovered amulet unleashes the user's emotions freely while it causes chaos; Scott wears it mistakenly unleashing his true feelings to Logan, Professor X, and Jean.

1x15 Flipped
Magneto successfully finds a piece of the vaccine and use it on a mutant who has the ability to change morality to bring Logan back to his fold. Meanwhile, Dr. Vaughn finally gets apprehended by General Huntington.

1x16 Recall
The X-men finally learn and half to battle Trask and the military's secret, dark project (the Sentinels) while finding the remaining vaccine. The Brotherhood hunts down General Huntington in order to find an agreement, yet has to team up with the X-Men to stop the Sentinels. Professor X and Moria try to free Dr. Vaughn while Magneto has something else in store for them. Logan learns a dark secret from his past, but gets attacked by an unknown figure; Scott's feelings for Jean are put to the test. Season Finale

Season 2 (2017)

2x01 Shadows
An unseen force (Prof. Thornton and Agent Zero) kidnaps Logan; Scott and the others must track down their fallen comrade while they soon cross path with Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is up to no good again as they search for a new weapon; Trask realizes he’s in trouble after the Sentinel incident. Season Premiere

2x02 Invisible
Mikey and Bobby help Kurt get to know one better by taking him out for a ride. They get ruley interrupted when another mutant, who has the ability to cloak himself unseen, tricks them to be their friend until they all gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Torch, Quicksilver, and Toad meets an old friend--the Blob, who helps them try to stop the X-Men.

2x03 Forbidden
Logan seeks the professor’s help when he thinks he has a clue about his past thanks to the info he learned from Thornton; Charles, in turn, sends Logan on a personal quest to seek some answers. Meanwhile, Scott and Jean have their first date until the Brotherhood breaks up their moment.

2x04 Obsolete
Gen. Huntington begins to initiate a strategy to eliminate the mutants, but has other plans for the mutants. Meanwhile, Charles tells Logan to take a group to infiltrate and find out what the military is planning; Jean tries to move on from the ruined date with Scott.

2x05 Probability
A mutant Longshot, who has the ability to alter luck, gets assistance from Magneto to take down the business world, so Storm, Kurt, and Bobby try to stop them. Meanwhile, Prof. X puts “Cerebro” into full strength as he sees a potential new mutant as a new member.

2x06 Multitude
James Maddox is a self-egotistic thief, who’s a mutant that can duplicate himself. He sees the war between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, so he seeks his opportunity to trick both of them by siding with both—one goody-good and the other the bad boy. Meanwhile, Scott tries to help Logan with his personal quest.

2x07 Icon
A wannabe superstar, Erica Marsh, wants to be the real deal, but a producer disses her; she uses her mutant ability of sonic screams. Jean helps Kitty with her first mission as they both try to stop Erica. Meanwhile, Kurt wants to take on the Brotherhood himself; Logan finds a clue in Senator Walsh.

2x08 Burned
Magneto goes out to track down potential mutants yet, Prof. X plans on beating him to it. Meanwhile, General Huntington meets with Senator Walsh, but when Logan decides to meet with him, the senator winds up dead.

2x09 Rogue
While on a quest to find a potential mutant, Jean, Storm, and Mikey is suddenly trap when Mystique tries to beat them to it; they eventually discover the mutant they want has the power of absorption. Meanwhile, Agent Brent Jackson suspects that Logan murdered Senator Walsh.

2x10 Dependent
Logan is still on the run from Agent Jackson who still believes Logan killed the senator, so he decides to find the real murderer. Meanwhile, Scott tries to have another date with Jean without interruptions.

2x11 Scenario
Once the Danger Room fully authorized, McCoy, Jean, and Storm teaches Rogue, Kitty, and Kurt the strategies of fighting a Sentinel-like model. Meanwhile, Mystique attacks the others by using a mutant that can that can tap into someone else’s dreams; Charles dreams about his friendship with Erik, Bobby dreams about his love affair, Mikey dreams about his past life, and Scott dreams about his future with Jean; Logan traces his lead of the murderer to a secret lab in Canada.

2x12 Virulent
Just as General Huntington sends a warning to all mutants, a virus suddenly spreads throughout New York City infecting every mutant in its course; the X-Men and the Brotherhood half to work together to stop the virus before it infects them next. In the end, Huntington gets killed by a mutant named Bastion after he stolen an object in Huntington's possession.

