Samantha Jones is a female member of the web crawlers' arctic branch.


Name: Samantha Jones

Alias:  Mrs. Frost, slushy bear 

Height: 4'8

Weight: 102 lbs 

Identity: secret

Born:  Fairbanks, Alaska

(Earth- 616)

Birthday: 4-15-1999 (age 17) 

Affiliations: Web Crawlers(Arctic Branch)


Samatha was a childhood friend of Sean McKnight until they went separate ways after elementry school. When she returned 7 years later, she discovered the web crawlers and joined the arctic branch. Even though she has no powers, she has advanced tech.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Will: while she left alaska, she learned to train her mind to the point were she cannot give into torture.

Athletic agility: from a young age, Sam was able to to do gymnastics to point of being better than an olympic athlete.

Peek human intelligence: Sam has a high intellegence that can prove very useful in survival and other things. For example, she knew every capital and every state by the time she was two.


Polar suit: Sam's suit is made out of a lightweight, flexible heated spandex that allows her to keep warm and upgrade her natural abilities. Suit also has highly advanced magents on the back, hands and feet to allow her to wall crawl

Web Shooters: thanks to Spider mans involvement in the web crawlers, he created web shooters that can withstand absolute zero temperatures. Though they do need to be replaced with new web cardigages to keep it in tacked.

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