Pilot is the two-part series premiere of The Legend of Spider-Boy.


Part 1

The episode begins with a flashback sequence showing Peter Parker running away from his Aunt and Uncle's house, and when he bumps into a burglar running away, the man he robbed tells Peter to stop him. Peter ignores the man who got robbed, but later when Peter returns home, he sees a burglar. The same burglar. Uncle Ben and Aunt May rush into the room and the burglar shoots Ben before getting away.

In present day, Peter Parker arrives at school and is late for Natalie Osborn's science class. Later, Peter is in the halls talking to his blind friend Matt Murdock. Suddenly, Flint Marko, one of the school bullies, throws a spray paint can at Peter. Peter catches the can, right when the principal walks out of his office and sees Peter holding it. The principal gives Peter detention, but Peter tries to say it was Flint who did it.

In detention, the teacher gets up to go yell at some kids running in the hall. Peter sneaks out of detention, and he sees Mrs. Osborn bringing some plastic box down into the boiler room. When she comes back up from the boiler room, Peter goes down there to see what it was. He finds a big cardboard box labeled "OSBORN", and he sees several small plastic boxes inside. He opens one, and sees green, glowing spiders inside. One of the spiders bites him, and he drops the box. Peter rushes back into the detention room, and gets in trouble for sneaking out.

Later on, Peter passes out in detention. The teacher tries to wake him but he's out cold. A while later, the principal is able to wake him up. Peter claims he feels sick, so the school calls Aunt May to come pick him up. At home, Peter is sleeping when he wakes up and sees he is clinging to the ceiling like a spider. He falls to the ground, and he realizes he must have gained powers from the spider bite. Peter tries to shoot webs from his hand, and he eventually shoots a web from his wrist.

Part 2


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