2x13 Potent
Nick Fury comes to enlist the X-Men to help him find an important key and the runaway mutant Bastion who has it. Meanwhile, Magneto along with Mystique, Quicksilver, and Torch try to find a connection between the virus and Gen. Huntington’s warning; Logan gets an unlikely hand when Agent Jackson is close to get him.

2x14 Temporary
With the key still out there and Bastion in custody, Fury and Prof. X both interrogate him while Scott and Storm uses the Blackbird to find it; Mystique learns about the X-Men’s agenda and plots to get the key first. Meanwhile, Logan and Jean discover who truly killed the senator as Agent Jackson might think Logan was framed.

2x15 Fallout
Mystique fails on getting the key, but does tell Magneto about Bastion who is still in Fury’s custody, so he decides to help the mutant escape as well the info on the key’s location. Meanwhile, Mikey and Rogue learns about their plan and tries to stop them before it’s too late. Logan faces his demons from the past as Jean and Agent Jackson team up to stop Dr. Cornelius, but learns it was Agent Zero who was the murderer. In the end, the X-Men and Fury's team defeat Bastion, but loses the key.

2x16 Timekeeper
The X-Men and the Brotherhood sprawl to find the key, but a mysterious being--Tudok--interrupt the battle. Magneto and the Brotherhood decide to find the being giving the X-Men the time they need to find the key. Logan, Jean, and Agent Jackson work together to try to stop Agent Zero. Magneto faces the being Tudok himself, but uncovers Tudok is not a person to be mess with; Prof. X and Fury stumbles upon the reason why Bastion wanted the key; and everyone will be in their defense when the key is activated. Season Finale

Season 3 (2018)

3x01 Savage (1)
After the key is activated, Storm, Colossus, and Rogue are thrown into the Savage Land. Trapped in the unknown world, they encounter other mutants who have lived there for years and are very hostile; and the leader, Sauron doesn't like outsiders. However, Storm, Peter, and Rogue discover they are not the only ones forced into the world, Magneto is trapped in the world as well. Meanwhile, Prof. X, and Scott encounter Tudok and demand to know where their missing members are; Mikey, Kurt, Kitty, and Bobby notice a Magento-less Brotherhood and Mystique decides to finish her master's job by herself. After surviving the Canadian warehouse explosion, Logan and Jean try to head back to the team, but discover they are inside S.H.I.E.L.D for an unknown reason.Two-part Season Premiere

3x02 Savage (2)
Professor Xavier, Scott, and the rest of the team try to find a way to bring back Stom, Colossus, and Rogue from the Savage Land. Still in the Savage Land, Storm, Colossus, Rogue, and Magneto try to survive and fight back against the Savage Mutates. Fury requests Logan and Jean to help him bring back their missing teammates by finding Tudok. In the end, Storm, Colossus, Rogue, and Magneto finally return home, but unbeknownst to them Sauron secretly follows them to New York. Sauron promises to his fellow mutates that he will release them.Two-part Season Premiere

3x03 Scarlet
Quicksilver is stunned to see Mystique bringing in another mutant to the Brotherhood, Scarlet Witch, who is Quicksilver's younger sister. Knowing her powers, Mystique tells Scarlet to take care of the X-Men as a "test". Meanwhile, Rogue is having nightmares as she, Storm, and Colossus still struggle to forget what happened back in the Savage Land. Logan wonders if he has feelings for Jean after their time together and wants to know if she has some too.

3x04 Prominent
To return to more normalcy, Xavier begins to recruit heavily and brings in new recruits such as Emma Frost, Dazzler, and Cypher. However, Frost feels that maybe she can run the school her own way and coerces the other recruits along with Mikey, Kurt, and Kitty. However, their "takeover" gets destructive when they decide to tamper with Cerebro.

3x05 Lookout
Magento feeling better after his tenure at the Savage Lands, gets inspired and tries to recreate that scenario here in New York so he has his Brotherhood try to track down another Beyonder's Eye. Concerned for his former friend, Charles has Jean, Scott, and Storm try to stop them. Meanwhile, after Emma's control of the school weant array, every student tries to distant themselves from Emma. She in turn seeks advice from none other than McCoy.

3x06 Babel
A mutant named Babel who can suppress sound waves and manipulate the frequencies of how people communicate gets advice from Magneto to use his ability against the humans by hijacking a radio station. When the radio airs, everyone begins to talk gibberish. However, something happens and now the mutants are having the same effects. Desperate to reverse the effects, Peter and Rogue leads a group (Mikey, Bobby, Cypher, and Dazzler) to stop Babel.

