Primrose Evans-Stark is the baby born from a one-night-stand between Tony Stark and Emma Evans during the New Year's Party of 2000. She was born on October 17th, 2001 in Malibu.

Tony and Emma decided to share joint custody, where Primrose would live with each parent for a week with Friday being the transition day.

Rhodey and Pepper were named her godparents, and she grew up well-loved even though she traveled between her parents' houses every week - she adjusted to the schedule.

When she was 8 months old, she and Emma attended Joan's wedding, and she also said her first word, 'mama'.

When Primrose was a year old, a journalist named Jennifer Malcolm captured photos of her with her parents when they were doing the transition in San Francisco, and the world found out about the existence of Tony Stark's illegitimate child.

At the age of three, Primrose became obsessed with the Disney film "Treasure Planet" and developed a childhood dream of one day becoming a space pirate.

At the age of 4, Emma rushed Primrose to the ER when she got seriously sick for the first time. She also started to draw a lot, developing a certain liking for it.

Moving to New York City

At the end of January in 2006, Emma found an apartment in Hunters Point, Queens and moved in the next week, in February. Primrose never lived in a tall building before, so she had been scared of approaching the windows during the first days. She also became used to traveling by plane/jets.

Since Emma had to begin her internship at the clinic she chose to work, Primrose met a fixed babysitter that her parents hired from Cathy Cares Babysitting Company. Her name was Louise Hooper -- a 35-year-old woman of average height and slightly overweight that came out as nurturing and friendly.

In August 2006, Primrose briefly met Peter Parker when the two played in a sandbox at Hunters Point South Park Playground.

When Primrose was almost 6 years old, Tony took her to Disneyland and the two spent almost an entire day there.

Iron Man

Primrose, aged 6, was disappointed when Tony didn't show up on television to receive his Apogee Award like he had promised her he would. But she was quick to forgive him and the two talked through the phone while he was on his way to Afghanistan with her godfather James Rhodes aka uncle Rhodey.

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