3x07 Solitude
Storm is shock to hear a mutant attacking someone from Central Park and that the mutant reminds her of Sauron from the Savage Land. Curious, she, Kitty, Mikey, and Kurt investigate. Unaware, they have no idea Magneto and Mystique are also curious about the mysterious mutant. Meanwhile, Jean feels something with Logan, but promises Scott on a date making it even hard for her to ponder if something is there between her and Logan.

3x08 Vintage
Prof. Xavier tells everyone at the school that he will take a leave of absence and that for today everyone has a vacation. Puzzled by the professor's behavior, Jean wants to spy on him, yet knowing he's a telepath she seeks help from Logan and Scott to help her uncover the professor's reason to depart for a trip. Meanwhile, Scarlet decides to get revenge and seeks help from Torch and Blob to invade the school.

3x09 Requiem
The death of a well known mutant activist, Harley Allen, prompts a FBI investigation and believe someone from the Brotherhood is responsible for her death. Magento thinking he and his group is being framed seeks help from Charles to help investigate. As the X-Men warns the professor not to trust Magento, Xavier is spilt in listening to his students' advice and feeling his old friend Eric is still there inside Magento.

3x10 Imprison
Hearing on a Sauron sighting, Scott takes Jean, Rogue, and Kurt but not Storm realizing she has something personal with Sauron. Storm not liking that approach gets inspired by Logan's reckless behavior and tries to find a way to find Sauron before the others. However, she gets kidnapped by Mystique. Mikey and Kurt team up to find her.

3x11 Proxy
President Roberts is still thinking about a Mutant Civil Rights Act, yet with the main supporter Allen dead the act could die in congress. McCoy gets inspired by Allen's actions and decides to take her place as the act's main supporter. However, when McCoy receives death threats, Prof. Xavier prompts the X-Men to watch over Hank. Everything is fine until McCoy gets shot by a human terrorist, who Jean and Storm discover is a mutant in disguise. Now the hunt begins to find the mutant terrorist.

3x12 Outsider
As the search for the mutant terrorist reach new heights, Prof. Xavier gets a new recruit...Peter Parker. Unbeknownst to Xavier and the X-Men, Parker is Spider-Man who is out on a mission to stop the same enemy the X-Men is after. Meanwhile, Emma's former flame, Shinobi Shaw, returns to visit her, yet Kitty has suspicions on him. And everyone will be surprised when they finally reveal who is the mutant terrorist.

3x13 Wayward
The X-Men is shocked when they discover Emma's ex is the terrorist they been after and that Peter is working for Fury, who returns to give the X-Men and Peter a helping hand in trying to stop Shinobi. Meanwhile, Peter and Kitty goes on a mission and start having feelings for one another upsetting Kurt, who starts to spy on them.

3x14 Inferno
The X-Men, Peter, and Fury continue their search for Shinobi and realize the only person who knows him best is Emma Frost. However Shinobi beats them to the punch by abducting her. Emma feels nothing for Shinobi, but worries about what is his next attack; the team is against the clock to learn what Shinobi is up to now and tries to find a way to stop him before Shinobi's next plan falls into action. Meanwhile, a mysterious mutant watches everything from the sidelines--which is reveal to be Sauron.

3x15 Hostile
After defeating Shinobi, Fury requests Parker to return with him, yet Peter decides to continue his relationship with Kitty. Kurt doesn't like that and is forced to admit he has feelings for Kitty as well. However, the three get abducted by the Brotherhood. Trying to save their comrades, Logan, Storm, Peter, and Rogue try desperately to find the Brotherhood's hideout, yet gets attacked by another mutant. Meanwhile, Magneto suddenly gets a message from Sauron.

3x16 Broken
The X-Men are torn when their latest mission sends them out to a African base under attack by a unknown mutant--thinking it could be Sauron, they are all surprised when it is revealed to be Sabertooth. Meanwhile, Logan still wondering if these feelings for Jean is real gets upset watching Jean and Scott getting too close; after Peter left, Kitty and Kurt struggle to see where their relationship go. Sauron and Magneto have a private meeting.

3x17 Truth
Haunted by their unknown father, Quicksilver and Scarlet team up to uncover who is their father and in a shocking twist, they get help from a unlikely source (Moira MacTaggert) who they abduct to force them. Moira tells them Magneto is their father, and realizing her safety is in question calls Charles for help. Meanwhile, Scott confronts Jean about wondering if she has feelings for Logan; Magento and Sauron continue their meeting and Sauron confesses he has the power to open a portal to the Savage Land. Magento interested in going back, yet Sauron tells him he is not returning but wants to release his Savage Mutates into New York.

3x18 Awakening
When the X-Men learn of Magneto and Sauron's partnership and that they are about to reopen a portal to the Savage Land, the team race to try to stop them, but it is too late when Magento demands his Brotherhood to stop them. However, Quicksilver and Scarlet--still scorned over the fact their father is Magneto--decide to leave the Brotherhood. Sauron soon betrays Magento and brings out his Savage Mutates as they start terrorizing the city. X-Men and the Brotherhood put aside their rivalry to team up to stop the raging mutants, but are outmatched. In the end, Logan, Jean, Scott--realizing they have tensions between each other--try to work together, but when Jean gets attacked, Logan blames Scott for not protecting her and knocks Scott out cold. Logan then kisses Jean still unconscious revealing he does have feelings for her; the other X-Men members are attacked; Storm faces off against Sauron, yet his powers are too powerful. Realizing the mutates need to be gone, Mystique and Storm team up to send each mutate including Sauron back to the Savage Land. However, Mystique betrays Storm and tries to knock her out, yet Torch shocks everyone and spears himself and Mystique into the portal leaving Storm shocked. Quicksilver and Scarlet betray their father Magento telling the FBI that he did killed the activist Allen. Magento gets arrested. Prof. Xavier is telepathically seeing everything, but a mysterious being knocks the professor out and invades Cerebro. The mutant then rips Cerebro out and then calls a unknown being, saying "It's done." Before he leaves, he sees a picture of Scott and says to himself, "Hello big bro, it's me Alex. The fun has only just begun." Season Finale

Season 4 (2019)

4x01 Abomination
As the team try to recollect themselves from stopping Sauron, they are shocked to learn of the attack back in the manor. They all return to see Prof. X getting treated by a student and Cerebro destroyed. Desperate to learn who did this, Jean figures out she has to tap deep in her powers but Prof. X warns her it will be too dangerous; as they try to search for the attacker, McCoy gives them unsettling news that the recent attack is prompting other anti-mutant civil right groups to form. And one such group (Friends of Humanity led by Graydon Creed) decides to take on the X-Men personally. Meanwhile, Jean have no clue that Logan kissed her during battle and wants to talk to Scott about where their relationship go from here. Storm struggles to see why Torch sacrificed himself to stop Mystique. Unknown figures are watching the X-Men from afar, an unknown male and Alex Summers. Season Premiere

4x02 Reunion
Creed continues to spread his message of mutant hatred as his speech rises the anti-mutant groups more and more and forcing the Mutant Civil Rights bill into a debate prompting McCoy and Prof. X to do what they can to restore mutant equality. However, Creed will do what it takes to get what he wants even trying to kill mutants to prove his message. Meanwhile, Charles visit Erik/Magneto in Federal prison; Scott receives a message from his estranged brother, Alex.

4x03 Angel
The mutant rights vs. anti-mutant rights continue to split the city apart; and among them is Warren Worthington III. His rich family originally supported the vaccine Trask and the military was making, but hearing Creed's speech convinces them mutants are nuances even their son. Feeling the opposite way, Warren uses his ability to fly and escape his home. As he tries to find a new place to call home, he gets apprehended by Creed's men. During an undercover mission, Rogue, Kitty, and Bobby notice the captured mutant and tries to save him hoping in return they can convince him joining X-Men could be a good idea.

4x04 Storm
Storm practicing with the Blackbird along with Logan and Jean suddenly gets attacked by an helicopter. Stranded and with the plane hit, they try to stay low and uncover who attacked them. Soon Storm is shock to see a familiar face who reveals himself as Crimson Commando. Logan tries to stall him leading the girls to escape, soon he joins them. Shocked to see that old face, Storm begin to have flashbacks of her encounters with him and wonders why he attacked and if she thinks this is his revenge he owed her fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, as they are still trapped, Logan is hesitant to reveal he kissed Jean, but he and Jean start to talk about their relationship.

4x05 Progeny
Mikey's long lost mother returns and wants to see her son. Not sure its safe, Mike seeks Peter's and Bobby's help; however, the broken Brotherhood - Toad, Blob, and Sabretooth - reunite and kidnap Mikey's mother. Fearing for her life, Mikey risks his life to save her. Meanwhile, Scott still getting messages from his brother decides its time he should meet him face to face.

4x06 Quest
The X-Men continues to be Creed's number one mutant crisis and wants to invite Prof. Xavier for a chat. Puzzled, the professor realizes it's best to talk to Creed privately. However as the two men talk, things go wrong when their site is under attacked by another anti-mutant group, Humanity's Stand led by Simon Trask, Bolivar's brother. Wondering what is going on, the X-Men ponder if Creed and Trask are actually working together and wanting to assassinate Professor Xavier all along; in desperate hours, with Scott gone, Jean, Logan, and Storm leads the others to save their professor before Trask and Creed complete their united goal. Meanwhile, Scott wants to know more about Alex and what happened to him regretting to help the others save Prof. X.

4x07 Mastermind
Wanting to show the anti-mutant groups a thing or two, Toad, Blob, and Sabretooth want to resurrect the Brotherhood by bringing back Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. However, as they do that they get tricked by a mutant nicknamed Mastermind into believing they are terrorists; when the X-Men get involved and wonder how to stop Mastermind; Mastermind sets his eyes on key members of the X-Men. They soon realize Mastermind is in fact being used by Trask and Creed.

4x08 Brothers
Logan getting upset with Scott over his lack of leadership tries to investigate what is going on; then as Jean also take part of Logan's probing, they both discover Scott is spending a lot of time with another person...his brother, Alex. Scott seeing his renewed relationship with his brother exposed, he and Alex tell Logan, Jean, and everyone else that they needed to focus by themselves; and confesses Alex is a mutant and will be great to join the X-Men; however, they are being shadowed by a mysterious group and when Alex has contact with them, he tells the leader, Fabian, the plan is still going through.

4x09 Tainted
Creed and Trask takes their last stops to usher their new anti-mutant agenda all the way to President Roberts. Fearing Creed and Trask could turn their one of only two human allies, McCoy seeks out the X-Men help to join him to prevent the anti groups from approaching the White House. Meanwhile, Logan begins to be suspicious about Alex, yet when he notices Jean and Scott having a nasty fight; Logan sees his chance to be Jean's consoler. As he consoles Jean, Logan finally confesses he kissed her when she was unconscious during the battle with the Savage Mutates; but Jean doesn't get mean, she out of the blue makes out with Logan confessing to that her feelings for him has changed...she is falling for him.

4x10 Pride
As the Congress makes headway into the Mutant Civil Rights bill, every mutant is happy, yet the anti-mutant groups decide enough is enough. Trask and Creed decide they need to stop the bill from reaching to Roberts' desk, so they orchestrate an assassination plot blaming it on the X-Men, but the X-Men fight fire with fire as they unite all the mutants to stand up against the anti groups and prove to the rest of America and the world they are meant for unity, not chaos. Meanwhile, Scott begins to see Alex not acting right, desperate to know what is up; Scott gets distracted when Rogue makes a slip up she saw Logan and Jean kissing.

4x11 Acolytes
With America disliking the anti groups; Trask and Creed are both hidden underground; and the bill going high in Congress, the X-Men are happy then ever before, but inside things are not. Scott feeling jealous over Jean and Logan's relationship and want to make sure Jean is meant for him. Before he is able to tell her what he wants to say, a mysterious group arrive sending a message to the X-Men forewarning them that "Magneto will have his revenge." As the team think its the Brotherhood, Scott sees his brother Alex liking it and starts probing his brother's past only to discover one glaring spot...he has been secretly working with a group known as the Acolytes.

4x12 Polaris
A snobbish reporter wants to know more about the mutants as the bill is getting a lot of attention; however, the reporter has mutant abilities herself nicknamed Polaris, she tries to uncover the truth about the mystery of the Acolytes. However, just as she is able to get deep into her story, she gets abducted by the New Brotherhood. Meanwhile, the X-Men want to know why the Acolytes is helping Magento. Scott confronts his brother about him and the connection with the Acolytes, but meets up with the head Acolyte, Fabian Cortez.

4x13 System
As the X-Men try to learn more about the elusive Acolytes, Prof. Xavier is having a hard time trying to piece together the Acolytes' main objective so he heads back to Magneto's cell to demand the truth about his involvement with the Acolytes. However, Magento has no idea what Charles is talking about. Meanwhile, Scott is stunned when Alex confessed he was the attacker who knock the professor out and destroyed Cerebro which Fabian confessed it was under his orders; Scott wants to know why and is about to hurt Fabian until Fabian gets into Scott's mind telling him that Cerebro is poison; and that he and his team of Acolytes are in a mission to restore peace the right why. Jean worrying about Scott runs to Logan and pleas to help her find him; Logan relents and helps her wondering if she is still struggling to see who she is falling for more...him or Scott.

4x14 Karma
A renegade scientist, Dr. Robert Windsor has been experimenting on mutants. One of the experiments, Karma, decides its best to escape. When Storm, Bobby, and Rogue pick up a mutant reading, they have no idea that Karma has the ability to take over someone's mind. Just as think they can stop her, Karma possess Storm's mind and pins Storm against her teammates. Needing help, Rogue runs to get Jean's help. Meanwhile, Kitty and Kurt share some romantic passions; Logan ignores Jean as he still contemplates on his feelings for her; Scott is torn when Alex persuades him that the Acolytes are protecting the mutant generation and that their parents were the Acolytes' founders.

4x15 Traitor
The X-Men will be torn apart from the inside when Prof. Xavier suspects someone is betraying the team. Charles seeks Jean's help into trying to find the defector even locking the school down until the perpetrator is revealed. As everyone suspects everyone else, tensions run high causing the best allies to doubt one another putting their trust and friendship on the line. However, everyone will be shocked when there's more than one traitor inside the X-Mansion.

4x16 Pawn
Still shocked over Scott and Alex defecting to the Acolytes, the rest of the X-Men members don't know what to do seeing their family torn and it was all because of the Acolytes leader, Fabian Cortez. Logan wanting to force Scott back home, threatens Scott but has a tough encounter with Fabian. Wondering if Scott is playing with him, Jean tries to reach to Scott, but Scott demands her to let him go and move on with Logan. The other teammates don't know what to come with the betrayal of one their own and Mikey unleashes his fury on innocents causing him to go to jail; Bobby, Peter, Kurt, and Kitty try to rescue Mikey. Prof. X realizes Magneto knows what is Fabian's master plan.

4x17 Soulless
As the X-Men continue to search for the Acolytes hoping Scott can come back, the team have no idea the Acolytes' true reason is to break Magento free and with more help from McCoy and S.H.I.E.L.D, they all discover the Acolytes is preparing to activate a satellite codenamed "Asteroid M". Desperate to find the Asteroid M's control station, the X-Men gets attacked by the Acolytes with Scott leading the Acolytes. Meanwhile, Jean starts to lose faith in trying to save Scott and heads to Logan for consolement, yet when Jean gets close, Logan confesses he falling in love with her. Prof. X still trying to restore Cerbero gets an telepathic message by Scott who tells him, "Game on, Professor."

4x18 Endgame
Freed, Magneto helps out the Acolytes by unleashing the Asteroid M into space hoping to spread a mutagen that will make all humans into mindless mutants under Magneto's control. Close to the control station location, the X-Men will be pushed to their ultimate limits to stop Magneto and the Acolytes. Just as if they lost hope in bringing back Scott, Prof. X reveals to the team the truth that Scott wanted to be in the Acolytes and he went undercover; however before Scott can return to his team, Fabian tries to make sure Scott won't return and Alex puts his life on the line to save his brother. Meanwhile, Jean knows she has feelings for Logan, but wants to save Scott knowing she still loves him, but Logan doubts that. Frustrated when Jean chooses Scott over him, Logan makes a heartbreaking decision and tells her that after they stop Magento and the Acolytes; and rescue Scott, Logan will leave the X-Men forever. In the end, the X-Men save Scott, but Scott loses his brother as Alex sacrifices himself to destroy the control station with Fabian and himself inside. Magento flees away with help from the Brotherhood, but before he pleads with them to return to the Brotherhood, Quicksilver tells him he has to convince their new leader...Mystique. The other Acolytes are arrested by the FBI's mutant division. Back at the X-Mansion, Scott confesses his love with Jean; Jean feeling dubious accepts, yet Scott tells him he is not going to leave her alone again and tells her if she can marry him. Logan departs from the X-Mansion with his bike not looking back. Storm and Rogue wonder where is the professor. Suddenly Prof. X is seen captive inside a dark room and coming to him is a group of soldiers and a man enters revealing himself as a mutant exorcist; he tells Charles, "Prepare for Judgement Day, this is Weapon X". Season Finale

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